Birdy stared at the TV screen dumbfounded as the credits rolled on the last episode of FLCL.

"What the hell?" Birdy whipped around to see the tall, brown haired Ixioran Altairian looking through the fridge.

"Juggernaut? How did you get in here?" The man closed the door as he cracked open the soda he found in the fridge.

"You know, that really hurts. I have a name you know. I don't even know why they call me that."

"Fine Anima, how did you get in here? And the reason they call you that is because you jumped out of a plane, through a building, and landed on your feet."

"I do that like once a week, and how do you think I got in here? I was engineered one of a kind, remember? Particle reconfiguration. I can make your house key out of sand."

"That's probably another reason they call you that. Your engineering codename was project juggernaut."

Anima sighed. "Be able to reconfigure any molecule into anything else and all of the sudden your an unstoppable force." He turned around and fell over onto the couch, looking up at Birdy "So whats on next?"

Birdy looked at the TV guide, "Hows a movie sound?"

The man rolled around, now laying on the couch with his head in her lap, "Which one?"

"Smokin Aces?"

"Sounds hot."


"Screw you, that's funny."