Okay, so i just wanted to write this story. It takes place during the Bermuda Triangle episode and somewhere after, later on. Suite life on deck. I in no way own this show...in fact i own no show...well except for my you tube shit...but other than that...umm...what were we talking about?

Anyway, this is twincest...but it's not known to them that they're...uh...never mind. You'll see...roll the clip.


Oh, oh, oh, this boats rockin...blah, blah, blah, ain't no stopping us now...something because we're living the suite life now...Whatever.


This was utterly stupid, why on earth did Zack want to spend our money on a game system? At least with my plan we can get knowledge.

"Give me that check" Zack ordered as he grabbed for it.

"We're getting the telescope" I shot out as he gripped the paper. The paper that held our mother's beloved gift to us.

"Game console" He hollered as he tugged.

I tugged back...

And he tugged even more...

And then...


It tore.

Just like everything else between us.

Why did he have to ruin everything!

"Great, you ripped the check" I said with a smile that held back my frustration.

"Me?" Zack whined as he motioned his hand to me. "You ripped it!...you know what I want for my birthday? To be an only child"

...though I didn't show it...that had hurt a bit...

"Nothing would make me happier" I said back to him as I turned to leave. Damn Zack...damn him and all of his luggage. Why did I put up with him? What on earth makes me take part with any of his schemes?

If he wasn't my brother then I would take no notice of him, nope not at all. Mark my words...if only I could prove that I don't like or need him at all!

Suddenly the ship jolted and I felt myself tossed to the ground. Everyone hollered as I felt a weird tug in my stomach.

What was going on? What kind of scientific...crap was going on! Crap? What, no, I don't use that sort of...

Then I felt another tug as I was washed out of the whole scene.


What the...what the...? What the F-FUCK!


I entered the main lobby of the ship with my usual cocky grin. Thank god dad was letting me attend this huge boat.

Or is it a ship? Ah, who gives a crap.

My eyes scanned the floor and then spotted a girl, who I may add looked positively H-O-T, hot.

"Hey sweet thing" I greeted as said figure powdered her nose. I have something else you can powder babe.

"Actually, I'm rich thing" She said back a bit annoyed.

"May I help you?" A voice then asked as a munchkin appeared before me. Yeah, you can help me by getting out of my fuckin way.

"I'm Cody" I greeted sternly. "I'm a new student here and I need help finding my room, which I hope is next to yours" I said as I pushed the short man out of my way. The girl before me giggled and then laughed in ridicule.

"Moseby" She said in a complaining voice.

"Young man" The short dude began, I presume he's Moseby. "We have strict rules that boys and girls do not room on the same deck".

He then handed me some kind of form or pass and tried to walk away but I tossed it on the floor and huffed.

"The only rule I follow is that there are no rules and sometimes I don't even follow that rule"

They both looked at me strangely which made me grunt.

"Yeah, I know it's a bit confusing but that's just how I roll".

After that said, I found myself walking about the ship. Why should I hang out with dimwits like that?


I entered the Science class, as cool as I could of course, and suddenly found myself facing a strange looking dude...he was a dude, right?

The kid was so focused on the microscope that I couldn't help but freak him out with a quick back pat.

"Sup" I greeted as he bounced from the slap. "I'm your new lab partner, Cody, but you can call me the greatest thing to ever happen to you".

"Well, Mr. full of himself, you just dropped blue dye on my cashmere sweater" The boy whined as he glanced at his cute frilly vest shirt. Seriously? Was that even a boy's shirt? "And I just knitted this" He added.

Knitted? Seriously, what is he an old bag?

"Quick question" I said as the boy looked at me. "You are a dude, right?" The kid stared into my eyes and then grunted.

"Look I don't know how you were raised" He began as he moved away from both me and the desk. "But I fear wolves were involved"

Was that supposed to be an insult? I wondered as I followed the other to a desk with tissues. "But, I was raised by my mother" Ah, that explains it. "And she told me to take responsibility for myself and show respect to others".

All the while, as he cleaned his shirt, I was rolling my eyes and sighing deeply.

"Well, I was raised on the road by my dad and his rock band" I explained as he returned to his microscope. "Eight guys in a bus with one bathroom, I learned to fend for myself...and pee in some very strange places"

The face he made after that was priceless...and dare I say cute?

"Well, I'm going to talk to Mr. Occupeny about this lab partner situation" He said as he walked away.

"Fine, go ahead. I need to hit the bathroom" I said back as I casually caught a glance of his ass. Interesting...

I then looked about and then glanced at the test tube on the desk. How could I pee and get this guy all frustrated the more? After all, he looks cute when he's frustrated. Is it wrong for me to find him adorable? I mean, I'm straight...so, maybe it's the girlish thing to him...but the overall reality is that, he is obviously not charmed with me. And that makes this all the more interesting.

I quickly grabbed the glass tube and hid under the desk. Hehehehe...


I entered the sky deck and found my eyes landing on the all so familiar ass, I mean face.

"I'm here, your lives just got better" I said with an all so cocky attitude. Cocky is my best quality.

Zack, who I now know is the other boy, rolled his eyes at me and then walked away. Ah, it's so refreshing to see that he doesn't want anything to do with me. I love it.

"Hi, I'm Woody" An afro geek with glasses said as he approached me. " And this is Marcus"

"Hey, nice to meet you" The other, Marcus I presume, greeted.

"I know" I said with a grin. "But can you move over? You're blocking the view" I said as I ushered them away.


"Meanie" They both said with a coughed voice. Did they seriously think that I couldn't hear them?

"Hey loom boy" I greeted as I sat down by the counter. "Who's the skirt?" I asked referring to the girl who was now sitting next to me.

"Um...the skirt could answer herself" The girl said a bit taken back. "Hi, I'm Bailey, you must be Cody". She then said happily which was pretty much pissing Zack off...interesting.

"Or you can call me the guy you've been waiting for" I stated which made Zack even more pissy, just as I thought...

"You're not him" The girl said back after she laughed.

"Of course not, because I wasn't talking to you" I said back as I glanced at Zack with a seductive grin. He looked at me curiously but I ignored it and stood up.

"I'm going to go hit on those girls by the hot tub, but if I strike out then stay close if it doesn't work out" And with that said I left.

Still very interesting.


I watched Cody and then grunted again. Why did he look at me like that?

"Who was he talking to then?" Woody asked curiously as his brow furrowed.

"I...I think he was talking to Zack" Bailey said with a strange tone. It was mixed with confusion and yet curiosity.

"Me?" I asked back completely taken back. "As if".

"No, I seriously believe that he referenced that to you"

"But he's not..." Marcus began finding that the loss of words was strange. "I mean he obviously just went to go flirt with those pool girls"

"Ah, but he said he'll be back" Bailey said back with a giggle. "Besides he could always swing left and right"

"What does baseball have to do with anything?" Woody asked utterly confused.

"No, it means he goes both ways" Bailey explained. Woody froze and then tilted his head.

Utterly lost, as always.

"He's bisexual" Marcus hollered in. He was obviously annoyed at his friends stupidity.

"Oh" Woody said back, still in confusion.

"It just means that he likes Zack" Marcus shot out.

"No it doesn't" I said back with heated cheeks. "He does not, there is no proof of any kind. No sort of scientific clue or hypothesis hints to that".

"Sure there is" Bailey said back still in all smiles.

I'm glad she finds all this so amusing.

"Then don't invite him to your party" Woody added hastily.

"Of course not" I shot back as if that should have been obvious. Why would I ask him to come? "Oh, oh, he's coming back" I said as I spotted the obnoxious guy walking back towards us. "Don't mention anything about my birthday party". Everyone agreed and then turned their attention to Cody once again.

"Hmm, struck out?" Bailey asked humorlessly.

"Apparently those girls don't like good looking masculine types, they probably go for cute schoolboys...Zack you might have a shot over there" The guy said with a small chuckle.


Did he just call me cute? No, he probably didn't mean that...

"So what you guys talking about?" He then asked.

"Zack's bir-" Woody began but I stopped him clean cold when I tossed my apron at him. "I mean...Zack's bir-bir-birthday suit"

I gaped at the guy and felt myself tense. Did he even know what a birthday suit was!

"Interesting topic" Cody said back with a strange looking grin. "So how is it?" He then asked when he leaned over the counter towards me. I felt my cheeks heat up and glanced at Bailey who was silently giggling.

"H-how's what?" I asked as my cheeks burned even more.

"Your birthday suit...is it smooth and hot?" He asked seductively which made my whole body burn up. I gulped and then looked at the counter helplessly.

"N-no" I shot out.

"It's not?" He asked with a chuckle.

"I mean yes, I mean no...I mean..." I stuttered as his eyes stared at me. I looked up and acknowledged how blue his eyes were...in fact they were just like mine...strange.

"So which is it?" He asked innocently as he leaned closer to me. Despite the closeness I couldn't move or pull back. It was as if he was like a magnet. An annoying self obsessed magnet... that just happened to be really cute.


"Umm..." Woody said, which broke the moment, in a strange humming voice. I finally pulled back and glanced at Cody who stood a bit uncomfortably now.


"Awkward" Woody then said which just made the whole scene worse.

But in all honesty...it was...


I walked in silence as I roamed through another vacant hallway. Strange how Zack actually made me feel uncomfortable. I mean, I'm 'me' for god's sake. I don't get embarrassed, I get others embarrassed.

And I still do.

I turned another corner and then found myself next to my new room. That shorty had given me a key card finally and said that he had sent up my things and explained everything to my new roommate.

Hopefully this guy wasn't a buzz kill.

I opened the door and then slammed it shut. Today had been such a long day. To my surprise and dismay I found the room in utter darkness. Who goes to sleep at 8 a.m?

I quickly pulled off my pants and shirt and crawled under the covers of my bed which held all my crap at the bottom edge of it.

I will organize that later...ha, yeah right.

I rolled over to my side and suddenly felt a heated presence. What the...?

Before I could stop I felt myself slam into another body which jolted awake quickly.

"Agh" The other person shouted as his hands whipped about. I tried to settle the person down by wrapping my arms around them but that seemed useless as well.

"Get off" The other said in a familiar tone. I then froze and reached over to feel the others face.

"Z-Zack?" I asked out making the other freeze. The guy sat up and turned on his lamp. Then his face bursted into a deep red as he looked at me. It was then that I noticed that I was straddling him...while only wearing a pair of tight black boxers.

"Get off" He said again as he pushed me. I fell to the floor with a thud and stood up with my hands in defense quickly.

"Sorry" I said back as the other stared at me with wide eyes. "I thought this was my bed"

"Wait, you're my new roommate!" He asked out in utter shock.

"Seems like it" I answered happily with a shrug. His cheeks burned again as he glanced down.


I followed his gaze and realized my little buddy was showing through my boxer's opening.

"Never seen one of these before?" I asked curiously making the other tense and blush more.

"Of course I have" He answered making me grin even more.

So adorable...

"Then why does it make you blush?" I asked as I moved closer to the bed.

"S-stay back" He stuttered out with a high pitched voice.

"...or what?" I asked as I stepped closer. He gulped and then glanced at my member again, it was now throbbing.


I stepped closer and leaned on the bed towards him.

"Have you ever been with another dude?" I asked seductively as I ran my hand over his clothed chest. "Or with anyone for that matter?"

"That's a personal matter...I don't have to answer" He said back stubbornly. He was desperately trying to ignore me, but that's kind of hard since I was running my finger up his chest.

"That's what an innocent virgin always says" I said as I leaned over him.

"S-stop" He stuttered out as I drew nearer.

"Why?" I asked out as I breathed on his neck.

"I want you...and this makes it clear that you want me" I whispered as I grabbed his dick through his pajama pants.

He moaned at that touch and lifted up his hips.

"See" I said as I rubbed circles on the tip.

"Mmm" He moaned as I licked his jaw. Was it wrong to try and seduce someone you barely met? Even though it felt as if you knew them your whole life?

"Ugh..." He moaned as I rubbed his dick even harder.

"You like that?" I asked making him moan even louder.

"S-stop" He said as his face clenched.



His hips raised as I slipped my hands into his pajama bottoms.

"Because why?" I asked with a grin.

"Ugh, mmm..."

"Hmm? Whats that? I can't hear you" I said with a chuckle as I tried to tip him over the edge.

Suddenly his arms shot up and brought my lips onto his. I gasped and froze as the boy kissed me deeply. Where the fuck had that come from? I thought as a rush of heat washed over my body.

A surge of pleasure rose within me as I kissed him back roughly.

Despite the pleasure...this felt a bit wrong...

"Mmm" I moaned as I felt his hand swipe over my cock.

"Stroke it" I ordered as I grabbed his hand and placed it on my crouch. He agreed easily and began stroking it as I mimicked him. God, this felt so good.

I ran my tongue over his neck again and sucked on it till it turned into a dark purplish hickey.

"Your mine now" I said as I bit his skin.

I pumped faster and faster until he was squirming beneath me.

"Ugh, Cody" He moaned as he cringed under me and gasped as he released his seed into my hand. I licked it all up as I cummed into his.

He tasted so fuckin good.

Too fucking good.


What...did we just do...?" He asked as he panted.

I looked down at him and smiled.

"Nothing yet" I whispered as I forced his shirt off.

He gasped and then moaned as I ran my tongue over his pink nipple.

God, I was going to fuck the shit out of him. Who gives a crap about logic and whats right and wrong, I don't. There's no rule I follow. If he's willing to let me then I'm going to go for it.


I moaned loudly as I felt a surge of pleasure run through me. What was I doing? Why was I letting him...?

"Agh" I moaned out as I felt his dick slam into my ass again. God, this felt so good yet so wrong. I don't know why but this felt...wrong...

I mean the aspect of it is...but there's something else to it...

"Agh!" I moaned again as I felt the build up in my stomach. God...god, oh my god. My body was burning...

He was setting me on fire.

I opened my eyes and looked up into Cody's eyes.

I just met him and yet here he was, taking my virginity...taking me.

And yet it feels like I've known him all along...


He slammed into my special spot again which made me see white dots in my vision.

"You're so tight" He said as he grunted.

I moaned again as I watched the sweat fall from his forehead.

My head on the other hand was slamming against the wall.

"Ugh, Cody" I moaned as he pounded into me again.



"Faster?" He asked with another perverted grin.

"Yes! Fuck me harder!" I hollered as he slammed fiercely.

I moaned again and saw the world fade into a white explosion.

"Zack" He moaned as I felt my ass fill with a warm substance.

"Cody" I shouted as I released onto my and his chest.

Then it all went to black...


I awoke slowly and grunted as I felt a pain in my buttocks. What the heck? I thought as I tried to sit up. But to my surprise I found myself unable to get up. Something was pinning me down...no, it was someone.

Then I realized it was Cody who was laying over me with his hands wrapped around me.

Had he fallen asleep on my bed? I thought as I realized both me and him were wearing absolutely nothing.

Then it hit me, it me like a huge truck full of bricks. Last night...he had...I had...we had...


We had sex...

I had sex...with Cody...the biggest self centered guy I've ever met.

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