Ichigo woke slowly, his eyes shut, and felt like he had just been road kill. He coughed hoarsely and felt something around him tighten. He blinked his eyes open sluggishly to see a pair of terrified golden eyes staring at him. "Ichigo! Oh thank god—!"

He drifted back off to the oblivion of sleep.

When he woke the second time it was pretty much the same except he was warm and dry and the golden eyes didn't look like they had just witnessed the massacre of the world. "Hi…Hichi?" Ichigo rasped. His throat felt like sandpaper.

Hichigo breathed out in relief, "Here, drink this."

Ichigo accepted the glass being shoved into his hands and tipped it back. The water burned like fire as he drunk, but he was soooo thirsty. He coughed and finished the drink, "Thanks." His voice sounded a lot better now.

Hichigo rolled his eyes, "You are such an idiot! You could've died!" His eyes where narrowed in fury, but poorly masked underneath it was pools of pain and anxiety.

Ichigo smiled weakly, "Heh, now we've both nearly drown."

"Not funny." Hichigo growled.

Ichigo chuckled and struggled up in Hichigo's arms, resting his head against the pale neck and humming softly. They were in his room and both were wrapped in fluffy white towels, "You took off so suddenly I couldn't answer you…"

Hichigo stiffened, "Oh?" He said warily.

Ichigo nuzzled the sculpted neck, shyly trailing his tongue across the collar bone, "Yeah…" he breathed heavily.

The albino shuddered and growled softly in his throat, "An answer?"

Ichigo paused and wormed his way out of the white arms, sitting in the hollow's lap with his legs hooked over his hips, "I feel it too." He paused and blushed fiercely, "And I love you."

Hichigo groaned and brought the Shinigami's head down sharply, smashing his lips into a needy kiss. Their lips moved in sync and tongues swirled lustfully.

Ichigo moaned as his bottom lip was nipped and pressed against his pale look alike, his face flushing from the heat.

Hichigo held the Shinigami to him and kissed him passionately, finally breaking away from lack of air. His eyes glinted and he pushed Ichigo against the wall, holding his wrists above his head and began nibbling teasingly down along his torso, propping his knee in-between Ichigo's legs, supporting the falling towel.

Ichigo moaned quietly as the alabaster knee brushed his erection, making him jerk slightly, "Hichi…Hichi please…"

Hichigo purred lustfully and plucked at the brim of the towel, dipping a single sinful finger under the towel, twining in the pubic hair and brushing the base of the orange haired man's dick.

Ichigo whined longingly, arching his back towards him, "Please…oh god…"

"Need something, King?" Hichigo whispered huskily, tracing the base lightly.

Ichigo jerked forward with a cut off cry, "You!" he panted, "You! I need you, so bad, please, more…"

Hichigo grinned and took his finger back, grinding harshly into Ichigo and shoving him into the wall, "Need me to do what?" he purred, his own need straining so much it hurt.

"Gah!" Ichigo howled, "FUCK ME!"

Hichigo moaned and ripped their towels off and shoved Ichigo face first onto the bed, lifting his ass in the air, "Prepping?"

"NO! Just do it! Please!" Ichigo begged, his hands clawing the sheets desperately.

"'kay." Hichigo panted, and shoved himself deep into the warm depths, moaning loudly in pleasure.

Ichigo cried out, his voice muffled in the sheets. "Oh fuck. Yes. Move."

Hichigo groaned and drew out half way before slamming back inside, angling slightly downwards.

Ichigo shouted loudly, "THERE! HICHI THERE" he spread his legs wider and lifted his ass higher, "Moooorreeee…"

With a small gasp, Hichigo began thrusting at a steady pace, digging his nails into the tan lower back leaving long red welts.

Ichigo moaned and cried out, his face flushing and his mind fuzzing out, "Hichi…wanna…see you…"

Hichigo groaned and pulled out; he flipped Ichigo over and plunged back in, making them both cry out with longing, "Damn…so tight…"

Ichigo wrapped his legs around the albino's waist, "Hard. Fuck me hard."

Hichigo's eyes sparked and he immediately began slamming into him, with no direct pace and hitting the teen's prostate again and again.

Ichigo felt his gut tighten and let out a panted plea, "So close…"

The hollow growled in response and rammed deep into his King, screaming along with Ichigo as they both released and their minds where short circuited with white hot pleasure.

Hichigo pulled slowly out of the orange haired teen and collapsed next to him, gasping softly.

Ichigo moaned as he rid out the last of his pleasure high and snuggled against the toned white chest, "Hichi…?"


"…not raining anymore…" Ichigo mumbled groggily.

Hichigo chuckled and pulled the bed sheet over the two of them, "Yeah…and King?"


Hichigo kissed him lovingly, caressing the tan face gently, "I love you."

Ichigo smiled happily as darkness over took them both, "I love you too."

The End.