So this is my first attempt at writing anything creative. As part of my profession I am a medical writer, but I love this site and wanted to try something new. That said, the first few chapters are kind of rough, but if you stay with it I think it gets better….

Of course, I own nothing related to Twilight!

Chapter 1

The evening started like any other for Edward Cullen: Bored, somewhat tired, and alone. His mother practically begged him each week to accompany the family to the opening concert of the Chicago Philharmonic. It was a beautiful symphony; even Edward had to admit that. The musical choices were flawless, as was the talent. Each year the symphony attracted musicians from around the world to join their ranks. The music and the love for his family drove Edward to attend the concert that night, despite his fatigue and mild indifference.

"Hey man, I can't believe you made it!" Emmett's booming voice echoed across the family's private box. His arm draped around the shoulders of his wife Rosalie. Rose was not the most beautiful or graceful woman that Emmett Cullen could have chosen, but she was gentle and sweet, and Edward respected his brother for his choice of mate, albeit a bit begrudgingly.

"Yes, Emmett, I decided to attend opening night. How are you Rose?" Edward responded. He actually enjoyed the company of his family, though he did not show it quite enough for their liking.

Rose blushed, still not believing she could even warrant a word from any one of the handsome Cullen men, "I'm wonderful Edward, thank you, and looking forward to the concert. The new first string violinist starts tonight, Isabella Swan. She just graduated from Juilliard, and is quite a coup for Chicago. I hear she is as brilliant on the violin as she is beautiful."

Edward smiled at his sister-in-law's sweet nature. "I hadn't heard of a new member to the Philharmonic. Mother, do you know anything about this?" He turned pointedly to the lovely women sitting as his left. Even well into her fifties Esme Cullen remained a vision, as did her husband Carlisle. Esme smiled at her oldest son. "Yes, Isabella has only lived here a month, but has already been volunteering at the Midtown Youth Center. She is a wonderful girl, Edward."

The sparkle in her eye and the tone of her voice betrayed her conviction and Edward saw it quite clearly. Unfortunately, his twin sister Alice and her husband witnessed this as well, and Edward shifted uncomfortably as they settled into their seats. "So Edward," Alice began with a small smile gracing her lips "Have you seen Isabella yet?"

"No, I have not Alice. I don't make a habit of stalking unsuspecting new comers to the greater metropolitan area. Why? Have you seen her?"

Instead of an answer, Alice shoved the symphony program into his hands, open to the page featuring the violinists. Isabella's picture was predominant, as she was first string, and she was breathtaking. Not just beautiful, but stunning. Edward sucked in a deep breath as he gazed upon her wide brown eyes, full lips and long gorgeous hair. "Mother," he turned to Esme, "What is she like, on the inside?"

"Son, " she began, "More beautiful than on the outside, if you can believe it."

At that moment, the musicians stepped on stage, and he saw Isabella under the lights of the concert hall, dressed in a classic, but curve hugging black dress with her cherry wood violin at her side. She looked like a walking dream, and he knew at that moment that nothing could keep him from making her his.