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5years later….

"So, Edward," Emmett asked his brother as they sat side by side at the nurses station finishing up their charts for the day, "How's Bella? Rose tells me she really starting to show."

The thought of his wife's pretty little baby bump brought an immediate smile to Edward's face, despite how tired he was after such a long shift. "She's doing great, Em. Really great. And, yes, she started to wear maternity clothes a few weeks ago, hence the massive shopping her and Rose have been doing lately," he chuckled. Buying things for the baby and for Bella was the best possible way to spend money in his estimation. Nothing made him happier than to spoil her and the little one inside.

Emmett nodded with a smile and returned to his charting. Over the past five years he and his parents had worked very hard to rebuild the bond with Edward and Bella. It had been difficult and there were moments of tears and yelling. Luckily, healing had happened to a significant degree, and even though things were different, they were better in many ways. Emmett remembered one moment with the couple in particular early on in the healing process that was especially emotional, yet had led to progress.


"The thing I can't get over Emmett," Edward fumed at his brother over dinner at his parent's house – they'd all agreed to a twice a month family dinner to help resolve the issues amongst them, "Is how you could've thrown Bella straight into the arms of someone you knew for certain would've violated her?"

The table was silent while Esme sniffled in the back ground. Over the previous few months they had worked through the events of that horrible night. Bella understood that in the moment Emmett had been out of his mind and likely said things that he didn't mean. However, the episode with Edward at the hospital following Rose's return was something that she and Edward were having trouble working through.

"Fuck Edward! We've been over this. I am so sorry!" Emmett pulled at his hair in frustration, not knowing how else to apologize, "It took me weeks to get my head back on straight after almost losing Rosie. I can't even remember half of what I said."

"Basically calling Bella a whore shouldn't be that hard to remember!" Edward yelled back. The thought of his girl with James, hurt and alone had been plaguing his mind for weeks. He knew he was taking out part of his frustration on his brother, but damn with that fight the hospital Emmett had practically painted a target on his face!

Rose's soft voice broke into the brothers' heated exchange. "Edward, please, I know my husband and you know you're brother. He didn't mean it. Consider forgiving him, for me."

Putting it in the perspective of moving on for Rose's sake, Edward took a deep breath and vowed to himself to try. He felt indebted to his sister-in-law: She'd taken the brunt of James and Tanya's craziness as well as become his fiancé's best friend.

"Okay," he took a deep breath, "I'll try."


Since that day, things gradually began to get better. His relationship with Alice and Jasper had become closer than ever, and Jasper had even walked Bella down the aisle at their wedding. What a perfect day that had been, he thought wistfully, recalling how gorgeous his bride had looked. Her dress had been so delicate…it had need quite a few repairs after he had ripped it off her. Ah, good times, Edward smirked.

"Well, I'm out," He stood and gathered his things. Bella tried to stay awake for him on these late nights, but the pregnancy was making her really sleepy and he didn't want to miss out on a chance to spend time with her.

"You and Bella will be at Sophie's party this weekend, right?" Emmett and Rose's little girl was turning one and Edward wouldn't disappoint his niece for the world. The addition of Sophie to the Cullen clan had been an instrumental part in the healing process, as Edward and Bella couldn't deny their niece anything, including spending time together as a family.

"Yeah, we'll be there. Bella's bought out half of the American Girl Doll store even though I told her one year old is a bit young to play with those dolls." Edward shook his head with a chuckle; Bella had it in her mind that their niece had to have these particular toys, and as usual, he was powerless to stop her from doing something she wanted. Waving good-bye to his brother and Kate he headed out into the night.


Upon opening the bedroom door Edward's breath left him as he gazed at his beautiful girl asleep on the bed, hair spread around her and a delicate hand on her gently swollen belly.

The room was softly lit, as though Bella had tried to stay up for him, but just didn't quite make it. Lying down next to her he moved her silk chemise up to reveal her little bump but also a sexy pair of lace boyshorts. The pregnancy had made Bella even sexier, which he hadn't believed possible. That fact, when combined with her increased libido was about to kill him but in the most pleasant of ways. Making circles on her belly he kissed her forehead.

"Mmm, you're home. I missed you," she breathed, arching into his touch. Pulling his face down to hers Bella kissed him deeply, loving his eager response to her.

"I missed my girls too," Edward responded. They had found out a few days before that they were having a girl and he couldn't be more excited. His hands moved Bella's nightgown up and over her gorgeous breasts and took a sweet nipple into his mouth.

"Be careful," she warned, "You look tired so don't you dare start something you can't finish."

"Baby," he pulled the gown the rest of the way over her head, "I always finish what I start. You should know that by now."

And with that Edward proceeded to make love to his wife, his life, his heart.

The End

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