And Through it all He Wears a Smile

His real name isn't Mr Universe. Sometimes he forgets that. People have been calling him Mr Universe for so long now that he can barely recall his real name. Something about needing a figurehead of sorts, he figures. A beacon of light in the otherwise dark 'verse, guiding their way. And he's happy to oblige. Mr Universe implies all the things that he is greatest at: scouring the universe and finding information not easily gained by most. It suggests that he is knowledgeable about nearly everything and that he is the man to go to when you have a problem.

He does his part, plays his role, and through it all he wears a smile. The cortex is his playground and his domain and it's nice to be recognised for what he is good at. The one thing he doesn't like is that nobody seems to realise or care how lonely a job it is. Lenora, his love bot, is one thing, but sometimes he craves real human contact. It's a hard and yet sweet life helping people with his skills, and living vicariously through others.