Give and Take

"Dear Diary. Today I was kidnapped by hill folk, never to be seen again. It was the best day ever." Jayne snapped the journal closed and smirking, he began to collect more of Simon's belongings. There were so many items that were all rich and fanciful and the opposite of what most out in the black would ever consider paying good cashy money for. Even so, some of Simon's stuff looked all right. Useable at the very least.

There were some shirts, too dressy for Jayne's taste, but soft and probably well suited to bringing in the ladies; Jayne grabbed one of those. There was a mobile device that refused to connect to the cortex; he tossed that aside. Several other odd bits and pieces caught his attention, but most of the stuff was useless.

It really was astonishing that the pretty boy had stuck around for so long.

When he was satisfied he had all there was to offer that would be of use to him, Jayne swaggered out the door with his stash, glancing each way quickly as he exited the room to ensure none of the crew saw him. It was clear. He hurried to his room.


Later, after they rescued Simon and River, he dumped the bag he'd filled with Simon's belongings back on Simon's bed when he was sure no one was looking. When he returned to his quarters though, someone was waiting for him. For some reason, the moonbrained girl had climbed inside. She was sitting on his bed, her legs swinging back and forth, hands positioned on either side of where she sat. "What the-"

"Hi," she said.

Jayne frowned. It was eerie when River said anything approaching normal. It concerned him. "What are you doing in my gorram bunk?"

"What were you doing with Simon's gorram things?" she returned, giving him a wicked grin.


River pushed off from his bed, smiling, and glided across to him. She moved slowly around him, not taking her eyes off him, occasionally sliding her hands against his sides and he watched her too. She kept moving until he shook his head, and jumped to one side, away from her.

"Forgot this," she replied sweetly, lifting an expensive looking watch into the air. "Simon's favourite."

Jayne grunted out a protest, but could think of no comeback that would not dig him into deeper ground. It was a battle lost. "Go on!" he said. "Get! Out of my room!"

River giggled as she started up the ladder. "I won't tell," she whispered, and then she was gone.

Jayne sighed and mourned the loss of his new watch.