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Faded Poems and Broken Violins

Chapter One:

Of Realization and Searching

Some people just don't realize something right in front of them
Sometimes we only learn what we had,
When it's gone.
And sometimes
We never look for it.


It was a boring Friday afternoon, and I was stuck in school, making matters much worse. I had nothing to do, and I was stuck in a boring class, my teacher droning on and on with a stupid lecture that we've all heard at least a couple of million times. I sighed and looked across the room, spying on my all time crush, Hotori Tadase. He looked so cute and innocent, just staring at the teacher. His platinum blonde hair always shined in the sun light, his ruby red eyes shining with that bright spark he held.

Look at me, Hinamori Amu, the Cool N Spicy girl, fantasizing about Hotori Tadase, the Princely boy. I'm way in over my head. I could never be with a guy like that. Tadase-kun's always so nice to everyone while I'm just.. well, how do I put it? I'm selfish, stubborn, and self centered. Plus, I'm such a dork.. I write poetry and stories while he takes on such huge responsibilities about our school. All I do is watch my little sister Ami.

But I can't help it. He's so.. charming.

"Hinamori Amu!" my teacher yelled out. My heart stammered and pounded in my chest.

"Yes, sensei?" I asked, using my exterior character.

"I asked you a question, and I don't plan on repeating it, Miss Hinamori," my teacher said, a bit of edge in his voice. I was inwardly screaming for help, quietly dying of embarrassment.

"Sorry, sensei," I began, looking out the window, brushing my hair off of my shoulder, "I wasn't paying attention."

I heard my classmates whisper about me. I felt the Prince's piercing gaze land on me. I couldn't take it. I was screaming and freaking out so much inside.

Finally, the bell rang, and I rushed outside, ready to be on my way home. I ran into the Prince by accident, and he fell to the ground. Cue the inward freak-out.

"Oh, I'm sorry," he apologized to me. I stared down at him with a blank expression, making sure I kept up my stupid "Cool N Spicy" stereotype. I was still at school, after all.

"Watch out where you're going next time, shorty."

I walked away, my bag slung over my shoulder. I glared ahead, just wanting to get home. What a tiring day.

When I reached a park beyond the school grounds, I let out a sigh. I went through my bag, grabbing a white and black notebook from inside. It had white and black stars everywhere, and it said NOTES on the cover. On the inside covers, it was green with white polka dots. On the inside pages.. they held every single thing I had ever written. I reached in my bag, pulling out a regular ball point pen, filled with black ink. I slung my bag back over my shoulder, walking onto a busy street's side walk.

Next to me was a tall man with dark midnight blue hair and sapphire eyes. I look a quick glance at him, my eyes darting back away so quickly that it made me a bit dizzy. I didn't want to get caught. What an interesting looking person though. Blue hair. I wonder if it's natural. I'm one to talk though. Bubblegum pink hair, and honey golden eyes? That's not common at all either.

Red light.

We all began to walk. The man bumped into me. I glared up at him.

"Hey, watch it," I growled lightly, exterior character taking over once again. He looked down at me. His eyes screamed boredom, but something felt off.

He was..

"..Sorry," a voice like velvet and honey.

Breath taking.

Eyebrows raised. Eyes wider.

"What are you thinking, you perverted kid? Don't go around getting any strange ideas now."

"Nothing, you perverted old man!"

And so it begins.

I'm going to scare off inspiration. Yet again.


He rolled his sapphire eyes.

He's playing games.

"Oh, shut up," I snapped back, briskly walking away from him. He walked up behind me. I turned back around.

"Are you some sort of stalker?"

Oh, just great. Here I go again.

"You wish."

A gagging sensation arose.

What a perverted guy.

"Leave me alone," I said, trying to walk away, but he walked forward, and we collided. Again.

"Ugh, just get out of my way!" I yelled in frustration, storming off.

I found my way home, avoiding that Blue Stalker. I sighed and opened up the door to my house, yelling a brief, "I'm home!" as I stepped inside, slipping off my shoes. I received a few welcome homes from my parents, and a shrill "wewcome home swis!" from my baby sister. I walked upstairs, throwing my bag on my bed and closing the door. I plopped on my bed, searching my bag for my book.

It wasn't there.

"Oh my God," I gasped.

He has it.

Normal POV

As the midnight haired boy reached his home, he skimmed some pages of the girl's book, quite interested what was in here.

"This Is For Hinamori Amu's Eyes Only. This Book Is Closed!" was written on the first page. He chuckled.

"Hinamori Amu, eh?"

"To Bare Arms"

A razor with a fine blade,
A girl with a problem.
This is what it all came down to.
She needed an escape,
this was her solution.
She sobbed and sobbed,
Not knowing where to turn to.
To cut, or not to cut?
The question raced through her mind.
She was so terrified.
This was her first time.
If she did this wrong
It would be her last time.
Releasing a shaky sigh
she pressed cold metal to her wrist.

She slid the blade
Flinching at the feeling.
This was her coping mechanism.
This was how she fought
the kids in the classroom
and the voices in her head.

He stopped walking, staring at the ink stained page.

A little girl like her.. writing about this?

It didn't make sense to him.

She was so full of life, so vibrant.

He remembered her lack of a smile.

Maybe she's just shy.. he reassured himself, continuing to walk to his home. He walked up to his room, putting the girl's notebook on his bed. He grabbed some homework, finally deciding to get his mind off of the pink haired girl.

"This is going to be a long night," he groaned to himself.

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