Spoiler Alert: Season 6 Episode 20

Also un'beta so all mistake are mine

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After all was said and done Dean was standing against the counter of Bobby's kitchen beer in hand, Cas was asleep on the couch trying to heal himself. He had used up a lot of his Grace and had been wounded a couple of time by the Angel Blade, Dean would admit that he was responsible for a few of those cuts but it was all over now. Castiel had sealed heaven and nothing was going to get out and Crowley, the sneaky little bastard, had disappeared.

"This whole thing is your fault, I hope you know that" Sam almost fell off this chair.

"Dean, how is it my fault! I did not tell Cas to make a deal with the new king of hell"

" Ya! But you did trust 'Ruby' over me; Cas was just following your example. Why else would he take Crowley's help over asking me?"

"My example! Really Dean I never made a deal, you did! To get me back remember. At least Cas was trying to stop the restarting of the apocalypse. The way I see it this whole mess is your fault"

"But you almost did, with Lilith and you would have if Cas had not told me how to get rid of her"

"That does not count"

"Of course is does"


"Because I said so"

"Dean that might still work on Ben and apparently Cas but not on me, well not anymore." A few seconds passed by as Dean tried to come up with a good comeback.



Dean waved his hand dismissively at Sam, "It is totally your fault. He thought it was okay to make-out with Meg because of you and you can not deny that"

"Dean, now you are just being ridiculous! Cas is not a baby, he did not make-out with Meg because of me and Ruby. Beside me and Rudy was totally different, I actually thought she was helping."

"So, he thought Crowley was helping him, its the same thing. Think he kissed Crowley when they made the deal"

Sam did not have time to react as a wayward book lying on the coffee table suddenly found its way on a path to Dean's head.


Not much needed to be said after that, as the two brother finished there respective beer's while their youngest brother made himself more comfortable on the old worn out couch at Bobby Singer's house.

A.N: I say hell to the "cliffhanger" ending this is what is going to what happens and that's that. No way Dean and Sam can stay mad at Cas, look at him (to quote Crowley) 'he has sex appeal'.