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Nearly a year had passed since the defeat of Uchiha Madara by Naruto and the Joint Shinobi Forces and the capture of Sasuke, who was being kept imprisoned. Now at Seventeen years of age Naruto was doing his best to realize Jiraiya's dream of peace for the Elemental Countries and he was doing a damn good job of it too. He had just come back from a four month long diplomatic mission to each of the other four major Hidden Villages and he was more than ready to get a belly full of ramen and a weeks worth of sleep. That is, after he reported in to Tsunade-baa-chan.

"Yo Baa-chan, mission complete." Barging into Tsunade's office Naruto quickly dodged a half-heartedly tossed paperweight. Granted, a 'toss' from Tsunade was still enough to cave a man's chest in, but whatever.

"Don't call me that brat! Now how did it go?"

"As well as can be expected. Despite how the villages came together so well during the war old grudges die hard. Still, everyone is trying their best to give the whole peace thing a chance. Even if the Raikage and Tsuchikage are being nearly as stubborn as me." He joked.

"Good. Now, I know you probably want to eat and rest but Sakura wanted me to tell you to meet her at your old training grounds when you got back." Tsunade had to suppress a grin knowing that Sakura had a special welcome home plan for Naruto. One that the young teen wouldn't soon forget.

"Right then, wouldn't want to keep Sakura-chan waiting." As soon as Naruto left Tsunade broke down laughing before bringing out her old sensei and predecessor's Seeing Orb.

"Oh this is going to be good." She purred. She had managed to get Naruto into a physical a week before he left for the peace mission and, as tempted as she was to jump him right than and there, she knew stealing her students love interest was pretty low, so she knew exactly what her student was in for.


As soon as Naruto got to Team Seven's old training ground he spotted Sakura... and promptly froze dead in his tracks. She had changed somewhat in the past four months. Her clothes remained the same, but now they were stretched across her more than generous figure. The first thing Naruto's eyes focused on were her breasts. No longer the small A-cups they had been, they had swelled dramatically several cups upwards, now somewhere around an E-cup. As if giving gravity the finger they looked just as perky as her old A-cups. her hips and ass had also filled out significantly, so much so that Naruto had to resist blurting out "Dat Ass!" and biting his lip (1). All in all, her new appearance made Naruto's pants feel really, really small.

"Naruto!" Sakura noticed Naruto and ran towards him, wrapping him in a hug after several seconds of glorious jogging induced breast bouncing. The bouncing globes of flesh ceased their action as they were pressed against him. "I'm so glad you're back. How did everything go?"

"It, good, went." Naruto was fairly certain that came out wrong, but he was too busy telling himself not to let his hands wander. If he touched Sakura in anyway inappropriate he would get punched into next week. Granted, it would be worth it, OH so very worth it, but still, ow. "So… er, Baa-chan said you needed to see me?" Releasing the hug Sakura stepped back and looked at him a small blush creeping onto her cheeks.

"Yes, I need to talk to you about something. Well, I talk, you listen." When Naruto opened his mouth to say something but Sakura stopped him. "Please just, listen. You've done so much for me over the years, supported me, protected me, kept that selfish promise I forced you to make all those years ago and after all the things you've done for me I never really did anything for you in return. But now I've figured out a way to say thank you for all you've done for me." Her blush deepening Sakura grabbed a hold of Naruto's hands and placed them on her breasts. Naruto's eyes nearly popped out of his head but his hands instinctively squeezed the soft tit flesh in his grasp. "Naruto I want you to fuck me right here and now, you can plow my tight little virgin cunt as hard as you want right here in the grass."

"Are you serious Sakura-chan, you'll really let me f-fuck you?"

"I'm completely serious, and this isn't a one time thing either. From now on you can take me whenever you want, within reason of course. I have a feeling your stamina will wear me out and Medical Jutsu only go so far." Sakura could tell Naruto's self restraint was nearing its edge; just one more little push would do it. She fully admitted the irony of the situation as compared to a few years ago. Back then she really liked his noble attitude; it kept him from making advances more serious than just asking her out verbally. "Just consider me your personal slutty little cock-sleeve." That did it, Naruto let go of Sakura's tits, which confused her at first, till he placed a hand on her head and started pushing her down. Obediently, she sunk to her knees.

"This is a wet dream come true." Naruto said dreamily. He couldn't believe his luck; the girl of his dreams just told him she was going to be his personal slut, jackpot! "Alright than Sakura-chan. First, take off your shirt and let me see those new jugs, then I want you to suck my dick."

Sakura slowly brought the zipper of her shirt down, gradually exposing her widening cleavage to Naruto's hungry gaze. After what seemed like an eternity to Naruto Sakura fully removed her top, her huge tits now fully on display. She posed for a little bit, shoulders thrown back and hands toying with her tits, while Naruto admired her form. Sakura thought she had teased Naruto enough and started to undo his pants. With one swift tug she brought both his pants and boxers down to around his ankles. Sakura was caught by surprise when, with a meaty thwack, Naruto's monstrous cock impacted with her forehead.

"Holy shit! It's huge!" Resting on her forehead and nearly covering her face was what Sakura believed had to be one of the biggest, if not the biggest, cocks on the planet ever attached to a human being. "H-how big is this thing?" She asked nervously.

"A little over fifteen inches and about as thick as my forearm. It's why I haven't really asked you out since my training trip. Before I left I didn't know having one this big wasn't normal. I had actually given up on you because with your small body I probably would have torn you in half. I probably still will, but in a good way. I can't wait to see your pretty lips stretched around it." Naruto chirped.

He started pressing the bulbous head against Sakura's lips, growing impatient. "Now come on Sakura-chan. Stuff it in your mouth."

Steeling herself Sakura opened her mouth as wide as she could, barely fitting the head in. She nearly dislocated her jaw getting it in, but she managed it eventually and she had to admit Naruto's cock tasted amazing. Slowly she started to work more of Naruto's cock into her mouth, taking in a half an inch at a time before backing off, then bobbing forward, taking in the full inch. This continued until finally she had five inches crammed into her mouth. Naruto, meanwhile, was using all his will power to not blow his load at the sight of Sakura's lips stretched so far around his dick. Just the mere sight her tits jiggling with each bob of her head was stimulating enough to make him blow with time, but the feeling of her hot wet mouth was something else entirely, and he knew he wouldn't last long.

"Oh yeah, that feels so good Sakura-chan. Your blowjob is amazing, but I wonder how your throat would feel... I hope you don't mind." Not even waiting for any kind of response Naruto's hold on Sakura's head strengthened as he pulled her forward while he pushed his hips forward, driving his cock partially down her throat. Caught off guard, Sakura started choking on Naruto's meat. Her eyes widening and watered as she felt her throat stretch to accommodate the girthy intruder. Sakura knew she told him he could fuck her as hard as he wanted to, but did he have to shove eight inches of man-meat down her throat nearly instantly? Sakura was thankful for the lessons Tsunade had given her in preparation for this as Naruto started fucking her throat.

Getting her gag reflex under control Sakura started to swallow on Naruto's cock whenever he buried it in her throat and as he withdrew she would suck on it, as if to draw him back in. Sakura's technique was too much for Naruto as he grasped Sakura's head with both hands and started fucking her face with reckless abandon, driving more of his cock down her throat until he hit the one foot mark and gave in. "Oh God, I can't take it anymore, I'm gonna cum!"

Sakura braced herself, fully expecting Naruto to produce a lot of cum, and he didn't disappoint. The first blast of cum would have easily filled a measuring cup to overflowing and with it having the consistency of incredibly thick pudding she was glad she didn't have to swallow it, his cock so deep in her throat took care of that. Oddly enough though, she thought it did taste some-what like vanilla pudding.

Sakura wasn't able to handle it all, the excess flowed back up her throat and out of her tightly stretched lips to splatter on her breasts. The second shot she actually managed to swallow, while the third had the same results as the first. This went on for nearly three minutes with Sakura valiantly swallowing as much cum as she could while the rest would be forcibly ejected and cover her tits. Finally Naruto withdrew his still hard and now cum covered cock while Sakura just sat there on her knees in a sort of daze until she noticed the state of Naruto's dick.

"You know, for some reason I shouldn't be surprised you're still ready to go."

"What can I say Sakura-chan, I finally get to fuck you. How can I not be ready for another go?" With that Naruto stepped out of his pants and boxers while removing his orange jacket.

"Jeez, your stamina really is something else." Despite saying this in an exasperated tone she had a lusty smile on her face. Lying down on her back she removed her pseudo skirt and biker shorts, leaving her only wearing her elbow pads and boots. Grabbing her legs behind the knees she spread her legs, leaving her wet, perfect pink pussy on display, a small tuft of light pink hair above it. "Now fuck me you horse dicked stud."

"With pleasure." Naruto settled himself on his knees and rubbed his cock head against Sakura's drenched lips a few times before pressing the bulbous head against them. It took a little work but Naruto was able to force the head into Sakura's incredible tight twat, the shriek she let out nearly blew his eardrums however. To Sakura, it felt like someone had just shoved a fist, along with the arm, up her cunt. Naruto would have waited several minutes to let her get used to the massive intruder, but Sakura was having none of that.

"Naruto! I told you to fuck me as hard as you can. Don't worry about me. Pound my tight pussy with that beast!"

"Alright Sakura-chan, but remember, you asked for it." He said.

Grabbing Sakura behind the knees Naruto pushed her lower torso up so only her shoulders, neck, and head were on the ground and with one powerful thrust shoved half his dick into her, knocking the air from her lungs. Naruto took Sakura's words to heart and started ruthlessly pounding her tight formerly virgin twat, forcing another inch in with each thrust. One such brutal thrust forced Sakura's eyes to resemble dinner plates as Naruto punched right through her cervix and into her womb, the pain and pleasure of the intrusion forced her into a toe-curling orgasm, her already tight pussy now felt like it was crushing Naruto's dick as her orgasm ripped through her.

Finally, Naruto felt himself bottom out as his hips impacted hers. He looked down in wonderment as he saw his cock gone, all fifteen plus inches crammed into his long time love interest. How, he didn't know, but it felt amazing! What his eyes were drawn to however, was the massive tubular bulge running up Sakura's belly. Sakura herself managed to draw herself out of lala-land just long enough to notice this as well.

"Oh God, oh God, my stomach's all swollen!"

Placing Sakura's legs on his shoulders he grabbed a hold of her huge tits and started brutally pounding the cock stuffed kunoichi underneath him into the forest floor in earnest. He knew he wouldn't last much longer buried in her like this, so Naruto didn't hold back, thrusting at speeds that left his hips nearly a blur. Sakura meanwhile was extremely happy. She was a ninja, so her body could handle extreme punishment. Which was something she was using all the little available brain power she possessed to be grateful for, because otherwise Naruto would have broken her in half by now with how hard he was pummeling her pussy.

However, that didn't mean she wasn't enjoying getting her cunt destroyed, after she got over the pain of getting stretched out by Naruto's mammoth cock the pleasure that replaced it was nearly enough to drive her insane. She didn't know why but there was just something about getting fucked so deep that her womb was being pounded and stretched out that was getting her off like nobodies business and the way Naruto was practically mauling her tits only added to the sensations, adding another level to the virtual fireworks show of endorphins going off in her brain. She wasn't sure if having a multiple orgasm that lasted this long was healthy but fuck her health this was the greatest experience of her life!

After nearly twenty minutes of fucking Sakura's wide-eyed panting face changed into that of a fucked stupid bitch, glazed eyes rolled into the back of her skull as her tongue hung out of her wide open mouth. Naruto was only able to last a little bit longer, she was just too tight for him to keep going. Still pounding down into her Naruto groaned loudly and dropped what felt like the biggest load of cum he'd ever released in his life, which it probably was, by a long shot, into Sakura. The first blast of cum filled Sakura's womb completely, the following wads simply caused her belly to swell up dramatically until she looked seven months pregnant. The cum that wasn't able to fit in her now filled-to-absolute-capacity womb gushed out her stretched pussy lips to flow down the crack of her sweet ass onto the forest floor. After roughly four and a half minutes Naruto withdrew his still hard prick and fired a few more shots onto Sakura's face and tits.

"That was the best, thanks Sakura-chan!" When she didn't respond Naruto looked down through still lust filled eyes and noticed he'd fucked her unconscious. "Well damn, I'm still hard and it's even lunch time..." He was silent for several seconds as he half-heartedly resisted the idea that cropped up in his brain before giving in after a valiant fight roughly 3.25 seconds.

"Welllll...I don't think she'll mind if I keep fucking her. After all, she said I could do her whenever I wanted... and surely only twice is 'within reason' right?" A slow grin grew until it was splitting his face in half as the possibilities of Sakura's offer truly set in. He started working himself back into Sakura's cum soaked twat. When she finally came to she would be in for one hell of a pleasurable surprise!


Author's Note: This story will be focusing on the girls closer to Naruto's age, his harem will consist of Sakura (of course), Ino, Hinata, Tenten, Temari, and Karin (if for no reason other than the simple fact I like redheads). So I hope you enjoy this one as much as Lemon Chronicles. (I've started on chapter seven by the way. So hopefully I'll have it out soon, no promises though)

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