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Bobby had been looking into an old hunter friend who, according to the hunter's wife and partner, showed all signs of possession with none of the symptoms so to speak. As Dean had put it, he'd turned dark side without anyone riding the car.

"This might not be a possession," stated Sam. "I mean people can be pretty evil as well and he's a hunter, he may have just snapped."

"Yeah?" Dean raised his eyebrows. "How many hunters do you know who just snapped and went on a killing spree? It has to be a demon."

"Dean's right. I know Alan, he wouldn't do this," Bobby agreed with Dean.

"But, you said that his wife couldn't exorcisize the demon, and devils traps don't work," Sam remarked.

Bobby indicated to the mountains of books on his desk. "That's what I'm trying to find out about. I'm not reading all these for my health you know."

"What about a shifter?" Dean asked.

Bobby shook his head. "No, according to his wife, Alan's still silver tolerant."

"What the hell is go-" One of Bobby's phones rang in the kitchen. Dean looked at Bobby. "Are you running phones for anyone today?"

"Not that I know of," Bobby said, walking to the kitchen with the Winchesters following. Bobby answered the FBI labelled phone, "Willis."

The Winchesters watched as Bobby's face turned confused.

"Special Agent Lou Gramm? Ah yes, he is one of my men. Yes I sent him to – White Rock? Yes. Are you questioning me, boy? Good," with that Bobby hung up the phone. "He's in White Rock."

"White Rock, South Dakota? That's only about two hours away," Sam calculated.

"We have to go get Alan before he can hurt anyone else," Bobby voiced.

"No," Dean objected. "You should stay here and find out what we're dealing with. Me and Sam will go get him and bring him back."

Bobby nodded and headed back towards the research in the living room. "Don't hurt him, and for God's sake, look out for each other."

Within five minutes, the Winchesters were pulling out of the long driveway of Singer Salvage. Sam's calculations proved correct when they arrived in White Rock, South Dakota two hours later. White Rock wasn't really a town, more of a blip on the map with a handful of backwards hillbilly's living in old cabins somewhere deep in the woods.

"Hey, Dean." Sam got his brothers attention. "Something's not right. Bobby got a phone call, do you really think anyone here has a phone?"

Dean looked troubled, looking out the front window as he drove. "You think this could be a trap?"

"Dean stop!" Dean pushed on the break and came to an abrupt halt. "Look."

Dean stopped giving his little brother a what-the-hell-dude look and turned to see a car wrapped around a tree. Trees grew densely and it was a wonder how the car got so far into the area to wrap around a large, strong tree without hitting any of the other trees first. It wasn't possible.

"What the hell," Dean breathed, reaching for his car door.

"Dean, stop, it could be a trap remember."

"Yeah, well, what else do we have to go on," Dean said and got out of the car, gun pulled.

Sam shrugged, agreeing with his brother on that matter and followed him. Sam caught up to Dean in a few seconds and they proceeded towards the wreck. It was fresh. Smoke was coming from the car.

"Dean," Sam indicated to their left with his head. Dean nodded and started walking that way. A small human made trail led down through some trees, but Dean and Sam couldn't see what it let to – if it led to anything.

They moved at a slight jog down the path, guns at the ready by their sides. It wasn't too long before the path led the way for them to see a backwards cabin like Sam had imagined in these parts. The door to the cabin was ajar and the brothers approached it cautiously.

"You think this has anything to do with the hunter?"

"When in our life has anything ever been a coincidence," mumbled Dean, peering around the front of the cabin.

A scream issued from inside the cabin and the Winchesters ran heedlessly inside. Inside, a middle-aged woman was strapped with ropes to a chair. Dean quickly ran over to her while Sam searched the one room cabin.

"My name is Dean Winchester. I'm here to help you. What happened?" Dean asked, untying the rope.

"Winchester?" her voice was scrappy. "My husband, he – I called Bobby about him."

"Your Alan Stanton's wife?"

"Look out!" She yelled towards Sam.

Dean looked up to see a knife aiming towards his little brother. The knife was in the hands of who Dean knew had to be Alan Stanton. Dean instinctively raised his gun and yelled a warning for the man to drop his knife, he didn't. It continued its path towards Sam, who hadn't reacted fast enough. Dean shoot as Sam fell backwards trying to avoid the man with the knife.

Alan Stanton grunted as the bullet from Dean's gun entered his stomach area. He stayed frozen, standing up for a few seconds before crumpling to the ground.

"Alan!" screamed his wife.

Sam scrambled to his feet and away from the body of a fellow hunter. The woman continued to shriek in the background. It was the only sound in the room.

"Dean, you okay?" Sam turned to ask but he didn't get a reply.

Dean stood behind the woman, knife blade to her throat.

"Dean, what?" Sam stepped towards his brother before blood gushed from the woman's throat. "Dean! What are you - "

Sam fell backwards to the floor, after his brother lunged forward onto him. He struggled underneath his brother. Confused. He saw the blood of the woman on the knife that angled towards him.

"Dean, what the hell are you doing?" Sam yelled.

He kicked his brother in the knee, in an awkward manoeuvre from his position on the ground. He flipped his brother over and grabbed his wrist. He knocked Dean's hand to the ground repeatedly until he relinquished his hold on the knife.

"What's going on?" Sam panted.

Dean smirked, but it wasn't the usual smirk Sam saw on his brother. Dean's knee jumped up to jab Sam in his stomach and he fell back coughing off his brother. Sam saw a blur of denim as Dean escaped out of the cabins door. Sam stumbled to his feet, grabbing Dean's knife from the ground on his way.

Out into the daylight, the trees stole most of the light. Sam ran along the path they followed to the cabin. He didn't see or even hear Dean the entire time. Eventually he found the road.

He found the road but no Dean. No Dean and no impala.

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