Author's Note:

Okay guys, this is the Fifth installment in my Lily and the Doctor Series, If Today Was Your Last Day! Whoo! If you're reading my Doctor Who FanFiction for the first time, go back and read the first four stories, starting with Never Gonna Be Alone, otherwise you will be confused. I know I usually but a summary here, but I figure if you're not going to go read the others, I'm not going to enable you. So there!


Now, usually I don't care about reviews on this chapter, but I do have a question for you this time. Do you guys think the Comic Relief episodes should come before or after A Christmas Carol? Please let me know, because I can't start until I know!

Also, be prepared for the fact that I'm going to write Time, Space, and A Christmas Carol, and then put this story on hiatus while we wait for Series 6 to end.

That said, review, and we'll be on our way!

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