Hate of The Sharingan.

A/N: This my entry for dracohalo117's Naruto hates Yondaime challenge. This is a fic where Naruto has the Sharingan with hopefully a non-cliche explanation. Set at the beginning of Naruto. The pairings are Naruto/Temari, Naruto/Fem Kyuubi & Naruto/Mei. I hope you enjoy this fic. Read & Review on your point of view for any problems.

Chapter 1.

Naruto was sitting on the swing outside of the academy watching the sullenly as the other children who passed the genin graduation exam were picked up by their parents.

"I see the demon brat didn't pass the exam, it would have been a disaster if it did." said one parent to another after a quick glance in his direction.

Several minutes later after the parents had left. A silver haired teacher from the academy appeared in front of the blond. His name was Mizuki, he carried several fuuma shruiken on his back but other wise wore a standard shinobi outfit with blue pants, black shirt, olive vest & blue headband with the leaf symbol.

"Naruto, I'm so sorry you didn't pass. Normally I wouldn't tell anyone this but there is another way to become a genin." Mizuki said crouching down in front of the boy.

"What do you mean, there's another way?" Naruto asked looking up with hope in his eyes.

"Well you see, there is this other test to become a genin. You see if you steal the Forbidden Scroll, you can become a genin. But you can't get caught and you have to meet me at Training ground 7 by 7 o'clock, OK. Think you can do that, Naruto?" Mizuki asked with a hidden smirk.

"Yeah, I can do that. I painted the Hokage monuments in broad daylight and no-one caught me." Naruto said grinning.

"OK, I'll see you then Naruto." Mizuki said walking away.

Naruto sat there for another five minutes thinking about what he was going to do about what he was told by Mizuki. Finally he stood up and began walking away in the direction of the Hokage's Tower. Walking up several flights of stairs he reached the floor of the Hokage's office. Opening the door slightly to make sure he wasn't interrupting anything he looked in. There wasn't anyone in the room other than the Hokage. He walked in, shut the door behind him and did a privacy jutsu.

"Hey Old Man, Mizuki-sensei is trying to steal the Forbidden scroll by tricking me after causing me to fail today." Naruto announced bluntly.

"Are you sure about this, Naruto-kun?" the Hokage said peering at him from in between stacks of paperwork.

"Yeah, he came to me after school and told me about a 'secret test', can I borrow the scroll to set up a trap by making it look like I stole the scroll?" the 12 year old said.

"What kind of trap are you thinking of?" asked the Hokage standing up.

"The kind that kills traitors like him." Naruto said activating the Sharingan turning his eyes red with 3 tomoe in each eye.

"OK, do what you must. If you can do this you will become a genin & be placed on a team with Sasuke Uchiha & Sakura Haruno under Kakashi Hatake. To help with the Sharingan that he will develop." the Hokage said pulling out his pipe.

"It will be done. I'll be dropping the mask as of tomorrow when I become a genin." Naruto said in a monotone voice while deactivating his Sharingan and walking out of the room.

Several hours later.

Naruto sat in the clearing thinking about how absurdly easy it was to steal the Forbidden Scroll he had read through it & found a letter from the Yondaime to him. Thinking about what it said made his blood boil with hate.


Looking down at the scroll he saw his name with a seal underneath it. Pumping chakra into the seal an envelope popped out with his name on the front.

Opening it he began to read.

Dear Naruto,

If you are reading this then you know about the Kyuubi being sealed inside of you & that I am your father. I am truly sorry that I had to seal the Kyuubi in you, knowing that the council would lie to your mother & tell her you were dead. Her name was Kushina Uzumaki & she was beautiful beyond anything else. In a seal at the bottom of this scroll are two of my original jutsu, the Rasengan & the Hiraishin, however there is a seal on the Hiraishin scroll stopping you from reading it until you are 18 or a jounin. I have left all of my possessions to you in hopes they will bring you some measure of comfort. I sealed the Kyuubi into you because I knew you would be able to control it with the Sharingan that you inherited from your mother & because you were my son.

Love from your Father,

Minato Namikaze, Yondaime Hokage.

Acting quickly he unsealed the scrolls & resealed them into a scroll pulled from the pouch attached to his hip. Charging up chakra he began to pound some trees until they were completely demolished successfully venting his anger.

"I hate that fucker for ruining my life" he yelled "But I understand his reasons for doing it." Naruto muttered under his breath.

Looking around he decided to wait for Mizuki under the trees & look like he was exhausted so that he would be underestimated. Jumping up he landed on one of the lowest branches of the tree. Laying down he rested his head on the scroll & drifted off to sleep.

End Flashback.

2 hours later.

The blond woke up from his nap completely refreshed. Looking around he began to practice the Shadow Clone for the benefit of any observers he screwed up a hell of a lot. After he got it right Iruka appeared in the clearing.

"Naruto what are you doing with the Forbidden Scroll?" Iruka yelled at him seeing it on the boys back.

"Mizuki-sensei told me that if I took this scroll from the Hokage's tower I would become a genin." Naruto said smiling.

"Mizuki lied Naruto. You don't become a genin after taking that scroll." Iruka yelled walking towards the blond boy.

"Well isn't this a surprise, the dumb school teacher and the village's most hated person. Hey Naruto do you want to hear why all the villagers hate you?" Mizuki said cackling insanely.

"Mizuki you can't its Forbidden." Iruka yelled.

"Like that scroll is Forbidden. Any way, Naruto, YOU ARE THE NINE-TAILED FOX!" Mizuki shouted.

"I've known about the fox being sealed inside of me since I was six years old. The time Itachi Uchiha started teaching me how to defend myself & started teaching me how to use my Sharingan." Naruto said activating it.

"How do you have the Sharingan you aren't an Uchiha?" Mizuki said backing away.

"I inherited it because a rogue Uchiha raped my grandmother passing it onto my mother. Now kindly die for attempting to steal the Forbidden Scroll, breaking the Sandaime's Law & interfering with my genin exam." Naruto said as a katana appeared in his hand with a puff of smoke.

"Ha you can't kill me brat your not even a genin and I'm a chuunin." Mizuki said starting to laugh as he started spinning one of his fuuma shruiken preparing to throw it.

"Well, we will find out won't we." Naruto said creating a few shadow Clones with katanas of their own.

Mizuki threw the fuuma shruiken at Naruto & a few meters before impact Iruka appeared in front of the speeding projectile and was hit instead.

"You fool, why did you do that?" Naruto asked.

"Because I hated you for your burden & this is my way of saying sorry." Iruka panted out.

While this was being said Naruto's clones began attacking the silver haired shinobi. They swiped with their katanas displaying incredible teamwork forcing the chuunin to use a substitution with a log. The clones started chasing after the traitor in an effort to kill him. After several minutes of being chased Mizuki was captured and decapitated. Seeing that the target was dead they dispelled themselves.

(With Naruto & Iruka)

"Naruto for learning that technique I want you to -" Iruka began but was interrupted.

" - have our headband and become a genin. Right." Naruto finished. "I arranged it with the Old Man that if I killed Mizuki-sensei, I would become a genin & besides I am dropping the mask to hide my strength."

"OK, well I suppose we had better drop the scroll off with the Hokage & get me to the hospital." Iruka said pushing him self up off the ground in front of Naruto.

15 minutes later in the Hokage's office.

"Mission completed Old Man." Naruto announced walking into the office with Iruka leaning heavily on him.

"Good work Naruto-kun. Here you are." the Hokage said handing Naruto a headband "You are now a genin."

"Old Man, we need to talk privately about something could you please get an ANBU to take Iruka-sensei to the hospital." Naruto said seriously pulling out a letter from his back pouch.

"OK, seeing that letter I know what you want to talk about is important & secret. ANBU please escort Mr Umino to the hospital to be treated for his injuries." the aged man let out a sigh after taking several nervous puffs of his pipe.

An ANBU wearing a dog mask with silver spiky hair appeared grabbed Iruka & disappeared with a shunshin.

"Why did you hide my father's identity from me?" Naruto burst out after applying a secrecy jutsu.

"Because if your father's enemies found out about your existence they would send huge numbers to assassinate you." the Hokage sighed.

"Well a decent answer is my mother really dead or did you lie about that too." Naruto said scathingly.

"No, she's alive but I don't know where she is, she disappeared after leaving Konoha thinking you were dead along with your father." the Hokage said.

"Well I'm dropping the Uzumaki surname & I'll be going by just my first name. See you whenever Hokage-sama." Naruto said disabling the privacy jutsu and walking out of the door.

The Next Morning at 9 o'clock.

Naruto walked into the academy room ready to get his team assignment. He now wore a completely different outfit. He wore a black long sleeved muscle shirt, black pants with a dragon with red scales going up on the right leg he also wore a cloak that reached up to mid thigh. It had a hood and a similar dragon riding up the right arm, several buckles held the top part of the cloak together. He carried several kunai and shruiken puches on his legs. Instead of the traditional shinobi sandals, he wore black steel toed combat boots. Sword handles showed over the tops of his shoulders.

He looked around and saw that all the clan heirs were there as well as some people from civilain families. He saw the Emo-king Sasuke Uchiha sitting all by himself brooding. He decided sitting near him would bring trouble, so he sat at the back near Shino Aburame, who sat silently.

After 5 minutes which contained a screaming match between the pink and blond presidents of the fangirl club over who would sit next to the emo-king, Iruka walked in.

"OK, WILL YOU BRATS SHUT UP & SIT DOWN." shouted the chuunin gaining a huge head.

The class shut up and sat down, preparing to hear the team assignments.

"Team 7 is Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno -"

"Take that Ino-pig. True love prevails, CHA!" Sakura inteerupted.

"- & Naruto -"

"I dropped the last name because it isn't mine." Naruto interrupted in a monotone.

"OK, So team 7 is under Kakashi Hatake. Team 8 is Hinata Hyuuga, Kiba Inuzuka & Shino Aburame under Kurenai Yuuhi. Team 9 is still active from last year & Team 10 is Ino Yamanaka, Shikamaru Nara & Choji Akimichi under Asuma Sarutobi. The jounin will arrive shortly. I hope you all become successful shinobi. Good Luck.."

Kurenai & Asuma walk in with other random jounin & collect their teams. Naruto pulls out a water balloon and with his right hand began the process of trying to burst the balloon by spinning the water with his chakra. Sasuke was staring out the window aimlessly and Sakura was staring at Sasuke with hearts in her eyes.

2 hours & 1 popped water balloon later.

"WHERE IS HE & WHY IS HE SO LATE?" the pink banshee scream for the fifth time.

"Kakashi is known throughout Konoha for his tardiness. He will be here in another hour or in 3 … 2 … 1 ..."

"Are you team 7? From first looks I hate you. Meet me one the roof in a minute."Kakashi says opneing the door and after finishing he shunshins away.

Naruto shunshins away in a breeze of wind. Sasuke and Sakura trudge to the door with Sasuke thinking 'what is that technique & why don't I an elite Uchiha know it.'

On the Roof.

Naruto appears in a blast of falling leaves.

"Impressive the shunshin at such a young age." Kakashi says looking at him with a wide eye.

The door opens allowing the banshee and the king of emos out onto the roof. Naruto leans against a rail and everyone else sits on benches.

"OK, everyone tell me your names, likes, dislikes, hobbies and dreams." Kakashi says leaning back.

"Can't you tell us about yourself first to give us an example." the pink-haired howler monkey says.

"OK, I'm Kakashi Hatake, my likes you don't need to know, my dislikes the things I don't like, my hobbie is reading & you don't need to know my dream." Kakashi sighs.

"OK, I'll go next. I'm Kakashi Hatake, I like Makeout Paradise, I don't like women who want to burn Makeout Paradise & my hobbie is reading Makeout Paradise & my dream is to work with the writer of Makeout Paradise on a book." Naruto says transforming into Kakashi.

"OK, that's creepy that you know so much about me. Actually do yours now." Kakashi says sweatdropping.

"OK, my name is Naruto, I like learning new jutsu, reading the Makeout Paradise series that I borrow from the Hokage. I dislike most of the village, I despise the Council & the Yondaime. My hobbie is ruining the councils lives, burning things & going into the Forest of Fun a.k.a the Forest of Death. My dream is to kill the council members that told my mother that I was dead, meet my mother & actually own the Makeout Paradise series." Naruto says his tone turning frigid enough to freeze an iceberg when mentioning the council.

"You next Pinky." Kakashi says pointing at Sakura.

"My name is Sakura Haruno. I like -" Looks at Sasuke and giggles. "I don't like Ino and Naruto. My hobbie is" looks at Sasuke and giggles some more "My dream is-" squeals looking at Sasuke.

"Next the brooder." Kakashi pointing at Brooder McFag.

"I am Sasuke Uchiha, I like barely anything, I dislike nearly everything, my hobbie is training & my ambition is to kill a certain man." the emo king announces.

"OK, meet me at training ground 7 tommorow at 7 for the real genin exam & don't eat any breakfast." Kakashi says waving before shunshining away.

The Next Morning at 10 o'clock.


"Yo." said Kakashi after appearing in a swirl of leaves.

"YOU'RE LATE." She yelled.

"Can you turn your volume to 10 not 1000, I'm trying to eat here." Naruto says from within the tree eating a bowl of ramen.

"OK, your test is to get these bells from me before the timer goes off at noon." Kakashi says setting the timer down on a log.

"Time starts now!" he shouts. "Um, are you going to hide or what?" he asks Naruto who was still in the tree eating.

"Yeah after I finish my mid-morning snack." Naruto says receiving a sweat drop from Kakashi.

Five minutes later Sasuke appears in front of Kakashi, launching a barrage of kicks & punches at the jounin.

"Ninja skill 1: Taijutsu." Kakashi says blocking with one hand and reading with the other.

"OK, I'm finished my food now. I might as well help the Uchiha against his stronger opponent." Naruto announces dropping out of the tree & drawing one of his swords from over his shoulder.

He swung it in a diagonal arch at Kakashi's shoulder, splitting a log in half after the jounin did a substitution. Kakashi appeared out of the trees with a kunai in his hand instead of his porn.

"Fire Style: Grand Fireball Jutsu." Sasuke announced after performing several handseals.

"Wind Style: Great Breakthrough." Naruto called spitting out a ball of compressed air performing several half seals.

This caused the already large ball of air to become even bigger and stronger. They spread out trying to cover the whole field knowing that he had escaped the blast.

"Earth Style: Inner Decapitation Jutsu." Kakashi called dragging Sasuke into the ground up to his chin. "Good work you two that blast almost had me."

"Now, let's see if you can keep up with my true speed." Naruto announced disappearing.

Sparks could be seen appearing almost at the same time in different places. Sakura watched on in fear of the clash spreading. Sasuke watched with wide eyes. Suddenly the sparks stopped flying as the pair appeared locked in a battle of strength.

"Good work, Kakashi. It's clear why you were an ANBU captain. Now let's see if you can keep up if I take my weights off." Naruto said grinning while one hand removed the weights creating 2 foot craters.

Kakashi's eye widen & he lifted his forehead protector to uncover the Sharingan in his left eye. Sparks began to fly again & several Naruto clones appeared. One of the clones freed Sasuke and directed him to Sakura. The rest of the clones began attacking Kakashi as well forcing him to pull out another kunai. As he saw his clones taking care off Kakashi, Naruto walked out of the fight.

"Kakashi, I'm glad you uncovered your Sharingan because I have a surprise of my own. Here is my Sharingan." Naruto announced activating his three tomoed Sharingan.

Kakashi began sweating in fear knowing that between the speed and the Sharingan, he was at a severe disadvantage. Taking out several clones by breaking their necks he began to concoct a plan to neutralise the threat that Naruto posed. Suddenly the timer rang, the clones dispelled, Sasuke & Sakura appeared from the bushes.

"Well team you fail, seeing as you didn't get the bells. Naruto, how do you have the Sharingan?" Kakashi asked dusting himself off before realizing that the bells were missing. "Where did the bells go?"

"I got them just after I activated my Sharingan. As for me having the Sharingan, a rogue Uchiha raped my grandmother & my mother inherited it. This is one of the best editions Kakashi, you're lucky." Naruto explained while reading Kakashi's porn.

"Well you still fail but I may give you a second chance. Naruto can I please have my book back?" Kakashi asks.

"Wait a minute. They can have the bells & I'll fight you to first blood to actually pass." Naruto said closing the book tossing it to Kakashi while throwing the bells behind him to the fangirl & the gay boy.

"Well, team you pass!" Kakashi announced eye smiling with his Sharingan covered up.

Sakura & Sasuke sweatdropped. Naruto smirked and pulled out a rubber ball to do chakra control practice.

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