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Naruto sat on his couch, head leaned back and arms resting over the back of the couch as the sexy young woman between his legs lavished attention on his cock. The first chance Hinata had when the two had woken up she knelt down in front of her crush and begin to suck on his huge cock. The bluenette was once again deep throating every inch with minimal effort and whenever she'd hit bottom her tongue would sneak out to lightly lick Naruto's cum filled balls.

"Damn Hinata-chan, never thought you'd be such an accomplished cocksucker." Hinata just moaned around Naruto's cock at his praise, sending amazing vibrations up his shaft. Gripping his thighs Hinata really started to fuck her face onto his cock as her blue-topped head seemed to become a blur. Naruto just groaned and went a little cross-eyed at the feeling of her lips and tight throat gliding up and down his cock; Hinata was a natural born cocksucker. Stuffing all of Naruto's cock down her throat again Hinata started to swallow on the buried meat, the sensations on his cock caused him to reach down and grab a hold of her head. "Fuck, you're a pro at this Hinata. You act so shy and cute but you're actually a naughty little cumslut."

"I'm sure Hinata would love to suck you off anytime you want as long as you let her, but I'm glad to see you're enjoying yourself Naruto." Naruto and Hinata turned their heads to find Sakura leaning against the wall leading into the living room; well, Naruto turned his head, Hinata could only look out of the corner of her eye due to having fifteen inches of cock down her throat. Sakura was absently rubbing one of her huge tits as she watched Hinata deep-throat Naruto. "And by how Hinata's little pink pussy is dripping I'd say she's enjoying herself as well." She commented with a grin.

Hinata blushed and tried to bury her face into Naruto's pelvis. Sakura couldn't help but giggle at Hinata getting all shy despite the fact she was naked, with cum dripping out of her pussy and a massive cock down her gullet. However, watching Hinata cramming that monster down her throat was turning Sakura on, and now that she was recovered enough from Naruto's enthusiastic pounding, she could, and was definitely going to, join in.

Taking off her clothes the pink haired girl walked up to Hinata and knelt down next to her before reaching up to caress Naruto's balls, causing his cock to jerk in Hinata's mouth.

"You don't mind if I get in on the action do you Hinata?" As much as Hinata didn't want to let her tasty treat go she also didn't want to be selfish. So she reluctantly pulled her mouth off Naruto's cock and moved to the side as it popped out of her mouth. Instead of taking Hinata's place Sakura also moved off to the side so both girls were kneeling on either side of Naruto's towering prick. "Don't worry Hinata I'm not going to leave you out. Actually I was thinking you and I give Naruto something only the two of us could really pull off." As Hinata gave Sakura a quizzical look the pink haired kunoichi hefted her breasts up and jiggled them a little. "I say we bury Naruto's cock in marshmallow heaven."

A small smile graced Hinata's blushing face as she too hefted her own huge jugs and, along with Sakura, pressed both their E-cup tits against Naruto's cock. Naruto watched in awe as what had to be his two favorite girls squished his cock between so much tit flesh. Hinata and Sakura both moaned at the feeling of their nipples pressing and rubbing against each other's as well as the feeling of Naruto's cock pulsating between their tits. As if reading each other's minds the two kunoichi started slowly fucking their tits up and down Naruto's cock simultaneously while Naruto just grunted in pleasure at the feeling of the overabundance of soft flesh caressing his shaft. Reaching down Naruto ran his fingers through Sakura and Hinata's hair before guiding their faces closer to his huge cock head.

"Both of your tits feel so good, but I think my cock needs some more lubrication so suck and lick it girls."

"What do you think Hinata, should we do what he says?" A lustful and devious smirk spread across Sakura's face as she looked into Hinata's eyes.

"It would be rather cruel not to Sakura, Naruto-kun has been nice enough to f-fuck us out of our minds." Naruto and Sakura were both amused she could stutter in embarrassment still, but Hinata pulled it off.

Both busty girls leaned forward and planted a wet kiss onto Naruto's cock head before proceeding to lick their respective sides of the girthy monster. Naruto nearly blew his load at the sight of the two beautiful kunoichi giving him a titfuck will licking his cock like a huge Popsicle. Almost subconsciously, Naruto started to thrust up into the girl's cleavage. While he wasn't moving his hips very far they were smacking against the bottom of their jugs, which made them jiggle enticingly. Both girls noticed this had his attention, so they decided against moving their tits for now and tried to cover every square inch of his exposed cock in their saliva. Hinata quickly outstripped Sakura, despite Sakura's big mouth the white eyed girl had a slightly longer tongue and was using it to her advantage as she slathered Naruto's cock in a thick coat of saliva.

When they noticed him pry his eyes away from their breasts, they both stuck out their tongues as far as they could and gave his cock a long slow lick from bottom to top. Naruto's breath caught, they didn't pull their tongues back when they reached the head of his dick, opting instead to see what another girls tongue tasted like as they started to make out with a sexy, open mouthed kiss. One with his cocks head in the middle of it. All of Naruto's focus zoned in on watching the two girls swap spit around his cock as the feeling of both their lips caressing his cock head and their tongues fighting for dominance over it made Naruto experience tunnel vision. He was caught completely off guard as both girls smiled the best they could around the massive head and grabbed a hold of as much tit flesh as they could hold in their hand and started wildly pumping their breasts up and down his length.

Naruto's eyes rolled into the back of his head and leaned back into the couch, his fingers tangling in the girls' hair. Since they have never done anything like this before, both girls were using different speeds and so their breasts came apart as they lost their rhythm. Still, they were apparently hell bent on getting him off, because within fifteen short seconds they were already perfectly synched up. The loud, rapid slapping of their breasts against his thighs filled the room and was the only sound his ears could pick up.

"F-fuck, you girls are amazing, I'm gonna cum!" Naruto ground out between clenched teeth. Despite his best efforts to hold it back, the wonderful experience was going to come to an explosive finish. Sakura and Hinata pulled their lips apart and sped up as much as they could, still in synch, their lust-darkened eyes zeroing in on the slit in the head of his cock, eagerly awaiting their prize.

They didn't have to wait long as Naruto groaned loudly and shamelessly, his hips jerking upwards as his cock swelled. The moment seemed to last forever for both girls, but it finally happened, their precious reward spewing upwards, managing to reach several feet in the air before splattering down on them like thick, pungent rain. Sakura and Hinata watched in awe as both their face and breasts were covered in a thick glaze of gooey cum.

Naruto reveled in their happy moans as he came for God knows how long. When the flow of cum finally died down he raised his head, only to see Hinata and Sakura cleaning their faces... each other's faces... using only their tongues. The two would occasionally giggle as their tongues danced across each other's faces in a ticklish spot. Once their faces were clean, they moved to their own breasts and started licking off the expansive amount of flesh. After that they went back to kissing, tongues now completely covered in his thick load, Naruto's cock grew harder than ever and he couldn't stop his hips from thrusting upwards in small but rapid jerks.

"That…I don't even know how to describe that. You two are fucking amazing." He gasped.

"Thank you Naruto-kun." Hinata leaned forward and kissed the head of Naruto's cock in thanks for his praise.

"What was amazing was your cum nearly hit the ceiling." Naruto just grinned sheepishly at Sakura's expression of open wonderment.

"Anyway, there's something I want to try. So both of you get on your hands and knees and face each other." Both a little confused at why Naruto would have them face each other Sakura and Hinata still complied, getting down on their hands and knees the two girls' faces were only inches apart. Grinning, Naruto stood up from the couch and formed a very familiar hand seal. "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu." With a puff of smoke, a single clone appeared next to him, naked, with a cock just as big and hard as the original's. The original Naruto walked behind Hinata while his clone went over to Sakura as both knelt behind their respective girl. Both Naruto's started rubbing their engorged cock heads against the girls cunts, making Sakura and Hinata shiver in pleasure. Lodging the head into Hinata's twat Naruto grasped her hips and shoved his cock deep inside her, striking her cervix in one plunge. Hinata's eyes rolled into the back of her head as she came instantly from being stretched out by his cock so suddenly.

"Well what are you waiting for, fuck my tight pussy. I want you to destroy my little cunt and pump my womb full of that delicious spunk." Sakura was beginning to get impatient with the clone. All he had been doing is rubbing his cock between her plump ass cheeks.

"Don't worry Sakura-chan I got something special planned for you." Grinning down at Sakura the clone pulled back but, instead of pressing against her pussy, he instead pressed his cock against her puckered ass. "I've wanted to fuck your plump ass since I saw it."

"There's going to be no stopping you is there?" The evil grin on the clones face was all the answer Sakura got. The clone's fingers dug deep into the meat of Sakura's ass cheeks and with a powerful jerk of his hips popped the head and several inches of cock into Sakura's virgin butt. "HOLY FUCK!" She screamed.

Hinata watched in fascination as Sakura's eyes both crossed and rolled up into her head at the exact same time. She idly wondered what it would feel like to have Naruto's mammoth cock shoved into her own plump ass. That thought left her mind however as the original started to slam his cock against her cervix. Reaching underneath Hinata Naruto grabbed two big handfuls of the girl's massive tits as he reared his hips back and, using her magnificent jugs as handholds, he thrust forward and punched right through her cervix and deep into her delightful womb. Hinata nearly ripped chunks out of Naruto's carpet as the blonde fucked his entire cock into her.

"Oh so big, your cock is so big Naruto-kun. I love your huge cock deep in my womb so please fuck me and fill me with your cum till my womb is ready to burst!" Naruto wasn't ever one to disappoint as he started up fucking Hinata's tight twat and womb with short fast and powerful thrusts; the sound of his hips smacking her ass echoed throughout the room. As minutes passed Hinata's mind got hazier and hazier, until the only things she registered was the feeling of Naruto's hands squeezing her tits and playing with her nipples, and his massive cock splitting her pussy and stretching her womb around its massive head.

The world before her eyes was slowly turning white until the only thing she saw was the delightful sight of Sakura's dick-stuffed form as she lowered herself onto her elbows, her ass stuck high into the air while the Naruto clone behind her pounded his cock into her ass without any mercy. Crying out in a soft voice for Naruto to fuck her harder, eager to feel more of his wonderful loads insides. The shy heiress-turned-slut was close to blacking out when suddenly the grip on her juicy tits disappeared, only for her to feel it shift to her waist before she was lifted up till she was standing up on her knees, eyes wide in surprise. To her relief Naruto's cock never stopped its furious thrusting into her spasming pussy, her delightfully battered cervix no longer offering any resistance as its head pounded in and out of her womb.

"Now Hinata-chan, be a good girl and crawl forward. Let's say hello to the first of your new sisters".

Naruto's voice whispering into her ear and the feeling of his breath against her skin sent a shiver through Hinata's body and she eagerly complied; slowly shuffling her knees as she moved forward, her right hand now resting on Naruto's right hip while the left was held against the bulge of his cock pounding in and out of her eager body, held there by Naruto's arm wrapped around her waist to keep her from slipping off his dick by accident. The three short feet she had to walk felt like miles to Hinata's cum-soaked brain, the sensation of Naruto's member splitting her insides made it difficult to concentrate and each of his thrusts shook her body to its core as her orgasms washed over her one after another. Before she knew it Hinata came face to face with Sakura who was in the same position as Hinata, the tip of the cock pounding her ass, making large bump appear and disappear rapidly on her abdomen, as if it was trying to fuck a hole straight through the thoroughly fucked pinkette.

As soon as they were close enough, both of the girls were pushed against each other, their tits squished together, until the only thing holding them upright was the other girl. Hinata's hands wrapped themselves around her pink haired counterpart as she felt Naruto grab her hips and increase the speed and power of his thrust. Soon he was fucking her so fast that he no longer pulled out of her womb at all, and his cock pounding her so hard she now only stood thanks to his hands holding him and Sakura's own body keeping her up. She was sure the same thing was happening to Sakura as she felt her shake against her, Sakura's tongue rolled out of her mouth and dripping saliva on Hinata's shoulder. He own eyes suddenly rolling back as Naruto suddenly changed the angle of his thrust just enough to send her into a brain melting orgasm.

"Hinata-chan/Sakura-chan! Cumming!" Both Naruto's screamed out together before shoving their cocks balls deep into their respective sluts.

Even as Hinata's conscious mind was washed under the tidal wave of orgasmic pleasure, she felt the welcome sensation of Naruto's cum pouring at high pressure into her sore womb, only a minuscule amount escaping from her spasming pussy. She felt herself get filled to the brim in an instant, before she felt her belly expand from the massive injection of cum. All the thick gooey cum being pumped into caused Hinata to have another orgasm, and the same seemed to happen to Sakura to as she heard the pinkette moan wantonly into her ear. With how close the two girls were Hinata actually felt Sakura's rapidly cum swelling stomach press against her own.

Naruto and his clone grinned in satisfaction as they looked at his fucked silly lovers. The girls had their arms wrapped around each other, their skin covered in his spunk and sweat as their faces both had the vacant smiling look he became so familiar with. The final element that completed this image of erotic perfection were two large, cum-filled bellies, squeezed together by their embrace, with cum slowly dripping out of their well fucked holes.

The Naruto clone turned to the original with a wild grin on his face, giving Sakura a slap on the ass to get his attention.

"Tag switch?"

"…Hell yeah!" Both Naruto and his clone pulled out of their respective cum-dump and, before either girl could fall over, the Naruto's switched places and knelt behind Sakura and Hinata. Grabbing both busty beauties the Naruto's maneuvered them so they were now kneeling side by side and allowed their upper bodies to lie on the floor so they were in the classic face down ass up position. The original Naruto's eyes were glued to Sakura's cum leaking butt as he decided he would add another huge load to Sakura's stuffed guts. His attention was momentarily drawn away as he heard Hinata softly cry out so he looked over. His clone had a tight grip on Hinata's wide hips as he was fucking his cock balls deep into Hinata's gooey twat. "Well, better not let my own clone out do me. Time to give my sexy little pink-haired slut another good ass pounding."

Grabbing a hold of Sakura's hips with one hand Naruto guided his thick shaft to Sakura's stretched ass with the other. Grinning evilly he then shoved his huge cock balls deep into Sakura's rump in one powerful thrust, making the medic scream out in pleasure as she felt her ass get filled with cock once again. Sakura couldn't believe how good it felt to get fucked in the ass, she was beginning to think she was going to become Naruto's anal slut completely at this rate… not that she'd mind in all honesty. Naruto was caught off guard as before he could start fucking Sakura's ass she started thrusting her own hips against him. He decided to just let Sakura destroy her own ass on his cock as he crossed his arms over his chest and watched in glee as her ass impacted against him, jiggling erotically each time.

"Oh God… Naruto your cock… is so fucking big. It feels… amazing... stretching my ass out… I don't think I'll ever get enough of… you destroying my butt." Looking over her shoulder from her face down position she sent her blonde lover the sexiest look she could. Which despite what she though, due to how she was cumming her brains out almost every few seconds, her slutty gaze was quite sexy. "I'll be your… happy little anal slut anytime you want…. you horse hung stud." She punctuated her statement by licking her lips sensually as she squeezed her ass around the girthy cock.

"With how good your plump ass feels I'll be more than happy to pound it anytime you want Sakura-chan." Shuddering in joy at the thought of getting butt-fucked constantly, Sakura slammed her hips back against Naruto's again before slowly grinding her ass on his cock. At that feeling he had to grip her plump cheeks as her amazing ass gripped and squeezed his cock. With all the cum coating her insides Sakura wasn't just tight, but slick as well, aiding in the pleasurable feeling for Naruto. Grinning, he used his grip on Sakura's ass to stop her from thrusting her hips back against him; if she wanted her ass to get pounded he was going to give her what she wanted. Getting his feet under himself Naruto got into a squat above Sakura and pulled all but the head of his cock out of her ass. When the pinkette started to whine cutely at the lack of fucking Naruto slammed his hips down against Sakura's butt, pounding the entirety of his cock into her in one brutal downward thrust.

Naruto wasn't taking it easy on Sakura; the moment his hips impacted hers he was already drawing back, removing over half of his cock, before pounding back down into the medic. Sakura only had enough time to briefly look over and see how Hinata was handling the clone before her eyes rolled up as she started losing her mind to the amazing orgasms ripping through her. What she saw was Hinata's upper body lifted off the ground due to the clone pulling back on her arms, the bluenettes huge tits were bouncing wildly on her chest, her cum filled belly shook as well while her eyes looked completely unfocused and her tongue was hanging out of her wide-open mouth. Sakura felt her mind going blank with pleasure as that huge cock pummeled her insides, she probably would have fallen over by now if not for Naruto's powerful grip on her ass. He tightened his hold on Sakura's jiggling butt meat further, his fingers sinking deep into her flesh and actually started pulling her up into his downward thrusts, lifting her knees off the ground each time.

Naruto and his clone fucked the girls for over an hour, the sounds of flesh slamming against flesh echoing throughout the house and the walls all but shook from the powerful fucking Sakura and Hinata were receiving. While the two Naruto's stamina seemed endless even they had limits as the girls constantly orgasm-convulsing holes finally proved too much for them.

"Can't last any longer, gonna fill your tight ass up Sakura-chan!"

"Here comes another load Hinata-chan!"

Neither Naruto slowed down as they started pumping massive amounts of jizz into their fucked stupid sluts. If either girl was capable of coherent thought they would have probably been begging the two blondes to pour even more spooge into them. Sakura was just barely able to feel her stomach expanding even further in her fucked stupor as blast after gooey blast of cum filled her again. After several minutes of stuffing huge quantities of jizz into Hinata and Sakura both Naruto's final reached the end of their monumental unloading, both girls now positively massive.

"Ass….feels so….good." Sakura was constantly twitching and moaning as little orgasmic aftershocks racked her body.

"Womb…full…of Naruto-kun's….cum." Hinata was lying on her side as the clone pulled out of her and helped her lie down; she unconsciously rubbed her now huge cum filled stomach and would twitch minutely every few seconds.

"Well, I think the girls will be good and happy for a bit." Looking over at the original the clone tilted his head at the out of it Hinata. "Don't think I've ever seen Hinata look that happy."

"Yeah, Sakura too. Granted, Sakura will probably be annoyed at not being able to walk properly for a while..." Naruto gave the fucked silly pinkette's ass a sharp slap, leaving a red handprint. "On the other hand, she'll probably still want me to pound that tight ass over and over again as soon as she can walk normally again."

"Oh God, don't think I've ever been through something like that. Just how long was I out?" Both Naruto's looked up towards the sound of the tired voice. Ino was just coming down from the stairs leading up towards Naruto's room. She looked to still be a little wobbly from the fierce pounding she got from her fellow blonde. "Next time Naruto-sama fucks me I better make sure I don't have anything to do for a couple days so I can recover."

"Hello Ino, just where do you think your going?" Ino found Naruto and his clone in front and back of her, the one she guessed to be the original was behind her rubbing his cock between her firm ass while the clone was groping her tits.

"Huh, two Naruto-samas?" Ino was barely able to say anything as she suddenly found herself lifted up, both the Naruto's huge cocks seemed to be pointing up towards her pussy and ass. Sounding nearly giddy with excitement she turned her head to look at the original. "Does this mean I get to be fucked by two Naruto-sama's at the same time?"

The two Naruto's Just looked at each other around Ino and grinned. Ino suddenly found herself pulled down, the two huge cocks pressed against her pussy and ass only briefly before forcing their way into the blondes body. The orgasmic cry she let out as she was stuffed with over two feet of combined cock shook the house and made several people within a mile radius look up to see what the sound was.

Xx-Several Hours Later-xX

Hinata was walking through the village, very gingerly though, due to being somewhat sore, but there was still a spring in her step. When she came to at Naruto's she'd found herself along with Ino and Sakura laying on Naruto's bed and a note from their blonde stud saying he'd gone out to get some ramen, so she knew he'd be gone for a while. In the meantime, Hinata decided to go to the market and get a few things so she could make dinner for Naruto and her fellow harem sisters; which was what she'd started thinking of Naruto's other lovers. Naturally, thinking about Naruto and the other girls made her replay the last few amazing hours she had… well the hours she remembered that is. She was so caught up in her thoughts she didn't even notice the person standing right in front of her till she ran into them.

"What the fuck, watch where you're… Hinata?" The person Hinata had bumped into turned out to be the Konoha eleven's resident weapon specialist; Tenten.

"Ah, Tenten, I'm so sorry. I wasn't paying attention to where I was going. I didn't mean to bump into you." Hinata blushed furiously at her own lack of paying attention to her surroundings.

"Calm down Hinata, stuff like that happens so don't sweat it. God, why can't Neji be as polite as you." That last bit Tenten said seemed to be directed at herself more than Hinata. That was when Hinata noticed Tenten's clothes. It was an oriental style dress that Tenten had told her was called a Qipao. The very, very form fitting dress was red with golden dragons stylized running up and down it; while it reached down to her ankles it was slit up both sides almost to Tenten's hips, allowing the girls long sleek legs, which were covered in white thigh-high stockings, put on display with each step. The bust had an oval cut out in it that gave an amazing view of Tenten's C-cup breasts, Hinata would probably die from embarrassment if she showed off that much cleavage, but Tenten, with her usual amount of self confidence, could easily pull it off without batting an eye. A light bit of make-up that enhanced her features rounded off her appearance.

"Ano, what do you mean by that Tenten-san?"

"Oh sorry, didn't mean to say that out loud." Tenten gave a little embarrassed laugh at having been heard. "Ah fuck it," She sighed. "Might as well tell you and get it off my chest. Neji wanted to meet me here at the market district for something. So I'm thinking he finally got the balls to ask me out, ya know? After getting out one of my most expensive dresses and getting all done up I meet up with a little bit after the time we agreed to meet, since it's best to leave them waiting a bit, or so I heard. When I do show up he's all pissed off and tells me that I should learn to be more punctual. I let that slide since, well it is Neji after all, but after I ask him where we're going he tells me he just wanted to discuss how I'd be helping him work on a jutsu… I mean what the fuck? Why ask a girl to meet you somewhere, being all vague about it, when you just want to talk about training? But that's not even the best part…oh no, not by a long shot! He tells me I should never wear anything like this," Tenten punctuated 'this' by gesturing to her dress. "Ever again since it's completely impractical for fighting. I was damn near tempted to get the dullest sword I could find and slowly castrate the jerk!"

"Eeep!" Tenten looked up from her rant to see Hinata hiding behind a nearby stall, joined by several people, even more people were giving her scared looks. She didn't even notice the dark aura that was surrounding her as she ranted.

"You okay Hinata?" Tenten asked with a wince.

"Y-y-yes, I was just startled by something." Hinata said, her voice barely audible.

"Oooookay then. So what are you up to than Hinata, and why do you seem to have a... glow about you?" Tenten finished suspiciously.

"No reason… no reason at all." The way Hinata blushed red as a tomato and waved her hands franticly in front of herself told a different story.

"Bullshit." Tenten took a closer look at the young Hyuuga. It took her only a few seconds to come to a conclusion based on the way Hinata carried herself. "You had sex!" Tenten managed to somehow yell in a whisper when she said this. "You finally bagged Naruto didn't you… wait, don't answer that, I can tell just by that blush." Tenten thought it was cute how Hinata tried to hide in her oversized jacket like a turtle. "You're lucky Hinata, you get the man you've been pining after. While Neji is a complete idiot with no sex drive apparently." She started boisterously, but by the end of her statement Tenten was the very picture of depressed.

"Tenten-san," When Hinata was sure she had the older girls attention she went on. "I think I might know someone who would be perfect for you."

"Really now, cute little Hinata-chan is going to play matchmaker huh?" the weapon specialist said slyly, perking up. Her friend wasn't a liar, if she said something she meant it.

"Yes," Tenten was caught off guard by the conviction in Hinata's voice. "If you go home and wait I'll send him to you and you'll realize that he's the perfect match. Please just give it a chance."

Tenten looked at Hinata thoughtfully, before smoothing out her dress, which Hinata noticed did interesting things to her bust, and nodded. "Okay Hinata, I'll trust you on this and see if this guy is the one."

"When I find him I'll send him straight to your apartment." Hinata repeated.

Tenten nodded again, not sure why Hinata was being so firm about this. "Right, I'll be eagerly awaiting this 'mystery man' of yours." She leaned closer to the bluenette, giving her a quick thank-you hug before putting on a devious little smile and whispering in her ear "He better be at least as tasty looking as your man, Hina-chan." before gracefully turning away leaving behind a heavily blushing Hinata staring at her sexily swaying hips.


Not even an hour after getting back to her apartment Tenten heard a knock on her door. Taking one last look in the mirror to make sure her dress was perfect Tenten answered the door and got one hell of a surprise. There, standing front of her, was Naruto, his trademark grin on his lips.

"Naruto what are you doing here?" She asked with a surprised blink.

"Hinata told me I should come here and see you, something about I'm the perfect guy to come cheer you up or something." He said cheerfully.

"Huh?" She blurted. Tenten was having trouble wrapping this around her brain. 'Hinata's head-over-heels in love with Naruto, yet she sent him here since she thought he would be perfect for me? Why the fuck would she do that?' "Did... did she say anything else?" She asked.

"Nope, just that I should cheer you up."

"Did Hinata tell you about what we were talking about earlier?"

"Nope." Naruto chirped.

"…" Tenten loved Hinata to death, but the girl knew absolutely nothing about these kinds of things; you do not just have your boyfriend fuck your friends. Well, unless you were into that sort of thing '… wait. Is Hinata into that sort of thing? Maybe... the quiet ones are always major perverts after all.'

"Hey Tenten you okay, you've been kinda staring off into space?" Naruto asked, waving a hand in front of her face.

"Yeah, yeah, fine." She waved off his concern.

'Fuck it, if Hinata is okay with Naruto 'cheering' me up then might as well go along with it.' Tenten closed the distance between them and pressed herself against him. Since she was in such a tight dress, he could feel her hard nipples press into him. Then it got even worse for him when the bun-haired girl grabbed his hands and place them on her ass, no one would have blamed him for how he instinctively started groping her amazing lower buns, Naruto also found out Tenten was not wearing any panties.

"Naruto, I do actually need some cheering up. But there's only one good way to cheer me up, and it takes time and a lot of effort. So please Naruto, would you be kind enough to cheer me up?" With the way Tenten was pressing up against him and how she leaned in to whisper huskily in his ear Naruto had no doubt in his mind of the process Tenten was referring to. He was going to have to thank Hinata for coming up with this by fucking her extra hard the next chance he had. Then Tenten got his attention back on her when she wrapped her arms around his neck and drew him into a kiss, her tongue instantly shooting into his mouth. Realizing they were still standing in her doorway Tenten pulled Naruto into the entryway and slammed her door shut without breaking her lip lock with Naruto.

Naruto was taken by surprise when Tenten pushed him against the closed door before she hopped up to wrap her legs around his waist. However, Naruto was not one to let someone else take charge so Tenten quickly had the tables turned on her as Naruto spun around and pressed her against the door. He started to grind himself against Tenten's pussy and grinned as the bun-haired girl moaned into his mouth. He pulled back from her lips to grin at her panting and blushing face. "Didn't expect you to jump me, either you're really horny or you like things a bit rough."

"Kind of a little bit of both actually." Tenten grinned right back at Naruto.

"Guess I should do something about that then." With a bit of expert maneuvering Naruto flipped the front part of Tenten's dress out of the way, exposing her clean shaven pussy and freed his huge cock so it ran up Tenten's belly, all without putting her down. Naruto laughed as Tenten's eyes nearly fell out of her head with how wide they got. "What's wrong Tenten, never seen a cock before?" He asked, amusement all but dripping from his tone.

"Not one that should belong on a fucking horse! That thing's fucking massive." She exlaimed.

"You aren't having second thoughts are you." He asked, just to make sure.

She looked at him like he was crazy, "Hell no, I want your huge cock wrecking my pussy and filling me with lots of cum. Even better if I get knocked up in the process." Tenten stopped there before blushing as she realized what she said. "Um…I mean…"

"So Tenten wants to get knocked up, huh? Who would have thought you had such a perverted fetish." Naruto ground his cock against Tenten's clit, causing her to moan. "Well I aim to please so I'll knock you up sooner or later. But for right now I'll just focus on fucking you silly."

Tenten found herself lifted up higher as Naruto pressed the head of his huge cock against her soaking wet cunt. She bit her lower lip as Naruto began to force his cock into her tight pussy, at first Tenten was very skeptical he'd be able to even get the head into her, that is until he thrust upwards with one quick jerk of his hips while he was pushing her down. The bun-haired girl let out a short scream as she was stretched further than she ever thought possible as his cock head punched upwards into her cunt, along with several inches of his shaft. Getting a tighter grip on Tenten's hips Naruto began to fuck his cock upwards as she starting moaning in pleasure. Lifting the brunette up until only the head of his cock remained in her Naruto grinned in anticipation at the reaction she'd have for what was to come next.

Without warning Naruto pulled Tenten down his cock as he simultaneously thrust upwards as hard as he dared, this time she'd been broken in enough that he succeeded in stuffing all of his cock into her cunt. Despite the rough way he shoved his cock into her all Tenten felt was pleasure as her pussy and womb were filled by Naruto's thick shaft.

"F-f-fuck, so….so big." Tenten barely gasped out as Naruto ground his cock all the way in her pussy. Looking down at where the two shinobi where joined Tenten gasped as she saw a long bulge showing through her tight dress. "That's so fucking hot; I can see your cock outlined in my stomach." She said, dazed.

"Just you wait Tenten. I'll show something you'll love even more in a bit." Naruto began to roughly fuck Tenten against her apartment's door as she experienced pleasure she had never thought possible. Naruto enjoyed watching Tenten's tits bounce in her dress, but he thought those babies should get some fresh air. Reaching up with one hand Naruto undid the front of her dress so her tits could jiggle freely as he fucked her. Leaning his head forward he licked one of the pink nipples lightly before taking the hard nub into his mouth and sucking on it. Tenten wrapped her arms around Naruto's neck as the feeling of having her tit sucked on combined with getting her pussy stretched sent her spiraling into an amazing orgasm. She probably would have enjoyed it more if someone had not started knocking on her door.

"Tenten, are you okay? What's that banging against the inside of your door?" Neji's unwelcome voice interrupted her orgasmic haze.

"Fuck, what is Neji doing here?" Naruto either didn't hear the knocking or just didn't care as he continued to stuff Tenten with cock. "Naruto hold on." Naruto growled in annoyance but complied... mostly, he sawed his cock in and out of her pussy incredibly slowly still. "What do you want Neji?" Tenten demanded.

"I was wondering why you got angry and stormed off earlier." His disgruntled voice asked, making what normally would have been a legitimate question, from his point of view anyway, into an order.

"…Neji, I want you to think very carefully. You wanted to meet a girl somewhere, you didn't have Lee come with, and you said it was really important. Now use that genius brain you're supposed to have and tell me what a girl is supposed to think when a boy asks her something like that?"

"I think it's obvious that I wanted your help with training." Neji said, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Then just fucking say you wanted help with training and not beat around the bush like you did!" She replied.

"I think you are overreacting over nothing Tenten." His calm voice replied.

"You know what I think Neji; I think you're a fucking moron." Tenten looked Naruto dead in the eye and grinned. "Naruto I'm already sick and tired of listening to this idiot... Now where were we, oh yeah, you were fucking my brains out. Now why don't you get back to it." She suggested sweetly, ignoring the sound of someone choking on their spit from the other side of the doorway.

"Sure, I always finish what I start." Naruto and Tenten ignored Neji from that point on as the Naruto picked back up the task fucking Tenten's tight pussy again. "Especially when it's pounding a beautiful woman into a fucked silly mess."

Tenten was caught off guard as the speed and power of Naruto's thrusts suddenly picked up as he started to pound her womb. The sensations of a flesh and blood cock driving into her were so much better than some plastic toy and Tenten was quickly losing her mind to the pleasure. Naruto grinned as Tenten's eyes rolled into the back of her head as she came. He also more than enjoyed how her cunt got even tighter on his cock. The blonde grabbed a hold of her legs and threw them up onto his shoulder, making Tenten even tighter. She nearly passed out as another orgasm ripped through her, making Naruto grunt as the increased pressure on his dick nearly made him blow his load. Knowing he wouldn't last much longer he stepped back from the door and started slamming the bun-haired girl down onto his cock.

Nearly twenty minutes of this and Naruto could not hold back any longer. "I'm gonna pump your tight little cunt full of cum Tenten."

"Fuc... fucking do it… fill my… womb with all that... delicious cum." Tenten barely finished speaking when she felt Naruto's cock swell, followed by a huge glob of spooge that nearly filled her womb to capacity suddenly shooting from it's head. The next shot finished the job; Tenten was in disbelief as Naruto just kept on stuffing her with cum. Looking down a goofy grin spread across Tenten's face as she saw her belly start to bloat from Naruto's jizz filling her.

"Holy… I'm starting… to look pregnant." Tenten came again at the feeling of being pumped full of cum. It took nearly two minutes before Naruto finished filling the bun-haired girl, and by that time, she looked like she was six months pregnant. The front of her dress was straining against her cum-filled belly; the seams couldn't take much more. "That…was amazing." She said in a dazed tone.

"And that's only round one." He replied with a wide grin.

Her eyes suddenly focused as she looked at him in confusion, "Only round one?"

Tenten moaned as Naruto started to carry her through her apartment in lieu of answering, his cock still buried in her and each step was like a little thrust into her. So engrossed in the afterglow of her previous orgasms and the little jolts from Naruto walking she didn't even notice exactly where he was taking her. She did notice however when she suddenly found herself bent over the railing of her balcony.

"Naruto, what are you doing! What if someone hears or sees us?" She exclaimed; her struggles could only be called half-hearted by the most generous of individuals though.

"Don't worry, it's late so no one's out an' about. If you can keep quiet then the noise problem is solved." Naruto threw aside the back flap of Tenten's dress and pressed his cock against her dripping cunt.

"That's easier said than done Naru-Oh Fuck!" Tenten's tight pussy was spread wide once again as Naruto drove himself balls deep in one thrust. He held himself there for a second to enjoy Tenten squeezing down on him before drawing back, earning a moan from the bun-haired girl. Reaching forward and gripping Tenten's shoulders Naruto pulled her back against him as he started pounding into his new cum-filled slut.

"I'm gonna enjoy this Tenten, get ready for the ride of your life." Naruto started slamming his cock into Tenten as he enjoyed both the feeling of her cream-filled twat as well as the sight of her firm round ass jiggling from impacting with his hips. Tenten gripped the railing with such strength that she nearly bent the metal as an orgasm hit her out of nowhere as her womb was pummeled by Naruto's battering ram of a cock. The shinobi smirked at the back of Tenten's head as he noticed she was trying to hold back from screaming out as she came. He knew she'd be somewhat annoyed at him, but he fucked Tenten even harder to try and make her cry out in pleasure.

"….holy fuck, so big. Take….take it easy Naruto." Tenten's plea fell on deaf ears as Naruto continued to drive his cock deep into her womb at a brutal pace. Despite asking Naruto to take it easy Tenten was quickly becoming addicted to rough way Naruto was fucking her. Looking down at the streets below Tenten happened to catch sight of Neji wandering around. The thought that the Hyuuga could suddenly look up and see her getting her brains fucked out made her cum instantly.

"Sonova… You just got fucking unbelievable tight Tenten. I'm gonna fill you up with another load of cum soon at this rate."

"Do it, cum in me…. whenever you want… I want all that thick cum…. filling my womb and knocking me up. I'll be your little baby-making slut!" That had the desired effect on Naruto as Tenten felt his cock twitch and swell up further as the blonde boy's hips became a blur as he fucked her as hard as he could. For the next half-hour, Tenten's cunt was spread and filled by Naruto's massive cock as he fucked her into a lump of quivering flesh. Tenten felt like she was having one long continuous orgasm as she lost all strength in her body; the only thing keeping her up was her body leaning on the railing and Naruto's cock stuffing her. Tenten was so out of it she barely felt Naruto's cock swell further as he grunted.

"Get ready Tenten, this is going to be a big one." Tenten's eyes rolled into the back of her head as she came one more time when she felt a truly massive amount of cum start filling her womb again; adding to the already massive dose from earlier. Naruto leaned his head back as he continued to fuck his load into Tenten and grinning as he heard the material of her dress rip; the seams finally giving out. For close to five minutes this time Naruto stuffed Tenten with blast after blast of thick jizz till she looked a full nine months pregnant. Once he was done he slowly pulled out of Tenten and watched as a huge deluge of cum started pouring out of her stretched cunt as she fell to her knees panting. "So Tenten, how's that for cheering you up."

"I…I think…I still…need a little…more cheering up." Tenten looked over her shoulder at Naruto with a tired but still lustful gaze. "And by…the look of it….you can still…. 'cheer' me up….some more."

Author's Note:

So ends another chapter. Not for sure what I'll update next, but it'll probably be either Interludes or Lemon Chronicles.