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And That Was Where He Met Him

Between Heaven and Hell, lies a special, serene place. No, not Earth but 'The Capital'. To put it simply, it is a place where souls who are neither good enough to head directly for Heaven after death nor they had done sins which are terrible enough to drop to Hell reside. And there are two types of sin. One, a mortal sin is a grave violation of God's law that 'turns man away from God'. And if it is not redeemed by repentance and forgiveness, the doer faces eternal death of hell. Two, a venial sin is a forgivable sin (if doer repents) although it constitutes a moral disorder. The Capital is a temporary place to house the souls before they reach the final state of purification for another judgement to decide whether they belong to Heaven or Hell.

And at The Capital itself, there are souls who lived there permanently. They are the 'Protectors' and the 'General'. Protectors maintain the order in The Capital and the Gateways to Heaven, Hell and Earth whereas the General holds the authority to command the Protectors.


On the four-poster bed laid two inhabitants, their limbs overlapping each other on the lilac coloured sheets. Ichiru rested his head over Zero's left arm, curling into his elder brother's warmth. Ichiru glanced over the kiss marks on Zero's neck and his mind drifted to the past events last night. He blushed slightly, even though he was the one who pushed his brother into it.

"Please Nii-san," Ichiru begged as he followed Zero into his room.

"No," Zero replied, repeating the same number of 'no' to counter Ichiru's 'please'.

"Didn't we agree on—" Frustrated, Zero turned around and stopped short as he realized he was backed up against the wall. He scowled.

"Please!" Ichiru placed his hands on the either side of Zero, trapping him within his arms.

"Ichiru, I—"

"I promised this will be the last," Ichiru stared earnestly into Zero's eyes. Zero stared back for a moment, startled by his request before looking away.

After it seemed like an eternity, Zero gave into Ichiru's pleads. "…Fine."

"Or at least I promise that this will be the last in a while." Ichiru added on cheekily.

"What!" Ichiru swopped down for a kiss, silencing Zero's protests. He leaned against Zero's body as he slid in his tongue into the warm cavern. He tilted Zero's head more to the side to gain more dominance as both tongues meet. Ichiru played and sucked on Zero's tongue. He pressed his own against Zero's crotch and rubbed in antagonizing circles.

"Nng," Zero moaned, hands coming up to Ichiru's shoulders as if to push him away. Ichiru could feel himself getting harder and harder and he ached for more friction. Ichiru's hands moved down to the back to cup Zero's ass, pressing their bulges closely against each other. Zero protested softly as Ichiru continued his earlier actions, squeezing his ass cheeks at the same time.

Zero gathered all his strength and pushed him away. "I said I can't breathe dammit!"

Ichiru grinned and pushed Zero towards the bed. He quickly pulled the red sash holding Zero's yukata together once his brother was pinned to bed. Ichiru hovered over Zero's pale body for two seconds or three, before leaning down to shower him kisses at his neck. "Nii-san," he repeated between breaths, again and again. "Nii-san…"

Zero's body did an involuntary shiver as Ichiru's husky voice hit him. "Ichiru?" Zero's hands went to cup Ichiru's face. "Is something wrong? You're acting weird."

Ichiru simply shook his head and covered Zero's left hand with his right. "Let me have you, tonight." He looked into Zero's eyes. Zero blinked, noticing that Ichiru was actually waiting his approval, he smiled.

"You may."

"I'll end this, tonight." Ichiru muttered to himself.

"…What are you mumbling about?" Zero asked sleepily as he draped his arm across Ichiru.

"Nothing, just go back to sleep." Ichiru replied, kissing Zero's shoulder before getting off the bed. "I'll go and prepare dinner now. I'll wake you up later."

"'Kay," answered Zero before covering his naked self with his lilac blanket.

Ichiru looked back at the silver head from the door. His eyes showed with much resolve. You can hate me for all you want…Nii-san.


It was 20 minutes to midnight that night.

Instead of feeling pain, he felt cold. Instead of feeling scared, his mind was completely blank. He bit his lower lip as he tried to regulate his breathing. Tears welled up in his eyes, making his lilac irises become a blur. He knows that he is weak right now but he didn't care. His legs wobbled as he tried to stand. He steadied himself as he wiped the trail of blood dribbling off his chin with the sleeve of his light blue yukata. He swallowed, wetting his cracked lips.

"...Why," he asked, barely a whisper, but he knows that the other guy would have heard him. He clenched his fists tightly. "Answer me, Ichiru!"

Ichiru opened his eyes. He unfolded his arms and stood in front of Zero. "Why?" He sneered. Raising his right hand, he pointed toward Zero and chanted in ancient words.

"Bind, the very person before me. Hold, the person's will to fight. Immobilise, his very actions."

In a blink of an eye, Zero flew back a few metres up against the wall. Zero coughed, he mentally swore when he felt his rib crack from the impact.

"Ichiru!" Zero wanted to know; he needed to know why his brother is doing this. What happened to his sweet brother? His mind was spinning. He was damn confused. Was he acting all along?

"I see. Brother is indeed strong and powerful. Despite my spell, you're still able to talk. If I never poisoned and mess with your system, I might be the one held up against the wall instead." Ichiru grabbed Zero by his hair as he smiled darkly. "My dear brother, since you want to know so badly, then let me tell you..."

Zero gritted his teeth and stared hard through his tears at Ichiru. "...because Brother, there is no need for that many successors," Ichiru explained. "The new successor of the General will be chosen among the nominated few by the Protectors. Getting rid of you means a better chance for me."

"Does that reason suffice you, my dearest?" The younger one enunciated sarcastically. "And more importantly, there's something that I want, within your very soul."

"What-? What are you talking about?"

Ichiru removed his hand from Zero's hair and travelled down to his midsection. He muttered softly under his breath and without warning, he stuck his hand into Zero's body.

"Ack!" Zero coughed, throwing up blood. What the. He tried moving away from Ichiru, but his limbs were bound to the wall. If only he was not weakened by the poison... Zero was powerful enough to fight without chanting the spells. Ichiru...His brother got him for good. Zero threw up more blood as Ichiru's hand searched within him. I'm breaking—!

"There it is," Ichiru withdraw his hand as Zero squirmed and screamed in pain. "So this is 'Retrace?" Ichiru held the glowing prism between his thumb and index finger. The prism was the size of a large ice cube.

Zero's eyes widened slightly, entranced by the glowing object. "Retrace?"

"The power to start a new revolution huh."

"Ichiru," A new voice greeted the dim room.

Ichiru stepped aside and greeted the man. "Ah, you're here."

Zero squinted with his eyes to focus on the figure by the door. "...H-Hanabusa. Get away..."

Hanabusa continued, "The Gate is ready."


"I'm not here to save you, Zero." Hanabusa said calmly. His usual bright blue eyes were dull.

Zero's tears fell. Damn it hurts being betrayed. "Fuck. Don't screw with me. If this was what you wanted all along, y-you...you could have-!" Zero broke down into sobs, unable to finish off his sentence. Zero never wanted authority; it did not matter to him anyway. He was indeed strong and capable, but it bothered him to be selected as one of the next successor. All he wanted was to be with his loved ones. Ichiru…

"It's time, we should hurry." Hanabusa walked closer to Ichiru, Zero's sobs falling on deaf ears.

Ichiru nodded. He gently covered Zero's eyes and leaned towards his brother's ear. "Goodbye, Nii-san."

That was the last thing Zero heard before his eyelids went heavy. Ichiru released the binding spell and Zero's body slumped forward into his strong arms.


"The Capital; more commonly pictured as a place than a process of purification or temporary punishment in which, it is believed, the souls of those who die in a state of grace are made ready for Heaven. These souls need to undergo purifying. And at the end of the purification, they will be judged once again before sending them off to Heaven or Hell." The brunette read off his laptop. "But, who judges them at The Capital anyway?"

"Tell me Takuma. Why am I bothering myself with this? I'm not concerned about afterlife." Kaname sighed.

"Well, it's for the sake of your grades, even though Chairman favours you. The thesis is due by next Friday and you haven't started on anything." Takuma explained as he walked over to the study table Kaname was using. "You know if you weren't interested in this topic, why did you pick it anyway?"

"Ah I thought I could handle it but I didn't know it would be this difficult!" He whined.

"Oh dear, is our dear Cross Kaname being a baby right now?" Takuma teased.

"Oh shut up," the brunette pouted as he folded his arms across his chest. He was clearly displeased and he was waiting for Takuma to apologise.

"Pfft. Oh come on, I'll help you. So stop pouting like a kid kay?" Takuma gently comb through the brown locks with his fingers as Kaname leaned into the cool fingers at his scalp. Takuma smiled at his reaction. Kaname is somewhat like a…kitten. He giggled to himself.

Takuma met Kaname eight years ago during his tenth birthday party. He heard from his Grandfather that Kaname was a orphan, adopted by Chairman Cross. Kaname used to be a very quiet person. He is still now, towards people he is unfamiliar with. Kaname didn't even used to be open towards Chairman and Takuma himself. He could remember that their words often fall upon deaf ears. If they were anyone else, they'd be frustrated with him. Takuma suspected that it was because Kaname felt unsecured after he lost his memories. But a year or so after they met, Kaname began to open up towards him. Takuma was surprised that Kaname has this side of him. The blonde knew Kaname trusted him and he cherished this very much. He will not give up the friendship he had with Kaname even though he knows that his Grandfather dislikes him to hang around a mere 'commoner'.

"Hey don't you fall asleep on me."


"Hanabusa, where is this?"

"Cross Academy," Hanabusa replied. "When I opened the Gate to Earth, this is the first place which came upon it."

"Okay," Ichiru glanced around the surroundings and walked over to the closest building.

Ichiru placed his twin on the doorstep, making him lean against the door. Zero was still in his light blue yukata. His yukata had blood splotches that made it look like blooming flowers. There is a streak of dried blood from his head to his chin.

"You should have helped him to change into a new set of yukata. Or at least wash away the blood stains—"

"There's no time for that," Ichiru said sharply.

"He looks like he's getting paler as time passes. Did you have to damage his soul that badly?"

"Tsk, I can't help it alright?" Ichiru said frustratingly. "Retrace is buried deep within his soul… But it's good isn't it? Damaging his soul to this extent prevents him from attempting to return to foil our plans, at least for the time being."

"…And brother is strong. He won't die from these. If he does, then…" Ichiru paused, stroking his twin's pale cheek. He looked at Zero for the very last time before stepping away. "…It's just too bad."

Hanabusa sighed, watching Ichiru's retreating back. "Oh yeah, I almost forgot!" He took out a few silver earrings and put through Zero's ear piercings. He chanted a spell, preventing anyone to remove it. The silver earrings were designed by him; it is to track the owner, in this case, Zero down if there is a need in the future.

"Sorry Zero," Hanabusa said softly. "For doing such a thing."

"Oi, what are you doing over there? The Gate's closing!"

"Right, coming!"

Both of them stood in front of the light, preparing to head back to The Capital. "Are you regretting this?" Ichiru raised an eyebrow at his question.

"…Nah. We're in this together now." Hanabusa reassured him.

"…Sorry," Ichiru stared into the space in front.

"I know."

"…Really sor—"

"I know what we're in, you've given me the choice and I went along with it. We betrayed him, together us both." Hanabusa sighed. "Geez, where did your resolve in this go to."

"Yeah," Ichiru smiled softly. I shouldn't have second thoughts about it.


Kaname was on his way back to his father's place from the Dorms and that was where he met him…the pale beauty by the door.


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