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OK. So I decided to try this. *crosses fingers* I found around 300-some prompts on a website while I was actually searching for them, which made me SQUEE WITH HAPPINESS. So I gave it a go.

The character is the same one as from my previous poems "Green Eyes" and "Do You Remember?" I decided to make them the same, and I named her Bethany. She's a human, while Envy is obviously a Homunculus.

Each drabble will be about 100 to 500 words, as that is the standard for drabbles. So they're going to be a lot shorter than most of my stories, but hey... sometimes a little can say a lot. I'll include the word count as well as the prompt title.

I hope you guys enjoy!


Word Count: 214

She holds up a small stick, her eyes tired. She gives the taller of the two a slight smirk, resting her chin in her hand. "Do you know what this magic little wand is, Envy?" She scoots forward in her chair, closer to him. "I mean, you've probably never seen one before, considering how modern they are..."

His lavender eyes roll in their pearly irides as he gives a weary, slightly annoyed sigh. "Bethany, why in the seventh ring of hell do you have a pregnancy test?"

The smirk falls. She lets her hand drop, pushing her chest onto the table and slightly exposing her breasts to his view. "My love, this is evidence! Evidence of our love, our future..."

He shakes his head. "Nice try, Bethany, but really. We both know I'm not an idiot." He stands up and turns to walk away. "First off, you and I haven't even been that intimate yet. Second, you should know that most of my species are totally infertile. So even if we had, there's no reason you should have a pregnancy test."

She pouts as she watches his skort-covered behind swish away. "I really thought you'd fall for that."

He snorts. "Sorry, you can't scare me so easily."

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