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Plan A

"Aidou-sama," the dark haired leader among his squad of six greeted.

Hanabusa nodded; face expressionless from his encounter earlier on. He could feel blood seeping through his emergency bandages around his torso. "Keiki." He was halted by the armed guards when he moved toward the Gate.

"What, is the meaning of this?" Hanabusa questioned. "Step aside, I'm on an errand."

"Please back down, Aidou-sama. We're on orders." Keiki replied, face grim. He did not want to fight Hanabusa.

"On orders," Hanabusa repeated theoretically. "Whose?"


"Answer me," Hanabusa let out a burst of energy, cooling off the area within seconds. He was running out of time.


That bastard! "No, I'm not backing down," Hanabusa growled. "You back down."

Keiki gritted his teeth. "In this case, we have to arrest you—"

"Keiki," Hanabusa said slowly, taking up an expression of a predator facing its prey. "Have you forgotten that I'm a Protector, and the one you're reporting to at that."

Keiki pursed his lips as he gripped the sheath of his sword in his left hand.

"Don't fight me, Keiki."

"I couldn't even if I don't want to!" The leader snapped, pulling out his sword from his sheath. "The moment you abandoned your duties, your responsibilities and us, we no longer serve you."

Guilt shone past the icy blue eyes for a second. "If that is what you want," Hanabusa said softly.

The blonde's eyes fluttered shut, concentrating his powers in his hands.

Hanabusa fought and moved swiftly among the guards. Guard after guard, he froze their feet to the ground and knocked them out instead freezing their bodies to death. They have been working under him for a long time and Hanabusa did feel guilty for abandoning them. Moments later, he stood before Keiki who had blood colouring his uniform with a knee on the ground. He fought hard, Hanabusa thought.

"If only," Keiki swallowed hard and shook his head. "Why are you and Ichiru-sama doing this? Did both of you really killed Zero-sama like what the rumours have been going on in the past week?"

Hanabusa kneeled before Keiki. "Keiki, we—, I—…" He trailed off.

Keiki sighed, "Forget it, just knock me out and go."

"What?" said Hanabusa, fearing that he had heard it wrong. He felt his consciousness slipping.

"I don't suppose you know that you are bleeding like me," Keiki said pointedly. "I suppose that is what you are running from."

Hanabusa looks down to his torso. "Oh," He said eloquently.

"Just go," Keiki repeated. "I—We were just upset that this happened."

"I know; something grave is happening," Hanabusa said softly. "Thank you, Keiki."




For all we've planned for, Ichiru. Stay safe before I get back. Hanabusa thought before stepping past the Gates.


He knocked on the door of the bedroom.

"Come in," came the reply from behind the door.

"Father," he greeted.

Rido nodded and pats the bed beside him. "Good news I suppose?"

"Yes," Senri replied as he sat next to his father. "Plan A is all set."

"Good." Rido smiled. He unbuttoned Senri's shirt and slides it off his shoulders. "I trust that you will ensure that it'll go well?"

"Of course," Senri answered, his eyelids fluttered shut as Rido attached his lips to his shoulders, kissing and nibbling the skin. He moved over his collar bones to his neck and pushed Senri down to the bed.

"Let me reward you then," Rido said with a tinge of amusement.


Two weeks had passed since the talk in the kitchen.

"Angel, that is—"

"Will you cease calling me that?" Zero snapped, face flushing with colour.

"I would if you would just tell me your name! What's so difficult about that!" Kaname retorted.

"I just don't see why I have to tell you!"

"You don't see why? Really?" Kaname said dryly. "So since you don't have to tell me, then what's your problem with me calling you that?"

"T—That's an…" Endearment! "…insult!" Zero blurted as he panicked, he did not know why this brunette could make him feel nervous and at the same time, annoy him to no end.

"Insult," Kaname blinked. "What?"

"Just…Just call me anything else but that!"

"Like what? I call you 'Angel' because you're pale and…" beautiful like an angel "…and…" He trailed off. "…Don't tell me you prefer me calling you an albino."


"…Um, see? Ha ha," Kaname laughed off dumbly. Gods, I'm an embarrassment. He gave himself a virtual slap. "More tea?" Kaname pointed to the teapot.

Zero stared at him for a second and gently shook his head. "Enough for—" The doorbell interrupted him. "Did Chairman forget his keys again?" Zero stood up from the dining table.

"Well, that's Dad."

Of all the things, Zero had not expected to see the blonde with icy blue eyes covered with blood around his torso.

Zero's eyes widened, taking in the scene.

"Zero," Hanabusa smiled lightly as he stepped closer to Zero. He hugged the shocked man before him. "It felt like it has been years since—" Hanabusa's body slumped into Zero's arms.

"Hana?" Zero panicked when Hanabusa did not respond. "Kuran!"

"What?" Kaname called out from the kitchen.

I need your help! "Kuran!"

"What is—Who's that!" Kaname hurried forward to the door.

"Assist me to carry him to my room," Zero ignored his question.

Kaname stares at Zero, noting the anguish in his expression and eyes. This had to be someone important to Angel, Angel has never showed that expression before. Who is this?


Kaname nodded, shutting the door before assisting him to the room.

Both of them helped Hanabusa onto Zero's bed. Zero unbuttoned his bloodied shirt and wasted two seconds staring at the blood soaked bandage. He pursed his lips, preparing to attempt and try save him till he realized that Kaname was watching silently behind him.

Zero took in his worried glance. "You may leave now." He could not save him using his powers in front of a human.


"I said, you may leave now," Zero said sharply.


"Go! I don't need your help." Zero almost kicked himself when he saw Kaname's hurt expression. He always had a problem in speaking too fast. "No I mean—"

"Fine," Kaname's voice hardened. He walked to the door and closes it loud enough to echo the whole corridor.

Zero forced himself to look away from the door; he had a life to save here. He needed Hanabusa to stay alive; there are so many questions he has been dying to ask. He took in a deep breath before setting the little powers he had recuperated back to work. Don't die. Not like this.


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