Regular Show: Truth or Dare

Jay: Previously on RS: Truth or Dare...

There were some make outs. grrrr. Benson had to eat one of his gumballs. And Rigby had to pee on him. and we're up to the point where Rigby and Eileen kiss an-

Lover: NO! No way! I'm not looking at it!

Jay: Screw you! Anyways, you guys ready?

Rigby: NO!

Eileen: Yes!

Rigby: I'm not gonna kiss her, bitch!

Jay: Hey! I'm not a bitch! You gotta do the dare!

Mordecai: need help?

Jay: sure, grab Rigby.

Rigby: no no no! *Mordecai grabs him and pulls him toward Eileen*

Jay & Mordecai: Pucker up!

Lover: ROAR!

*Rigby and Eileen share a kiss :DDD*

Rigby: *whimpers*

Eileen: :'D


*10 minutes later*

Rigby: *crying*

Lover: *sobbing*

Jay & Mordecai: xD

Jay: This is getting boring. *releases*

Rigby: *runs away* AHHHH!

Mordecai: Next!

Jay: okay, this one is from Ultrablastic123. Have a drinking contest including the hosts- wait, what?

Mordecai: OHHHHH! Sweetie, your gonna have to do it!

Jay: I uh can't! I'm 13!

Lover: seems fun *leaves to get beer*

Mordecai: *laughs* This is gonna be interesting... ;D

Jay: *blushes* No it's not!

Mordecai: yes it will.

Rigby: *returns* okay i finished puking.

Lover: *returns* Okay EVERYBODY COME!

*They all go up*

*Lover throws them beer*

Lover: *opens hers* 1 2 3 START!

*They all start drinking. Pops throws up in the first 15 seconds.*

Pops: *vomits* My! This drink has a bitter flavor!

Jay: *gags* I can't! *gags*

Mordecai: *drinks faster* whoo! I'm drunk! *giggles*

Jay: *pukes on Mordecai* *coughs*

Mordecai: WTF? Dude! *pukes on Jay*


Lover: *drinks* You 3 are out! *coughs*

*After 10 more minutes of intense drinking, the gang starts getting more drunk.*

Rigby: dasduikjvgjsdfguwgpsdki I'm tireedddd. *passes out*

Lover: Rigbeeeee! *passes out*

Jay: Looks like there out!

Margaret: *gags then pukes*

Eileen: *passes out*

Mordecai: Out!

Benson: *vomits violently*

Muscle Man: WHOOOOOOOO! *passes out*

High Five Ghost: *vanishes*


Mordecai: Skips! You won!

Skips: wha?

Jay: Okay dude, answer: what is two plus two?

Skips: f-f-f-f-four! *passes out*

Jay: Correct!

-3 hours later-

Jay: okay the following come from TMNTLittleTomboy.

Lover: read!

Jay: *reads dare one* Oh my God

Lover: lemme see. *reads* OHHHHH! Mordecai! Margaret!

Both: Yeah?

Lover: *giggles* Margaret, TMNTLittleTomboy dares you to...give Mordecai...a... BLOWJOB!

Both: WHAT?

Jay: No fucking way!

Lover: start! and Mordecai?

Mordecai: *nervously* yeah?

Lover: ORGASM!

Mordecai: What the hell?

Jay: No! No orgasms, please.

Lover: PFFT! *shoves Margaret into Mordecai*


Mordecai: OH MY GOD!

Jay: I'm not looking.

Lover: Did I say you had to? Okay stop!

Margaret: whoa!

Mordecai: *pants*

Lover: Benson! Rigby!

Both: What?

Lover: Benson kick Rigby in the crotch.

Benson: sweet revenge!

Rigby: no!

Benson: hehehe! *kicks him*

Rigby: OWWWWWW! *cries and falls to floor*

Benson: Yeah!

Lover: okay that was random. Next! *reads dare three* Hmm! Mordecai! Jay!

Mordecai: *shudders* What?

Jay: Yes?

Lover: Mordecai, kiss Jay for 10 minutes.

Mordecai: *blushes* Huh?

Jay: What the hell?

Rigby: Yeah-uh! *pushes Mordecai towards her*

Lover: *pushes Jay towards him*

Lover: Now, start!


Jay: I'm scared..

Mordecai: me too.

Lover: lean in, dammit!

Both: *whimper then lean in*

Lover: Sh*t! Lips are meeting!

*Yay! A kiss!*

Rigby: how long is this?

Lover: ten minutes! Imma read another dare. Hey, do you like yuri?

Rigby: what's that?

Lover: *tells him*

Rigby: Whoa! Any dares regarding that?

Lover: Yeah, one with Margaret and Eileen.

Jay and Mordecai: Ahh! *fall to floor* Rigby: Uh they're not gonna have sex, right?

Lover: No. she's too young. Anyways, Margaret! Eileen!

Both: Yes?

Rigby: Kiss time!

Both: WHAT NO!

Jay: Screw them. We'll get back soon. OKAY! Next! Oh! This one comes from IceCat19. Since we saw a blowjob...

Lover: WHAT?

Jay: We'll skip that part. Anyways, Mordecai and Rigby...

Both: Yeah?

Jay: Alina asks, (I read your story ^^) Guys, what's your last name?

Rigby: That's easy! It's-

Mordecai: Classified info, dude. Sorry.

Jay: Okayyyy. These come from *gasp* my good friend PerryRocks! Hi, Sara! *waves*

Anyways, Mordecai?

Mordecai: What now? I kissed you and already got a blowjob!

Jay: *sighs* Here catch! *throws*

Mordecai: what the H is this?

Jay: Benson's toothbrush, go to bathroom and wash the toilet with it.

Mordecai: Okayyyy. But I want Lover to come.

Jay: :P Fine, Lover, go.

Lover: Bye!

-both leave-

Jay: Hey, Benson!

Benson: Jay, you're supposed to study!

Jay: It's AUGUST! and I don't start school till WHOOSH!

Benson: *scoffs*

Jay: Hehehe anyways... Do you have the tape?

Benson: the kissing tape, yeah why?

Jay: -gets it from him and goes to mailbox- K, this is for Sara. Enjoy!


Mordecai: I'm done.

Lover: It was fun. Hey Benson!

Benson: What now?

Lover: Go the bathroom and wash your teeth.

Benson: Okay?

Lover: yeah go! -shoves him-

Jay: Does anybody support Morby?


Jay: Mordecai, slap Rigby's ass.

Both: WHAT!

Jay: wait! MordecaiLover14 is NOT a Morby fan, but just do it!

Rigby: ...

Lover: It's easy! Like this! -slaps Jay's ass-

Jay: WTF!

Lover: Example, dumbfuck.

Mordecai: -sighs- Fine!

Rigby: uhh

Mordecai -slaps Rigby's tail-

Benson: AUGH SICK!

Lover: XD he did it!

Jay: Like it, Benny?

Benson: tasted like toilet!

Jay: That's because it was! It was Mordecai who did it!

Mordecai: Huh, what?

Benson: -gives evil glare- You are dead.

Jay: Okay, Rigby?

Rigby: What

Jay: Go out with Sara.

Rigby: -blushes- okay I will.

Lover: Grrr. She's over in the waiting room.

Rigby: Haha! See ya, bitches!

Lover: Okay.. Mordecai and Margaret?

Both: Yeah?

Lover: this one is from Scard. Mordecai, you must suck on Margaret's boobs and get a milk mustache.

Both: WHAT?

Jay: She means that she wants Skips to say 10 curse words to Pops' dad.

Lover: Boring! Sucking is better!

Jay: Can we do truths? We've done like a million dares.

Lover: Fine.. Uh, from xChibiHoneyx. Jay?

Jay: Yeah?

Lover: How much do you weigh?

Jay: A girl doesn't reveal her weight! But I'll just say lower than 100 lbs. :)

Mordecai: DAMN!

Jay: Screw you!

Lover: Am I bi? Nooooo Uh, Mordecai, why are you so FUCKING tall?

Mordecai: Cause I drink milk. :3

Lover: BWAHAHAHAHA! Okay, I'm bored and upset.

Jay: Why?

Lover: Cause Komodoking used our idea!


Lover: -sticks middle finger up-

Jay: Well, I'm gonna watch Futurama! o3o See ya!

Lover: We'll do the boob sucking next time.


Lover: Rated M for mature, baby! :3