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Clean the attic. Of all the things I have to do around the house, cleaning out the attic is what I hate the most. Doesn't my mom know about the bugs? There are spiders everywhere up here! Not just that, but it's creepy. It doesn't help that this is where we store our Halloween decorations, either. It's frightening. Truly frightening.

I had opened up all the windows so I could feel some sort of fresh air and get more light inside. The windows hadn't been cleaned in ages; they were practically black with dust. I really should clean those, but for now I'll just work on the decoration section. No need to be up here when night falls.

I sat against the wall under an open window, tossing out the trash decorations that I knew we'd never use again because they were broken (or because I honestly just didn't like them), and organizing what was left into the brand new plastic bins my mom had bought this morning. I guess it's a fair trade off. With that little touch of OCD I've been developing for the past few years, I'm the most organized, and so I clean the attic. My sister was stuck with the housecleaning.

"Broken…broken…broken…broken…ugly…broken…" I muttered, tossing the decorations near me out the window absently. My eyes closed and my head tapped against the wall.

"It's too hot," I said to myself, then screamed, "Max! It's too hot!" I stomped my foot so my sister down below could hear me over the vacuum noise that was drifting up. The noise stopped. Either Max had somehow managed to pull out the plug at the appropriate moment, or I'm better at stomping than I thought.

"What was that, Kana?" She shouted.

"It's too hot up here!" I called down, my eyes still shut, and still sitting against the wall.

"It's your choice! You can do it during the morning, or you can do it at night." she said, turning the vacuum back on, and then off again at a second stomp from me. "What now!"

"Can I have a glass of water?" I asked sweetly.

"Get it yourself!"

"Can't you take a joke?" I huffed, turning back to my work as the vacuum turned on again. "I'm allowed to act like a kid every once in a while, I'm sick of being the only responsible one here!" I shouted.

"Stop complaining up there!" Max shouted back. "Why don't you get your iPod? You can listen to your choir music or whatever it is. That will make it more bearable, don't you think?"

"Yeah, that'll cool me down," I muttered, rolling me eyes. "And it's Glee! At least get the name right!" Nevertheless, I stood up and raced down the stairs to get my iPod, whacking a box and sending it clattering to the floor as I left.

From there, a small, square box toppled. It landed on the floor quietly, alone in the center of the room. I didn't really care that something had fell. But it did. And it was there. And it could wait a few more minutes for me to come back.

I rushed around my bedroom frantically, searching for my iPod. I eventually found it, hiding beneath my bed. But the headphones weren't plugged in. I sighed in frustration, knowing exactly where they could have gone.

I stormed out of my room, and into the kitchen, where Max was now chopping up a cucumber with ease. "You're getting really good at that, Max." I commented, as she looked up and continued to slice through.

"Thanks. Did you finally come to get the glass of water you wanted?" She said, rolling her eyes slightly, but I knew she was just kidding.

"Har, har." I said sarcastically. "No! I'm here for my headphones." I explained, yanking them out of her ear and out of the headphone jack on her iPod.

"Hey!" Max cried in annoyance.

"Hay is for the horses." I teased, running back up the stairs, towards the attic. I hadn't counted on her following me. But, sure enough, she did. I looked back to see that she was hot on my heels. I reached the top of the stairs, and threw open the door to the attic. I tried to close it before she could get in, but she timed the 'foot in the door' thing a little to well.

"Give them back!" She yelled, entering the attic, despite my best efforts to keep her out.

"No! They're mine! I didn't give you permission to use them!"

"So! I still-" Then she saw that box, and stopped talking suddenly.

I turned, seeing the box myself; that dark wooden box that sent my heart into a fit. I'd seen it before…but where? Where had I seen it? There was a buzzing in my ears, louder and louder as my hands trembled to pull the box to my lap. I drummed my fingers on the lock. I shouldn't open it. I shouldn't. It was a bit scary, a bit strange. It just didn't feel right. The box was warm, like it had been in the sun all day. But it had been nowhere near the window… I know I sound crazy, but I felt like there was something… magical about the box. The smart thing would be to follow my gut feeling and put it away.

But the lock clicked open anyway.


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