i want to be in this show. full stop. no arguments i want to be scaramouche and belt out under pressure and who wants to live forver! brilliant show amazing, had to write something for it.

post we will rock you.

Galileo and Scaramouche.

"Gaz stop it right now this isn't funny – Gaz" once again that morning Scaramouche was in fits of laughter. "Galileo Figaro stop that right now … now stop ahhh" Galileo wasn't listening to her what so ever.

"Come on Scaramouche, you know you like it" he said his voice low and husky which even surprised him at how sexy he kind of sounded. "Who would have known you were this ticklish HA" again Galileo lunged at his lover and sent her into an oblivion of giggles. "You…annoying…prick!" she screamed when she could get her breath back between outbursts of laughter. However before he knew what was happening he was being tackled backwards "WOAAAAH" he yelled as his bad-arsed babe straddled on top of him and trapped his arms above his head back on the pillow in their van. "Got'cha Gazza, now what to do with you? I should punish you for being so rude and mean to your 'chick'" she said rolling her eyes on the classic nickname all rockers seem to give her. A cheeky grin spread across Galileo's face "oh yes, yes you so should" he said trying to get his body as close to hers as possible. "Thought so... Let's make this interesting" she lifted her skirt up a little to pull some ribbon from it and began to tie the dreamer's hands to the door handle of the van. Before Galileo could protest Scaramouche silenced him by kissing him, his whole body was on fire they had never kissed like this before not even the first time, he moaned as she bit his lower lip. "Oh god Scaramouche" He whispered against her lips. She then began to trail kisses down his body making him smile with glee till all of a sudden she was gone. "Scaramouche what are you doing? HEY!" Galileo looked up to see his girlfriend pulling on her boots and getting up to leave "where are you going?" he asked squealing and wincing when he pulled on the fabric locking his hands in place.

"oh didn't I tell you I'm going to see meat, yeah we girls have got stuff planned. I mean you don't mind do you it's just today I thought you were a bit… tied up?" she was smirking, and Galileo knew what that meant, his eyes widened in shock. "YOU WOULDN'T!" he yelled viciously thrashing around trying to break free (ironic?)

"Oh but Gazza I would, see 'ya later lover!" and with that she began to walk away.

"SCARAMOUCHE COME ON DON'T LEAVE ME LIKE THIS…. Scaramouche? Oh great!" he screamed, finally giving up on trying to untie himself. Well at least he learnt his lesson. When it comes to Scaramouche, the girl doesn't like to be tickled.