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White Butler

Sebastian entered his master's bedroom, feet soft upon the plush carpeting. He had been conducting these nightly visits for the past week or so, ever since the recent Valentine's. His face curled into a grim smile as he recalled that day's events.


Sebastian tidied up the messy corridor. After their 'favours', the irritating shinigami and the creepy Undertaker had demanded a reward of sorts, and… well, let's just say things get pretty crazy when you put two unpredictable mentally unstable people in the same room. Add a couple bottles of the finest whisky and you got yourself a ticking time bomb. Or, in this case, several. Sebastian paused in his painting of the chipped wall, and used one of his gloved hands to take out his trusty pocket watch.

He sighed. It was already two in the morning. He had to hurry; the rest of the house was already asleep. Young Master would not be happy if he found out his demon servant had been wandering the halls late at night, and telling him the truth would be unthinkable.


Carefully placing the paint can and brush back in the storeroom, Sebastian rose from his previously kneeling position, stepping out of the dusty room. He'd have to clean this place tomorrow – no way could he trust Mey Rin with such a task; she'd probably spill all the paint and manage to break the all old paintings.

At the thought of old paintings, Sebastian glanced briefly at the painting that had been ordered to be kept out of sight, the once-beautiful painting of the proud Vincent and Rachel Phantomhive. Shaking his head, Sebastian left the room, making his way through the plain back corridors meant for the servants.

Entering the tastefully decorated corridors of the main house, Sebastian made his way to his bedroom, prepared for his nightly rest. Due to the rather unusual relationship between the Earl and him, his room was situated in a corner only accessible past the young master's room.

Padding softly on shoes polished to perfection, Sebastian walked past his master's room, ready to call it a day when light sniffles alerted him to something out of the ordinary. Curiousity peaked, Sebastian gently pried open the door, peeking in to check all was well. Everything seemed in order; master sleeping in his bed, no smell of intruders, no –

"Mum… Dad… P-please…."

One perfect eyebrow arched, Sebastian slowly entered the room. It was his young master's voice. Whatever was happening? Some kind of poison, maybe? In all his years serving the earl, never had the young boy ever had a nightmare; not the night after his terrible ordeal, not when he was nearly violated by the sickest of men, not when his demon butler had decapitated a man in front of his 11 year old eyes…

Creeping closer, Sebastian peered upon his master's face; always so reclusive, yet so vulnerable when asleep. To Sebastian, anyway. That was why he'd stare at the boy's face for a few moments before awakening him in the mornings and when the earl fell asleep in the midst of completing paperwork.

That was the only reason.

Lightly chastising himself for the turn his thoughts had taken, Sebastian refocused his red eyes once more upon the earl's peaceful sleeping face.

His eyes widened barely perceptibly. The earl's face, unlike the innocent angel Sebastian was so accustomed to seeing, was instead scrunched in a half-snarl, half-whimper, eyes shifting restlessly beneath closed eyelids. Tiny pearl-like drops of tears caught in long eyelashes shimmered in the moon's ethereal glow, slightly damp hair plastered to his skull as cold sweat formed above his perfectly carved eyebrows.

The demon's breath caught.

Never, in all his centuries of life, had he seen such a beautifully deceptive picture, a painting of innocence and vulnerability covering the darkness inside. The deep indentation on closed eyelids gave the impression of wide, expressive eyes, the sparkling tears hanging upon feminine eyelashes a premonition of clutching desperately to a single, fine line of redemption. A well-sculpted face; high cheekbones with a strong jaw line rounded with youth, yet still giving one an aura of dignity and importance. The high, sharp nose of good breeding, the fine, silky smooth hair of the well-taken care of…

Truly a picture of utmost beauty.

And Sebastian had the insane urge to pull apart those closed eyes to see if it truly was his master bathed in milky moonlight.

Quelling the foreign urge, he calmly walked forward, getting a better view of his restless master. A glint of something reflective caught his eyes, and he knelt on the ground to in order to get a better view. His sharp eyes saw an intricately sculpted amulet, shield-shaped with gems and symbols adorning the sides. A large, precious ruby stole the limelight, placed precisely in the middle. Made of precious metals, gold being the majority, its chunky appearance looked out of place in the child's delicate white hands.

His talisman.

Or rather, Ciel's, since he'd technically given it to his lord. Why was his master clutching it in his hand, when he was asleep no less? When night time had arrived, everything had gone smoothly and as usual, with the exception of Ciel being more subdued than usual. He'd simply disregarded it as Ciel being his usual moody and broody self. Perhaps there was more to it than he'd thought.

And it definitely didn't have anything to do with the fact that it was from Sebastian…

Wait. Something else had revealed itself when Ciel had shifted.

In his other hand, clutched tightly, was a picture of his family; his father, his mother, Madam Red, him and their dog Sebastian. How sweet.

Ignoring the fact that he'd been named after such an unworthy creature – a chaser of cats, no less –, Sebastian scrutinized the picture closely, the tiny rectangular piece of paper than his regal master would hold so precious.

A flawless picture of a flawless family.

Throughout his inspection, the sleeping earl's whimpers had been growing in number and desperation, broken whispers and fearsome snarls mixing together in a monster's lullaby. A choked gasp pulled Sebastian out of his reverie, as a blind hand suddenly shot wildly out of under the covers, catching on thin air as it clenched fruitlessly.

"Mum… Dad…


The butler unconsciously took a step back from the wandering hand, startled by the call of his name. He then shook his head at his own foolishness; of course the young master had been calling out to his dead dog, not his demon butler. He was living in the past, after all.

Regardless, watching the small, weak hand flailing about in vain, uselessly… Sebastian found himself wrapping a spotless white gloved hand around the tiny appendage, clenching it in his own big one. He found himself whispering, voice as soft and gentle as a mother's all of a sudden…

"…I'm here, my lord."

And at long last, the young earl's whimpers gradually faded to nothing, and he slept peacefully on.

-Flashback End-

Back to the present, Sebastian let out a noiseless exhale, settling himself comfortably in a nearby chair. Technically, it was a chair only fit for the young master, but what the young earl didn't know wouldn't hurt him.

Sebastian hadn't spoken of that night to the young master, nor the next night, and definitely none of the nights after. Just out of curiousity, Sebastian had entered his master's room again the next day, only to find to his displeasure that they were recurring nightmares. However, his presence seemed to soothe the young boy.

The first few times, he'd busied himself unnecessarily, cleaning already spotless furniture and rearranging things only to put them back in their original places. About the third night, he'd realized he was fooling no one but himself, and after a wry chuckle or two had simply sat down in the chair, quietly observing his master's sleeping habits.

His master's room was sparse and yet beautifully adorned with petty, expensive things. Devoid of personal belongings, there was nothing to identify the person inhabiting it, other than by the fact that there wasn't anything there.

Sebastian frowned. That wasn't how humans were supposed to be. They were supposed to –


Again that roving hand, swiping at the air as if clawing a faceless enemy. Sebastian was at his young master's side in a flash, possibly faster than lightning itself. The action surprised him, but now was not the time for such menial thoughts. Now was a time to act, to adhere to the contract and live up to his aesthetics. He was, after all, a demon butler to the core.

"My lord."

Again that sightless hand, searching for something nonexistent, and again the same two items clutches to his chest, as if they were the very essence of his being, his lifeline. And again the pearly white gloves of a certain butler, gleaming like a ray of hope as they wrapped and protected the smaller hand, providing a barrier of warmth against the cool night air.

"My lord… I'm here."


Ciel crossed and uncrossed his legs, shifting restlessly as his butler prepared the day's wear.

"Something wrong, Young Master?"

Sebastian asked, pulling out a dark brown suit top with matching pants. The shirt's white ruffles stood out against the black lining of the collar, checkered brown squares designed to compliment a slim figure. Simple dark brown shorts with straight, thick vertical lines, V-shaped patterns intertwining and blending together. Lastly, white boots with black and brown checkered laces with a matching bow on each boot, large unnecessary brown stitches sewed fashionably on the sides.

"No… Hmm… Nothing."

Unconvinced and more than a little wary of his young master's calculating eyes, Sebastian attempted to lighten the heavy atmosphere, hoping to ease the unusual tension with familiar routine. Striding forward, he gently placed the pressed clothes on the bed so as not to crease them, reaching gloved hands under the newspaper the young earl held in his hands as he purposefully undid the buttons on Ciel's nightgown.

He would admit it, if only to himself; he felt a little more than slightly perturbed.

His young master, instead of reading the newspaper like he did every day without fail, was staring at his kneeling butler, large eyes unwavering in their intense examination. To be under such scrutiny at such a close range, and not even bothering to hide it…

Had the young master discovered something?

Carefully keeping his face blank, Sebastian removed the silk nightie, the earl obediently putting away the newspaper in favour of lifting his arms. Chest bare, he still managed an imposing air as those horrible mismatched orbs stared down at his butler.

Gloveless hands – the earl had a thingy about gloves touching his bare body – traced the boy's waist as Sebastian adjusted the waistline of his undergarment, slanted from his night's movements. He took a white undershirt and put his young master's hands through them, finger tips lightly brushing the boy's chest as his hands pulled the shirt to meet in the middle, deftly doing up the buttons. Next, the bare hand reached for the shorts, lifting his master's lithe legs one by one as he put each leg through its respective pant hole.

Pulling up the shorts – the young master had aided him by getting off the bed a second time –, Sebastian's thumbs ran along the earl's skin, featherlike touches providing stability. Bringing his hands to meet in the middle, much as he'd done with the shirt, Sebastian hesitated for a short moment. Of course, he'd done this plenty of times, and yet it felt so different with the earl's piercing gaze constantly searching for his own maroon eyes, touching so private an area.

Nonsense, he scolded himself, and pulled up the zipper. He buttoned the top button, hands once more trailing down to pull the creases that had formed out of the pant legs. Extending a long arm under the earl's parted legs, he snatched the jacket off the bed, suddenly feeling extremely self-conscious as he stood back up, wrapping his young master in the cotton jacket. Standing a full two feet taller than his master, the demon couldn't help but feel even more vulnerable being that far above the ground, as the earl's blank yet thoughtful gaze was tilted upwards towards him.

Clearing his throat unnecessarily – he almost winced when it didn't go unnoticed by the young master –, Sebastian righted the bow and ruffles, lightly patting down the jacket. Once the young master was seated once more, he grabbed the boots, sidling sideways for greater ease as he once more lifted the earl's delicately sculpted legs, silky smooth and elegant as it pointed down to be placed in the awaiting boot. He repeated the action twice, finally moving to rest in-between the earl's legs as he laced up the fancy footwear.

Looking up, he barely managed to restrain himself from uncharacteristically cringing when he realized his face's proximity to his master's groin. Voice deceivingly velvet smooth, he got up, preparing to leave the room.

"Well? Shall we, Young Master?"

Giving a nearly imperceptible nod, Ciel Phantomhive rose to his full height, stalking out the room.

His demon butler had no idea of the thoughts and decisions that had crossed the earl's mind in those few short moments.


Ciel tipped the dainty tea cup, by itself valuing and more than what most commoners earned a week, taking a refined sip as he watched the morning goings-on in his mansion over the rim of his teacup. Before him lay a breakfast of feast-like proportions, decorating the mahogany table with its sparkling dishes and scrumptious looking breakfast treats.

Not bad. But then again, only what was expected of a butler of a family such as Phantomhive.

Ciel took another sip of his Earl Grey, watching through hard, calculating eyes as Sebastian chased the chibi-form of Tanaka through the hall. It seemed Tanaka had a glasses fetish, judging by the near-blind Mey Rin in hysterics as she clutched onto Sebastian's arm.

The house really did rely too much on Sebastian.

Taking a last sip, Ciel finished his tea, leaving the dining hall without taking a bite of the lavish breakfast prepared for him.

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