DISCLAIMER: I do not own Melrose Place or any of the characters involved in this story.

Author: DanimalBr

Authors Note: This story takes place in season 3 of the original series Melrose Place, and follows the events of "Breakfast at Tiffany's, Dinner at Eight," basically taking the place of the episodes that followed. This is a multi-part mystery/suspense episode that is basically a "Who done it?" story meant to leave the reader guessing.

Recap from the previous episode: Michael and Amanda flew to New York to see a top notch doctor in the desperate hopes of getting Amanda on a ground breaking new treatment program to cure her Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Kimberly, who is insanely jealous of the time Michael has been spending with Amanda, tries to sabotage the attempt by phoning the New York doctor and lying about Michael's real motivations. Despite this, Michael successfully convinces the doctor to allow Amanda into the program, causing Michael & Amanda to grow closer and ultimately sleep together. Billy & Allison are left to hold down the fort at D&D, where one of Amanda's major accounts (Franklin Cruiselines) is threatened when the owner is unhappy with their latest ad campaign. Despite Allison's attempt to play on the sympathies of the owner by revealing Amanda's illness, they lose the client. Jake and Jane had rescued Sydney from the wacky cult that she had been in. Despite promises from Ricki that the cult would be back for Sydney, nothing had been heard from them as of yet. Jane talked Jake into rehiring Sydney at Shooters, and Sydney has become jealous of the time Jake and Jane are now spending together. While on a police ride along, Jo had taken some pictures of a police detective named John Rawlings brutally beating a criminal. The criminal wound up dying due to internal injuries from the beating. Matt turned the photos into the police. When Rawlings found out about it, he broke into Matt's apartment and held him and Jo at gunpoint, but the two were able to fend him off and have Rawlings arrested.

A tired and jet lagged Michael walks up to the front door of his beach house. Dressed in his dark coat, pants, and tie, he enters the house not knowing if Kimberly is on rounds today or not. He opens the door and finds Kimberly sitting on the sofa, dressed in her all white bath robe.

"Welcome home, sweetheart. Did you enjoy yourself in New York?" she says.

Kimberly's shallow smile and sarcastic tone serve only to make Michael angry.

"Why no Kimberly, I didn't. And to be honest, you had a hell of a lot to do with that." Michael replied.

Kimberly lets out a smug little chuckle accompanied by a devilish smile "What's the matter, Michael? You couldn't get Dr. Steele to take on Amanda as a new patient? I told you before you left that you were wasting your time. You should have listened to me before you flew 3000 miles across the country. You can't say I didn't tell you so." says Kimberly with a smile who is seemingly revelling in Amanda's misfortune.

Michael looks at Kimberly with pure malice and contempt. He is totally appalled and sickened that his wife would do such a thing over a simple fit of jealousy. "Kimberly, you are the most disgusting and despicable person on this planet. Just looking at you and hearing your voice makes me sick right now. Do you have any idea what you put Amanda and I through when you called her and lied about her being terminal?"

"Oh please, do tell." Kimberly replies.

He slowly walks toward her. Dropping his suitcase by the kitchen counter, he keeps his eyes deadlocked on hers, he forcefully grabs her by the arm and lifts her up off the sofa and begins to yell.

"She ran off and walked the street for 12 hours, all night, scared and alone. 12 hours of hell, she was thinking about how she was going to live out her final days. She didn't tell me she was leaving, and I had no idea where she was. You caused that poor woman, who has never done a damn thing to hurt you I might add, more mental and emotional stress for those 12 hours then most people will ever experience in their entire life. Something she should have never had to go through. And when she finally got back, I had to practically twist her arm off to get her to trust me." shouts Michael.

Kimberly, who is completely unshaken by Michael grabbing her arm, just laughs at him. "Should I start the violin music now, dear?" taunts Kimberly. "So once again, like I said, you made the 8 hour trip for nothing. And you gave Amanda false hope, just like I said you would. Don't take your anger out on me because you're an idiot."

Michael looks at Kimberly and begins to grin. He's been waiting for just the right moment to say what he's about to say. "Oh, see that's where you're wrong. It wasn't for nothing. You see, Doctor Steele accepted Amanda into his new program. So I'm afraid your little sabotage operation was entirely unsuccessful. Better luck next time." taunts Michael as he pats Kimberly on the head.

Kimberly's smile turns into an evil scowl and her voice becomes shrivelled and hostile. "That is a damn lie."

"I'm afraid not. I got her new protocol agenda right here, along with Dr. Steele's signature of approval." he replies.

"No." says Kimberly, refusing to believe Michael.

"Kimberly, aren't you glad that Amanda's going to be okay? Aren't you happy that she now has such a great chance to make a full and complete recovery and live a long and healthy life? I mean isn't that what all those years of med school were for, for moments like this?" suggests Michael knowing full well how Kimberly will react.

Kimberly shakes her head and stares blankly ahead. "You are such a malicious bastard, Michael." she says

"Really? Saving a friend's life is now a qualification for being a malicious bastard? I guess I better update my resume then." says a disgusted Michael. "You know, I've done a lot of bad things in my life, and I'll never be the poster boy for high character. But even I would never stoop to doing something this disgusting and underhanded. You make me sick and the fact that I call you my wife makes me want to vomit." he retorts.

Kimberly pulls her arm away from his hand forcefully. "Who the hell do you think you are, Michael? Thanks to you I'm a walking barren freak for the rest of my life. You crushed all my hopes and dreams a long time ago, and you have the audacity to stand here and lecture me? YOU GO TO HELL!" she screams with a wild eyed look.

"No Kimberly. That's where you are headed, not me. You see, nothing you ever do from this point on is ever going to make up for what you tried to do to her. I can see why you tried to run me over. Hell, I deserved it. But Amanda? What did she ever do to you to justify such a heinous act of evil?" he shouts angrily at her.

Kimberly looks at Michael as if she's about to freak out and go into one of her rage attacks. "Well for one thing, she's trying to steal my husband away from me. What do you expect me to do, Michael? Am I just supposed to stand idly by while she sinks her hooks deeper and deeper into you every day? I mean, look at you. You run off to hold her hand every chance you can get, going to her apartment in the middle of the night to play nurse maid, flying across the country with her, sharing a hotel room with her, and I wouldn't be surprised at all if you slept with her. Well what about me, Michael? I am your wife, damn it."

Michael cuts Kimberly off. "Correction, Kimberly. You were my wife. I'm moving out and I want a divorce. This marriage, this whole sick twisted freak show is over. And I want out while I still have a shred of dignity left in me."

"Oh please. What is dignity to you, Michael? You don't give a damn about dignity. You just want me out of the picture to clear the way for you to get into Amanda's pants. Don't try to fool me, Michael. I know exactly how you operate. You seem to forget that I know you better than anybody, including yourself." she says with a wide eyed, crazy look.

"Well congratulations, I guess you earned your masters degree in Michael Mancini 101. Why don't you try something a little more useful like learning how to be a doctor again and save people's lives instead of trying to end them over some ridiculous jealousy thing you have going on in your head? I've had it with you, Kim. It is over. You hear me?" Michael grabs his suitcase from off the floor and walks back out the front door, turning around to look at Kimberly once more. "OVER!" he screams really loud once again as he slams the door behind him.

Kimberly just looks at the door wickedly and speaks to him after he's left. "Oh no, Michael. It's not over. It's only just begun" she says with the evil intent heard in her voice and seen in her eyes.

Amanda is determined to show no weakness or signs of her illness. She lives by the philosophy that rest is for the weak minded. Despite her being put on a new ground breaking chemo program, her body's fight against cancer is taking its physical toll on her, leaving her tired and fatigued all the time. But as determined as ever, she took no time to rest and instead came straight to D&D advertising from the airport only to find that Billy and Allison had not been completely truthful with her about how things were running while she was away.

With authority, Amanda presses the intercom button on her phone and in her firm and no non-sense voice her words fly through the system to the phone on Allison's desk. "Billy, Allison, my office now."

Billy and Allison walk into Amanda's office, closing the door behind them. They don't even have to ask what this is all about. Billy looks on while Allison smiles and tries to be polite. "Amanda, did you come here straight from the airport? You must be exhausted; you should take some time to rest."

"Cut the pleasantries, Allison, and let's cut right to the chase. You know if I didn't need the help so bad I'd have half a mind to demote you two to lunch room assistant faster than you can say incompetent screw up."

Billy tries to speak up but is cut off.

Amanda looks at them both with a look of hostility on her face. "Franklin Cruiselines was my account. I brought them in and I built our relationship with them. Just who in the hell authorized you two to pitch them a new ad campaign?"

Allison replies back trying to calm the situation. "Amanda, Franklin said he wanted a new ad campaign or they were going to pull their account. We pulled an all nighter trying to come up with a new campaign that we thought he'd like."

"And you apparently did a less than adequate job of it. He hated the pitch. Not to mention you did it behind my back and with no authority." retorts Amanda. "You should have known he was looking to appeal to middle class America, not the lifestyles of the filthy rich."

"We had no background on him, Amanda. You have his entire account information." replies Allison.

"Right, because nobody but me was suppose to deal with him." she says.

Billy, who has been trying to remain calm, jumps in. "Look Amanda, we did the best we could. You told us not to call you and we had no information on Franklin's account, and we don't know him like you do. We did the best we could with what we had to work with."

Amanda suddenly grabs her head and looks down as if she's about to pass out. The disease combined with the stress is getting to her. "Are you alright?" asks Allison.

"Yes, I'm fine. Don't worry about me, I start my new chemo treatment today. Look, leave Franklin Cruiselines to me. Just don't let this happen again. Now go on, get out of here." says Amanda.

Billy and Allison leave, both looking back, concerned for Amanda's health. Amanda starts to pull herself together when the phone rings.

"Amanda Woodward" she answers.

On the other end of the phone she hears nothing but breathing for about 5 seconds, then she hears a cold wicked voice as if it came straight from hell itself

"Welcome home, Amanda. Did you have fun in the big apple?"

Amanda pauses for a second, but realizes who the voice on the other end is.

"What do you want, Kimberly? And make it quick, I'm very busy."

Kimberly snarls then lays into Amanda. "Don't you take that tone with me you terminal blood sucking wench. I ought to rip your heart out with my bare hands for what you've done to me. I don't give a damn how sick and pathetic you are. Michael just walked out on me this morning, all thanks to you and your pathetic messed up nothing of a life."

Surprised by Kimberly's statement, Amanda is unable to come back with a witty retort. "Wait, are you saying Michael left you?"

"Don't act so shocked. Hell you probably convinced him to do it, didn't you? He moved out this morning and told me he wants a divorce. Apparently he'd rather play nurse maid to your terminally ill ass then spend time with his wife. Now maybe he got you on Dr. Steele's treatment program, but know this, Amanda. When I get done with you, you'll be down on your hands and knees praying that your lymphoma takes your life, because the pain you have from your illness won't be even a grain of sand compared to the hell that I'm going to unleash into your life. Every single time you go to work, come home, or go to sleep you are going to have to be looking over your shoulder wondering when I'm going to appear and hammer a nail straight into your throat. Pleasant dreams, bitch"

Kimberly slams the phone down in anger and then in a fit of rage grabs a framed picture of her and Michael that's been sitting on the bedside table and throws it down repeatedly on the kitchen counter shattering the glass. She then unleashes a maniacal scream at the top of her lungs and begins to throw dishes around the house in a borderline insanity temper tantrum.

Jake is working behind the bar at Shooters. It is lunch hour and the bar is only partially full. Sydney walks over to the bar to get a drink order as Jake rings up a customer's tab.

"Hey Syd, you think you could cover the bar for about an hour? I'm meeting up with Jane for lunch."

Sydney pauses for a moment and responds to Jake "That's the third day in a row you've gone out with my sister. Things must me getting pretty serious."

Jake responds to Sydney with impatience in his voice. "Can you cover the bar or not, Sydney? That's all I need to know."

"Sure Jake, whatever. Just go and have your little fling with Jane. Us unimportant people will stay here and make sure everything runs smoothly."

"That's all I ask." he replies, trying to avoid a scene.

Jane walks in just before things can intensify and goes over to where Jake and Sydney are talking. "Hey Jane, I'll be ready in a few minutes. Just let me finish up in the office." says Jake.

Jake goes into the manager's office. As Sydney wipes down the bar with a rag, she makes a sarcastic remark to Jane.

"So Jane, are you going on another date with my boyfriend?"

"Syd, number one Jake's not your boyfriend. Number two, we're just going to lunch. And number three; I don't see how any of this is your business.

Syd throws the rag behind the bar and looks Jane in the eye. "Look Jane, there are a few million guys in L.A. Why do you have to go after the one that I happen to love with all my heart?"

Jane looks bewilderedly at Sydney. "Oh give me a break, Sydney. You have a new love of your life every month and it always happens to be whoever I'm seeing. First it was Michael, then Chris, and now Jake? You know what? I'm not having this thirteen year old conversation with you. I have no intention of not seeing Jake just because you have some crazy fantasy in your head. And if you have a problem with it, that's just too damn bad. Now why don't you try going out and making some new friends?"

"I tried that, Jane. With Ricki and Martin, remember? You saw where that got me." answers Sydney

Jane replies back "Well I'm sorry, Syd. But your social life or lack there of, is not my problem."

Jake walks out of the office with his leather jacket on. He shoots Sydney a look but doesn't say anything, and walks out with Jane. Sydney stares long and hard at them as they leave, then goes about the business of tending to the bar.

Amanda sits in a hospital chair in a Wilshire Memorial room. As she is on the phone, trying to arrange a lunch meeting with the owner of Franklin Cruiselines, Michael begins to check the IV that she is hooked up too. After Amanda hangs up the phone, Michael begins to talk to her.

"Alright Amanda, another 20 minutes and we'll be done for today. Now you're going to feel a little more tired than usual today. Your body's just adjusting to the new medication we have you on. Don't worry, it's a perfectly normal reaction. But you're probably going to want to go home and take a nap after this."

Amanda looks up at Michael, feeling too weak to put up much of an aggressive argument but stating her case. "That's totally out of the question, Michael. While you and I were in New York, Billy and Allison were running D&D into the ground with their incompetence. If I'm out of the office anymore than I already am, the whole place is going to go up in flames."

Michael looks at her with frustration. "Fine. I'm too tired to argue with you. But just so you know, those instructions are coming from Dr. Steele himself. So you might want to pay them a little more attention." Michael rubs the sleep out of his eyes. Having only gotten a few hours of sleep on the cot in the staff room, his wear and tear is clearly showing. "I'll be back shortly to check on you."

As Michael begins to walk out of the room to check on other patients, Amanda speaks up. "Michael, wait. We need to talk." she says.

Michael turns around and looks at Amanda. He's not his usual arrogant self but has his head hanging slightly and his demeanour is a little less confident. By her tone he figures that she's going to bring up what happened in New York and say that it can never happen again.

"Look Amanda. I know things got a little out of hand in New York. It was an emotionally exhausting trip and it took its toll on both of us. But like I told you, from here on out I'll do everything by the book. You have my word." he replies.

"No Michael, it's not that. I got a call from Kimberly this morning." she says.

"She called you?" he replies. "Well, I can take a wild guess as to what she said. Look, I'm sorry Amanda. We had a huge fight this morning when I came home and I walked out on her. I guess she is blaming you for it." he says in an apologetic tone. "But don't worry. Kimberly is my problem, not yours. And I'll make sure she doesn't bother you anymore."

"She told me that you told her you are going to file for divorce." Amanda pauses for a moment. "Is this true?"

Michael contemplates his answer for a second and then replies. "Yes Amanda, it's true. We've been having our problems for a while now. She didn't talk to me for weeks after I returned Jo's baby. Then she started becoming jealous because of all the time I had been spending with you. But what she did to you in New York when she tried to make you believe you were terminally ill just crossed the line with me. I'm done with her. We're finished for good."

Amanda shakes her head. "Oh, this is just great. I have cancer while my company is falling down around my ears. The last thing I need if for your psycho wife to blame me for breaking up you two's marriage.

"Uhm, that's soon to be ex-wife, Amanda. But you're dead on about the psycho part." he replies.

"Whatever. Just leave me out of it." she demands.

Michael rubs Amanda's arm to comfort her. "You will be left out of it, I guarantee it. Look, just leave Kimberly to me. You worry about getting well. Now if you'll excuse me I got other patients to attend to. And I also have to find a new place to live. Maybe Matt will let me stay with him for awhile." he says.

Amanda seriously contemplates what she is about to say next but she soon hears herself blurt it out. "I have a better idea. Why don't you come and stay with me?"

Michael looks at her. Inside he is grinning because secretly this is exactly what he wants. But he's taken by total surprise as he did not expect this.

"Are you nuts? If you thought Kimberly was psycho this morning, just what in pray tell do you think she'll do if she finds out that you and I are living together. Don't get me wrong. I'm grateful for the offer, Amanda. But I know how this woman works. The more stuff you give her to fuel her insanity, the more wacko she becomes." As Michael says one thing, he totally means another. While what he's saying is true, he hopes Amanda will ignore it and extend the offer to him anyways.

"Michael, listen to me." says Amanda in a sincere tone. "First of all, I'm not afraid of Kimberly. Secondly, I know you and I have butted heads on more than one occasion. And I've also made a lot of derogatory remarks about you."

"Mhm. Most of which were true." says Michael jokingly to which Amanda lets out a slight giggle.

"But the truth is that nobody in my entire life has ever been there the way that you've been there for me throughout this nightmare. I mean you fought against my attitude the entire way, and you literally made me do what I had to do to get well. That night when I walked the street in New York, it gave me so much time to think about how differently I would do things if I could just get another shot." says Amanda.

Michael looks at her puzzled. "Meaning what exactly? Amanda, before I start unpacking my bags at your place, I would kind of like to know where you and I stand, on both a professional and personal level."

Amanda's facial expression shows agitation, as she is not prepared to do such heavy thinking at this moment. "I don't know, Michael. Professionally, I want you to stay my doctor. Personally, I can't really make any kind of a long term commitment right now, not until I'm well. I may want a relationship with you after this is done, and then again I may not. I can't think about that. What I can say is that I've been living in a very dark and scary place 24/7 since this all began. And the only time I've been able to get out of that place has been when you've been with me. Now you need a place to live, and I need somebody around me to make me feel better. So, it's the perfect solution. Let's think of it as a short term commitment. We'll deal with the rest later, after I'm well." she says.

"Well, hospitality like this from Amanda Woodward isn't something that comes around all that often. How can I say no? I'll be by tonight with a few of my things. I'll get the rest of my stuff out of the beach house later." says a smiling Michael.

"Great. Now if you'll excuse me, I got another business call to make." replies Amanda.

"Alright, but keep it to a minimum." Michael leaves and as he closes the door he pumps his fist as if he just hit the jackpot. His wish has just been granted.

At Jo's apartment upstairs, she and Matt are having dinner together. For the first time in several weeks Jo is finally feeling a sense of relief and relaxation. It is a simple meal consisting of takeout Chinese food, but it's Jo's way of thanking him for helping her handle the bad situation with Detective John Rawlings..

"Jo, don't get me wrong. I appreciate you buying me dinner and all, but this really wasn't necessary. I mean, we're friends and friends help each other out. But heck, you would have done the same for me" says Matt as he eats some sesame chicken.

"Don't be silly, Matt. I wanted to do this. Between that psycho Kimberly stealing my baby, the mess with the Carters, getting shot in the back, going through another child custody hearing, and finally Detective Rawlings, this is the first time in months I've actually been able to be calm and enjoy myself with a friend. And I can't tell you how grateful I am to have a friend like you." Jo says as she smiles.

"Well, that goes both ways." replies Matt.

At that moment, the phone rings. Jo goes to answer it, thinking it's about a photo shoot schedule, and her cheerful mood quickly changes when she realizes who the voice on the other end is.

"Jo, this is Detective Wilkins from internal affairs."

Jo's smile quickly turns to a look of worry. She has always been very insightful and has a gift of reading people. She knew right away that a call from the man who helped put Rawlings away could not be good. "Um good evening detective, what can I do for you?" she replies.

"Jo I have some bad news. John Rawlings was released yesterday."

"What? How?" she asks in a quiet and fearful voice. Matt immediately puts his chop sticks down when he hears the frightened tone in Jo's voice.

"The photos you took of the beating got misplaced. And without them, the judge at the preliminary hearing said there wasn't enough evidence to take the case to trial." replies the detective.

"What are you talking about not enough evidence? This man beat another man to death, and then turned around and held up my friend and me at gunpoint. How much more evidence do you need to show that he's a psycho?" shouts Jo.

There is a long pause then Detective Wilkins begins to speak again. "He's been fired from the police force. But Jo, we have reason to believe that he may try to come after you. Now we will dispatch extra patrol units to your neighborhood and we'll be on the look out for him, but you need to take extra caution. Lock your doors and don't go out alone at night. Do you understand?" says the detective over the phone.

"Yes I understand" says Jo back after a couple of seconds. She's barely able to speak. She turns around and looks at Matt with a blank look of fear in her face. Matt is anxious to hear what is wrong.

"Be careful, and if you hear or see anything suspicious at all, call us right away."

Jo hangs up the phone without saying goodbye. She looks right at Matt. "What is it?" says Matt.

"Matt, John has been released. His files got misplaced and the judge declared there wasn't enough evidence for the case to go to trial and threw it out. And now he might come after us again." says Jo.

"Oh my god" says Matt in a tone of disbelief.

"Matt, what are we going to do? I'm so scared. He's going to come after me again, I just know it. I'm so tired of always living in fear. Will this ever stop?" cries Jo.

Jo begins to cry uncontrollably. Matt walks up to her and gives her a hug to comfort her.

Meanwhile outside, we see the faint shadow of a human figure dressed in all black. With black boots, pants, and a black trench coat the character is obviously dressed to blend into the night. This character is also wearing a black hood and a black mask with two small eye holes cut out, so that you can't see the identity of the person. The character, who we can't tell if it is male or female, is right outside Jo's window which has been open just a crack and the character has been listening in on the entire conversation between Matt and Jo.

Jo begins to walk over to the window to close it and the blinds. As she does, the character quickly hops out of sight. After the blinds are closed, the character grabs a pick from his/her trench coat pocket, and carefully picks the lock open on Sydney's apartment, which is right next to Jo's. The character disappears into the darkness of Sydney's apartment.

A bit later, Jake and Jane have returned from a nice date. Jake comments about what a great time he had, and Jane smiles and invites him into her apartment for a drink. At that time Sydney walks into the courtyard, coming home from her night shift at Shooters and sees the two together.

"Well, isn't this a lovely scene?" remarks Sydney sarcastically.

Jane looks at Sydney and rolls her eyes while Jake just glances at her and ignores her comment. Jake and Jane go into her apartment and shut the door. "Oh by the way, Jake, everything went great at Shooters." she yells at the door.

Inside Jane's apartment, Jane turns the lights down low and puts on some soft music. "So you want to sit down?" Jane asks Jake.

"I thought you'd never ask." he says softly.

Jake and Jane sit down on the couch. There is a smile exchanged between the two and they both lean in for a passionate kiss. Jane lies back on the couch pulling Jake on top of her as he begins to move his hands down her neck and to the back of her thigh. Sydney sees the entire make out session happen from the window she shakes her head in disgust.

Sydney heads upstairs to her apartment; where the black hooded stalker is hiding in her closet. Sydney walks in, counts her tip money and puts her mail on the counter. She starts heating up a microwave dinner and then sees that she has a message on her answering machine. "Well yay for me, first message I've had all week." she says.

Sydney is extremely unhappy about her current social status in the apartment building as it always seems that everyone looks down at her. She feels that her troubles over the past year have permanently scared her in the eyes of everyone else there, especially Jake who she's been longing to rekindle their relationship. But Jake has been giving Sydney the cold shoulder ever since going to Las Vegas and finding her in Chris Marchette's hotel room wearing a designer dress and a diamond necklace, then learning that she slept with him, even though it was to protect Jake.

She hits the play button. While Sydney starts drinking a cup of tea, she coughs and chokes up her tea when she hears the voice on the machine.

"Hello Sydney. Remember me? It's Ricki. See, I told you that we'd be back for you. You didn't think that Martin would forget about one of our family, did you? We sure have missed you, Syd. But we'll all be together again real soon. In fact, a lot sooner than you think." The sound of Martin laughing in the background can be heard as Sydney shrieks and covers her hand over her mouth.

"Oh my god. They're coming back for me." she says out loud. Sydney runs out of her apartment and down stairs to see Jake and Jane.

As soon as Sydney runs out, the unidentified black hooded stalker emerges from the closet, and goes over to Sydney's answering machine and deletes Ricki's message off of it. The stalker then tips toes out the door very lightly and quickly runs into the shadow of the top balcony and out of sight from plain view.

Meanwhile Sydney is banging on Jane's door loudly. Jake and Jane break from making out on the couch and sit up. Upon Sydney's knocking, Jane is visibly irritated and gets up and opens the door angrily. Jake follows behind her.

"Sydney, I swear to god you better get over this petty jealousy thing you have going on. Because you are really starting to piss me off." she tells Sydney angrily, getting right up in her face.

"Ricki and Martin are back. Ricki left a message on my machine. She says that they are coming back to get me." says Sydney trying to be convincing.

Jake looks like he might believe it, though as usual Jane doesn't believe a word that comes out of Sydney's mouth. "Oh give me a break, Sydney. I can see what you are trying to do here. You have a problem with Jake and I seeing each other and you'll do anything to stop it. Well it won't work. Goodbye." says Jane to Sydney.

Jane tries to slam the door in Sydney's face, but Jake stops it and holds it open. "Wait a second. This is the same Ricki who trashed my bar?" says Jake.

"Yes Jake, and the same Martin who kidnapped me and locked me in a hole in the ground in the desert all night. Come on, I'll play it for you, and you'll see that I'm telling the truth." replies Sydney.

Sydney grabs Jakes hand and starts to pull him upstairs. Jake pulls his hand away from Sydney's but continues to follow her. Jane follows behind them, angry and disgusted that her evening plans with Jake have been ruined by what she feels is another tall tale of Sydney's.

As Sydney, Jake, and Jane go into Sydney's apartment, they don't see the stalker who has managed to stay perfectly hidden in the dark shadows of the night time courtyard. While the three are in the apartment, the stalker quickly scans the rest of the courtyard to see if anybody else is coming, then jumps from the upstairs balcony down to the courtyard and quickly runs over to the laundry room for concealment and to spy on the happenings at Melrose Place.

In Sydney's place she goes to play Ricki's message but gets the mechanical voice saying "You have no new messages."

Jane gets right up in Sydney's face. "Ha, I knew it. There is no message. You just wanted to break up my date with Jake, didn't you?"

Sydney replies "Jane, I swear to god there was a message on here just two minutes ago. It was from Ricki saying that she and Martin were coming back for me. That must mean that….." Sydney looks up at them in fear. "Oh my god, somebody was in here with me. I mean they were in my apartment just now."

Jane just snickers and shakes her head. "Yeah right, Syd. Somebody was in my apartment with me too just now. That is until a certain jealous sister had to come around with another one of the lies."

Jake just looks aggravated at Sydney then back over at Jane. "Come on Jane, lets get back to your place."

Jane is mad at Jake for believing Sydney after she told him it was a lie. "Forget it, Jake. I know the twelve year old game she's playing, and you're falling for it hook, line, and sinker. And I have no interest in dating somebody who's going to run off to be Sydney's knight in shining armor every time she cries wolf. So forget it, I don't want to see you anymore. Goodnight."

Jane angrily walks back downstairs to her apartment and slams the door. Jake follows her trying to make amends. "Jane, wait."

Sydney follows Jake out and grabs him on the shoulder. "Jake, I swear to god there was a message on there. Honest. Somebody was in my apartment. It was probably Rikki. She still has a key. You have to believe me."

Jake turns around and removes Sydney's hand from his shoulder. Reaching a near boiling point of frustration, he speaks to her in a gruff tone. "Sydney, you pull another stunt like this again and you can start looking for another job."

Jake goes downstairs and slams the door on his apartment. Sydney watches him, upset that nobody believes her, but even more concerned over the prospect that somebody was in her apartment. She finally goes back into her place and shuts the door. The hooded stalker peeks around the corner of the laundry room, having seen the entire incident. Could it be Rikki or Martin returning for Sydney?

As everyone empties back into their own apartment, we see Michael enter the courtyard with a couple of suitcases in both hands as he makes his way up to Amanda's apartment. The unidentified stalker stays out of sight, but watches Michael climb up the stairs to apartment #4. Michael knocks on the door and Amanda lets him in. Michael closes the door behind him, but he doesn't notice that the door doesn't click all the way shut. The stalker sneaks up the stairs quietly and nudges the door open just a hair, then climbs up onto the roof above Amanda's door and out of sight, trying to listen to what's going on inside Amanda'a apartment with her and Michael.

Amanda is in her black and pink bathrobe and is lying on the couch covered up in a heavy blanket. She has a box of tissues on the stand. "You'll forgive me if I'm not that chatty tonight. I feel so tired and weak." she says to Michael.

"I understand. Like I said, your body is just adjusting to these new drugs. You might have a few more nights like this, but it's to be expected. Once your body begins to adjust, we'll begin the second half of the chemo program with a different set of drugs that should target the cancer cells directly." says Michael as he sits on the edge of the couch and rubs puts his hands on Amanda's hips for comfort.

"Please spare me your medical babble, doctor. I'm not in the mood." she replies back to him.

"Okay, how about if I make you some dinner then. I'll make my famous Veal Scaloppini to thank you for your gracious hospitality." he says in a cheerful voice in an attempt to lighten Amanda's mood.

"No Michael, I don't want to eat. I'm too tired." she replies.

"Amanda, I know you're not going to feel like eating but it's important you do. And besides, I owe you."

Amanda looks at Michael straight in the eye. "You don't owe me a thing. But if you really want to do me a favor, there is one thing you can do for me." Michael raises his head to ask what it is. "You can go to bed with me."

Michael suppresses his elated feelings over the prospect of sex with Amanda and puts on a humble front. "Amanda, I thought we agreed that what happened in New York was…."

She cuts him off. "Get your mind out of the gutter. I wasn't talking about sex."

"Oh?" replies Michael with a blank look, unsure of how to react.

"I want you to sleep with me, just lie there next to me. Between fighting this cancer, the stress of my job, and now Kimberly, it's so much for me to deal with. A few weeks ago when you came over that night I was sick as a dog, it made me feel better when you held me. I fell right to sleep. And I've been having so much trouble sleeping lately. And I think that it would really help me to rest if you were there. So please, Michael, can you do this for me?" asks Amanda.

Michael just nods his head. "Well then, let's get you to bed. You need the rest."

As Michael walks to turn out the living room light he knocks a yellow envelope off the counter.

"Hey careful, that's my entry form for the Century advertiser of the year award." says Amanda.

Michael picks the envelope back up and puts it back on the counter. "Think you'll win?"

"I sure as hell better. That award means everything to me, and they've been overlooking me for years. According to a source of mine, I got a real good shot this year. I just have to get it to the committee by tomorrow." she replies

Michael turns out all the lights and then picks Amanda up in his arms and carries her off to the bedroom. He lays Amanda down on the bed gently and takes off her robe to where she's down to her pyjamas. He then takes off all his clothes except for a pair of boxer shorts and crawls into bed with Amanda and puts his arms around her. A sick and exhausted Amanda falls right to sleep. Michael just lies there awake with a gleeful grin on his face, relishing every minute of it.

The lights go out in Amanda's apartment. Meanwhile, the black hooded stalker has been lying on the roof right outside listening to every word. The stalker opens the door slightly and sticks a small piece of tape on the door to prevent it from closing all the way.

The stalker then sneaks into the apartment, which is dark. The stalker looks at the yellow envelope on the counter containing Amanda's entry form, and continues down the hall. Taking a small black box out of the black trench coat it's wearing, the stalker creeps over to a potted plant on a stand right outside of Amanda's bedroom. The stalker places the box inside the dish of the plant. It appears to be a transmitter of some kind.

While making his/her way to the front door to exit, the stalker bumps into the coffee table and knocks over an empty glass that Amanda had sitting on it. Michael, who is still awake, hears the noise and sits up. The stalker sets the glass back up and hurries out the door, forgetting about the tape that was left on the door to keep it open. The stalker leaps over the railing and jumps down Amanda's steps and crawls under Allison's window on the way out of the courtyard. Before leaving the complex, the stalker takes a look inside Matt's apartment window, and then takes off into the night. Michael has gotten up out of bed and has gone to the living room to check out the noise, but by that time the black hooded stalker is long gone. Michael looks out Amanda's window down at the courtyard below at the lit pool lights reflecting off the complex but sees nothing suspicious. He returns to the bedroom and goes back to sleep with Amanda.

Meanwhile, we see the stalker out on the street ducking low and making sure that he/she isn't seen by any passing cars or pedestrians. After walking past a car of one of the tenants, the stalker pulls out a pair of car keys and begins to key their car door.

Later that night, Sydney is fast asleep in her bed. She's tossing and turning, clearly having a bad dream. In her dream, Ricki and Martin are holding her at gun point and forcing her back into the box in the ground again. And just as they are about to slam the door on it, she gets startled awake by a ringing phone.

Wondering who could be calling her at 2 in the morning, she rolls over on her side and picks up the phone groggily. "Hello?"

"Hi there, Syd. What's the matter? Can't sleep? Are you feeling a little lonely tonight?" Sydney instantly recognizes the voice on the other end of the phone as Ricki.

"Ricki? What the hell are you doing calling me at 2 in the morning. As a matter of fact what are you doing calling me at all?" replies Sydney.

"We miss you, Syd. And we're worried about you. You must be getting awfully lonely there in the big city all by yourself." says Ricki in a seductive devilish voice.

"I'm not lonely. I have plenty of friends here. Powerful friends. And they're going to clean your clock if you keep bothering me like this." says Sydney trying to be tough, but the fear in her voice is obviously shining through.

"Friends? Oh please, Syd. What friends are you talking about? Your sister, Jane? Jake? They both think your crazy and don't believe anything you say. And nobody else in that whole building likes you, and you know it. See if you had stuck with us, Sydney, you could have gotten Jake back by now. But as it is, he's getting fed up with you and you're just one aggravation away from being fired from Shooters and going back to the crazy house." says Ricki.

"How do you know I'm working at Shooters again?" Sydney asks.

"Oh we've been keeping our eye on you. See, the retreat is over. We're back here in L.A." says Ricki.

"So it was you, wasn't it? You were in my apartment today, weren't you?" says Sydney.

"Syd, I swear I don't know what you're talking about. I just need to get my stuff out of your apartment. Unless of course, you still want me as your roommate that is?" asks Ricki.

Syd has grown impatient with this phone conversation and starts talking very fast and panicky. "Not in a million years. I would rather pull a threes company with Freddy Krueger and Jason then live with you ever again. Now listen, I will box up your things and you can come by Shooters tomorrow at 8 to get it."

"Shooters?" asks Ricki.

"Yeah that's right, Shooters. A bar with people around, including Jake, that way you and your psycho cult leader can't try to kidnap me again. Come get your stuff thre or I'm throwing every last bit of it in the trash. Got it?" says Sydney aggressively.

"Syd, I'm your friend. You shouldn't lash out at your friends like this." replies Ricki.

"You are not my friend, Ricki. I don't need you or want you in my life at all. Just come and get your things tomorrow and then stay the hell out of my life forever and that goes for Martin and all your fellow freakazoid cult members as well." Sydney slams the phone down after saying this.

Both angry and frightened at the same time, Sydney gets up and goes and looks out her window, but sees nothing but the courtyard below. No sign of anybody, including the stalker. She wishes she could go down and stay with Jake or Jane. But as usual, Jane is angry with her. And Jake would only get aggravated about being woken up at 2 in the morning and would probably suspect Sydney of making the whole thing up. Nobody else there cares enough about her to let her stay with them. Sydney realizes she is totally alone with this problem. She locks the dead bolt on her apartment door, fastens the chain, then shuts the blind and tries her best to go back to sleep.

The next morning, Jo walks out of her apartment to head to an early morning photo shoot. As she comes down the stairs, she is met in the courtyard by Matt, who approaches her and begins to speak softly so that nobody else can hear except Jo.

"Hey Jo, did anything strange happen in your apartment last night after I left?" asks Matt.

"Well besides me being scared as hell and barely able to sleep over my fear that the psycho cop John would burst through my door at anytime? Other than that everything was just fantastic. How about you?" asks Jo in a sarcastic but friendly manner.

"You mean you didn't get any weird phone calls or have anything unusual happen?" asks Matt again.

"No" replies Jo. "Why? Did you?"

"Well nothing hard or concrete. But last night, three different times I had somebody call me and not say anything. All I heard was breathing on the other end. I don't know. It could just be some teenagers playing a practical joke" says Matt.

"And it could be John trying to frighten you, or should I say us. And if it is, he's doing a pretty damn good job of it." replies Jo.

At that moment, Jake opens the door to his apartment to get his morning paper and he sees Jo and Matt talking. Jake can instantly tell by the look on Jo's face that something is wrong. He always could read Jo like a book.

"Good morning. Is everything all right?" asks Jake to Matt and Jo.

Jane walks out of her apartment at that moment, dressed in her work clothes, and heads off to work. She says good morning to Matt and Jo, but walks right by Jake without saying anything. Jake says good morning but receives no reply as Jane just walks out. "Have a nice day, Jane." he shouts as she walks out of the courtyard.

"What was that all about?" asks Matt.

"Never mind." replies Jake. "Jo, something is wrong and I can see it in your face. Now are you going to tell me or am I going to have to pry it out of you?"

"Jake, trust me. For your own good, it's best you stay out of it. I don't want you to wind up getting hurt." says Jo.

Jake begins to speak, but is interrupted by Matt. "John was released yesterday when the court couldn't find enough evidence to take him to trial."

Jake replies "I see. And John is?"

"He is the cop who I took pictures of brutally beating a criminal when I was on a ride along with him. The criminal died and Matt took the pictures to the police. He blamed us for him getting fired, broke into Matt's apartment, and held us up last week at gunpoint. He got arrested but is now back on the street again. You happy now, Jake?" replies Jo in annoyed voice to Jake.

"What do you mean there's no evidence to take it to trial? He held you at gunpoint and the pictures that Jo took is solid proof the guy is a loon. There's no way any jury would let him walk." asks Jake.

"The pictures got misplaced. And the prosecution didn't want to bring Jo in as a witness because she has an arrest record for possession of a firearm. So basically it would have been my word against his. Add to that, John has a really good record of bringing in wanted criminals and the judge ruled that the case wouldn't go to trial." explains Matt.

"So he walks free, just like that?" asks Jake. "Jo, why didn't you tell me?"

"Cause Matt and I didn't want anybody else to get mixed up in this. This guy is dangerous and now Matt's been getting phone calls with somebody dialing and hanging up." she says.

"Look Jake, please don't say anything. We don't want the word of this getting out around the apartment building. It would cause a panic." says Matt.

"Alright, fine. But I'm going to make sure that you aren't alone for a minute, Jo. And it starts right now with me walking you to your car." says Jake who continues to be extremely over protective of Jo.

"So you are going to be my personal escort, Jake? For how long?" asks Jo.

"As long as it takes." he replies.

Matt walks back into his apartment as Jake begins to escort Jo to her car. At that moment, Sydney walks out of her apartment and yells downstairs to Jake. "Jake, I really need to talk to you."

"Not now, Sydney. I have to do something for Jo. I'll see you at work." replies Jake. Sydney just watches Jake and rolls her eyes.

"I could have a serial killer after me and he would rush off to take care of a hang nail for Jo while letting me get hacked to pieces." thinks Sydney to herself.

Jake walks Jo to her car and gives her a friendly kiss on the cheek. "Remember, you call me the second anything suspicious happens. No excuses." he says to her.

Jo smiles back, not saying anything, feeling a little more relieved to have such a wonderful friend like Jake around who cares about her so much. Her relief lasts for all of 10 seconds. When she gets around to her car door she looks down and lets out a loud scream and hollers for Jake, who comes running to her to see what the problem is.

"What is it?" he asks.

Jo points at her car door, where somebody Jo points at her car door, where somebody keyed the words "You're dead bitch" into her door.

"That's it. We're going to the police right now," says Jake in a serious voice. Jo tries to argue but Jake cuts her off. "Jo, I'm not going to argue with you about this, we're going down to the police station right now. Get in, I'll drive."

A shaken Jo agrees and hands Jake her car keys and the two drive off to the police station. As the two ride off, a black car that is parked on the other side of the road has its window down. Ducking in the car seat is the hooded stalker, whose identity is still concealed. The stalker has been parked there with the window rolled down and has been listening to the entire conversation with Jake and Jo. When the stalker sees that Jake and Jo have driven off, he/she pulls out a yellow envelope as well as a miniature radio receiver and begins to adjust the frequency.

In Amanda's apartment, Michael is dressed and ready for work while Amanda, who for once enjoyed a good night's sleep, is still resting. Michael is in the kitchen making breakfast for her, when he sees the door to the apartment creep open slightly. Remembering the noise he heard last night, and suspecting that a jealous Kimberly may be lurking around, Michael quickly goes and hides behind the door as it continues to creep open slowly. Slowly, he sees a hand come through the opening in the door. Determined to nail the intruder, Michael grabs the wrist below the hand and pulls the person inside to see who it is.

He breathes a sigh of relief upon seeing it is nobody threatening. "Sydney?" he says.

"Michael, what are you doing here?" asks Sydney.

"I'm making Amanda breakfast, what does it look like? And what are you doing breaking into her apartment? I ought to call the cops and have you arrested." he says back to her.

"I'm not breaking in, Michael. The door was already open. Look here." Sydney shows Michael the piece of tape in the doorway that's preventing the door from closing all the way. Michael rips off the tape, looks at it and throws it down on the ground, immediately suspecting that Kimberly had likely broken into Amanda's apartment the previous night, but he keeps it to himself and doesn't say anything.

Michael lets go of Sydney's wrist and returns to the kitchen to finish making breakfast. Sydney follows him in. "So you're living with Amanda, now? And making her breakfast too? I guess you got it bad for her. You know, the entire time we were married, you never once made me breakfast."

"And there's a good reason for that. You see, I happen to like Amanda and enjoy her company. You I will never like. And I sure as hell don't enjoy your company. Does that make sense?" says Michael.

"Well even so, it would have still been nice to have been made a little breakfast once in a while." she replies

"You're right, Syd. Here, let me make that up to you right now. How about a nice hot plate of 'shut the hell up' and an ice cold glass of 'get lost' to wash it down?" replies a coarse Michael as he puts an omelette and a piece of toast on a plate and pours a glass of orange juice for Amanda.

Sydney looks at him with a smirk. "So is this thing with Amanda another one of your secret affairs on the side or does your wicked witch of a wife know about it yet?" says Sydney in one of her humorously sarcastic voices.

"If you're referring to Kimberly, she's my soon to be ex-wife. Not that it's any of your damn business. Now, is there some reason you're not turning around and walking back out the door?" Michael asks, obviously annoyed and irritated that Sydney is still in his presence.

"I need to talk to Amanda." Sydney replies.

"Well, now's not a good time. You'll just have to come back later." Michael begins to forcefully escort Sydney out when Amanda walks out from the bedroom in her robe.

"It's alright, Michael." she says and walks over to Sydney. Michael just looks at Sydney with aversion and returns to the kitchen.

"What can I do for you, Sydney? And make it snappy, I have a busy morning ahead of me. See unlike you, I don't have time to poke my nose around in other people's business." says Amanda in a crass voice.

"Amanda, I want the locks changed on my apartment." she says.

"You know my policy. You can have the locks changed if you'd like. But you pay the locksmith fee and I get a copy of the key. Will there be anything else?" says Amanda wanting Sydney to leave.

"Yes, I think, no wait, I know that somebody broke into my apartment last night. And I'm 99.9 percent sure it was Ricki or Martin. Can we have them barred from the building? God only knows what they were doing in there. If it was Martin, he could have been watching me undress or in the shower, or…."

Michael cuts Sydney off. "Syd, do you mind? I'm about to eat here. And picturing you in the shower is killing my appetite."

"No one's talking to you, Michael." replies Sydney.

"Look, Sydney, you never put Ricki's name on the lease. Therefore you have the right to kick her out, but until you do, I have no legal authority to do anything since you gave her a key and invited her to live with you. So you're just going to have to handle this on your own. Just make sure not to get me or any of the other tenants involved in your mess, or trust me, you'll be out of here."

"Well then, so be it. Enjoy your breakfast, Amanda. Try not to choke on it." says Sydney who begins to storm out of Amanda's apartment.

"Oh, Sydney, one more thing." calls out Amanda.

"Yes Amanda?" says Sydney in a condescending tone.

"Your rent is due next Friday. I was lenient last month and gave you a couple extra days. But I'm not feeling quite as good natured this month. So make sure I have it, otherwise pack up your crap and get out of here. Are we clear?" says Amanda.

"Perfectly." says Sydney who turns around and walks out.

Amanda closes the door as Sydney leaves. She sits down and begins eating the breakfast that Michael has made for her.

"How is it?" he asks.

"It's fine. I got a little bit of an appetite this morning, but it's still hard to eat." says Amanda. "Michael, I think I'm still getting worse."

"Amanda, you're not going to see a great deal of improvement until we start you on the new drugs. And we can't do that until you've finished the first part of the treatment. This is why you have to relax and take it easy. But having even a little bit of an appetite is an encouraging sign." assures Michael.

There is a long pause. Michael finishes his breakfast and then gets up. "Listen, I'll be on rounds till this evening, then I have to go pick up the rest of my stuff at the beach house. If you need anything, remember, I'm just a phone call away." he says.

"There is one thing I do need, Michael." she replies. Michael nods his head and listens.

"The Century Advertising Awards are tomorrow night. I think I finally have a shot to win advertiser of the year. I'll need an escort. Would you do the honors?" she asks.

"Amanda, what did I just say about relaxing and taking it easy?" replies Michael.

"Can you do it or not, Michael?" asks Amanda impatiently.

Michael realizing Amanda's not going to listen to him agrees. "Of course I'll be your date. I'm just worried about the way you are pacing yourself." he says looking at his watch. "I have to go." Michael kisses Amanda on the cheek. "Just try not to overwork yourself, okay?"

Amanda just shrugs and Michael begins to walk out as there is a knock on Amanda's door. "If that's Sydney again…." says Amanda.

Michael opens the door, expecting it to be Sydney, but it's Billy and Allison.

"Michael, what are you doing here?" asks Billy.

"I'm just….."

Amanda cuts Michael off. "None of your business. He's helping to take care of me." says Amanda to Billy.

Allison just looks at Michael, knowing his history of moving from one woman to the next. "Yeah, I'll bet he is." she says.

"Well, I'll leave you three to chat. Amanda, I'll see you tonight." says Michael as he walks out the door and closes it behind him. Out in the black car on the street, it is revealed that the stalker is listening in on the conversation going on in Amanda's apartment through the radio. The black box that he/she planted is apparently an outgoing transmitter through which the stalker is now able to listen in on Amanda's apartment.

"Look, I don't know what you two think you saw here, but I guarantee you that it's not what you think it is." says Amanda who is trying to hide the fact that she has grown dependant on Michael for support.

"Hey, whatever is going on with you and Michael is none of our business." replies Billy.

"That's right. And it isn't anybody else's business either. So don't go gossiping around like we're in junior high. No doubt, Sydney's already doing that." says Amanda.

"Look Amanda, we just came up here because we wanted to assure you that…." says Allison who is cut off by Amanda.

"That you tried your best to hold D&D together while I was gone? Yes I know. But how can I put this politely? Your best fell a mile short of what needed to be done." says Amanda as Billy and Allison frown. "Look, I have a meeting with Franklin this morning. I'm pretty sure I can get the account back. So don't worry, even in the condition I'm in, I'm still going to manage to save your little butts." says Amanda.

"Is there anything else we can do for you?" asks Allison, who is growing tired of Amanda's constant put downs.

"Ah yes, there is one thing. And even you can't screw this one up, Allison" says Amanda who goes and grabs a thin yellow envelope that is sitting on her counter. "This is my entry form for the Century Advertiser of the year award. This award is very important to me and word is it that I'm all but a shoe in with the awards committee. I need you to drop it off with the committee sometime today. I'd do it myself but I don't know how long my meeting is going to run. The deadline is today so make sure you get it there. Okay?"

"Hey, you know that you can count on me, Amanda." says Allison.

"I sure hope so. Every time you've said those words to me in the past, I've always lived to regret it." suggests Amanda

Allison takes the envelope and leaves. Billy follows. "See you this afternoon." he says and closes the door behind him.

"Amanda and Michael are living together now? When did this happen?" asks Billy as he and Allison leave and walk away from Amanda's apartment.

"Well, he's a snake. And she's the black widow. If you ask me, they're perfect for each other." retorts Allison.

"Alright, stop it." replies Billy in a monotone voice as he giggles slightly at her remark. Allison looks over grinning back that he laughed at her joke.

"I need to shower and change. I'll see you at work." she says.

"Just remember to turn in that entry form or Amanda's going to kill you." says Billy.

"Right." she replies back

Allison goes into her apartment and puts the yellow envelope on her kitchen table along with some other papers. As Allison goes into the bathroom, takes off her clothes, and gets into the shower, it is revealed that the black hooded stalker has broken into her apartment. The stalker appears from the hallway closet and sneaks into the kitchen where he/she grabs the yellow envelope on the table that contains Amanda's entry form and replaces it with the yellow envelope that he/she had.

Just then, the phone rings and the stalker hears Allison cut the shower off.

The stalker, needing to find a place to hide quickly, tip toes into the living room and hides out of sight behind Allison's couch. Allison comes running out of the shower wearing her blue robe with the moon and stars on the back, hair still dripping wet. She quickly hits the speaker phone button on her phone. Unbeknownst to her, the stalker in her apartment can hear the entire conversation.

"Hello" she answers.

"Allison, it's your sister." says a female voice on the other end of the phone. The stalker listens in on the conversation while at the same time trying to figure out a way to get out of Allison's apartment without being seen or heard.

"Meredith? Hey! It's great to hear from you. How are things going? You sound kind of funny." says Allison with a smile on her face.

"Allison" says Meredith in a sombre voice. "I don't know how to tell you this, but mom's dead."

Allison gapes. "What? How?" she replies.

"Allison, she was murdered. Somebody strangled her in her home." says Meredith.

Allison looks ahead in shock. "How did you find out? Where's dad?" she asks.

"Allison, dad has gone missing. Mom was found dead by the mailman. The police wanted to bring dad in for questioning, but he was no where to be found. They think he may have fled the state. Dad's the prime suspect. They called me this morning to ask some questions about our family history." replies Meredith.

"Oh my god! Meredith, I can't believe this is happening." says an emotional Allison.

"Allison, apparently after you told everyone at the barbeque about what Dad did to us when we were little, the entire town turned on him. He lost his job, and all his friends, and began drinking heavily. It looks like he finally just snapped and killed mom." There is a long pause with Allison left totally speechless. Meredith finally speaks up again. "Allison, since you were the one who ruined him, the police think he may come after you now." says Meredith.

"Oh god, No." says Allison in a dramatic voice.

"Allison, please be careful." she says.

Allison unable to speak just hangs up the phone and begins crying uncontrollably. She runs out of her apartment and upstairs to knock on Billy's door. Billy answers, having just gotten dressed for work, where he sees her crying and asks her what's wrong. As she relays to him what just happened, he leans in and gives her a warm comforting hug.

Meanwhile, the stalker is still down in Allison's apartment and has seen and heard everything. He/she looks out the window and sees Billy and Allison upstairs hugging and realizes he/she can't go out through the front door without being seen.

The stalker then runs to the living room, takes another transmitter out of his/her trench coat and puts it underneath Allison's sofa. The stalker runs to the bathroom, opens up the window and climbs out through the back alley behind the apartment complex.

The stalker takes off and disappears once again having bugged Allison's apartment and replacing the yellow envelope that contained Amanda's entry form, all without anybody knowing.

"Look, you should take the day off and sort some things out." says Billy who is still embracing Allison

"No, it's okay Billy." says Allison who has stopped crying and is starting to get her emotions in check. "I'd feel safer at D&D than I would sitting around here."

"Well at least give me the entry form and I'll turn it in. You don't need that burden." he replies.

"You're right. Thanks Billy. You are my best friend, I hope you know that." she says to him in a soft and whimpering voice.

They go down stairs and Allison grabs the yellow envelope off the kitchen table and gives it to Billy. She then goes into her bedroom and begins to get dressed for work, having failed to see the open window in the bathroom.

"Look, I'm telling you that we are positive that this detective John Rawlings guy, or whatever his name is, is harassing Jo and Matt. Now can't you do anything about it?" says an angry Jake to Detective Wilkins down at the police station.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Hanson. But a few prank phone calls and a random keying of Ms. Reynolds car does not give us any kind of solid proof that John Rawlings is the one behind it. Before we can dispatch officers to guard you and Mr. Fielding, and put out a warrant for John we need positive proof that he is in the area and is harassing you and your friends." replies Detective Wilkins to Jake and Jo.

"So what are you going to do? Wait until he comes around and kills them before you do anything? This guy held them up at gunpoint just last week, I mean how much more proof do you need?" argues Jake who is growing more impatient with each passing minute.

"Jake, please," says Jo who is trying to calm him down. "Detective Wilkins, what are you going to do?"

"We will put out an all point bulletin and advise our patrollers in your neighbourhood to keep an eye out for anything suspicious. But other than that, there isn't much more we can do." says the detective.

"This is unbelievable," says Jake in disgust.

"Look, you want my advice? Get out of town for a few days, maybe a week. Find someplace low key to hang out and wait to see what happens." The detective hands both Jo and Jake his card. "I will continue to monitor this closely. Call me in a day or two and I will update you on the case and advise you on whether or not I feel that it is safe for you to return," says Detective Wilkins.

"But I can't just drop everything and leave town. I'm in the middle of a huge photo shoot. If I just up and leave with no notice that would hurt my reputation and my chances for getting more work." says Jo.

"And besides, you can't just run away from some creep." replies Jake.

"You can stay if you'd like. It's your choice. But I have to warn you that if it is John Rawlings harassing you, he is going to be a very difficult man to catch. This guy has done all kinds of stakeouts and casing detail. Up until the beating incident, he was one of our best on the force. And he'll know how to elude the police and leave no evidence. And if he does plan to come after you, he'll probably be casing out your apartment complex, waiting for just the right moment to strike." says the detective.

"Oh my god. Do you think so?" asks a panicked Jo.

"Yes. In fact, I wouldn't be at all surprised if he's been in your apartment all ready without you even knowing it. He might have even managed to plant some sort of surveillance equipment in there, like a bug or a radio to listen in on you. So if I were you, I'd think long and hard about leaving town." He says.

Jake and Jo walk out of the police station and begin to talk as they are walking back to their car.

"Jake, what am I going to do? I can't drop this photo shoot, but if I stick around, Rawlings is going to kill Matt and me, maybe you too." cries Jo as she grabs Jake's arm. "Jake, I don't want you getting involved in this. You shouldn't be with me. You shouldn't even be seen talking to me."

"Not a chance, Jo. You think I'm going to leave you to handle this all by yourself? No, I'll tell you what I'm going to do. You are going to stay with me until this whole thing is done. Plus, I'm taking you to and picking you up from your photo shoots. I won't let anything happen to you, I promise." says a comforting Jake.

Jo, realizing that nothing she says is going to keep Jake from being his usual over protective self wraps one arm around his neck and gives him a hug to let him know how much she loves and appreciates him being there for her.

Billy shows up at the Century Awards building and hands over the yellow envelope to the nominee application committee chairman who takes it and opens it. Billy starts to walk out when the chairman yells out to him.

"Excuse me, sir," yells the chairman. "There is no application in the envelope; it's just a blank piece of paper."

Billy turns around and looks at him funny. "What? You must be joking?"

Billy looks at the paper in the envelope. "It can't be," he says. "What time is the deadline?"

The chairman tells him that all applications for advertiser of the year must be in by 4 p.m. today and that no late entries will be accepted. Billy rushes off to find a pay phone.

Back at D&D, Allison has made her way into work and is sitting at her desk still shaken from the phone call she got earlier. Her phone rings at her desk. "Allison Parker," she answers.

"Allison, it's Amanda. Listen, I can't talk long, so I have to make this short. I'm not going to be in the office today. My meeting with Franklin is running longer than planned. It most likely won't be over till 2 and then I have to go in for another chemo session. So, I'm going to need you and Billy to cover for me again today." says Amanda over the phone.

"Oh, well no problem Amanda," Allison replies.

"You did get my application turned in, right?" asks Amanda.

"Yes. That's all taken care of," answers Allison, figuring Billy has handed in the papers.

"Well, that's good. Listen, I know I've been a little difficult to deal with lately, but I'm counting on you, Allison. I know you can cover things while I'm out of the office. Just don't let me down, alright? And under no circumstances what so ever am I to be disturbed while at this meeting. We need to get Franklin Cruiselines back with D&D so it's vital that nothing else interferes, got it?" says Amanda.

Allison reassures Amanda that everything will be taken care of. After hanging up, Billy calls just a few minutes later.

"Billy, what is it?" asks Allison.

"Allison, where's Amanda? I need to talk to her, it's an emergency. But she's turned her cell phone off," says Billy.

"She just called me and she's going to be out of the office and unavailable the rest of the day." says Allison.

"Well then we got a major problem. You aren't going to believe this, but the envelope that Amanda's entry form was in, well it wasn't in there," he says.

"What do you mean it wasn't in there?" asks Allison in disbelief.

"I mean the application wasn't in the yellow envelope she gave me, it was just a few blank sheets of paper inside," he says. "Allison, we have to get a hold of Amanda. She has to fill out another entry form by 4 o'clock today otherwise she'll miss the deadline."

"We can't do that. Amanda just left explicit instructions that nobody is to disturb her for the rest of the day under any circumstances. Oh god, Billy. Amanda's going to kill me when she finds out. How could the entry form not be there? Did you open it?" she asks.

"No. Not at all. I just handed in the yellow envelope and the application wasn't there. What are you going to do." says Billy.

"I don't know. I don't know! I can't fill out another entry form myself because it needs Amanda's signature on it. Let me think." Allison says in a panicky voice. "Billy hold on, I have another call." she says.

Allison answers the other call and shrieks when she hears a man's voice on the other end of the phone.

"Hello sweetheart," says the man's voice over the phone.

"Dad? Why are you calling here? What did you do to mom?" she says.

"Allison, is that anyway to talk to you father after all this time. I just want you to know I'm coming to visit you real soon. I think it's time we put the past behind us. What do you say?" he says.

"Allison, sweetheart. Don't worry. I'm not going to hurt you. I promise you won't feel a thing. I'm just going to make it all better. But I'm afraid that I can't say that same thing about your precious Billy." he continues with an explicit sound of hatred in his voice as he mentions Billy's name

"You aren't my father. You're a monster. Stay away from me and Billy. You hear me? Stay away and don't call me anymore." Allison switches back over to Billy as tears roll down her cheek.

"Billy, that was my father. He says he's coming to see me. And he says he's coming to kill you." says Allison while sobbing.

"Oh my god. Hang on, I'll be right there." says Billy who hangs up the phone and rushes out. Allison gets up and walks off to the ladies room. She thought her father's voice sounded a little more gruff than usual, but it doesn't shake the fact that she knows it was the monster who abused her in the basement when she was a child. It's taken her months to pry those images from her head. And all of a sudden in a flash, they have come back. This has made her totally forget about Amanda's missing entry form.

At Shooters, Jake is working behind the bar when he trips over a box. "Sydney, will you get this damn box out of here before I break my neck on it."

Sydney grabs the box and puts it outside of Jake's office. "Sorry Jake, it's just Ricki's things. I had to box them up. She's coming here to pick them up tonight."

"You're kidding me, right? Ricki the crazy cult girl is coming here?" Jake asks as Sydney nods. "Sydney, how could you invite here here? Do you remember what she did to this place a few weeks ago? I don't want her within 100 feet of my bar." says a cordial Jake

"Jake, she's just going to get her stuff and leave. And I didn't want her to come to my apartment cause she might bring Martin with her and kidnap me again. So I told her to meet me here where there are other people around and I'd give her stuff to her, but then she was to never bother me again." responds Sydney

"Syd, I don't know about you. You've really been off the handle lately," says Jake

"Jake, I promise that once this whole mess is behind me, we can get back to the way things use to be between us." says Syd as she tries to nuzzle up to Jake. "Besides, won't this prove I was telling the truth about Ricki?"

Jake rejects Sydney's advances. "I don't know, Sydney. Lately, I've had a real hard time believing anything you say." Sydney just shrugs and looks at Jake disappointed. "I have to go pick up Jo at her photo shoot." says Jake.

"Jo? What's the matter, she can't take care of herself? Jake, you can't leave me all alone here with Ricki. I need you here to protect me." says Sydney.

"Hey, you're the one who invited her here. Now I helped you out of this cult thing once, you choose to get back into it. And if any incident happens tonight with them, I'm blaming you, and I'm also firing you. Understand?" says Jake.

Sydney nods and hangs her head like a puppy dog. Jake grabs his jacket and heads out of the bar. As he's leaving Jane enters. Jake nods and says hi to Jane, and she just brushes him off. Jane goes and sits down at a bar table to have a drink. Sydney sees her and goes over to her table.

"Just bring me a beer and don't say anything, Syd. I'm not in the mood for one of your fantasies again." says Jane.

"Jane, listen to me. Ricki is coming here tonight to pick up her stuff. If you just hang around for a little while, you will see that I wasn't lying about her." replies Sydney.

"Oh stop it." snaps Jane angrily. "Look, Jake and I aren't seeing each other anymore. I broke it off. You did it. You won. You ruined my relationship with him, just like you've ruined all my other relationships. So there is no need to go on with this ludicrous charade any longer." retorts Jane.

"Wait, so you and Jake aren't seeing each other anymore? Well, can't say that I'm not surprised. I mean sooner or later Jake was going to find out that you only design clothes with sex appeal to compensate for the fact that you don't have any." retorts Sydney in retaliation because she is tired of Jane's constant put downs and accusations.

"You know what. I think I've lost my thirst. I'm out of here." replies Jane.

Sydney is proud of her snide remark at first, but soon realizes that she needs Jane to believe her about Ricki so that maybe she'll help her out.

"No wait, Jane. I'm sorry, okay? It's just that I've really been under a lot of stress lately. But I really need you right now. You're my sister. And I'm real sorry about what I just said. Let me make it up to you." Sydney goes to the bar and grabs a draft beer from the bartender and takes it back over to Jane's table.

"Here you go, Jane. This beer is on me." says Sydney.

"No Syd." Jane takes the beer and pours it over Sydney's head. Everyone else at the bar stops what they are doing and looks over at the scene these two just caused. "Now it's on you," says Jane, as she puts the glass on the counter and leaves.

Sydney goes over and grabs some napkins from behind the counter and starts to wipe the beer off of her face and her shirt. As she is doing that, somebody from the back of the bar comes up to her and startles her when she starts talking.

"I knew she was a bitch. See, I told you that she doesn't deserve you for a sister."

Sydney turns around after wiping the beer out of her eyes and sees Ricki standing in front of her.

"Hello Syd. I came here to get my things." says Ricki.

"Ricki? You do realize that you could have saved me that whole embarrassment just now if you would have been here 5 minutes ago," replies Sydney.

"But I was here. You just didn't see me," replies Ricki.

"So you hid out and you conveniently waited until my sister and Jake both left before you let your presence be known. If either one would have just seen you here, they would have known I wasn't lying last night and my relationship with both would have greatly improved." says Sydney.

"But I'm always around, Sydney. I've been watching you for a while, now. You just haven't been looking for me hard enough" replies a smiling Ricki.

"See I knew it. It was you in my apartment last night, wasn't it?" Sydney asks.

"I swear I don't know what you are talking about." replies Ricki.

"Don't play stupid with me, Ricki. If it wasn't you, then just who was it that deleted your message off my answering machine before Jake and Jane had a chance to hear it? The tooth fairy?" says Sydney in an annoyed and sarcastic tone.

"Well it wasn't me. I haven't been in your apartment. But I just as easily could have been. Syd, you are obviously going through a really difficult challenge in your life right now. You don't need shallow people like Jake and your bitchy sister Jane bringing you down. You need your real family who support you and love you to help you rise and overcome these challenges. People like Martin and me."

"Yeah, right. Martin loves me so much that he locked me in a hole over night." replies Sydney.

"That was for your own good, Sydney. We can help you in ways other people won't. As a matter of fact, we don't let people like Jane humiliate a family member like what she did to you just now." Sydney looks at Ricki in awe. "Don't worry, Syd. She'll pay for it. Your sister has brought you a lot of pain and embarrassment. She's turned your whole building against you and stole Jake. She'll pay for it with a lot of pain." Ricki replies in a nasty tone.

"I don't want her to pay, alright?" Sydney grabs the box with Ricki's things in it and shoves it into Ricki's chest. "Just take your crap, and stay the hell out of my life. That goes for your sick boyfriend Martin too. I don't want any part of your sick twisted bigamy life style."

Ricki takes the box and just smiles back at Sydney with a wicked grin. "Fine Syd, but this isn't all my stuff. There is one more thing that's not in that box. I can't leave until all my family is with me, and that includes you."

"Just leave me alone, alright?"

"Sorry Syd, but I care about you too much to just sit by and watch people like Jane continue to bring you down. When the time is right, I will make things all better for you. You'll see."

Ricki laughs and walks out of the bar with her stuff, leaving Sydney there staring at her and wondering whether or not Ricki was really in her apartment the previous night and if she means it about coming after Jane.