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Chapter 5


I woke up feeling incredibly happy and slightly warm. Looking down I saw Edward's arms wrapped around me and the memories of last night rushed back at me. The club, Edward's office, his couch, his love. Yes, Edward loved me. I couldn't believe it. He actually felt the same way about me. Maybe this really was for real. I knew I loved Edward. I knew the night of our first date. And it scared the hell out of me. I mean, we hadn't known each other for that long, but everything about us was so intense. So, right. And he loved me too. My green eyed god loved me, wanted to be with me, wanted to make me happy. All the things I wanted for him. And then he showed me heaven. His hot wet mouth on my neck, my breasts, my nipples between his fingers. His hard on pressed up against me. The feeling of his soft chest against mine, it was a sexual overload I had never experienced. Every feeling I had for that man rocketed through my core and produced stars. Literal stars. And all from his tongue on my nipples. I'm slightly scared about what might happen in the future. He might actually kill me. Huh, death by sex. I'm sure there are worse ways to die….

I looked up at my love and watched him sleeping peacefully, lips slightly apart with a small smile on his face. Could this become my life? Am I allowed to be this happy? But what if he knew all of me? Would he still love me? I knew at that moment Edward could tell me his deepest darkest secret and it wouldn't make my love for him waiver in the slightest. But could he know my secrets and still love me? He admitted it was too fast and he was scared by his feelings. Would he take my past and use it as a reason to run? Could I chance that? Or do I just tell him everything and hope against hope he doesn't see me as a meek victim and still finds it in his heart to love me?

Edward began to stir and looked down at me. "Good morning love."

"Hi." Christ Bella, next I'm going to tell him I carried a watermelon. You're half naked in this man's bed and you say hi?

Edward pulled me in closer to him, chuckled and whispered, "my shy little Bella." He knew me so well. It was almost like he knew my thoughts as soon as I had them.

"Do you mind if I make you some breakfast in your fantastic kitchen?" I absolutely loved his kitchen. State of the art everything, stainless steel, classic Edward. And huge, but from what I could feel last night that was also classic Edward, huge. Sure, I go from "hi" to giggling in my head about the size of his cock. Hopefully he doesn't know that thought.

"How about we make breakfast together?" Okay, sounds like a plan. "One condition. You can only wear what you have on." Okay, sounds like Edward's pervy little plan but I was game.

"Alright Edward, but you can only wear what you have on then." And welcome to breakfast in boxer shorts.

"Deal," he said as he tickled me and jumped out of the bed. We each took our turns in the bathroom and headed out to the kitchen.

Edward put the coffee on and I started to pull out the ingredients for homemade waffles and strawberry sauce with bacon and juice. As I was cooking Edward kept coming up behind me placing small kisses on my neck and rubbing the backs of my thighs dangerously close to my ass but he never went too high.

I plated the food and poured the juice. Edward grabbed me and kissed me telling me he loved me. Maybe this really could be my life.

As we ate breakfast we discussed plans for the weekend. Edward suggested we stop by my place and grab some stuff for me to stay the rest of the weekend. Who was I to deny my love? He also mentioned something about taking me to the club tonight since work got in the way last night.

"As long as we're together I don't care what we do Edward." He just smiled and leaned over and kissed my forehead. The simple act of him kissing my forehead held so much affection it always took my breath away.

I stood to clear the table and walked into the kitchen. Being me, I stubbed my toe along the way dropping the plates and knocking over the huge glass mixing bowl that was sitting towards the edge of the counter. Everything seemed to shatter at once.

Edward came running and reached for me so quickly I panicked. I shot my hands up to cover my head and then jumped back and coward in the corner and began sobbing while trying to yell how sorry I was. It was completely defensive instinct, the defensive instincts of a victim. I sat there and sobbed and eventually looked up to see Edward staring at me with horror written all over his face. His eyes were wild with pain and I noticed he was trying to talk to me.

"It's okay baby. It's okay. I just didn't want you to cut yourself on the glass. I'm not going to hurt you Bella. I'm not going to hurt you. Please stop apologizing I don't care about some stupid fucking plates. Please baby everything is okay." He kept saying these things over and over again while slowly approaching me like you would a wounded animal. He finally made his way close enough to me that I just grabbed him around the neck and kept sobbing.

Edward picked me up and took me back to the table and set me down. He checked my feet and the rest of my body for cuts while I tried to get myself under control. I guess there was no more wondering about telling Edward about James now. There was no way my stupid overreacting ass was getting out of this one.

Once Edward deemed I was unscathed by the glass he picked me up and took me back to the bedroom. He ever so gently laid me down and sat next to me, running his hands through my hair and across my face wiping away my tears. Eventually we were both calm just holding each other. That's when it began.

"Bella love, you have to tell me what's going on. I put my arms out to pick you up so you wouldn't get cut and you acted like I was going to beat the shit out of you for breaking a dish. Honey that's not okay, it's not normal." I knew he wasn't being mean, just concerned.

"Baby you have to tell me what happened to you. Between this and the first night at the club you can't tell me everything is okay. I love you baby, I need to know you feel safe with me. God, I would never lay a hand on you like that. Please, you have to trust me enough to tell me what's going on. I can help you Bella. I can make everything alright."

I looked at him and knew he already saw how broken I am. What choice did I have? I trusted the man completely. I knew he'd never lay a hand on me. It was instinct, not him. And I love him. If he truly loves me, he'll love me even after I tell him. I had to come clean and maybe have a new start with this amazing man. Unless he leaves your ass because you're stupid and a loser….

"Edward, I know you would never hit me. I know you wouldn't hurt me. It was just instinct. I know it's not normal. I'm sorry if I scared you."

"Bella, please stop apologizing to me. You've done nothing wrong. You have to stop that." He shook his head and ran his hands through his hair. "My god baby, who did this to you?" He knew. He wasn't a dumb man. But how do you tell someone this?

"His name was James." Edward tensed immediately. This wasn't going to be easy but I just had to get through it and be done with it. If he decided to leave me, at least I had him for a little while. You know that won't comfort you while your heart breaks and you die inside because you're not with him….

"I began seeing him about a year and half ago. It started off slowly. My uncle introduced us. He was old college buddies with James' father. Uncle Paul thought he was being a great uncle encouraging me to date. I never really had before. I was always so focused on my studies. I actually skipped two grades when I was younger. And I didn't want to be one of those slutty girls in high school that ended up pregnant by graduation so I just stayed away from the boys. They didn't notice me anyway so it worked out perfectly. Same thing in college, but luckily I meet Rose in college. She brought me out of my shell a lot and I enjoyed myself but I still never really dated. Maybe a dinner here or there because of Rose's persistence, but never anything serious."

Once I started law school all I did was focus on being the best. I figured if I'd committed to three more years of school, I better do it right. I didn't go out much with the exception of when Rose forced me to be social and I never dated. Renee seemed devastated. She thought I should have found a wonderful husband in college and should have been on my second kid by now. Charlie was ecstatic. Let's just say he's always been overly protective of his little girl." I giggled a bit thinking of the differences between my parents and Edward smiled and held me close.

"So Uncle Paul introduced me to James at some political event I attended with my parents. James' father is a Senator so my mother immediately approved and my father felt comfortable with his brother's recommendation. I was surprised to say the least when James actually took an interest in me, like he found me attractive or something. We started attending more political functions together. I think it pleased his father that he had someone who wasn't a floozy on his arm. Eventually we started seeing each other more often. James acted like he was interested and it made me feel good. Ya' know? I wasn't used to the attention and it made me think I had feelings for him. Plus, he never pressured me to see him saying that he knew school came first. I found out later it was because he was usually out having sex with models and getting high. But how was I supposed to know that at the time? I mean, my own Uncle had introduced me to him. And if I wasn't with Rose or studying, I was at school. Rose hated him by the way so I tried to keep them separated as much as possible. That was a big mistake because if anyone can pick out an asshole, it's Rose."

One evening I was supposed to go to James' to cook dinner. I showed up about an hour late because I lost track of time studying. I walked into his place and he was furious. He accused me of being a whore and cheating on him saying that I was worthless and stupid." I started crying at this point as the memories flooded back. "It was like he was saying out loud all the thoughts I kept in my head. I was crying so hard that I knocked over the serving tray for dinner and he immediately punched me in the face." Edward's fists balled up and he struggled to control his breathing. I leaned in closer to him to try to comfort him. It seemed to work and he started to run his hands through my hair again.

"I had passed out on the kitchen floor and when I came too James was crying and holding an ice pack to my face. He kept saying how sorry he was. I couldn't understand why he was being so nice all of the sudden. He insisted on taking me to the hospital to get checked out. I had a broken nose they couldn't do anything about and a slight concussion. When the doctor asked me what happened I told him I tripped over some shoes on the floor. To this day I don't know why I did that. I think I was just young and naïve always hanging around older people I trusted and not really understanding there were some very bad people in this world. The look of relief on James' face was amazing. He took me home and took care of me for the next few days. He admitted to me he was high on coke that night and that he never would have hit me if he had been thinking rationally. He promised to never use drugs again and I agreed to leave it in the past."

Things seemed to be okay after that. There were a few times he grabbed me too hard leaving bruises and once he pushed me into the wall but it was never as bad as that first night so it seemed inconsequential at the time. I made a couple of trips to the hospital blaming everything on my clumsiness. I just figured that was the way James was and if I wanted to be accepted by him I'd have to deal with his roughness."

About seven months into our relationship he came over one night after being out. He was as high as a kite. I immediately told him to leave and we'd talk in the morning. He pushed his way through the door and told me I belonged to him and he was going to have his way with me. Up to this point we hadn't done much sexually except kissing. Apparently he was getting enough from his models and I was a frigid bitch or so he told me. I got really scared and tried to hit him with an old bat my dad made me keep by the door." Edward seemed to smile at the image of this.

"I wasn't fast enough and he stopped the bat before I made contact. He broke my arm as he took the bat from me. He knocked me down and grabbed my shoulders and kept slamming my head into the floor. He undid his pants and I thought for sure he was going to rape me but he was too high to um, you know, do anything to me. That pissed him off further and caused him to kick me in the legs a few times and then he went to the bedroom and passed out. I picked myself up and went to the hospital to get my arm taken care of. I spent the night in a hotel trying to figure out what to do. I knew James had gone too far and I had to get out."

I didn't want to tell my parents. I felt so ashamed of myself for allowing everything to go on for so long. Plus I knew my father would actually kill James and I couldn't risk anything happening to Charlie. I thought about telling Rose but I knew if I did she'd get my parents involved out of concern. Eventually I just took a bunch of pain pills and went to sleep thankful it was break and I didn't need to worry about school. I went back to my apartment the next day and James was sitting on the couch finally sober. I told him it was over and he had to leave. He told me he needed me to look good to his father and business associates and that I wasn't leaving him. Then he told me if I did anything to hurt his reputation he'd kill me. He pulled out a gun, set it on the coffee table and dared me to temp him. I was so scared I didn't know what to do. After I started crying and nodding my head in agreement he left." Edward seemed immensely relieved by this. He seemed to let out of huge breath he was holding and shook his head. I continued.

"I didn't see James for a couple of weeks after that. He called to remind me of our arrangement but other than that he left me alone. At that point I decided if anything I was a smart girl and I should have known better than to get mixed up in that shit. So I devised a plan. I decided to go to each hospital I'd been treated at and get a copy of my medical records. I would then go talk to the Senator and convince him to get James to leave me alone or I would expose him as an abuser and druggie. I spent three days going to different hospitals. None of them had my medical records. It was like I was never treated for anything. I even spoke to one of the doctors that fixed me up once and he actually acted like he didn't know me. It was then that I realized the Senator must have already covered James' tracks. Even with all the abuse, I'd never felt so defeated."

I started to cry harder at this point remembering the feelings of helplessness and utter desperation. I looked up and the anger in Edward's eyes was palpable. I tried to give him a little smile but he just stared at me. I was starting to feel like he was blaming me. I would be the victim in his eyes and I would lose him.

I must have been crying for a while because I eventually felt Edward's hands move across my face wiping away my tears telling me it was okay.

"You were fighting back Bella. You were doing the best you could baby." I couldn't believe he was giving me words of encouragement. I looked up at him and his eyes told me he was being as honest as he could be so I eventually stopped crying and finished my story.

"I resigned myself to agreeing with everything James said. I figured eventually he'd get bored of me and toss me aside. I also tried to be perfect for him. I thought if I didn't make any mistakes, he didn't have a reason to hit me. That lasted for a few months. Almost a year ago everything came apart. We were at a function for his father and one of my law school friends was there. A guy named Seth. He was just a guy I had class with and we were making small talk, it was completely innocent and I thought nothing of it. When James took me home he laid into me saying that I was whoring it up with a loser in front of his family trying to make him look bad. I tried to explain but he just started hitting me. He smashed my head into the wall causing me to fall to the floor. I lost consciousness for a little bit but when I came to he was kicking me while I was lying on the floor. He wouldn't stop. He kept yelling things at me and kicking and throwing things. Eventually he tired himself out and left. I laid there for a little while knowing what I had to do. I crawled over to the phone and called Rose."

She showed up in what seemed like no time and just looked at me. She didn't say a word. She just helped me up, tried to stop the bleeding from my head and told me everything was going to be okay now. She never blamed me. She never judged me. Even to this day all she does is take care of me and look out for me. She changed me into some sweats and gathered up my stuff to get me to the hospital. I told her about my medical records and she was stunned. We decided we would drive most of the night and find some small town hospital in Pennsylvania. And just like that she saved me. I was treated by a Dr. Eleazar in some podunk town in Pennsylvania. He was an elderly and caring man. The kindest doctor I had ever met actually. He knew immediately what had happened. Rose and I explained about the missing medical records. He personally took Polaroid's and made three copies of my file. He said he would put one with the hospital as normal, he handed Rose one and then told me he would keep one in his personal safe in his office. He joked that no big city senator was swaying his morals. He was an angel. I ended up with 15 stitches in my hairline, a moderate concussion, three broken ribs, a broken collarbone and a bruised hip bone. He patched me up and sent us on our way making Rose and I promise to talk to my parents."

We made it back to the city and Rose drove directly to my parents' place. It was about 6 o'clock on a Saturday morning and the minute we were announced by the front desk my father knew something was wrong. We made our way upstairs and Charlie was waiting at the door. He took one looked at me and I swear I'd never seem him look so murderous. He was furious. He started yelling and screaming about how he was going to have James put down like a dog. I begged Charlie not to kill James. I wanted him out of my life but I didn't think I could handle having his death on my conscious. He finally agreed after I told him I couldn't live with the guilt of someone dying because of me. And I couldn't you know? That's just not who I am." Edward seemed at odds with this revelation. Like he agreed with Charlie and found it interesting that I didn't want James dead. He just kept shaking his head and hugging me harder.

"Renee drew me a bath, took care of me and put me to bed. Rose told Charlie about my medical records and gave him the copy of my file from Dr. Eleazar. Rose and Charlie left, had my place packed up and moved me home. A few days later my dad came to me and told me he spoke with the Senator and James would never bother me again. He made me promise that if I ever heard from or saw James again I had to tell him. And just like that James was out of my life. Charlie found my condo because of its security and proximity to the school. He spoke with the Dean and made sure I had security walk me to and from my car whenever I left. He leased my place under his grandma's maiden name and locked my medical file up in a bank security deposit box after making multiple copies for his home and office safes. My bones healed, I went to some counseling to deal with the panic attacks and people being close to me and I started school again. Going out to the club with Rose the night I met you was my first night out in eight months. I guess that's why I kinda freaked out when that bartender tried to grab me."

"Jesus Christ Bella." It was all he said. For the first time since I'd known him, Edward looked rattled.

I started crying again knowing I'd ruined everything. "Please don't think of me as a victim Edward. I don't want your pity."

Edward tensed immediately and pulled me to look him directly in the eyes.

"I'll never think of you as a victim baby. You're a survivor Bella. You got caught up with a drugged out lunatic who threatened and abused you and you still had the courage to find a way out. I don't see a victim at all. I see a fighter Bella, a fighter. I love you. I love you so much."

I just looked at him in disbelief. And then a saw a stray tear fall from his eye. I couldn't believe it. I reached up to wipe it away and he just kept staring at me.

"I will never let anything bad happen to you ever again Bella. No one will ever hurt you again. I promise you. I love you too much to see you sad. Thank you so much for telling me about this, for trusting me enough. I know it couldn't have been easy but understand I love you and trust you so much. You're my life now Bella, I promise to only give you happiness."

And with that Edward pulled me to him, cradling me in his arms and I quietly fell asleep content with the knowledge that Edward didn't hate me or thing of me as a victim and that he still loved me.


Bella's breathing evened out eventually and I knew she was asleep. I just held her realizing I was holding everything good in my life in my arms. The woman had bared her heart and soul to me, told me her darkest secret and at the same time gave me her complete and total trust even after everything she had been through. She was a fighter, a survivor. I was awed by her. Beaten repeatedly for no reason by a crazy man and she was still one of the most loving, loyal, and accepting people I had ever met. I had no question left in my mind that I would be with Bella forever. I would marry her and give her children and a big house, whatever her heart desired. And no one, absolutely no one would hurt her ever again.

I thought about what I was going to do next.

Rose. That woman was definitely getting an all-expense paid shopping spree with my sister. Is there a way to thank someone enough for saving the love of your life? No wonder she was so protective of Bella in the beginning. I have no doubt in my mind Rose would probably try to take me out if she thought I would hurt Bella, Mafia or not, and I respected and loved the woman for it. I definitely needed to have a conversation with Rose in the future.

Charlie Swan. I admired the man even more now. Jenks was right he probably contacted someone he knew in my family about taking James out. I've seen Charlie in action in the courtroom and I only wish I could have seen him go after the Senator. Luckily Charlie and I had already come to an understanding about Bella. He wasn't thrilled, but he knew I would protect her and keep her happy and that's all he really wanted for his little girl. He said as long as she was happy, he'd stay out of the way. He did say if I hurt his daughter, it wouldn't matter who I was, he'd come after me and I believed the man completely.

James. Well, he's a dead man. No questions, dead. How could he know Bella and still lay is hands on her the way he did? I've known some evil motherfuckers in my time, but they usually had some sort of reason. And there was no harming of women or children in my family. Some families didn't work that way but Esme raised me better than that. It takes a sick fucker to go after someone clearly weaker.

Yet there was James. He knew he struck gold with Bella. She could charm the socks off any politician, Wall Street money maker, or hot dog vendor just by being her. He kept her down on purpose using her for his benefit. The son of a bitch had to go. I don't care who his daddy is. I'd deal with the fallout from that. Then I remembered what Bella said. That she couldn't have someone else's death on her conscious. And she's right. She's not that kind of person. Would she know it was me? Would she blame her father? Could I do it behind her back? And all because I felt the need for revenge? Do I actually let her decide this?

And if she won't let me kill him how do I keep her safe? According to Jenks, James is off in France somewhere snorting coke and banging whores. Maybe I just have him watched for the time being until I can talk to Charlie about the situation. I'd also need a copy of her medical file. Would Charlie hand it over? And this Dr. Eleazar, I obviously owed him my eternal thanks for not only saving my Bella but giving her the proof she needed to get out of the situation. Was he in danger if the Senator ever found out about him? I was going to have to pay the good doctor a visit.

And that brings me to oddly enough my biggest concern, Bella. She gave me her honesty and trust. She's given me her love. She deserves everything. Can I tell her about me? Would she leave me? Could I let her go? Just the thought of not having her in my life made me physically ill. No, I couldn't let her go. But didn't she have a right to know? And could I honestly keep it a secret from her forever? I knew I'd been lucky up to this point that she hadn't become suspicious yet, but how long could that last?

Deep down I knew it wouldn't be right. I knew I had to tell her eventually. Would she only see the monster in me? I'd have to tell her before we married. Yes, I'm being a complete pussy on this point putting it off to another day but I won't think of Bella hating me. I won't think of her being frightened of me because of my position with the family. I couldn't. It would kill me. Maybe I could slowly ease her into the life. Slowly tell her more and see how she reacts. It might not be so bad. Her father has defended members of my family and even turned to us because of James. My mother loved my father and accepted this life. She even dealt with his whores and inability to keep his dick in his pants. Maybe I could talk to her about this.

I looked down and watched Bella sleep. She looked completely angelic and finally at peace. This morning had to have taken a lot out of her. And why did she have such a low perception of herself? She obviously didn't understand the amazement that is Bella. I'd definitely be changing that. It was my new mission to get this beauty to see herself the way we all saw her.

Bella started to stir and my thoughts were brought back to the present. She definitely needed a little TLC tonight. Maybe a long bath, dinner in, and a movie in bed. Yes, I just threw my man card away.

But wait, would Bella take a bath with me? Was she a virgin? From what she told me I was pretty convinced she was. I would have to continue to take things slow with her. My poor cock. But I know the wait will be worth it.

Bella woke up and her stomach started to growl. She looked at me sheepishly and I just tickled her sides and listening to her giggle. "Hungry?"

"I don't know what would make you think that Mr. Cullen." More giggles, more tickling, and now kissing. Bella started to run her hands over my chest and down my abs. She was moaning just the slightest bit.

"Like what you see?" It wouldn't be me if I didn't tease her a little.

"Very much so Mr. Cullen." Bella then began running her lips and that delectable tongue down my throat, past my collarbone and to my sternum. I was immediately hard.

"We should get you something to eat baby." If she didn't stop soon I would be in trouble.

"Maybe that's exactly what I'm doing." Holy shit! Did I seriously hear her correctly?

"Bella, I don't want you to do anything you're not comfortable with, or for the wrong reasons." She stopped with that. Ah shit, what did I say? Fix it Cullen. "Bella, I just don't want you to think you have to do anything."

"What if I wanted to? You did what you wanted last night right? Believe me Edward, I wouldn't do it to get you to love me, I already know you do." And she grinned. Who the hell am I to argue with that?

"How much have you done before Bella? I don't want to rush you." I still had to know. She sat back and looked at me and bit her lip.

"Well, since today seems to be confession day, I guess you should know that I'm not really experienced, um, yeah, at all." I knew it. "But that doesn't mean I don't want to do stuff with you. I've never wanted this before Edward and I don't want you thinking you have to protect me from my own desires. I mean, we can explore can't we? You could, you know, teach me?" Fuckin A she was going to make a fantastic lawyer.

"Bella, I just don't want you to think you have to. I don't want to pressure you." Last chance baby.

"I want to see you Edward."

"God Bella, I swear you're going to kill me. How about we take a nice bath together? Cause believe me, I want to see you too." And cue the blush and giggle.

I got out of bed and started to run us a bath. I even threw in some of that girlie shit Alice always dropped off here. I went back to the bedroom to get Bella and carried her to the edge of the tub. Ever so slowly I removed the T-shirt she was wearing and just stared at her. She was incredible. Bella stood and slowly slid down her panties and there she was, completely bare standing before me like the best gift a man could ever receive. "Fucking perfect" were the only words that I could find. I gave her a chaste kiss and picked her up placing her in the tube. I knew if I stared for as long as I wanted to she'd eventually get self-conscious and I'd ruin everything.

Once Bella was settled in the tub I removed my boxers and stood before her completely naked for her to look at. I wasn't shy and my second in command was at complete and total attention. I was a little nervous he might scare her and apparently I was right. Bella looked down and her eyes widened larger than I thought they could go and her face turned beet red.

"Don't worry baby, when we do make love, you'll stretch open for me."

"Are you sure it will, um, fit?" I had to stifle the laugh so I didn't embarrass her.

"We'll fit perfectly together love." She seemed to consider that for a second.

"Will it hurt?" I couldn't lie to her.

"Baby, the first time it will hurt a little. But I promise to be as gentle as possible. It won't hurt for long. And then I promise it will feel good, even better than last night." The blush on her face was amazing.

I climbed in the tub and positioned myself behind Bella so I was holding her in my arms. My cock was pressed up against her back and she placed my hands on her breasts. I softly caressed her as she ran her hands up and down my legs. "I love you Edward." She leaned back and just looked up at me.

"Go away with me next weekend?" I asked. "I have a place in the Hamptons and I know it isn't the right season but its beautiful country out there and I want to show you around." Yeah, I was rambling.

"I'll go anywhere with you Edward. And next weekend is actually perfect. I'll have to start getting ready for finals after that. I'll even leave my books here for the entire weekend. It can just be about us." It was like she answered all of my prayers.

I reached for the shampoo and washed and conditioned Bella's hair. It was so soft and silky. I then proceeded to wash her body. I ran my hands over every inch of her skin feeling, memorizing, loving. I ran my hand over her sex and heard her moan. Even in the bath, I could tell she was completely wet. I innocently massaged the area for a few quick moments and continued to caress her delicious ass.

When I was finished, Bella turned and began washing my hair. She then started washing my body but when she came to my cock she grabbed on and started stroking me. I was shocked and I think I might have growled. My dick finally started thanking me.

"Bella," I moaned. She looked at me questioningly and I just answered with the truth. "That's perfect Bella, absolutely perfect. Maybe just, oh god, a little tighter. It's never felt better baby."

She tightened her grip and continued to stroke me at a perfect pace taking time to run her thumbs over my head every now and then. I knew I wasn't going to last long and I didn't want to scare her.

"You're gonna make me cum baby." The smile on her face was huge as she just stared down and whispered that she wanted me to cum in her had. The little sexy minx was going to kill me. She tightened her grip and stroked a few more times and I growled her name while the most violent orgasm of my life rushed out of my body. I looked up to make sure Bella was okay and she just smiled.

"I did okay?" Christ, did she actually have to ask? I leaned forward and simply told her it was the best hand job of my life, because it was.

While we were drying off I asked Bella what she wanted to do for the night. "I thought we were headed to the club?" I wasn't sure she still wanted to go given the day we'd had. But there she stood all happy and innocent like all was right with the world. I guess we would be going to the club for the evening. I'm beginning to learn my girl is a lot stronger than I give her credit for.