So, I've just found out what a drabble was! Apparently, it's a story with only 100 words! So of course, I had to take up the challenge ;) ANs count?

In case you were wondering; no, this will NOT use OCs from my series. This is completely and utterly irrelevant stuff!

Don't own. Will never own.

Title: Water to H2SO4

Summary: What happens when you add water to sulphuric acid? Basic chemistry, my dear readers.


Alex paces the room. Again. And again.

He's doing his best to ignore the room's other occupant, the one who still has that smirk on his face.

Finally, Alex sighs, before turning to face him: "You, Tom Harris, are an utter pain in the ass. It's amazing that I'm still sane after all these years."

"What?" Tom says; he widens his eyes, going for the innocent look. Not working.

"I cannot believe that I'm in trouble because you exploded the chemistry classroom!" Alex hissed, as the principal opens his door and shouts for the boys. And he sounds really angry.