I saw the 100 theme challenge by Wishing Fire one day and decided to take it up! Since I am in the Xemnas mood currently, (Sheesh, I don't know why I like the villains better than the good guys.) I will be doing the challenge with him as the main character. I might add other stuff from Lord of the Rings and from my story Dawn of Another Day if I'm feeling like it. If you're confused, go ahead and read that one! It might also be helpful if you read A Reason to Fight. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I don't own the universe of Kingdom Hearts or the characters. If I did, well...things would've been a lot different.

1. Introduction

The first thing he was aware of when he woke up was the chaos and noise.

He got up slowly and looked around. People were screaming as they were pursued by strange shadow creatures. Buildings were on fire. He, however, took no notice of them.

Who am I?

Names coursed through his mind: Ansem, Xehanort, Radiant Garden, Heartless, experiments, darkness...

The letter X.

One thing he knew that he was a new being, not Xehanort. He needed a new name.

"Xemnas, I will be then." He decided, and went away into the unknown, searching for his lost memories and identity.

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