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Shuddering I crossed my arms over my chest the smell of many wafting chimney's filled my nostrils making all my senses alert. I started to walk, one step in front of the other. It was an abnormally cold night for fall, but in reality Forks only had two seasons, cold and colder. I wished I had something warmer then the jeans and Hoodie I was wearing but I was hungry and couldn't put it off any longer. I walked for a long while; something exciting was obviously on TV making everyone stay up late. Soon I found a house, with the majority of its occupants asleep. I walked up to it, and finally noticed the house itself it was two stories, and white with a jasmine vine growing up the side. I smirked; the same house Edward and his brothers had pulled me from, it seemed like years ago now. I slinked up the very same mesh and into a bedroom of a teenage girl. I didn't need a screaming teenager on my hands so I knocked her out before she could react. I went over and pressed my lips to the back of her neck. I started to take in the energy greedily, easily blocking the memories that didn't belong to me. Before I could do any lasting damage I pulled away and left the room and quietly as I had come.


There was a knock at my door, "Go away" I moaned, ignoring my grogging welcoming, the person opened the door and I threw a pillow in the general direction.
"Happy birthday" Charlie greeted and I pulled the covers over my head. "Oh don't be like that!" Charlie laughed.
"Silence!" I yelled, giving up my attempt at sleep and throwing the covers back. I sat up and was presented with two presents, a camera from my father and a . . . scrap book, which had a note saying it was from my mother. Wow she didn't know me so she sent me blank paper, how thoughtful.
"You're mother and I co-ordinated, it's a scrap book, to put all your memories in of senior year" Charlie explained.
"Uh . . . that's nice" I nodded and Charlie beamed, knowing that's as close to a 'thank you' as he would get. Charlie left and I put the presents on my desk, then thinking twice, put the camera in my bag. I quickly had a shower and got changed and was out the door, greeted by Edward.

"Happy birthday" He smiled

"Silence" I shushed him, I'd had never celebrated my birthday, why start now?

"Why?" Edward asked, obviously finding my lack of birthday cheer amusing.

"Because I said so" I said indifferently.

We pulled up to the school and Alice practically dragged be out of the car and hugged me, "Happy birthday!" she chimed,

"Yeah yeah" I rolled my eyes,

"You're coming over to our place tonight; we're throwing you a party!" Alice grinned.

"Why?" I groaned, parties, unless they involved alcohol and loud music you could count me out, and I had a sneaking suspicion that that's not what she had in mind.

"Because!" She simply said, then looking at my face added "Please? None of us have celebrated a birthday since Emmett's 50th!" she pleaded.

"You sound reasonable" I mused and she beamed "Time to up my medication" I added and she scowled "Fine! I'll be there, gosh!" I huffed and she beamed. I half-smiled back and took my camera out, Alice squealed,

"Edward! Take a picture of us!" She yelled and Edward smiled, taking the camera off me, Alice put a small arm around my waist and I put mine over her shoulder and smiled the camera flashed and Alice squeal again. "I'll gonna take one of you two!" she announced plucking the camera out of Edwards hands. Edward came over and also put an arm around my waist, but this wasn't a friendly gesture it was more intimate I leant against his side and smiled as Alice took the picture. She came over to show me. Edward looked amazing, and I just looked plan by his side, I smirked

"His teeth are brighter than he is" I joked,

"Hey!" Edward protested, obviously insulted.

"Time for class!" I responded "Wouldn't want to be late now would we?"


I sat stubbornly in the car, "Come on, you promised Alice" Edward coaxed, his arm extended, trying to get me out.

"No one said anything about a dress" I glared, Alice had somehow taken all my clothes and left me with what I was in now, so I really had no choice, that or go in the jeans and Tee that I went to school in, and something told me Alice would have my head if I tried.

"You look beautiful" Edward reassured,

"Exactly! I don't what to be beautiful I want to look intimidating!" I hissed

"Why?" He huffed

"Because, that's who I am!" I glared.

"Come on, please?" He pleaded, still glaring I got out of the car. We walked up to the big three story Victorian house, up the porch and into the foyer. Edward led me into the living room where everyone was waiting.

"Happy Birthday!" They cheered, and confetti was thrown, I chuckled and pulled a bit out of my hair. The room was adorned with paper streamers and a banner exclaiming 'Happy Birthday Bella', on one table was a monstrous cake and on the other were some presents.

"We tried to reign Alice in" Carlisle stage whispered as he shook my hand, understanding hugs weren't really my style, I smirked and nodded.

"I see you did your best" I replied. Esme was next, also shaking my hand and exchanging pleasantries.

"Presents!" Alice chirped, taking a picture with my camera. I didn't bother to say anything by now I was used to Alice taking my stuff, annoyed the hell out me, but I was used to it. "Rosalie, you first!"

Rosalie came forward, taking a present off the table and handing it to me, "It's a necklace, Alice picked it out" She said and went back to her place next to Emmett, who was grinning. Of course, I hope Alice knew I never wore jewellery; that is unless she forces it on me.

"Mine next!" Emmett bursts out, chucking me a medium sized box. I caught it and it was surprisingly light, I shook it and raised an eyebrow at him he chuckled "Already installed in your truck" He beamed, "Finally a good sound system" I heard him mutter. I laughed and chucked the box back to him which he caught and put back on the table.

"Here you go love" Edward murmured dragging me to the gift table and picking up a small square gift. I looked up at him biting back a snide comment to his pet name and looked back to my present. Sighing dramatically I put a finger under the wrapping and pulled. That's when the shit really hit the fan.

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