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Chapter 16


It was now Wednesday and Edward and I were headed to our second therapy session with Carmen. I had mixed emotions. The first session was extremely painful yet oddly helpful. Carmen helped me realize a lot about what was going on with Edward. I knew he was hurting, but I was so wrapped up in my own grief I wasn't able to see the extent of his pain. The sound of him sobbing in the bathroom while I laid in the bed unable to help him haunted me at times. I knew we had a lot to work on but I also knew we were both headed in the right direction.

Oddly enough, Edward seemed much more relaxed this week than he had in months. After our conversation on the couch last night, I had a feeling something was going on with James but I didn't ask. I didn't want to know. I wanted the Alistair family wiped out for what they did to our baby and to us but I didn't want the details. I knew my desires for revenge were wrong, but for some reason I didn't care. Maybe they just put me through too much over the years. I needed to know that I'd never have to worry about them again. Edward was taking care of that need just like always.

Carmen must have noticed Edward's good mood this morning also because she commented on it.

"I took your advice doc and I'm recognizing my anger and channeling it in the proper ways. Thank you for that." I think she was a little taken back by Edward's enthusiasm. I know I was. He just sat there and smiled.

Carmen proceeded to go over what we discussed during our last session and then asked me how I was feeling.

"I'm good." I mean, how many ways can I answer the same question I was constantly asked.

"Edward, how are you feeling?"

"I'm worried Bella doesn't want to enjoy life anymore" he responded. When did he turn all emo on me?

"Is that true Bella?" Carmen just stared at me and I sat there with my mouth hanging open. Was it true? I thought back to Jacob Black's comments about me seeming happy and realized it was. I just nodded my head.

"She's passing the bar exam this Friday and I know she doesn't want to celebrate, but I think she should." I loved Edward's confidence in me but I couldn't help but worry that it was misplaced. Cause results are the only reason you don't want a fuss made about you?

"Edward, it would be more beneficial to hear Bella's thoughts from her," Carmen tried to scold my husband. I wasn't putting up with that. The man just knew me too well.

"It's not like that doctor. Edward is just usually able to voice my thoughts better than I can sometimes. I'd like to think I do the same for him."

"Understood. How are you feeling about the bar results?"

"Well, I don't know if I passed so I don't want to have a party in case I didn't. But Edward's right, even if I do pass it doesn't feel right to celebrate." It just didn't.

"Bella, I can understand your apprehension with the unknown outcome of the exam, but you need to understand that even when dealing with death, life moves on around us. Sitting back and watching it pass by isn't going to help you heal. We're dealing with your grief in here but outside, life is still happening." I thought about what she said and it just didn't sit right with me. Carmen didn't give me time to argue.

"You both need to understand that even though you're not going to have a baby right now, you still have to find joy in life. Laugh at the funny things, crack jokes when the mood strikes, and cry when you're upset. Most of all, remind yourselves your baby never would have wanted its parents' spirits to die with her." Her words struck me hard. I sensed Edward reach out his hand and I grasped it in mine.

Carmen spent the rest of the session talking to us about dealing with our grief in constructive ways and reinforcing our need to continue living. I felt an odd sense of comfort when we got up to leave.

Edward had a lunch meeting and I needed to meet up with Esme at the house to go over more plans so he kissed me goodbye at the car and promised to be home in time for dinner.

I headed over the house with Rocco and Michael thinking about what Carmen said and came to the conclusion I would allow Alice's suggestion of a little get together at Edward's club if I passed the bar. Okay, Alice actually insisted but that's just Alice.

Esme and I quietly worked on plans for the house that afternoon. I could tell she was overly concerned about me but she didn't hover. After checking, I also noticed she had the nursery repainted white and the room left otherwise untouched. Her thoughtfulness touched me more than she ever could have known.

"Thank you Esme. I know where your son gets his heart." She looked down at me and smiled.

"I thought it would be best we start fresh when ready." I nodded my head in agreement.

I stopped by the hospital on the way home from the house to check on Alec. He'd finally woken from his coma but was still in really bad shape. He was sleeping while I was there so I left him his favorite cannolis and a note letting him know he was in my thoughts and prayers and that I missed him.

That night Edward came home for dinner with a smile on his face. The cuts I'd noticed on his knuckles from earlier in the week were starting to heal and he had a lighter air about him.

"What's gotten into you?" I was a little curious.

"Nothing my love, just taking Carmen's advice and enjoying the small pleasures in life." I just smiled at my husband and he grinned right back at me. We shared a nice dinner of lasagna and salad and just talked.

"This reminds me of the first night you invited me over to your place." I giggled thinking back. "God I wanted you so bad that night," Edward admitted with a smirk.

"Then take me now," the words were barely out of my mouth before Edward jumped from his seat and pushed the plates to the other side of the large table.

"I think I will." Edward move towards me as he roughly pulled off his tie and then picked me up and laid me on the table. I tried unbuttoning his shirt but couldn't seem to control my wanton hands long enough. Edward stepped back and removed his clothes in the blink of an eye. I admired his naked form, his perfect abs, his sculpted chest, those strong arms. Wow. Yeah, my man was all kinds of hot and he made me all sorts of horny. He began to slowly undress me as he started talking.

"I'm going to show you all the dirty little thoughts I had that night right now. Right here." I felt my panties leave my toes and two fingers were pushed inside my core. I laid naked on the dining room table my legs bent and parted as Edward stroked my insides with is fingers. His hot breath was on my clit and then his tongue was all over my sex.

"I wanted to lick your pussy Bella. I wanted my tongue to feel how wet I make you. I wanted so badly to taste you, eat you." I tried to respond but thinking and talking weren't important to me now. Edward took his free hand and pressed down on my hip and bit my clit while pumping his fingers in and out of me. I came. I came hard.

"Yeah baby, I wanted to watch you come for me." Edward pulled me closer to him as he removed his hands from my pussy and trailed my wetness up my body till he reached my hardened nipples. He squeezed and I could already feel my next orgasm approaching. He replaced his hands with is mouth and licked my tightened skin. I could feel Edward stroking his cock up against my slit and I desperately wanted more. I tried to cry out to him for more but I couldn't find the words. He was rubbing the head of his cock over my clit while he sucked on my breasts.

"I wanted to put myself so deep in you and just stay there, buried in your hot pussy," he grunted. My orgasm took hold and I tried to grab the table but found no purchase. My arms flailed around until I found his hair and I pulled.

"Fuck that feels. Fuck," he shouted and he slammed into me while I tried to ride out my orgasm but instead felt another wave of pleasure course through my body as he entered me. Edward began pounding into my center while he wrapped both his arms under my mine and around my shoulders and pulled me even deeper onto him.

"Edward. Edward." At least I think I shouted his name coherently.

"That's right baby. That's what I wanted to hear as I took you. So tight." I could feel him starting to lose control as his rhythm became erratic and his thrusts deeper and harder. He then pulled me up to him with his arms as he thrust into me a few more times. The change in position caused him to slam into me even deeper and hit my g-spot with each pass. I grabbed on to him and bucked my hips toward him as I let myself come undone all around him. I felt Edward still and then lower me back onto the table as he fell down on top of me. It took a few minutes for us to regain our breathing while I clung to my husband in bliss.

"I need to make lasagna more often." I felt my husband chuckle against my neck in response. He eventually picked me up and sent me to the shower while he insisted on cleaning up dinner and the broken plates that scattered the floor after being knocked off the table during our love making.

"I love you Edward" I said as I snuggled into his chest that night and drifted off to sleep.

"You're everything Bella."

The rest of the week was good. Plans were coming together at the house and I had lunch with Rose to try to thank her for her help during my dark times. Of course she wouldn't listen to a word I said until I started to get upset. Rose always brushed off my thanks but I need her to understand how much she really helped me, how much she means to me.

"Bella, I only did what you would have done if the situation was reversed" was her response. I couldn't really argue with that, I'd do anything for her. I did notice she had a gorgeous new Louis Vuitton hand bag and matching shoes. She laughed when I commented on them.

"Your husband," she said as she rolled her eyes. "Yeah, I'll accept his gratitude." Figures. Edward and Rose had their own way with each other. He asked her to do things for us out of concern for me and she accepted pretty gifts as thanks knowing they both understood she would have done anything for us anyway. If only we had the same shoe size.


My wife is a genius. After a rather upsetting therapy session in which Carmen made Bella realize it was okay to smile again I met with Mistress Lucy and her "girls". Don't ask. That's what I was told to call her and that's what she called the two gay guys that were with her.

I'm man enough to admit Mistress Lucy scared me a little. She was a pretty enough woman with forearms that would make Madonna jealous. She had a harshness about her that I could tell she used to her advantage. Following along with her were Joe and Roy. To say they were in any way ashamed of being gay would have been telling the lie of the century. Mistress Lucy showed up to my office in a black leather mini dress while Roy and Joe wore matching track suits. Roy in red and Joe in blue. They also had on matching berets patterning the US flag.

I had no problem with the choices people made as long as I didn't need to be involved. This trio, they took the cake. Mistress Lucy was, according to Jenks, "gifted in the art of giving pain" while Roy and Joe were "blessed with having the ability to humiliate people." They were a perfect team for what I planned.

I had lunch catered in my office and I explained what I wanted. James. Abused by a women, humiliated by men, beaten down physically and mentally. Broken. After speaking with Bella I'd briefly thought about calling in Rose to come beat the piss out of James. Actually, I'd thought about checking with Bella to see if she wanted to participate but I knew in my heart as much as she wanted revenge on James and his family, she was too good and innocent to participate. She ultimately wanted a sense of peace and I was determined to give her that. Enticing her with participating in her revenge would only lead to her regretting her decisions down the road and I wanted to avoid that at all costs. My sweet girl just didn't have it in her and to be honest, that was part of the reason I loved her. She was still my little innocent.

After talking with Emmett I realized Rose may appreciate the gesture but she wasn't the kick ass type unless necessary. Emmett told me he'd let Rose know what happened to James and that she'd get more satisfaction out of his humiliation than she would out of beating his ass herself.

So here we sat discussing the plan while we enjoyed a high protein vegan meal. It tasted like shit but I knew Bella was cooking pasta for dinner so I acted like everything was right with the world.

"Is he a willing participant?" Mistress Lucy inquired.

"Not by any means," I responded. This didn't seem to bother her.

"Oh snap, you go girlfriend." I looked over and saw Roy and Joe giving each other the most feminine high five I'd ever witnessed in my life. "We gonna have some fun" they shouted and then air kissed each other's cheeks. Apparently they enjoyed unwilling participants. Mistress Lucy looked over and they immediately stopped talking and well, moving to be honest. They just sat there staring at the floor. I did mention the chick frightened me right?

"Here's a list of things we like. Look them over and mark off the ones you object to." I took the list. "I understand if you don't want any permanent scars or marks," she finished. I laughed.

"No, that doesn't bother me. Plelase, feel free." I looked down at the list and saw shit that made my balls retreat up into my body. Fire play, electric shock therapy, cutting, whipping, knifing. The list went on and on. It was perfect.

Now that James was through the worst of his detox and surprisingly still alive, the regular beatings didn't excite me like they should have. I wanted something more. Something to break him before I killed him because his death wasn't enough for me anymore. Beaten, abuse, raped and made to get off by two guys and a dominating woman was the perfect plan.

"This all looks good. No objections. Oh, make him cry like a little girl and I'll double your rate." Mistress Lucy looked at me in shock.

"Sir, they always cry, that's included." I laughed. Out loud.

"Then enjoy double the rate for what's included. Come, I'll take you to him now if you're ready." I stood.

"Oh honey, we're always ready." Roy looked at me like I should have known better.

I called Jasper and Emmett and we all headed over to the basement of the casino to meet James.

He was slumped over tied to chair experiencing what could only have been the remaining tremors from his withdrawal. His lips were cracked and blue from the temperature in the room and his body was drenched in blood while open wounds dotted almost every inch of him. What used to be his face was now swollen and purple and one of his eyes no longer opened. I looked at my project with a sense of satisfaction. Over the last four days I made sure to inflict each and every broken bone, wound and sensation of physical pain he'd ever given to my wife tenfold. Now it was time for him to experience the emotional scares he left on her.

"James, I'd like you to meet Mistress Lucy and her girls, Roy and Joe." James looked up at me and panic sprang to his one good eye and spread across his swollen features.

"No. Please no. Just kill me instead. Please." I laughed satisfied with my efforts for the past few days.

"Nope." I responded with a smile on my face. "I'm pretty sure you made my wife suffer through months of physical abuse. I must admit, the emotional abuse stayed with her for a while too James. That's why you're now going to be plundered down into the depth of hell at the hands of this very capable team. I'll be at home enjoying Isabella's fabulous lasagna tonight. Do you remember what food tastes like James?" James hung his head and started crying.

"You're better at this than you think Mr. Cullen," Mistress Lucy declared. I could hear Emmett and Jasper laughing behind me and watched Roy and Joe hug each other and jump up and down together.

"Um, thanks. You have until Monday. If you need anything, Stuart will be outside the door. Enjoy."

Mistress Lucy wasted no time walking up to James. I had to stay and watch just a little. James stared at her in fear and anger.

"I understand you have to hit women to get off. We're very much alike, except I hit men." And she did. She smacked James across the face and pulled on his dick. Roy and Joe were behind him rubbing up on his ass. James began screaming and crying knowing what was coming.

I laughed, again, and walked out with Jasper and Emmett listening to the screams of terror and pain coming from James knowing Lucy and her girls where having their way with him. I went home to have dinner with my wife.

I stopped by the casino each day to check in on Mistress Lucy's progress. James was a whimpering lump of bloodied mess.

"He likes us. Scout's honor." Roy confirmed while making the universal boy scout sign at me and then he winked.

"Yes, he tries to act like he doesn't want it, but that's just part of the process. He likes it when we make him cum." Joe added with a smirk while he rubbed on James making him cry while his body defied him and he got hard. Humiliation. I felt a sense of satisfaction.

That Thursday I texted Bella to see what she wanted to do for dinner and she said she was at the market picking stuff up. I decided to head home and thought we could make dinner together. I'd previously tried to get Bella to understand she didn't need to run errands to the market and such because we had people that could do that for us. True to form my wife laughed at me and asked me when my last reality check was.

I met Bella at home and we fixed chicken and broccoli alfredo together. Bella seemed a little nervous the entire time. It was odd because the sessions were going very well with Carmen and I could see her gaining a little peace each day. As we sat down to eat she mentioned that she had lunch with her father.

"He um, he offered me a job." I had been wondering what Bella was going to do now that she wasn't pregnant. I was hoping the house would keep her busy but I also knew she was the type of woman who needed to keep active.

"So you accepted it?" I think it came out a little harsh and I hadn't intended that. I was a selfish prick and I wanted her to basically be at my beck and call. I wanted her to be available to run off to the Hamptons or where ever else on a moment's notice, not strapped down to a job and vacation time and all the bullshit that went with normal work. Rationally, I also knew Bella didn't spend three years in law school just to become my wife. She was an intelligent and strong willed woman who wanted a career. I couldn't keep her from her hopes and dreams just because I'm a caveman.

"Of course not Edward. I told him I had to talk to you first. Why would you just assume I'd take it?" Well crap.

"I'm sorry baby, I didn't mean it like that. I guess I just assumed because he's your father."

"But you're my husband. We discuss the big decisions before making them right?" I swear this woman was one day going to figure out that she could do so much better than me.

"Do you want to take it?"

"Well. Kind of. I mean, the house is pretty much all planned and I don't really have anything else to do. You know I can't just sit at home and watch TV all day. And Carmen did say it would be good to have something to occupy my mind right now." Damn the smart doctor we'd been seeing. At our last appointment when Carmen tried to get Bella to realize it was okay to keep on living she suggested Bella look into activities that interested her and occupied her mind. Why she can't just enjoy knitting is beyond me.

"Bella, you know I love you and I want whatever is going to make you happy. I just don't like the thought of you working with murders and rapist all day." Maybe that would work.

"Edward, there are so many things wrong with that statement. Try innocent until proved guilty, everyone needs representation to exercise their right to a trial, and if I'm not mistaken, my husband isn't always a saint when it comes to the occasional crime." Damn if she didn't have a huge point there.

"Plus Edward, do you really think my father would put me in a position of danger?" Even better point. I admired the lengths Charlie Swan went to in order to protect his only child. I knew he loved his daughter and only wanted to make her happy. That was evident from the looks he gave me in the hospital after the hit and run. He never said anything, but I could sense the disappointment radiating off him like a live wire.

"I thought so. So what is it Edward? Why don't you want me to do it?"

"Bella, I didn't say that. I just, I don't know." I know beautiful argument. "I just want to make sure you're safe and happy. And to be honest, I'm a little selfish. I want you to be able to run off with me on a moment's notice and not be restricted by the rigors of a job. Plus, I thought you wanted to start a family with me eventually." There, I laid it all on the table.

"Edward, I want all that too. But we can't even try to start having a baby for another two months and even then I don't know if I'll be ready yet. And even if we were ready, I'd be able to work while I was pregnant." I had to make myself not laugh at that. No way was I going to allow Bella to work while she was pregnant, but I'd keep that to myself for now. Bella continued, "As to your other point, I told my dad there would be conditions."

"Such as?" This peaked my interests.

"Well, I'm thinking that we don't really need my income so I told him I didn't want to be a salaried lawyer required to work a certain amount of hours a year. I also told him that I would only be in the office three days a week, Tuesdays through Thursdays I think. I'd only be doing work with my dad and his associate lawyer and I'd be doing brief writing and research, no litigating. What do you think?" She was talking so fast but everything she said sounded reasonable.

"Bella, you know I'll support whatever decision you make. If this is what you want, I think it sounds perfect. To be honest, I think you should rethink litigating, you obviously have a talent for it." I had to laughed. She just won me over.

"Really, you're okay with it? And don't worry, I told my dad that we might be trying to have a baby again sometime and he completely understood." She jumped up and ran over to my side of the table. "Thank you so much Edward. I really think working for Charlie would be best. That way I won't have a strange boss or people to deal with. I was so hoping you'd think this was okay."

"Bella, you know I could never deny you anything you wanted. I just get jealous sometimes because what you want isn't always me." She was sitting on my lap and she stilled and grabbing my face in her hands.

"Edward, you're all I want, all the time. My day begins and ends with you. My entire world revolves around you. Don't you understand that yet?" She looked so serious I actually thought I might break down. Instead I tried to smile at her in the hopes that she'd understand. But she continued.

"Baby, you know I love you. But what do you expect me to do while you're at the club or working and stuff? I just need something to occupy my time until I can get you home so I can do things like this." I didn't understand what she meant until she wormed her way out of my lap and underneath the table in between my legs. I felt my buckle come undone and my zipper go down.

"Bella, I, I." Yeah, I just shut up. My girl rubbed her hand over my boxers and I felt my already hard cock yearning for her touch.

"Do you like it when I do this Edward?" I knew she had to be teasing considering the fact that I praised each and every movement of her mouth and lips when she did this. She chuckled to herself a little and release my second in command from the confines of my boxers. She stroked me a few times with her hands and then gently sucked on the very tip of my head.

"Jesus Bella just knowing what's about to happen makes me think I'm gonna cum."

She took me in her mouth and giggled. I thought the vibrations from her humming or moaning when my cock was inside her mouth were amazing. But giggling, that was completely different. As she giggled her tongue moved me back toward her throat while I felt her vibrate all around me. I knew that giggle was special for a reason. I was also pretty sure I'd get hard every time I heard it from now until the good lord took me.

Bella continued to suck me into her mouth while running her tongue over my head, humming and pushing me down to her throat. If that wasn't enough, she dug her hand into my boxers and began to gently caress my balls.

"Bella. Shit baby, I'm gonna cum." I always felt the need to warn her but it was always useless; it actually made her suck harder. She put both of her hands around my waste and pulled me to her, the movement forced me into her mouth even further. I couldn't hold on anymore and fell over the edge allowing my release to take over. Bella sucked up my cum like she needed it to live. She softly stroked me a few times, tucked me back into my boxers and zipped up my pants. She came out from under the table and began clearing the dinner dishes.

"Why don't you relax and find us something to watch on TV and I'll be out in a few minutes." Seriously? She finds a job that will fit my every schedule and desire, sucks me off like no other under our dinner table and then tells me to find something good to watch on TV while she cleans up? I'm pretty sure I either have to check and make sure I still have a pulse or go to church on Sunday to thank god for my angel.

I woke up way too early Friday morning to the glow of a laptop and my wife sitting up in bed tapping her finger on her head looking scared.

"Baby, you know you passed," I said as I moved closer to her side.

"Edward, you don't know that. You don't know what it was like. I honestly have no idea how well I did. I'm so nervous. I mean, what if I failed? I've never failed at something academically, but this is an actual possibility." The look on her face said she wasn't joking.

I pulled her close to me moving the computer to the bedside table and stared into her beautiful chocolate eyes. "Bella, pass or fail, you're still my wonderfully intelligent beautiful wife. Please understand that."

"Edward, I don't know how to explain this, but this exam was just so much about me and what I did for three years that I have to pass. I know you'll love me either way, but this is really about whether I have what it takes or not. Does that make sense?"

"Of course it does love. I know everything isn't about me, even though I would like it to be, but I do understand you spent three years, three of the toughest years of your life, leading up to this exam. But I also know you Bella. And I know in my heart and soul there is no way you failed, you're just too dedicated and way too intelligent to have failed." She smiled her shy smile at me.

"Baby, we still have fifteen minutes until the results are posted. Will you let me ease your mind until then?" And she giggled. She knew I couldn't resist that giggle. She was wearing my t-shirt and nothing else so with one pull of fabric she was naked before me. I lusted after my wife so much I sometime felt like it might be a sin. But hell, she's my wife, I'm allowed to do that right?

I parted her thighs with my hands as she ran her fingers through my hair pulling and pushing on my head. I wanted to ravage her pussy like it was the last salvation on earth because there were times I believed that to be true. I tried to be slow and gentle, pulling her folds into my mouth yet rather forcefully shoving my tongue into her dripping wet center. Bella was always wet for me. I loved it. She said she couldn't control her need for me. That made it all the more arousing, and this morning was one of those times. Her entire sex was coated with the welcome moisture of juices only produced to help my cock take her as mine. But that wasn't my mission right now. I needed to relax my wife. I pulled her hips into my face and began licking, biting, sucking, nuzzling, and manipulating her pussy until Bella was moaning my name in ecstasy. I needed to hear more.

"Tell me you know I love you Bella. Tell me now."

"You love me Edward. Oh god, you love me." Those words meant more to me than she could ever know. I continued licking her clit and took two fingers and pushed them inside of her. She immediately pushed herself down on my hand. She wanted it. She needed it. I started fingering my beautiful wife as her breathing became heavy and she started begging me by calling my name.

"Cum for me baby. I want to see how I make you feel." Bella let go of her inhibitions and came on me harder than she'd ever done in her entire life. She flipped her head back and moaned out her love for me. As her body began to settle I pulled her laptop off the table and typed in her name. It appeared on the screen showing she'd passed the bar exam. I smiled to myself and sat it down next to her.

"Oh my god, I passed." She jumped up knocking the laptop on the floor and attacked me.

"I'm so proud of you Bella. So fucking proud of you." Bella's cell phone started ring, my phone started ringing, and the house phone was ringing. Bella didn't pay attention to anything, she just ripped off my clothes and rode me hard giggling the whole time saying that I was having sex with my attorney.

When we were finished I looked down at my wife laying in my arms quietly sleeping and realized that eventually she was going to be just fine. The relief I felt was overwhelming.

Everyone met up at the club that evening to celebrate Bella's success. Charlie Swan looked like the goose that laid the golden egg he was so proud of his daughter. I just sat by and watched my girl have her moment, enjoying life. This was the first time we'd all been together since the accident and I couldn't have been happier that it was a gathering in celebration of Bella. She needed to know people were proud of her and loved her. She needed to know that never stopped or changed because of the accident. Business associates dropped by to congratulate her and bring her gifts, they respected us and Bella was treated as the princess she is. Around midnight Bella was quite tipsy and told me to take her home for sexy time. Thank god her father had already left. Unfortunately she passed out in the car on the way home and I had to wait until the morning for sexy time. I waited, but made sure sexy time lasted the entire weekend.

I thought about going to the casino on Sunday to check on James but instead I stayed in bed caressing my wife, worshipping her body, licking her pussy, and ever so slowly sliding in and out of her hot slick center until we came together. I had dealt with my anger and now I just wanted to be with Bella.

Monday morning rolled around and I eventually headed to the casino to check in on James. He was hours away from death as he lay on the cold hard floor drifting in and out of consciousness. I realized was finished with him. Bella was healing and living again. I made my peace with the situation and instructed Stuart to call me when he was dead. The call came later that evening and I told Bella he was gone. She just nodded her head and didn't say a word. We had moved on, but we also knew we could rest a little easier now with that chapter of our lives closed.

It was now Tuesday morning and I rolled over to find the other side of the bed empty. I looked up and Bella was walking out of her closet dressed in a pencil skirt with a blouse and matching jacket. She looked professional and sophisticated. I wanted to push her skirt up and fuck her silly. She sat down on the bed next to me and wished me a good morning.

"So you're off to work my darling wife?"

"Yes Edward, and can you instruct Rocco that he doesn't need to be in my office? Can't he just be in the front waiting area?" I agreed since Rocco would be able to see everyone that walked in that way. I'd also talked to Charlie at the party and he assured me security was tight at the firm and he'd give Bella an office easily accessible to my men. I couldn't help but wonder if part of Charlie offered Bella the job to keep an eye on her thinking I wasn't doing a good enough job but I didn't say anything.

"Do you know what you'll be working on?"

"Well, I'm meeting with my dad's associate lawyer and he's supposed to bring me up to speed on his open cases."

"He?" No one told me about a he? What the hell was this? And did I just screech like a little boy?

"Yes Edward, I told you I'd be working with my dad and his associate." Okay, try to reign in the overprotective and well, jealous husband act.

"Oh, I just assumed his associate was a woman. Very nonsexist of me I think." Bella giggled obviously not buying my bullshit.

"Edward, why don't you stop by for lunch and meet him to ease your jealous and overprotective mind? You know I only have eyes for you." I swear the woman knew me better than I did sometimes. She just sat next to me on the bed and ran her fingers across my eyebrows and smiled.

"There's no need for that baby, I trust you. I was just surprised that's all."

"Well, I have to get going, I don't want to be late for my first day." She leaned in to kiss me and I pulled her down on top of me. God I hated her job already. She giggled.

"Wait just a minute baby." I leaned over to the bedside table and pulled out a small box for her. "For your bar results and your first day of work."

Bella opened the box and the diamond earrings and tennis bracelet were revealed.

"Edward, they're so beautiful but this is too much." Her small fingers ghosted over the diamonds.

"Nothing is too much for you my love. You're worth the world. I wanted to get you the necklace but I love that you never take off my heart from graduation."

Bella placed the earrings in her ears and she looked down at me and cupped my cheek in her hand, "I never want another necklace, ever. You have no idea how much having your heart means to me." I wiped the tear from her eye and she smiled as I placed the bracelet on her delicate wrist. She looked stunning. I'd drape the woman in diamonds if she'd let me. I leaned in and kissed her and wished her a good day. She got up to go.

"I'll text you as soon as I miss you!" She yelled and she walked out of the bedroom. I heard the Penthouse door shut and my phone buzzed.

Miss you – B.

Maybe the work thing wasn't going to be so bad after all.