Ohana Onipa'a

Chapter 1: Unexpected Reunion

Disclaimer: I do not owe Lilo and Stitch or "Stitch!" big time. Joshua-Sinclair owes all OC's and the plot. This is MY VERSION.

Yuna awoke to soft mumblings come form the couch her friend, Stitch, now slept on in her room. She turned to see her alien friend shaking and mumbling in his sleep. Sighing, she whispered: "Not again." The Japanese girl moved towards her best friend's bed.

Stitch was crying in his sleep. "Li…Lilo. Please come…ba…" Yuna sighed again, gently hugging her best friend, causing the latter to wake form his nightmare. Stitch (also using his spare arms) hugged her back. "It's about Lilo again, right?" Yuna whispered softly. Stitch clutched tighter onto the Japanese girl, responding with a soft: "Ih." Yuna caringly rubbed Stitch's ears, in an effort to calm him. "It'll be ok, Stitchie. Besides, cheer up! Today's your birthday, right?"

"I wish I could tell him. But I can't…Just yet." Yuna suddenly came out of her thoughts, realizing Stitch was asking her something. "What is Yuna thinking about?" She blinked slowly before responding: "Nothing. Just…" Stitch stared at her for a few moments, wondering what's on her mind. "Tell Stitch." Yuna considered this. "Should I tell him? No…It would ruin the surprise." "Sorry Stitch, but it's a surprise." She said. "Come on, let's get some breakfast! Guess what? We're having coconut cake."

Yuna and Stitch left their room to go to the kitchen. Pleakley (Much to their annoyance) was already there, preparing breakfast, while Jumba was on his space phone. Jumba looked up form the table and saw Yuna and Stitch standing there. "Must be going now." He said to whoever was on the other end before hanging up. "Ah, Yuna and 626. What are you doing up so early?" Then Jumba noticed the look on Stitch's face. He simply turned to Yuna and asked: "Again?"

Yuna nodded. "My experiment has come so far over the years." Jumba thought. "Seeing him like this. I wish I could…Not yet." Jumba kneeled and opened his arms. "Be coming here 26…Stitch." Stitch walked up and hugged his creator, accepting the comfort of the hug.

A few minutes later everyone, including Obama and Yuna's father, were at the table. Pleakley (Again to everyone's annoyance) was bragging about his "highly expert knowledge" about Earth culture, Jumba was in deep thought, Stitch was enjoying his breakfast (Which included coconut cake), and Yuna was talking to Stitch.

"You really came a long way since we met Stitch." Yuna said. "You have become so selfless and you care so much for others. Despite your... dreams, you always help those in need." She hugs Stitch tightly in pride, the latter smiling a little bit. Jumba turn to the two friends. "Yes. 626 has been doing so many good deeds, that Jumba had to be mortifying good deed counter to hold more numbers. So very proud of my creation."

Later on that day, Jumba was in his lab, working on his project. 'Why am I doing this?" Then Pleakley walked in and said, "Hey Jumba, it is almost time for Stitch's party." Jumba turned from his project and said "Huh? Oh, right." Pleakley glanced at the project Jumba was working on. "What is that?"

Jumba nervously glanced at his project. Jumba turned back to Pleakley and asked, "What is what?" Pleakley pointed at the project Jumba was working on. Jumba said, "That is uhh..." Pleakley looked at the computer screen and gasped "Experiment 631! Why are you...?" Jumba covered the one-eyed alien's mouth. Pleakley continued, "What does this little monster do?"

Jumba, knowing he was caught red handed, sighed and said, "Remember when evil Kenny boy always kept bragging with his lackeys about how girls are not being warriors to family's faces?" Pleakley nodded. Jumba continued, "In response to comment, I have started work on Experiment 631. This will be a female combat experiment with all powers of 626, plus having ability to swim and expert in karate."

Pleakley nodded and said, "When it comes to proving those bullies wrong, that does make sense. Now come on, everybody is waiting." Jumba rolled his eyes and saved his work.

In Yuna's room, Stitch was sitting on his bed, depressed. "Another birthday. What surprise can Yuna still have for me? Why can't she just tell me?" Stitch jumped off the bed, paced back and forth, and then stopped in front of his container with his belongings. He went trough it, looking at all the things he had gathered since he had first landed in Izayoi. One special item caught his eyes, the same one form the time before he had come to Izayoi. A red collar with a Tiki Ku on it, the Hawaiian god of strength.

Stitch's eyes began to water as he picked up the Tiki collar. He remembered who gave it to him. It was given to him by the only girl he'd ever love: Lilo Pelekai. Tears cascaded down his cheeks as he put on the collar, still holding the Tiki. He heard a sound and looked up, his vision nearly blinded by his own tears. It was Yuna. "Stitch, please don't cry." Yuna hugged him; she hated seeing him like this. Stitch always brought joy to others before thinking of himself, yet he is so sad.

"Stitch…" Yuna said, uncertain if now as the right time to give him his surprise. Stitch slowly looked up at her, slightly nodding. "It's time for your surprise." Stitch's eyes switched form sad to curios. A few seconds passed then a voice cheerfully said: "Happy birthday Stitch."

Stitch gasped. "That voice." A figure stood at the door. Stitch used his paws to clear his tears. Once he saw who it was, he had an expression of pure shock on his face. "I-it can't be…" The figure was that of a teenage Hawaiian girl with blue pants and a red shirt with leaf patterns. She had black hair cascading down her back and large coconut brown eyes-eyes that Stitch couldn't forget. "L-Lilo…"

Lilo nodded and her and Stitch ran towards each other. Lilo picked up Stitch and hugged him very tightly. Stitch was crying again, but these were tears of joy. Stitch said, "You came back." Lilo responded, "Nobody gets left behind." Lilo kissed Stitch's nose Yuna smiled as she watched the happy reunion of Lilo and Stitch.

Stitch said, "Meega soka... meega soka." Lilo responded, "No Stitch. I'm so sorry for what I did." Stitch said, "It is ok. Meega understand why. You want to spend time with Keoni." Lilo shook her head. "I broke up with Keoni. He was not my type. He is with Mertle now. Besides, our friendship is too important."

Stitch said, "Meega feel the same way. Stitch broke up with Angel. She is now with Rueben. Lilo responded, "Now things are back where they should be." Lilo smiled before turning to Yuna. They hugged too. Lilo smiled again. "Thank you. Thank you for being there for Stitch and filling the void in his life." "You should be proud of him." Yuna said. "He did so many good deeds for others, and puts others in front of himself now."

"I am." Lilo said. "You can consider yourself a part of our ohana now, Yuna. You are like a second sister to me." "Yuna smiled before saying: "Ichariba Chodei." The girls hugged again.

An hour later, Yuna, Lilo and Stitch join the others. Stitch opened the presents, and the cake was chocolate-coconut. Nani hugged Stitch because she too was happy their broken ohana was whole again. "We missed you Stitch! The fact that you were gone almost gone to my head…Many a day I wished I can clean after your rampages…well, almost, anyway." Everybody laughed at Nani's statements.

Later, Jumba announced that he has been working on a teleportation device. Everyone smiled at that. Soon, the two families would be practically next door to each other. Everyone talked about how Stitch changed their lives. Jumba discussed with Nani and Yuna's father on how to change the living situation, Pleakley was once again bragging, Lilo was still thanking Yuna for what she did for Stitch, and Stitch was finally reunited with Lilo.

The next day, Lilo, Yuna, and Stitch was talking.

Meega promise to visit Yuna," said Stitch. Lilo said to Yuna, "You will always be welcome to our home." Yuna responded, "Same goes for you. Remember, Stitch. Ichariba Chodei." Stitch put his hand on Yuna's shoulder and said, "Once meet, cousins forever." Yuna, Lilo, and Stitch smiled at each other and hugged one another.

Meanwhile, Jumba taught Obama and Yuna's father how to use the high tech communications system so the entire family could keep in touch no matter how far apart they were. Soon the time came for the ohana to return to Hawaii along with Stitch, Jumba, and Pleakley.

Yuna and Stitch hugged each other and said their farewells. Stitch said, "Stitch promise to keep in touch." Yuna said, "Me too." Stitch jumped into Lilo's arms and the two went onboard Jumba's ship. The ship slowly lifted off for Hawaii. Yuna smiled, "Until we meet again."

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