Ohana Onipa'a

Awards, Celebrations and Homecoming

At the United Galactic Federation Headquarters on Turo, the Galactic Council was celebrating the recent victory against Dr. Hamsterviel. The evil gerbil scientist, Leroy, and all of the Leroy Clones were locked on a maximum security asteroid. Sky and the C.O.T has left homewards due to urgent business. And Lilo and Stitch's family was safe, as well as the families of their friends.

A large hover platform floated across the Council chamber. On it was Lilo, Stitch, Yuna, Victoria, Mertle, Keoni, Major Markinson, Cobra Bubbles, and the experiments along with Shadow Squad.

The Grand Councilwoman gave Medals of Valor and Heroism to all present, plus assignments that everyone would have on Earth. Lilo's role of the Galactic Federation's ambassador to Earth was officially expanded. She was now officially in charge of all Galactic Federation activity on Earth. The Experiments, as well as Mertle, Keoni, and Victoria, had officially formed the Galactic Federation's military force on Earth, called the Pelekai 'Ohana Onipa'a Brigade. This unit was led by Stitch, who was given the rank of Commander. Shadow Squad would coordinate with the new unit. Yuna was given a special bracelet that she would wear when she taught karate. The bracelet would transmit a hologram of her for Galactic Alliance citizens who want to become students of karate.

The Grand Councilwoman also helped out the ones who were held prisoner by Dr. Hamsterviel. Mr. Jameson was given the stuff he needed to greatly upgrade the Birds of Paradise Hotel and his Rental Pavilions. Mrs. Edmonds would have similar upgrades to her home, as well as her other houses she used for Beds and Breakfasts. Nani officially ended her employment and became Mr. Jameson's business partner and joint owner for Birds of Paradise. Also, the Galactic Federation would pay for all damages done to the Pelekai residence and Jumba's ship. By the request of Lilo and Stitch, Captain Gantu was assigned to the Sol System.

One day later…

The Big Red Battleship landed in Kauai, near the Pelekai residence. Lilo and Stitch were the first to leave the BRB-9000 after the ramp was lowered. Dr. Jumba Jookiba met with Major Markinson at Shadow Squad's helicopter that was sitting near the house. The formerly evil scientist stated that he would give Shadow Squad's ride a big tune up, along with their other equipment.

Lilo and Stitch sat up in their tree house. They were happy that there broken family was back together again. And they would be forever grateful to Mertle, Keoni, Victoria, Yuna, Gantu, Cobra, Markinson, and all the others who helped save their family. Lilo and Stitch looked up at the sky, before they embraced one another. The two shared a passionate kiss for nearly five minutes. Lilo silently thanked the heavens for sending her angel all those years ago. Their kiss was interrupted by a voice.

"Hey, get a room you two." Lilo and Stitch turned and saw that it was Yuna. Yuna and Mertle had decided to join Lilo and Stitch at the tree house. Lilo asked, "I wonder if we will ever have a normal life." Mertle, Yuna, and Stitch simultaneously laughed and said, "No." "No" "Naga."

Lilo laughed as she hugged Yuna and Mertle tightly. Lilo and Stitch were also happy because the Grand Councilwoman was talking with the Council about making an official contact with Earth and more so with the fact that Cobra Bubbles stated he will make sure all aliens living on Earth would have equal rights and that marriages between humans and experiments would be legal.

Nani and Mr. Jameson had a long talk about working together. Also, Mr. Jameson promised that he would say nothing about aliens until the Galactic Alliance had initiated an official first contact. Mr. Jameson thought it was cute upon learning about Lilo and Stitch's relationship, plus the irony involved considering Lilo dressed up Stitch to hide her crush for Keoni ten years ago. Keoni laughed at the memory of that day. Not just the fact that Lilo tried to cover up her crush, but the fact that Pleakley, the one he had a crush on for a week, was not a female! When Keoni brought that up, Mr. Jameson and Nani both burst out laughing.

Jumba had finished talking with Major Markinson and had met with Mrs. Edmonds to continue discussing Jumba's evil scientific theories from where they left off before all this happened. Jumba was talking specifically about his project involving genetically engineering plants. Mrs. Edmonds stared in fascination, though Jumba could not be sure if it was about his project or his looks. Maybe it was both. Jumba knew one thing for certain. This Earth female seemed to like his scientific theories better then his ex-wife.

Meanwhile, Yuna and Mertle decided to give Lilo and Stitch some privacy. Mertle went to the house to find Keoni, while Yuna took a walk around the area near the house and Jumba's ship. Then, something in the grass caught Yuna's eye. She walked up to what she saw and picked it up. It appeared to be a green marble. Yuna thought, 'Wow, a green marble... just like the one Joshua lost when those bullies stole his marble bag. Joshua will be happy to have his set complete again.'

What Yuna did not see on this green "marble" were the black markings that read, "6-3-1". Yuna put the "marble" in her backpack and continued on her walk. Later that evening, everyone had a buffet meal in the backyard. Frenchfry did the cooking and food prep, Slushy and Dope operated the dessert bar, Reuben and Angel ran the sandwich stand, Yuna and Sinker ran the sushi bar, and of coarse Cobra and Markinson stood guard, mainly to make sure that Jumba did not use radiation for cooking and also that Pleakley did not put dog food on the buffet table.

There was also karaoke and dancing. Stitch decided to do his usual impersonation of Elvis, singing songs such as Aloha Oi and Hound Dog. Half way through, many of the couples, and potential couples, were on the dance floor. Keoni danced with Mertle, Victoria with Snooty, Nani with David, Gigi with Finder, and of course, Lilo with Stitch. After a playful argument between Mrs. Edmonds and Jumba, the former evil scientist decided to drop the whole "evil geniuses don't dance" and went to the dance floor with Mrs. Edmonds. Others went to the dance floor as well.

Angel made sure her power suppressing collar was on and at full power before stepping up on the stage. The pink female experiment sang several love songs, starting with "I Can't Help Falling In Love With You." Lilo and Stitch kissed half way through the song. Stitch whispered, "Stitch love Lilo, Bujee-boo." Lilo hugged Stitch. "I love you too, Bujee-boo." The couple kissed again as they continued to dance.

At Asteroid K-37 in the Xenon Sector, Hamsterviel and Leroy were locked in the maximum security section, while all of the Leroy Clones were dehydrated and locked away. The evil gerbil scientist was hanging upside down, appearing to be asleep.

A dinosaur-like alien guard arrived to check on Hamsterviel. "Inmate Hamsterwheel present." After the guard left, Hamsterviel's eyes snapped open. "That's Hamsterviel, you all so stupid guard!" Hamsterviel shouted out several words in alien tongue. The computer responded, "Hamsterwheel override code accepted." As the object the evil gerbil was hanging upside down in flipped over and his hidden computer equipment appeared, he shouted, "Not Hamsterwheel! Hamsterviel, you stupid computer that thinks it is all so smart!"

Dr. Hamsterviel ran through the files. 'At least my password and files are intact. The all so stupid failure fish face is back with the Galactic Alliance and my spy network has been compromised.' Hamsterviel said aloud, "There has got to be someone out there that I can trust." He decided to dig deeper into the historical achieves regarding the Fall of the Haloran Imperium, the History of Turo, and Earth History as well.

"If there is someone out there, perhaps I can find him on Earth." Hamsterviel skimmed through the files, and then stopped. Hamsterviel cackled evilly. He found a connection between the last resort weapon the Haloran Imperium used in the final days of the Great Galactic War, a certain Earth scientist, and a very infamous mercenary for hire.

"So, not all Earth people are so backwards when it comes to scientific research, hmmmmm. I have got to contact this individual and arrange his escape. If he can start up his project and succeed, the entire galaxy will fear the name of Dr. Jacques von Hamsterviel! Hahahahahaha..." Hamsterviel chokes. "Hairball." The evil gerbil began looking for resources and people he would need to carry out his new evil plan.