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Chapter 6


Edward and I walked into the club were greeted by Demetri and we found our way over to Rose, Emmett and Jasper. I was silently wondering when Alice would show up to spend time with Jasper. I'd been watching them and I knew they were meant to be. Edward seemed oblivious to the situation. After recent developments in our relationship I was becoming more and more convinced Edward wouldn't have a problem with Jasper and Alice being together.

I sat down and Rose automatically jumped on me. "So, smarty B, what have you been doing lately?" It was almost like she knew Edward and I were fooling around. I couldn't help it. I giggled, she knew. "So?"

"Rose, I don't kiss and tell." I do however give everything away with my blush. Damn.

"No Bella, you usually just don't kiss. Now tell."

Yeah she had me there. "Edward and I have been getting much closer Rose. You know we're in love. I actually told him about James this morning. I kind of freaked out on him after I dropped something and he jumped up to pick me up so I didn't cut my feet. I think he knew something was wrong when I jumped away from him so I just told him."

"And how did he respond?" Rose looked concerned. I knew she liked Edward, even trusted him, but she was constantly looking out for me.

"He told me he thought of me as a survivor and not as a victim. He just really wanted me to know that he'd never let anything or anyone hurt me again. He's extremely protective of me."

Rose smirked, "Yeah, I've noticed. I like that about him. How are things in the bedroom?" Cue the giggle.

"Well, we haven't slept together yet." Rose looked down right shocked. "What?" I asked.

"I'm sorry Bella I just assumed. I mean, I know you haven't done it before, but I'm just so impressed Edward has waited so long. It's been a while you know. Months even. How have you been able to resist him? How hasn't he…?"

Now I started to get scared. James never tried to sleep with me because he was always getting it elsewhere. But then I thought back to the bathroom this morning. There's no way he would be cheating on me right? I looked over at Edward sitting with his friends. He seemed happy, lighthearted actually. He caught me looking at him and smiled and mouthed "I love you" to me. I blushed and turned to Rose.

"Rose, you don't think he's sleeping with anyone else do you?" I couldn't believe I even asked the question, but I was going with experience here.

"No Bella. I've seen the way women throw themselves at him and he completely ignores them. According to Emmett, Edward has never been happier and even before you he didn't sleep with every woman that crossed his path. He's not pressuring you to have sex is he?"

"God no. But let's just say things have been um, progressing. Edward is very concerned that I don't do anything I'm not comfortable with. He said I was in the lead. And it isn't like we haven't done anything. I think it's going to happen soon. I hope it's going to happen soon." Yeah, my thoughts were everywhere on this topic.

I still didn't understand this about Edward. Every time we were close I knew he was hard I mean, you can't really hide that thing, and he always acted like he wanted me. He touched me so tenderly and turned me on in ways I never knew imaginable. We were in love and committed to each other. Was he worried about me being a virgin? Is that what this weekend away is about?

"He's taking me to his place in the Hampton's this weekend." I figured Rose would know more than I do.

She laughed. "Sounds to me like it is going to happen soon Bella. You're still on the pill right?" I'd been on birth control for years because of irregular cycles.

"Yes I am. Is it gonna hurt?" I had to know. I didn't want to be a scared little girl when it actually happened.

"Is he big?" Rose was never one to mince words.

"Well Rose, I don't have anything to compare him too, but I'm slightly afraid of it. It has to be like nine inches or something. He said it would fit." Rose was roaring with laughter.

"You asked him that?" I blushed and just looked at her.

"Yeah, and he didn't laugh. He was very sweet about it." Rose kept laughing.

"Oh Bella, you're just so innocent. No wonder he hasn't been pressuring you. He treats you like a princess and probably just doesn't want you to think that's all he wants. Poor bastard must be whacking off all day."

At this point I was getting annoyed. Not so much with Rose although she was a factor, but more with myself for my lack of experience. Luckily Emmett came over and took Rose to go dance. I looked up and notice that Alice had in fact shown up and was talking to Edward. I made my way over to them. Alice winked at me and got up to go talk to Jasper. I sat down next to Edward.

"What's wrong baby? You look upset?"

"Edward, does um, my lack of experience bother you?" I couldn't help it. I had to know.

"Jesus Bella, your lack of experience?" He looked a little taken back and then he chuckled a little to himself. "Bella, I love your lack of experience. Yeah, to be honest it's been really hard controlling myself around you and not just turning all caveman like and bending you over my desk and having my way with you, but I love the fact that I'll be the only one to ever touch you. The only one to ever see you, to give you pleasure. I love the fact that everything you learn will be because of our experiences together." I moved over, sat on Edward's lap and started kissing him. "I'm so glad you just talk to me when you have something on your mind Bella. You can always do that. We need that you know."

"You really think about bending me over your desk and having your way with me?" The thought made me so wet I was nervous I was going to soak through my panties. I don't think anyone has ever said something so hot to me.

"Bella, I fantasize about you all the time, doing all sorts of things. Being deep inside you while you ride me. Looking down at you while you cum screaming my name." From where I was sitting I could feel Edward was being serious. He stopped talking and was shaking his head like he was trying to get rid of his thoughts.

"I think about those things too Edward." I mean can you blame me? The man was sex on legs. "I don't think I want to wait anymore." He sighed, a complete contradiction to the massive hard on I felt on the back of my thighs.

"Bella, I want it to be special for you. I want you to be completely ready. Plus, we still have some exploring to do first." He smirked. This excited me and I immediately wanted to leave.

"Wanna go home now?" I asked. Edward started laughing but nodded his head in agreement.

It was then that Demetri showed up and Edward tried to regain his composure. "Boss, you're needed upstairs." I looked out and saw that Rose and Alice were alone on the dance floor. Edward excused himself and left me with Demetri. Cockblocked by work.

Rose and Alice made their way back and we just sat around talking for a while. I noticed it had been over an hour since Edward left and was starting to wonder what was going on. I mean, everything looked fine at the club. He'd been working quite a bit lately and at really odd hours too. I was starting to wonder what actually went on at the club that he was needed for so much. He also owned restaurants, a casino, and hotels and they were open all hours. I started to think about how much I really knew about Edward's businesses. I didn't get to wonder long because Edward showed up and we eventually went home.

The rest of the week seemed to fly by. Each day I would go to class, study, and then come straight over to Edward's place. He gave me a key and would always ask to see me when I was done studying. The place was starting to feel more like home than I wanted to admit. He'd even cleared out closet space and some drawers for me. He said I shouldn't have to waste time going back and forth when my schedule with school was already so hectic. I wasn't going to argue because every minute with Edward was wonderful. He was called away to the club in the middle of the night on Tuesday which kind of concerned me. He apologized so much and said he'd be back before morning. I guess that type of thing was normal for him because he didn't seem phased by it at all.

It was Wednesday night and I was dead tired and extremely stressed out. Finals were coming up soon and I promised Edward no law school this weekend so I was secretly trying to get everything done. Just the thought of studying for the bar exam made me sick to my stomach. I finished up my last case analysis for the night and put my laptop on the bedside stand. I looked over and Edward was just staring at me.

"Stressed?" He asked.

"Yeah, just with finals and everything."

"I can help with your stress you know?" His voice was so low I had to strain to hear him. He also had a wickedly sexy grin on his face.

He slowly made his way over to me and started licking my neck. I moaned. He got me every time with the neck. He gently pulled the covers down and his hands began roaming my body.

"Want to explore a little?" In my head I said yes but it came out more as a happy grunt as I felt Edward's hands slip down my sleep pants. He slowly took them off along with my night shirt.

"Beautiful." He said it more to himself than anything. He began kissing and sucking all along my body. He massaged my legs and slowly, ever so slowly, his mouth made its way down to my center. He looked up as if to ask for permission. Again with the yes moan. I could feel his warm breath on my sex and it felt amazing. Edward pushed my legs apart and settled down in between them. Suddenly I felt his tongue on me, licking me. His lips started taking my folds into his mouth as his tongue fought to get in between them. Every part of my body was on fire. Then he shifted ever so slightly and I felt his fingers on me, rubbing me while his tongue entered my core over and over again.

"You taste amazing Bella. Amazing." I couldn't help myself, I'd never been touched there before especially by a man's tongue. I felt my hands running through his hair, tugging. His tongue was pushing into me like it needed to find a home. His fingers were rubbing my clit in the slowest most sensual way. I felt my stomach heat up and coil within me. I knew I was going to see heaven again.

"Edward. Edward!"

"Let it go Bella. Cum for me baby." And I did just that. My entire body shook as my orgasm ripped itself out of me in the most delectable way. I kept shaking as Edward made his way up my body and held me close. "God you're beautiful when you cum for me. I think that's my favorite image of you. Sleep little girl. Dream of me." With that the stress was gone and I was out as Edward stroked my hair and watched me drift off.

I woke early Thursday morning and watched Edward sleep. He looked so relaxed and peaceful. I thought about the events of the previous night and decided to be a little bold. I quietly rolled closer to Edward careful not to wake him. I mustered up my courage and began rubbing his cock through his boxers. He was hard. Hard like steel. I slipped my hand inside his boxers and grabbed him like I had in the bath. I began stroking. Edward began moaning as his breathing picked up. I slid my way down his body and began pulling on his boxers.

"Bella," he moaned.

"Let me try baby." I wanted to do this for him. Something in me needed to make him feel as good as he made me feel the night before.

He lifted to help me pull down his boxers and I leaned forward to take him in my mouth. I looked up at him and he was just staring at me in awe.

"God baby," he didn't say no.

I put my lips around the head of his cock and started sucking. Edward immediately tensed and grabbed the sheets in his hands. I pushed him in further while sucking. I decided to see how far in I could get him. I mean, he was huge. I took him all the way in my mouth, took a breath and then sucked him in until he hit the back of my throat.

"Holyfuckingshit," was all I heard. I figured from that response I was doing okay at this. I continued working, sucking, and pulling Edward in and out of my mouth and stroking him with my hands, feasting on his gorgeous member. The list of profanities that were coming out of Edward's mouth would normally have made me giggle but the fact that his gigantic dick was in my mouth luckily prevented me from doing so. Edward lifted one hand off the bed and put it in my hair. He wasn't pushing me, just moving with me. He suddenly stilled and said, "Bella, baby I'm gonna come baby."

I knew what he meant. I knew he was warning me and I didn't care. In fact I wanted it. I took him so deeply in my mouth he was in my throat as I sucked. I heard him before I could feel his cum slide down my throat as I swallowed.

"Bella, fuck, Jesus Bella!" I sucked on him a few more times until I figured he was done and gently took him out of my mouth. I shyly looked up at him and smiled.

"Sweet Jesus Bella, I never thought… I never knew…" He was just staring at me. I started to get nervous because he wasn't talking. Instead he pulled me up to him and attacked my mouth, licking my lips, my tongue, my neck, and then just holding me as close to him as he could seem to get me.

"Baby, that was without a doubt the most amazing experience I've ever had. You just showed me heaven Bella. Wow. You just keep surprising me love. Please feel free to wake me up like that any time." Then he started laughing. "Or just do that anytime. I don't have to be asleep first."

"So you're saying you enjoy head baby?" I teased.

"You have no idea Bella, no idea."

"From what I can remember last night I think I do Edward." With that he smiled, held me close and whispered more to himself, "We're going to be so fantastic together. Forever Bella, forever."


Every day that past Bella and I were growing closer together. We were exploring each other's minds, pasts, presents, hearts, souls, and finally, bodies. My cock was being a little nicer to me these days.

To say my girl gave good head would be an outright lie. To say my girl sucked me off deeper, harder, and better than anything I'd ever experienced and then swallowed me whole without hesitation would be the only truth. I wanted to take out a billboard in Time Square and let everyone know Bella apparently had no gag reflex and enjoyed my cock in her mouth. I obviously wasn't going to do this, but damn did I want to.

Bella herself is just amazing. She seemed to be open to anything as long as she knew I was right there with her. Like she could conquer the world if she knew I was standing beside her. And I would always be standing beside her. I saw her growing more confident by the day. More open to the realization that I wanted her in my life for good. I had her convinced that she should just be spending time at my place. I hated nights in the bed without her. I wanted to be surrounded by her things, her clothes, her books, everything. And she fit so perfectly in my life. She always made time for me, yet never whined or begged for more when I had to work. And she very rarely complained, even when I was called away for business in the middle of the night. I think she was slightly worried that I was with another woman, who wouldn't be after that prick James, but I always reassured her it was just us, because it was.

Business had gotten interesting to say the least. There was a crazy ass motherfucker who decided one night he'd beat up a bunch of the hookers because they were hookers. Think what you will, fuck who you want, but don't get violent. I personally didn't fuck hookers, but I have no problem with them. And I definitely couldn't have them in danger. That fucker lost his cock and I'm assuming bleed out after a while and died. I didn't stick around to watch that.

I was also having escalating problems with the Volturi and Agent Black. He'd been watching me closely. It was good that Bella and I enjoyed our nights in and alone because the more he saw her with me the more suspicious he got. It wasn't like I was known for being a one woman man, let alone long term, and I didn't need him meddling with Bella to get to me before I came clean about my life. He was also showing up at drop sites and cargo loads as soon as they were finished. Obviously someone was tipping someone off. The problem was to find out who and why.

One night during the week I was called to my casino to find Felix Volturi playing blackjack with the high rollers like he owned the place. We made nice, played a few hands and he explained he had just relocated to New York for a chick. Like I was buying that line of bullshit. They were trying to move in and I was going to have to put a stop to it.

I also spent a great deal of time taking care of the James situation. I had a new respect for Rose but the more I was around her the more I realized she wouldn't understand my gratitude. She might appreciate it, but Rose was the type of woman who thought what she did wasn't a big deal. To her, it was simply something she did for her friend. I respected that attitude even more.

I did make a trip to see Dr. Eleazar. After meeting the man I knew he wouldn't bend to the Senator's henchmen and it would most likely get him killed. So I tried to reason with him.

I politely introduced myself and he knew immediately why I was there. It was almost like he had been waiting for someone to come find him because of Bella.

"I know who you are and I'll give you nothing, I'll do nothing, and I'll say nothing." That's what I was met with.

"Doctor, I don't think you understand why I'm here." I tried to explain.

"You're here because a sweet innocent girl got the shit beat out of her by her asshole of a boyfriend and you want her file to make her injuries disappear. Not gonna happen so take your Armani suit wearing ass out of my office, out of my hospital, and out of my state." Considering he had to be in his early 70s I had to stifle a laugh.

"Doctor, please let me explain. Yes, I'm here for Bella's file, but I'm here to make sure the Senator never gets his hands on it. I'm also here to make sure you and your family are protected from the Senator and his son's determination to harm my Bella. I don't mean that as a threat sir, but you have to fight power with power and you up against the Senator is not going to turn out well." He looked thoughtful for a moment but didn't waiver.

"Sir, Isabella is my life now. We're together. We'll be married soon. It is my job to make sure every aspect of her life is protected and provided for. She's happy now. She's finishing school and getting ready to take the bar exam. She's at the top of her class and loved by everyone around her, especially me."

I won't beat around the bush Doctor. If it was up to me, and it usually is, James would be a small speck on the history of the world right now and rotting in an unmarked grave. But that isn't what my sweet Bella wants so she's effectively tied my hands. And believe me, she's the only one who could possibility get away with that." I laughed a little realizing how true that was.

"So why do you need the file if you're protecting her Mr. Cullen?" How to put this delicately?

"Look Doctor, I know men like James. As much as Bella thinks he will, he isn't going to stop. Yes, his father sent him out of the country but he'll be back. I consider him a threat to my girl and I can't have that. I won't have that. The threat to the Senator needs to be reinforced by someone other than Bella's father. I respect the man, but let's just say people usually take my threats a little more seriously. Leave the file on record with the hospital to distract the Senator, but I need the original. I also need for you to not have anything else to do with this situation so you are protected if things were to say, escalate. Understand sir, I will protect my Bella at all costs and I don't want you implicated in any harm that may come to the Senator or his son." He seemed to understand this concept a little better.

"I need some proof Mr. Cullen. Something to let me know you and Bella are together and that she's happy." I counted on this and pulled out a single envelope from my suit jacket pocket and slid it over to him. He picked it up and flipped through the pictures. They were snapshot of Bella and I together, shots of just her studying while she didn't know I was watching. Pictures of her and Rose at the club. Pictures showing our intertwined lives.

"I must say Mr. Cullen, she does look extremely happy." And like the pussy I'd turned into I smile with pride at his assessment.

"She's the most amazing woman I've ever meet Doctor. I hold you in the highest regard for taking such good care of her. And don't worry, if I ever screw up and make her cry, Rose there will kick my ass and I'll let her." He laughed at that and told me he was just doing what any decent person like Bella would have done. I couldn't really argue with that. He went to his office safe and removed her file.

"The pictures in there are nothing like the ones you have son. I assure you, they will be hard to look at. You might want to do it with a stiff drink."

He handed me the file and told me he'd always do what he could for Bella. I thanked him, left a rather large anonymous donation at reception with a notation it was for the good doctor being a good doctor and headed home.

And here I sat Thursday night in my office staring at Bella's unopened file. Bella was finishing her school work and staying at her place tonight to pack for our weekend together. I poured myself a scotch and picked up the file not wanting to see what I couldn't help myself from seeing. I opened the file and there they were staring up at me. Pictures of my Bella broken, bleeding, a dead lost look in her eyes. Her bruised body looked like that of a corpse. If I didn't know any better I would have bet that's what these pictures were. She had hand mark bruises all over her upper body and neck. The fucker must have tried to strangle her at one point. Her legs were covered in bruises I knew from experience to be those of a shoe kicking repeatedly. I pulled out my trash can and emptied the contents of my stomach. I couldn't help it. I'd seen bad shit before, really bad shit, but seeing my sweet angel like this was too much for me to take. This is how Charlie Swan was pushed to inquire about murder.

As I was throwing up again Emmett walked in and started to jog over to my desk to check on me. I just sat up and looked at him. He looked down at my desk. The look on his face reflected the pain I was feeling in my chest.

"Oh my god! Is this Bella?" He was picking up the picture of her badly beaten head with blood dripping from the gash in her hairline.

"What the fuck is going on here Cullen?" His concern for my girl warmed my heart. Everyone loves Bella.

"James Alistair."

"Where is he?" Emmett was sifting through the pictures with a nauseous look on his face.

"Last report from today he's in the south of France with a couple of hookers and enough heroin to keep him set for a while." I was having James followed closely to make sure his ass stayed away from my girl.

"When do we leave?" I knew Emmett would have the same reaction I did. Dead motherfucker.

"We don't." I stood up and removed my trash can, poured myself another scotch and got one for my good friend.

"What the hell do you mean we don't?" Emmett looked exasperated.

"It isn't what Bella wants."

"Well Bella doesn't have to know now does she? He can't do this to her and get away with it. I knew that girl was too kind for her own damn good." Emmett was staring at the photos shaking his head trying to understand.

"I can't do it Emmett. Believe me, I've thought about it. I just, I just can't lie to her like that. I'm having him watched and I have Bella protected."

"What do you mean? I handle security and I don't have anyone following her or him?" Emmett seemed genuinely concerned.

"Could you lie to Rose?" I got him there.

"Thanks man. I trust you're handling the situation. This is just so much to take in."

"Well Em, it was your woman that saved her. Alistair's father is Senator Alistair. He had previous medical records wiped clean so Bella would have no proof of the abuse. She called Rose after this beating and Rose took her to some small town hospital in the middle of Pennsylvania so Bella couldn't be tracked as easily. She's one tough woman Emmett. Smart too."

Emmett just looked up at me and smiled. "I know man. I'm falling in love with her. She may be it for me dude." This was not something I was prepared to hear from Emmett and it actually made me laugh a little. I never pictured Emmett settling down. Then again, I never pictured myself settling down.

Just then my phone dinged and I check the messages.

Sleeping alone is awful. I miss you and can't wait to see you tomorrow – B.

I checked the clock realizing it was quarter after one in the morning.

I'll be over in 20 – E.

I needed to get to her. I needed to be with her. After the day's events I couldn't stay away from her tonight. I had to hold her and see for myself she was alright.

We arrived at the Hamptons late in the afternoon and decided to take a swim and then head out to dinner. Bella seemed to really like the house and the grounds but did question the security measures. I could sense she was becoming more aware that there were aspects of my life she didn't know about but she didn't say anything.

After dinner we decided to take a walk along the beach. Bella seemed so carefree and happy just strolling along holding my hand telling stories about her and Rose in college. We eventually made it back to the house and she started to get quiet. I wanted so badly to make love to her tonight but I didn't want to pressure her.

We went up to the bedroom and Bella said she wanted to freshen up. She took her time in the bathroom and I crawled into bed. When she finally emerged, I thought my eyes were going to pop out of my head. She was wearing a royal blue lacy teddy that almost showed me everything I wanted to see. She slowly made her way over to me and I pulled her into bed.

"You're stunning baby. Absolutely stunning." I guess I didn't have to worry about her feeling pressured.

I laid her down on the bed and slowly began to worship her body. We were touching each other everywhere. I slid my finger in her panties and began stroking her clit. With my other hand, I pulled the top of the teddy slowing from her body and just took her in. I began sucking on her breasts, massaging her nipples with my tongue while my free hand paid homage to her other breast. Before long she was tugging at my hair moaning and breathing heavily.

"Edward. Edward, I can't stop it."

"Let it go baby. I want to see you cum for me." She did while she screamed my name and let pleasure take over her body. As she began to still, I removed her panties while she removed my boxers. Her hand began stroking my cock and I was grunting at how painfully good she made me feel.

"I want you Edward. Just, just hold my hand. I just need you to hold my hand." With that I took her hand in mine and looked into her eyes. I saw nothing but love, acceptance, and want. I slowly aligned myself at her center and rubbed my cock up and down her slit. She was moaning enjoying the feel of my head on her clit. And she was so wet, so fucking wet.

"Baby, it's gonna hurt, I'm so sorry." I looked in her eyes and they didn't waiver, instead she nodded her head in acceptance.

"Just take me Edward, make me yours. I want so badly to be yours." Fucking music to my ears.

I slowly pushed myself into her until I could feel her barrier. It was such a sensual feeling, like I was already at peace yet only standing at the gates of heaven. I squeezed her hand and pushed all the way inside her. She screamed just a little and I stilled inside of her waiting for the pain to subside and for her to adjust to my length and width. She was so wet and tight it was slightly painful and almost too much to handle. Every fiber of my being was telling me to ram into her and take her over and over again but I knew I had to wait and make this feel good for her too. Eventually she started to move under me and I slowly began to push in and out of her.

"So tight baby, so fucking tight. You feel unbelievable. God. So. Fucking. Good." I kept push in and pulling out of her at a slow steady pace. My cock was throbbing from how tight she was and I loved every minute of it. As if she could sense what I needed, Bella began bucking her hips and meeting me at every thrust.

"Edward. It's feels so right, so fuck fucking right." She kept moaning and I started to lose control. The feel of her in my arms, her neck, her mouth, her walls around my cock, the sound of her moans, it was just too much. My pace was quickening and I was thrusting so deep into her I was slightly worried I would hurt her. Bella started moaning my name as her insides clamped down around my cock. I knew she was about to cum and it couldn't have felt any better. She squeezed my hand, kissed me hard, and tugged my hair as she cried out my name while her orgasm took her. Her body shook around me as her hold on my cock brought me to my orgasm pulling on me and milking me dry. The experience was more than I ever thought it could be, more than it had ever been. I saw heaven and Bella was my own personal angel. I fell onto her as she started to come too.

"God Edward, I don't know why we ever waited to do that." She giggled. That's my Bella, always with the unexpected comments. I rolled off of her and pulled her to me. She just smiled at me and we expressed our love for each other and eventually fell asleep holding on to one another for dear life.

Although my plan was to show Bella around the Hamptons and introduce her to a few people, we didn't leave the house again after Friday night. Bella was insatiable. I couldn't keep my hands off her and even when I tried the woman would attack me. The entire weekend was filled with making love, holding each other, and continuous orgasms. Bella even gave me road head on the way back to the city Sunday night. I swear I created a monster, a monster that I freakin loved and knew I would never have another need with Bella at my side.