Hey everyone! I have some important news!

1) This was a big decision for me, but I am not continuing Unloved. I had major writer's block and I just couldn't write down what I wanted to happen, and if you are a fellow writer then you can understand what I'm sayin.

So since I am not completing the story and I know you all will have questions, here are some details of what I was going to happen:

a) Bex and Grant had a baby boy! His name was Henry.

b) Cammie and Zach were going to meet Zach's friends Charlie and Jake. Jake was going to be bad and working for the COC. Charlie was going to be good. In the end Jake and Zach's sister Marissa were going to be killed by Cammie and Zach, who had become a couple again aww.

c) Macey was the one who died at the end of Unwanted. Joe was still in a coma and would wake up at the end of the sequel.

Again, I am sooooooo sorry about not writing the whole thing, I have had no time. And honestly, I liked where I ended Unwanted and didn't have the motivation to finish its sequel.

I know some people may be mad at me, and I get that. I am mad at myself, don't worry. I wish I had the time and motivation to finish it I really do, but sometimes life gets in the way :(

2) Back In Business is not finished. I will finish that story when I have the time and I don't think there will be a sequel.

3) I am going to write another one-shot! Yay! I looove writing them because I can make the characters however I want them for each different one-shot. Once Back In Business is finished, I will probably only write one-shots every now and then. I just love them! Hah.

And if you have the time, be sure to check out pigeonfollower's story! She has been a big help to me!

So thank you, if you decided to read this. I love each and every one of you who reads my stuff because writing is what I love to do more than anything in the world (besides reading). I hope you understand why Unloved is over and why I can't write on here more often.