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Chapter 41


I woke up sometime in the middle of the night to our dark quiet room. I rolled over and felt the cold bed beside me and immediately began to panic.

I know he was here. It wasn't just a dream. I know he was here.

I frantically searched the dark bedroom with my eyes when I suddenly heard my husband's soft voice.

"You did a good job watching out for your Mommy while I was gone buddy," Edward murmured.

I scooted closer to the baby monitor on the end table beside my bed and just smiled as I began to calm down.

"I missed you both so much. And you don't have to worry, I'm not leaving again little man." I could hear Anthony cooing and the noises of the rocking chair coming through the monitor. I laid down on the bed and listened as Edward began to slowly rock Anthony back and forth while humming to him. The sounds of his voice and knowledge that my two guys were happy and safe lulled me back to a peaceful sleep.

A soft firm hand crept up the side of my body as I started to struggle to push my drowsiness out of my head. I was laying on my side, my back tucked into Edward's warm chest and I couldn't help but smile.

"Morning," I whispered not sure what time it was but knowing Anthony, I would probably need to be getting up soon.

I felt Edward's lips brush against my shoulders and trail their way up my neck in one long slow sensuous movement.

"Don't worry about a thing love. He's already down for his late morning nap. You needed the rest. And now I have you all to myself for a few hours," Edward moaned in my ear as he continued to run his hand up and down my side. I struggled to find the clock surprised I'd slept so long.

"Ssh love. No worries right now. I wanted to spend some quality time with my son and I also wanted you to sleep." Edward moaned again but this time his hand trailed down under the sheets and in between my legs teasing me ever so slightly without touching where I really wanted him to. His mouth was still drifting across my neck and I felt his other hand slide underneath me pulling me even closer into him and capturing my right breast is his firm palm. I let out a slow moan as I felt him all around me, his erection digging into my lower back.

"Do you know what I want now Isabella?" Edward asked as he slowly slipped one finger over my clit and in between my folds. He pushed his finger around my sex and lightly bit down on my earlobe. "I guess you do baby. Always so fucking wet for me."

"Edward," I whimpered out and attempted to turn in his arms.

"No Bella, just like this baby. I want you just like this. Safe against me while I'm free to explore your body baby." And he did just that. He continued to push me against his chest while he palmed my breasts and tweaked my nipples. All the while he hadn't stopped rubbing my clit and finally pushed his finger inside me.

"I missed you so much Edward." I shifted my head to give him better access to my throat. If Edward needed me trapped against his body at the mercy of his talented fingers, I wasn't going to resist. I was going to give myself to him wholly.

"Tell me you still feel safe here Bella. Tell me you know you're still safe with me." As I tried to concentrate on his words I could feel him pull my leg over his hip and the head of his cock running up along my sex. I could do nothing but moan like the wanton woman I had become.

"Tell me now Isabella," Edward's stern voice rushed was all I could hear while he placed his cock at the entrance of my sex.

"I still do Edward. Yes," I whimpered out while trying to push myself down on his hard shaft. I felt his head enter me and then he pulled back out. I almost cried to myself.

"Promise me Bella." Edward growled as he gripped my hip and thrust ever so slightly into me just to pull back again. I cried out.

"Yes, Edward, safe. Take me!" As I screamed out my need Edward slammed himself into me, filling me completely and stilled inside me.

"Fuck," he moaned into my ear as he started to move setting up a steady pace. I pushed back into him as Edward continued to thrust into me gripping my hips to steady me and fondling my breast with his free hand.

"God I love fucking you baby." Edward bit my neck as his pace picked up and I knew I wasn't going to last much longer. The feeling of his cock so deep inside me felt too amazing. Feeling him slide in and out of me as he took me with such passion made me feel so needed, so wanted, I couldn't think of anything but the two of us right here, right now.

"I love you baby," I screamed out as the heat spread and my orgasm rushed out of my body leaving me a shaking mumbling mess. Edward continued to pound into me from behind as he started to pant.

"So good," Edward shouted and then stilled as he came inside me and buried his face in my neck. "I love you, so fucking much baby."

Edward slowly pulled himself from me and pulled me into his arms, my front to his chest and began whispering to me.

"I promise Isabella, I've set it up so we'll never be apart again. I need you to know that. I hope it never comes to that, but if it does, just know I'm not leaving my family." I was slightly shocked but I didn't say anything. I knew this had to have been a difficult decision for Edward to make. He never had to worry about the effects his life would have on anyone else, how much others would hurt if he ever went to prison, but now he had Anthony and me to think about. I looked up into his eyes and saw how much it meant to him that I understood what he was saying.

"Okay baby. As long as we're together, I don't care where or how." And it was true, I didn't need anything other than my family. We just laid in each other's arms until Anthony eventually began to stir in his crib.

I rocked Anthony to sleep while Edward met with Ben Cheney. He stopped by unexpectedly to discuss a matter with Edward. I could only assume it had something to do with Jacob Black. I didn't want to be involved with any of it. I just wanted to put the nightmare behind us. Ever so gently I put Anthony in his crib and left the nursery.

Edward was in the hallway leaning up against the opposite wall just staring at me. I gave him a small smile hoping everything was okay, but the look in his eyes had me on alert. He seemed angry. He didn't return my smile.

"A moment of your time Isabella?" Edward asked. I just nodded and watched as Edward turned and I and followed him to his office of all places. Edward only talked to me about business in his office so I knew something was going on. He took a seat behind his desk and motioned for me to sit.

I sat down and just looked up at him. "Edward, what's-" He just shook his head no and looked down as he silently slid a large platinum cuff bracelet across his desk. It was stunningly beautiful. I had one just like it…..Shit.

"Forever mine. Love, Edward. Heartfelt inscription don't you think?" He looked up at me with anger in his eyes. I just stared at the bracelet. Edward had given it to me months before to celebrate reaching my third trimester with Anthony. I didn't understand what was going on and for some reason I was extremely nervous.

"Ben took it off of Tanya's dead body. They found her beaten to death in the park. She was also wearing your clothes." Edward's voice was like ice. "Tell me Isabella, how was she when you spoke to her. Alone?" My stomach tied in knots and I didn't want to respond. But the look in Edward's eyes told me not to mess with him.

"Edward, please, everything is fine now. She's dead, really?" I just looked up at him. He simply nodded. I felt slightly guilty. I was the one who had the idea to send her to distract Jacob Black. And Jasper warned me he would probably kill her. At the time I just wanted my husband home and didn't care about the consequences. Edward pulled me from my thoughts.

"They think Black killed her and dumped her body." He stood up from his chair and started pacing behind his desk. He eventually stopped and looked away from me.

"Do you understand the amount of danger you put yourself in? She'd obviously lost her mind." He turned around and slammed his hand on his desk making me jump in my seat.

"She could have fucking hurt you!" he shouted. "All because you didn't listen to me. And don't think I don't know you were planning on confronting Black yourself." He just stared at me. The anger radiating off him. I was slightly shocked considering how gently and sweet he was to me just hours before in our bed.

"I had to get you home," was my meek response. I knew he was pissed. Hell, he screamed at me enough when he found out I confronted Tanya on my own. But this new information just makes everything seem worse than I thought it was at the time. This information confirmed that I was in danger and nothing makes my Edward more angry than that.

"Tell me Bella, how was she when you talked to her?" The last thing I wanted was to add to Edward's anger. I just stared at him.

"Do you have any idea how fucking terrified I was knowing you were alone with her?" Edward picked up the bracelet and threw it against the wall. It made a loud thud and fell to the ground. "I spend countless hours making sure you're safe and protected and the minute I'm behind bars you run out and fucking put yourself in danger." My mouth dropped open. Sure, I'd witnessed Edward's outbursts and violence in the past, but it was never directed at me. He laughed to himself a little but it was an evil laugh. "Fuck!" He shouted and pulled on his hair.

"I don't want to do this. I can't fucking stand fighting with you but you have to think Bella. You weren't fucking thinking. That's what I don't get." He looked around and I just stayed silent not wanting to anger him further. "You always think." The exasperation in his voice was evident.

I stood from the chair and slowly approached my husband. My husband who was rightfully pissed as hell at me right now, but I knew would never hurt me. I walked around the desk to him and gently placed my arms around his neck pulling him close to me.

"I'm sorry. You're right. I wasn't thinking. I promise to be more careful," I mumbled the last part. Edward pulled me to him and buried his face in my hair. Slowly breathing me in and trying to calm his nerves.

"You've been hurt so many times because of me." He held me tighter and the feeling was amazing. "I can't stand seeing you hurt baby. I need you. I need you safe and happy. Please. You don't know the guilt."

I knew Edward always worried about me and I knew he felt guilty about a lot of the things that have happened to me in the past. The fact is, I've never blamed him for any of those things. And aside from Victoria, Edward's world has been relatively calm. I no longer felt as threatened as I used to. People generally stayed away from me and we no longer had to worry about enemies like the Volturi. Yet I had to go ahead and put myself in danger.

"Don't Edward. I'm sorry. This was my fault. And I'm fine baby. I'm right here, right here with you." I began peppering his face with kisses and desire pooled inside of me. I couldn't get enough of him.

"I have to be able to trust you Bella. Trust you to never do anything like that again." His grip on me tightened even more.

"I promise you can Edward. I swear it. I won't put myself in danger again." I knew I had to give him that promise, more importantly I knew how much I must have scared him.

Edward suddenly picked me up and took me over to the couch. He sat me down and quickly pulled on my yoga pants.

"You're lucky I don't lock you in the fucking house," he growled. I could tell he was still angry and I knew I was about to get fucked. Any time there was a threat, Edward had a need to possess me. "Loose the shirt," he grunted while undoing his buckle. I took of my shirt while I watched him unzip his pants and pull himself out of his boxers as a smile spread across my face.


I stared at my wife slowly drifting off on the couch and closed my eyes and thought back to my conversation with Ben Cheney. What I told Bella was true. Tanya was found beaten to death in the park today. What I didn't tell Bella is that she was beaten so severely she was unrecognizable at first. Ben actually thought she was Bella at first with the way Tanya was dressed and the jewelry. I'll leave out the comment he made about knowing my wife didn't have fake tits. He already got a fist in his jaw for that remark.

Knowing that Bella had actually put herself in danger being alone with that woman drove me mad. I honestly wanted to shake the shit out of her, but I could never do that. Or maybe shake some sense into her.

My wife's not stupid, but my god can she do stupid things. And I knew she was planning on meeting up with Jacob until Jasper basically put her on house arrest. And it would have been her dead body lying in the morgue instead of Tanya's if she had gone. I breathed deeply trying to calm myself back down. Fucking my wife into a frenzy helped, but the fear was still there and threatening to rise again.

Jacob's rage was shining through with the way he beat Tanya. Ben also mentioned he was in a private cell and under suicide watch at the same detention facility the FBI held me. I found some satisfaction in knowing that. With Tanya dead and Jacob locked up, I was able to breathe a little easier knowing my family was safe.

Now I just had to figure out a way to make his life hell on the inside. It was a challenge I was looking forward to.

Bella snuggled closer into me on the couch and then looked up at me.

"Hi," she whispered.

"Sleep Bella."

"I'm sorry Edward." I didn't want to think about it anymore. I was home, I was with my family, and everyone was safe.

"Stop baby. I'm letting it go." And I willed myself to do so. "Come on, we need to shower before Anthony gets up." I stood and pulled Bella to me.

"Are we okay?" The look of worry on Bella's face was too much for me. I was all over the place this afternoon. And Bella and I rarely fight.

"We're fine. And we'll continue to be fine." I kissed her forehead and ushered her out of my office to take a quick shower.

Later that night Esme came over to watch Anthony for us. Bella protested at first, saying Esme had done too much for us lately. But, Carlisle was working the weekend and Esme enjoyed watching Anthony more than sitting home alone, and I wanted to take my wife out. I figured it was a win-win situation.

After a few more kisses and hugs, Bella gave up our son and headed out to the car with me. We were meeting everyone at Darkness for a carefree night and I couldn't wait. Plus, I had to show my face after being away. I watched as Michael barely looked in my wife's direction as he opened the door for us. I made a mental note to make sure that wasn't a problem.

"How is Christopher?" Bella asked once we were on the road.

"He's doing a lot better love. The doctors think he'll pull through. Nicole is keeping me updated." Bella rolled her eyes and I reminded myself not to laugh at her.

"She hates me." Bella whined to me.

"She does not, she's just worried right now." Bella didn't say anything else so I kept quiet. I knew her, she was blaming herself and I didn't want to add to it. There was no way anyone could blame Bella for what happened to Christopher. It was his job to put himself in harms way to protect Bella. I also knew she was worried about her friend.

Eventually we pulled up to the club and I helped Bella out of the car. I was immediately assaulted by my pixie of a sister.

"I'm so happy you're here!" She started shouting. Everyone laughed but Rose who cursed that people shouldn't be able to get drunk around pregnant women. A shudder ran through me knowing what it must be like for Emmett right now dealing with such a pregnant Rose. I watched as Emmett shook his head and led Rose inside. We made our way up to the VIP area and the night began.

I kept Bella close as associates came by to check in with me. She was having a good time drinking with Alice and quizzing Rose on all things baby. Emmett and Jasper were even relaxing a bit which I was happy for. The past few weeks had been hectic and stressful and my guys needed a breather.

"So what's up with Black?" Jasper questioned.

"That bastard!" Bella hiccupped. I just laughed and watched as the scowl took over her beautiful face.

"Suicide watch. Protective custody," I responded thinking about my plans for Black. I had to find someone to get to him in there. The question was how.

"What do you have planned?" Emmett questioned, "I can see the wheels turning."

Bella wiggled onto my lap and played with my tie. Then she giggled to herself. I think it was time to cut her off. She looked up at me shyly and I just quirked an eyebrow in question.

"Somebody should lose that bastard's paperwork," she giggled again. "Then, then he can become someone's bitch," Bella shouted while holding her hands out and thrusting her hips like she was some dude busting a nut. I started laughing and then thought about it. My head whipped up to Jasper and Emmett who were laughing so hard they were bent over.

"The other drunk is brilliant!" Rose shouted. I couldn't help it. My little angel was an evil genius in this moment. I started laughing and just looked at her in awe.

"Serves the bastard right! Loses my paperwork," Bella continued. "You just wait," she said pointing to her head "I'll think of something for that Leah in no time". And then she hiccupped again. I just hugged her to me and nodded to Jasper. Black was about to become somebody's bitch.

"I think I'm drunk," Bella slurred in my ear. "God I'm a horrible mother." She cradled her head and I knew it was about time to go.

"Stop. Our son is in very capable hands and I think you're entitled to a night out after all we've been through lately." She started sloppily kissing my face and I loved it. She seemed so young and carefree and I just wanted to keep her like that for as long as I could.

"Take me home Edward. Take me home and fuck me again," And she licked in my ear. Too bad she passed out in the car before we got back to the house.

A few days later I left the comfort and safety of my estate and ventured downtown with Emmett and Jasper.

"Cheney come through?" I asked Jasper. He simply nodded with a smile.

We pulled up to the correction facility I was previously held and got out of the car. It was the last place I ever wanted to visit again, but I was willing to make an exception today. Ben Cheney met us in a private room and took me down to the holding cells.

"Just don't get caught in here Cullen. It will be my ass;" Cheney said as he left me outside a holding cell and went to get an old friend of mine from his own jail cell. I ignored the anxiety seeing the cell gave me and looked inside to see Jacob Black.

"Funny how things change huh officer?" I asked as Black just stared at me. "Wait, you can't even be an officer now can you?" I taunted.

"I'll get out of this Cullen. I'm not worried." I shook my head and laughed at just how disillusional he was. Since I'd been home, Charlie has updated me on the case against him. Assisting terrorists, falsifying documents, tampering with evidence, intimidating witnesses, and let's not forget murder. He wasn't getting out. And I was just about to make his stay even worse.

"Actually Black, you aren't getting out of here. Nope, I think you're staying behind bars. But that's okay, because I have a friend I'd like to introduce you to." Jacob just looked at me with an angry smile.

"You can't do anything to me Cullen. You can't touch me in here. These are my people. I'm still a Federal Agent." Jacob started getting angry as he stood and began walking towards me. "And I will get out Cullen. And when I do, the first thing I'm gonna do is find that pretty little wife of yours and fuck her big mouth!" Jacob grabbed the bars separating us and sneered at me. It took every remaining ounce of my self-control not to strangle him. Instead, I hid my anger with an evil smile. Then I saw Ben in my peripheral with my guests and I began to laugh.

"Sorry, Jakey, but I'm pretty sure it's your mouth that is going to get fucked soon." I stepped away from Jacob and walked over to my old friend Giovanni. Giovanni was in his mid 40s yet still built like a beast. He ran with my father back in the day and helped me find revenge when I needed it. Unfortunately, Giovanni got sloppy and ended up getting pinched for the murder of a group of thugs that disrespected him. He was sent away for life and had been in here for about ten years now.

"Edward, good to see you." Giovanni shook my hand.

"You too G. How are you holding up?" Giovanni just shrugged and shook his head.

"I can't complain. Does no good. I gotta thank you Cullen, for what you did for my Stephie." G had a 12 year old daughter when he was sent away and his ex-wife provided for her, but squandered most of the money G set aside. When I heard Stephie got into Duke but couldn't afford to go, I stepped in. She was scheduled to graduate next year thanks to the Edward Cullen scholarship fund. Giovanni took care of my family when I needed his help, it only seemed right to take care of his.

"Don't mention it. She's a brilliant young woman."

"I heard you've found yourself a true class act Edward. Congratulations." I just smiled, Bella was definitely a class act.

"What is this, a fucking reunion?" Jacob shouted from the cell beside us. I just laughed.

"G, this is Jacob Black, former federal agent, and someone I don't really care for." Giovanni looked over and smiled.

"Ah, fresh meat," Giovanni said and then nodded to the two younger guys he had with him. They approached the now open cell thanks to Ben and when they entered, Jacob began backing up.

"Cullen, I hope you know this means nothing. After 10 years man, you don't really care what you stick it in, understand?" Giovanni looked ashamed but he didn't need to be. I could care less what people did to get by.

"No judgment G. And you're helping me out, so consider this a favor to me." G knew what I meant and just slapped me on the arm before walking into the cell. Jacob was cornered by the two younger guys and was looking everywhere.

"You can't do this Cullen. Cheney, I'm one of you. I'm supposed to be in protective custody," he shouted.

"You're a disgrace is what you are. And it appears someone lost your paperwork," Cheney spat as Jacob's eyes shot to mine. I just laughed, a good heartfelt laugh as I saw the fear creep into Jacob's features.

"Bella says hi!" I said before I turned to walk away. As I was going I heard Giovanni shout.

"Hold him down boys, he's about to find out what it's like to be fucked." I shook my head and smiled to myself as I met up with Jasper and Emmett to head home.