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Maguro Tabetai!

The lair was empty; no sound could be heard. Except for the sounds of Klunk's nails scratching the couch. The little kitty was bored. His owner was training outside with his brothers and Splinter was watching a marathon of his favorite soap opera with April at her place. To make things worse, Klunk was hungry.

Klunk pawed at his yarn ball lazily. Definitely not in the mood for that. He stirred and yawned and then he moved to Don's lab. The cat was really hungry, his stomach could tell; it was making noises… loud ones.

Where the shell was Mikey? Or the others? He wanted to eat!

Klunk jumped to Don's desk but accidentally, one of his paws turned on the laptop that rested on the wooden furniture. Klunk hissed to the device a little scared by the sudden sound that came from it but then he calmed down.

Maguro tabetai
Maguro tabetai
Pichipichi osakana tabetai

Klunk moved his head to the right side staring at the screen while the music kept going.

Maguro no sanchi to iu naraba
Yaizu ni Misaki ni Sakai minato
Demo demo watashi ga osusumesuru no wa
Aomori-ken no Ooma san

"Oh great! This is my owner's older brother's weird language he likes so much" Klunk thought rolling eyes. Now he was stuck here, hungry and listening to a Japanese song!

Abura ga tappuriOoma san
Ippon-zuri dayoOoma san

Kangaeru dake de yodare ga dechau
Dareka watashi ni maguro wo kudasai

And then, a picture captured the cat's attention. Klunk's eyes opened wide!

Maguro tabetai
Maguro tabetai
Pichipichi osakana tabetai

The cat started to scratch the screen trying to catch the pic. Now his stomach hurt more!

Maguro no shurui to iu naraba
Kihada ni mebachi ni kaziki-maguro
Demo demo watashi ga osusumesuru no wa
Yappari Ooma no Kuro-maguro

Minutes passed and Klunk was hungrier! This song was torturing his poor kitty stomach. Where the shell were the turtles? Klunk wanted… no… NEEDED to eat!

Nihon kinkai Kuro-maguro
Koukyuuhin dayo Kuro-maguro

Kangaeru dake de yodare ga dechau
Dareka watashi ni maguro wo kudasai

Maguro tabetai
Maguro tabetai
Pichipichi osakana tabetai
Maguro tabetai
Maguro tabetai
Pichipichi osakana tabetai

Finally the guys arrived to the lair.

"About time, huh?" Klunk thought. He jumped to Don's chair and then ran to the living room where the turtles were talking and bickering about TV shows.

"Meooow!" Klunk meowed.

"Mikey! Come grab your cat, would you?" Raph yelled to his brother who was in the kitchen.

"Yeah, we're trying to watch TV here!" Don added.

"I'm busy!" Mikey yelled from the kitchen. In fact, he was busy. The pizza wasn't going to cook by itself, right?

"Meeoow, meeeeow!" Klunk insisted. The cat jumped to Raph's lap and starting scratching it.

"What the shell is going on with you?" Raph grabbed him by the skin on the back of the cat's neck.

"Mikey, your cat is being annoying again!" Don yelled.

"Like dad like son, don't you think?" Raph teased.

"Yeah, Klunk's almost like Mikey's real kid" Don chuckled. Both turtles laughed at the comment. The red masked turtle put the cat on the ground. Klunk looked really sad and Leo noticed it.

"Guys, I think he wants to say something" Leo said.

"Now the cat is gonna talk? Seriously, Leo. you better take a day off! You're going nuts!" Raph chuckled.

"I don't know… he was meowing differently… like… like if he was singing!" Leo added.

"Ok… now I declare Leo's officially… NUTS!" Raph laughed.

"Har-di-har" Leo narrowed eyes. While his brothers laughed to death; the blue masked turtle grabbed the cat.

"C'mon Klunk. Let's get outta here so you can tell me what's going on" Klunk purred in happiness. At least one of them had paid attention.

"Ok… so… what's happening kitty? What do you need?" Leo asked to Klunk caressing his head. Klunk started meowing the song he had heard on Don's laptop.

"Meow meeeow meow meow meow (Maguro tabetai)
Meow meeeow meow meow meow (Maguro tabetai)"

"Hmmm… sounds familiar. Where did you hear that?" Leo asked again recognizing part of the tempo.

Maybe Klunk couldn't sing but the similarity with the song was huge. Klunk ran to Don's lab and jumped on his laptop. The picture was still there and the cat started to scratch the screen. Leo understood the message.

"Oh… I know exactly what you need, Klunk" Leo smiled and ran to the kitchen.

Minutes later, Leo sat calmly in the couch with Klunk purring on his legs. The kitty's belly looked full.

"So Leo, what did Klunk tell you?" Raph said mockingly.

"Oh, nothing. He just wanted to eat some tuna" Leo shrugged. The others looked at each other in puzzlement.

"I guess the only one that pays attention to my Japanese lessons is Klunk. Shame on you, guys" Leo chuckled taking the cat and moving to his own room.

"Does anyone know what's going on here?" Mikey asked.

"Klunk has beaten us in japanese?" Don said not sure of what he had said.

Maybe the turtles didn't understand but one thing was for sure... Klunk did want to eat tuna ^^