Chapter 1


On a dark, stormy night stood two solemn men gazing out at the horrid nights sky contemplating something, something horrific from their main office.
"3 Victims now..." sighed one of the men who had extremely big mutton-chops. "We've got to stop this fiend before it gets out of control..."
"I couldn't agree more, Sir..." said the other man as lightning flickered in the distance. Both men then fell silent and stared even more solemnly at the nights sky. As they stared out, in the distance they could hear footsteps getting progressively louder. What started as a simple walk became a more hurried one and then it stopped and a firm knock on the office door.
"Come in..." cried a voice and the person soon obliged.
"Sorry Chief Inspector...but I'm sorry to report this..." said the person as someone else came into the office.
"Frederick..." said the other voice solemnly to the mutton-chopped man.
"What is it, Walter?" asked the mutton-chopped man who was indeed Chief Inspector Frederick Abberline. "Spit it out!" he then commanded.
"We've found another one,'s definitely one of his!"came the reply from a pale looking Walter Andrews. Silence filled the room as the shock of it all dominated everyone's thoughts.
"Two in one night?" questioned the man standing next to Abberline.
"It's a taunt..." sighed Abberline. "You know that Henry...why else would he do it?"
"Because he takes pleasure in it all..." said an angry Henry Moore. All the men in the office still couldn't believe what had happened and Chief Inspector Abberline knew what had to be done.
"Right men..." he said. "4 victims...he's going to be stopped! I will assure you that...Our hunt begins..."


With everyone now ready and changed, the TARDIS crew embarked out onto the Whitechapel pathing and slowly walked around absorbing in every fine detail. River held her Diary close to her at all times to ensure they followed her entry as closely as possible.
"We're almost there..." she said as the four walked slowly around the eerie night they had landed on. In the distance, they could hear a commotion and quickly made their way. When they arrived, they saw a body lying on the ground covered as best it could by Policemen. Amy caught sight of the body and was deeply horrified by it.
"Oh my God..." she said. "It's one of his..."
"Most certainly..." added the Doctor. Rory just looked away as the sight of the body was too much for him and Amy needed definite comforting at this stage. None of them had seen though that River had carried on walking without them and when they realised, they heard distant screams.
"It's another one..." said Rory. "He's got another..." and soon the Doctor, Amy and himself went off in the direction of the screams. When they eventually arrived, they found an even more horrific sight than the one they'd just found. There looking on was River.
"Doctor..." she said. "It's Eddowes...Catherine Eddowes. It's the double-killing night...this is the 30th of September 1888..."
"So she was victim number 4..." sighed the Doctor. "One more before the 'Big 5' have been got then..."
"It would appear so..." replied River. As they all took in what had just happened and more Policemen came to block off the area, Rory was certain that he saw someone suspicious lurking in the distance. They shrouded themselves in the little light of the night and slowly began moving further back as Rory looked in the direction of them.
"Who's that?" asked Amy.
"No idea..." replied Rory. The Doctor soon latched onto the conversation.
"Who's what?" he asked.
"Them over there..." replied Amy. "Who is it?" The three of them then looked at the person in the fading light when River noticed in her Diary.
"It's him!" she announced louder than she meant to. "It's him!" Nearby people then all looked in the direction of the shrouded person who quickly began to move further back and then began to run away.
"That's Jack the Ripper?" said Amy shocked.
"I think so!" replied the Doctor cheerily and soon the chase was on. Policemen and the four TARDIS occupants were all chasing the figure and most certainly, the hunt for Jack the Ripper was on...

As the shrouded figure kept running and running and people who lined the impoverished streets were too weak to help try and stop them, the chasers were most certainly on the back front. Soon, the cavalcade of the Doctor, River, Amy, Rory and the Policemen all charging after the figure came steaming through but in a large area littered with alleyways and other little areas to hide, they'd all lost him.
"That's just typical..." sighed the Doctor as he regained his breath. "You see the murderer, and then you don't...MAGIC!"
"So, was that definitely Jack the Ripper?" asked Amy who was equally exhausted.
"No idea..." panted the Doctor.
"Even if it is, we can't catch them..." said River who seemed perfectly ok and not at all out of breath.
"And why's that?" asked Rory who was breathing heavily.

"Because we've still got to have the final killing of the 'Big 5'." she replied ominously. "Events like this as the Doctor would tell you must happen..."
"Indeed..." agreed the Doctor. "Jack the Ripper is one of these events in history where the big moments are pivotal...change them and who knows what will change..."
"So, we've got to let another woman die?" asked Amy who wasn't keen on the idea in the slightest.
"I'm afraid so..." replied the Doctor. "Mary Jane Kelly, who will be the next victim has to die before we can get anywhere near Jack..." and with that, the Doctor walked back in the direction of the TARDIS.
"Where are you going?" asked Rory as his voice echoed all around.
"To the Police the Man in charge of the Investigation!" replied the Doctor.
"Couldn't we just walk?" inquired River.
"Yes, but I want to arrive in style!" smiled the Doctor as he went further out of sight. Soon, River and Rory began making their way while Amy thought she saw the shrouded figure from earlier in the distance. She peered round but then there was nothing.
"Strange..." she muttered to herself before joining the others. But as the TARDIS quartet left from out of view, a woman came into the little light that remained. Her friend asked what the matter was.
"They said my name..." she replied. "That man said I'm going to die..."
"Mary, he could have been on about anyone..." comforted her friend.
"But there can't be many Mary Jane Kelly's, can there? He means me..." replied Mary Jane Kelly ominously as faintly in the distance there was a whirring noise and the wind began to blow litter everywhere..."Something terrible is about to happen..." said a scared Mary as she then fled in fear for her life.