This is a request of Julius x Alice from crazy2000! Thank you for the request and I will work hard to keep it up.

Summary: Alice was just having a normal day in the land of Heart, but what will happen when the clocks of the time of wonderworld go out of control? Will she encounter the future roleholders or the past roleholders? When will this chaos stop? And ultimately...will she able to go back to where Julius is?

The smell of the books neatly placed together on the bookshelves. Placing her fingers carefully on each of the book titles, Alice hesitated on her choice. The girl was in the Clock Tower; she was originally looking at Julius' work, but it bore her out and moved to reading literatures. How The Clocks Work. The Skill in Craftsmanship. How To Tell Time. The books were all clock related. Usually Alice didn't mind reading any books. The only thing is that she already read these books for a thousand times. She wanted to read a new book; something that would interest her very much. As Alice let her teal eyes move to see each books in descending order, she found a book which had no titles. It was an old book as if it was forgotten to be read for a long time. Curiosity spiked the brunette's interest as she picked the book from the shelf and dusted it off. To not let the pages tear in any accident, Alice gently turned the pages and noticed pictures. An album. Unfortunately, the faces in the pictures were not the familiar faces Alice knew. In fact, the pictures were blotched and faded away that Alice couldn't clearly see each of the people's faces. However, the foreigner could vaguely make out some of the familiar characteristic each of them had; animal ears, tails, and other traits. Below each other pictures, there were dates written. 438 prius since the Break Away. The weird words confused Alice and further drew her into it as she turned to the man, "Hey Julius is this-."

Ace suddenly opened the door and lively marched into the room, "Hi Alice~ Are you having a lovey dovey time with Julius?"

The girl sighed, "Ace, stop with the teasing. You know that Julius and I are not in that kind of relationship."

The mortician did not look at the visitor and worked his way through the wrecked clock, "Just bring me the damn clock, idiot."

The knight set the bloody package of clocks on the table and swiftly turned to the girl, "Well you can't say that there is nothing going on when a man and a girl is living under the same roof."

Ace, then, grabbed Alice by the wrist and pushed her into Julius' arm, "Kya!"

"W-What are you-!" The couple looked at each other and realized how abnormally close their faces were. The navy blue eyes met the teal eyes as they both felt the gravitational pull to each other. But the girl held herself in control; she couldn't take it. Alice blushed and stood up from Julius' lap as she glared at Ace. The man was equally blushed as he looked away.

The red coated man just laughed and stated in his nonsensical tone, "See you guys are lovey dovey."

Finally not able to take Ace's teasing, Alice yelled, "JUST GET OUT!" Ace just laughed and went out the door. Alice sighed and looked at her roommate, "Geez, Ace's jokes are sometimes too much. We couldn't be really have that kind of relationship…right?" The girl hated Ace's constant teasing of the love jokes between her and Julius. But since this teasing came by so often, Alice could not help, but be a little hopeful. If somebody were to say she was in love, yes she was in love, but it was hopeless. How could a workaholic like Julius ever love me? Julius was a kind man, but Alice thought that Julius only saw her as a little girl. It would be troublesome to push her feeling when she already stubbornly forced him to let Alice live in the Clock Tower.

Alice could not see Julius' face; he was looking down at the clocks. The only response Alice got was a Hn.

Feeling the awkwardness building up inside, Alice walked towards the door, "I-I will go take a shower."

After the girl left, Julius sighed and muttered, "This is so troublesome."


"Julius…you really need to get outside. Right. Now."

Julius sighed, "There is no problem with staying here. I hate to go outside."

"Agh! You're gonna grow mushroom if you just sit here until you die! Let's just go to the top of the tower, ok? It's not that far away and I made some sandwiches. So pleeaaasse!" Alice knew using puppy dog eyes and cute pleading was the man's weak point. She used this method when she decided to stay at the Clock Tower.

After giving one strict look at the girl, Julius gave another sigh and agreed, "Fine." Alice smiled in happiness. Julius is just too kind.


"It's so windy today," the wind caused the brunette's soft brown hair to blow in her face as Alice pushed it back to her ear.

Alice was carrying the picnic basket as Julius was holding the blanket and setting it on the ground, "Hm."

Although they were outside, they were still in the Clock Tower. They were on the Tower's roof. Alice guilty looked at Julius, who was silently sitting down and looking at the clouds, "…Are you mad at me?"

Julius glanced at the girl and started nibbling his sandwich and replied, "No, it's a nice change to sometimes go out like this."

Alice smiled; Julius is very kind and gentle, "Julius, that's what I love about you."

Julius turned to Alice with a surprised gesture, "Huh?"

The girl's face instantly turned red, "Oh, um I didn't I mean it's just ah…"

"ALICE!" Julius suddenly jumped towards Alice as she heard a loud crash along with rising dust.

Alice blinked a few seconds and finally screamed as another set of clocks that were hanging as ornaments on the tower fell down, "Aaah!" Julius just hugged Alice fiercely, protecting her from danger.

When the commotion finally died down, Julius sat up and worriedly looked at the girl, "Alice, are you alright?"

"Y-Yeah, but w-what happened?"

The blue haired man turned to look at the mess, "Two of the clocks fell down from the tower. This tower has been here for a long time. Guess it's time for repair. I need to hire a carpenter for this. Sorry for making you scared."

Still shocked, Alice could only sit still from the spot that she was in, "…No, it's not your fault. Moreover, thank you for saving me."

"…Yeah." The man's face was serious as if being cautious for an upcoming danger.


"Here Julius," the sweet bitter smell of the coffee was set on top of the work desk.

The irresistible lingering aroma made Julius temporarily leave his work and take a sip of the temptation, "Hm."

Alice anxiously and expectantly looked at Julius. "98 points."

A look of disappointment and frustration clouded the hopeful expression, "Ugh, still not 100?"

Julius took a quick look at Alice and smiled awkwardly, "You are getting better. I will be looking forward to the next cup."

The comment lightened the girl's spirit as she smiled cheerfully, "Just wait and see. The next will definitely be the perfect coffee!" Suddenly, a passing thought made the girl ask a question, "…Hey Julius what does 438 prius since the Break Away mean?"

An alarming look had appeared in the once gloomy face as Julius set the coffee down, "…I don't know where you heard that from, but you recently told me that in your world you count the dates in years. On top of that you also know that every time the skies turn from night to afternoon, day to night, and etc. is called time zone correct?"

The brunette nodded her head, "Yeah."

"Well we count dates in prius. 1 prius is equivalent to 1000 time zones. That means it's Break Away is the incident when the territories were first broken apart and started the turf war. Currently we are in 2628 prius since the Break Away."

"I see." So the album dates back to that far in the past…Julius would definitely not know about that book.

"Anyhow, it's not a knowledge you would need to know, so forget about what I said."

"Alright." As Alice was turning to look at the album again, she noticed she had to do some shopping, "Oh yeah the last coffee beans was gone so I have to buy a new one. Julius, do you have any thing that you want me to buy?"

Julius curtly answered, "No." Then a few moments later, he looked up from his work, "Be careful on your way out."

Alice smiled and went out the door, "I will."

After the girl left, Julius still watched where Alice left and groaned, "What am I doing? Just staring at the door. Get to work." Reaching for the unfinished clock, he noticed something wrong. The clock's handle which were not even supposed to move were turning erratically in full speed.

Julius widened his eyes and watched all the piled clocks go in berserk, "W-what is happening? The clocks are all-."


Sighing, the foreigner was trudging down the street, "Julius has lately been very kind and I'm being a little weird too, like I'm not myself. I wonder what's up with me these days, making Julius protect me like I'm just a sitting doll. I can't give Julius anymore burden…" As she took a few more steps, Alice heard a loud murmur from the passing faceless.

They were all looking towards where Alice was coming from, the Clock Tower. Alice turned around to look at the commotion and dropped her jaw, "The Clock Tower? Why is it spinning like that?" The Clock Tower was literally spinning around like a wild merry-go-round.

Looking at the horrible situation, Alice raced towards the tower, "Julius!" Julius is still in there!

Suddenly the ground she was standing on shook drastically as Alice fell down. The constant harsh movement pounded the girl's conscious into a dizzy state. Alice tried to scream out Julius' name, but the shaking ground muffled the sound. Julius…


"Hey there is a girl lying around here," a man's voice was heard from somewhere distant.

Another lower toned voice entered as Alice now heard the rustling of the grasses, "Is she dead?"

"Nope I don't think so. She didn't turn into a clock- Wait a minute I think she's a foreigner."

Surprised, the lower voice became louder, "A foreigner? That is interesting. How long have we not seen a foreigner since the last one?"

Alice could feel the brushing of grass as she opened her eyes, "W-where am I?"

"You're in the country of Heart, Ms. Foreigner," the owner of the lower voice was from a handsome dirty blonde man with a black silk hat. The hat was simply fashioned as the suite was light blue with no lavish decoration.

Alice sighed in relief, at least she was not in a different country or world, "And you are…?"

The blonde smiled as he raised his stick towards a bright red haired man with rabbit ears which was similar to Elliot, "I am Junas Dupre. The Mad Hatter and this is my number 2, Kaylus March."

The summaries are a little different from what I have posted on my profile, but not dramatically (I think). About the dates…I just picked random numbers that seemed reasonable. Hopefully the dates won't confuse you too much.