Standing in Jane's tiny kitchen, Thor swore repeatedly as he threw his 3rd burnt attempt to scramble eggs forcefully into the trash. He could cook hunted game over a fire, so he should be able to manage this, right? It looked so easy when Jane had cooked on this hellish little contraption. If a human could do this, why couldn't he – the ultra powerful God of Thunder? He let out a roar of frustration and stopped just short of throwing the pan, the eggs, the cooking utensils, the stove and everything else in her kitchenette through the wall. This was Jane's kitchen; it just wouldn't do to wreck it. He inhaled deeply and let it out to regain his composure.

It had been a trying day for Jane. Dealing with the strong personalities in SHIELD and trying desperately once again to power yet another experimental portal device.

Thunder rolled ominously above in the dark with storm clouds. It fit her dark mood today. She drove slowly home, trying to depressurize emotionally before arriving.

As Jane opened her truck door and heard a commotion coming from in the trailer, she blurted "Oh God, NO! Not someone else after my research!" as she grabbed a taser from the seat and ran to the trailer.

Fumbling for her keys with one hand as she reached for the door with the other, she found the knob twisted easily. It wasn't locked. She slammed the door open and barged in commando style, holding the taser out in front of her as she came around the corner. Quickly, she started to visually sweep the room of the small trailer; starting with the area she kept her research. No disturbance there. So where was the intruder?

Her gaze turned toward the kitchen. There was a tall muscular man with long blond hair and dressed in casual dark clothes spinning around to identify her at the door. He had a blackened skillet in his hand ready for combat.

A rattling thunk of the taser dropping from her hands and hitting the floor was heard as recognition dawned on her. Disbelief kept her standing there dumbfounded.

"Is this how you enter your dwelling these days? Heimdall told me nothing of this." He chuckled and lifted his hand to toss the blackened pan behind him and stroll over to her. But, he realized just in time that he couldn't throw her pan. He sheepishly set it down on the stove before proceeding again.

"Jane, I'm back. Truly. You can stop gaping now," he quipped impishly as he took the last step to her and took her hands in his. His face lost that trademark confidence as he implored, "But seriously, can you ever forgive me for being gone so long?"

Finally set free from her shock, her hands ripped out of his, and a flicker of doubt entered his mind. When he felt the pull of her hands on the back of his neck and the weight of her arms on his shoulders as she reached up on her tip toes to kiss him, his swaggering confidence returned. He could feel and taste the warmth of her tears in their frenzied lengthy kiss.

When her head finally tucked down into his shoulder, his hold on her tightened and he soothed, "By all the nine realms, I have missed you Jane. There wasn't a day that went by that I didn't ask Heimdall to gaze down on you to tell me what you were doing."

"What took you so long? It's been more than a year! I waited everyday for you at the bifrost site for months," she croaked accusingly, pounding his chest with her fist to drive each word of that last sentence home.

He sighed and nuzzled her soft hair before answering, "Breaking the rainbow bridge was the hardest thing I've ever had to do, Jane. It was the only way to save what might be left of the realm of Jotunheim and its people from my brother's destruction. I begged your forgiveness as I made each of those blows with my hammer."

Her head lifted again and he saw the question she was about to ask. "My brother had hinted at other passages between realms. When I wasn't helping to rebuild the gate, I combed through the texts in the library and questioned all the sages - looking for a clue. Finally, I found a passage about traveling through the shadow realm. Though, there are warnings against using that way very often. Heimdall told me that he thought you were close to a breakthrough with your research. But I couldn't wait. I arrived several days journey from here and there wasn't a horse to be found."

"But how did you get in…and, what's that burnt smell?" she queried, sniffed and let it trail off as her gaze went back to the kitchenette and then to him again.

"Heimdall sees and hears all. He told me where your spare key was," he explained. Continuing his answers, he looked down at her like a little boy chagrined and gave a short laugh of embarrassment, "And…well, I may be the Mighty Thor… But I can't cook on that stove of yours to save my life and I'm famished!"

Well, I'm horrible at waiting and it looks like the Avengers movie with his return won't be out for another year! GAH! So, I wanted to reconcile Thor's time away and his return – at least for myself. I'm not sure if the story should end here or not, yet. I read J.B. Writer's story about Jane's establishing the portal and enjoyed it. But I felt they'd both be working toward seeing each other. I hope you enjoyed this little alternate version. Please read and review. Thanks!