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Chapter 16

His eyes widened and his chest visibly gasped as the robe fell to the ground.

She couldn't help but smile a little bit at his reaction. She knew that she shocked him before but showing up naked in the middle of the night…well, that was a new one.

Yet she wouldn't regret it. Not one bit. Particularly as his eyes were doing a merry dance down her body and it was beginning to feel tingly. Very tingly.

She felt powerful. And beautiful. She wasn't oblivious to the way that men looked at her or had been looking at her since she was fourteen. But this felt different. Merlin's eyes gorged on her body, but it wasn't just lust. His gaze was tender, sensual, and as it trailed down the length of her body, very arousing.

He slowly moved his eyes back up her body, taking in every detail, his mouth still parted from his initial shock. Their eyes met and she waited for…something. I mean, she had just told him to shut up, but he still needed to say something right? Or ravish her senseless?

"I..I…I.." he sputtered.

"Yes?" she said hopefully and taking a step towards him.

"I want to make love to you," the words spilling out.

"Well, that makes two of us," and without further preamble, she looped her arms around his neck and crushed her lips to his.

She expected things to feel different now that the "spell" was broken. But nothing had changed. The bolt of lightening that ignited her body before seemed just as strong. Maybe even stronger. The contact of their skin was still explosive. She pushed her body closer, tightened her arms as the motion backed him against the door of the wardrobe.

Someone moaned; she couldn't be sure exactly who. All she could feel was the length of his hard body pressed against hers, the beat of his heart matching her own.

She felt his hands shake as they moved from her lower back to her bottom. His soft touch was slightly ticklish, but then his hands cupped her and pulled her tightly against him. And there wasn't anything ticklish about it. She tore her mouth away to gasp. Every work-hardened line of his body was flush against her. And even though his pants were still in the way, she could feel his erection pulsing against her mound. She nudged against him and it was his turn to gasp.

Her lips descended to his neck, gently scrapping her teeth along the sensitive skin. She sucked, hoping to leave a mark similar to the one he'd given her. She rubbed her hardened nipples against his chest, craving the friction and knowing it would arouse him, too.

Her hands rested on his slim hips but she quickly moved them to the top of his breeches. She wanted him as naked as she was. As her fingers brushed against his lower stomach, his whole body tensed. She continued her ministrations, slowly unbuttoning and making sure to brush against his hardened erection more than once. His breath was coming hard, wafting over neck as she finally freed him from his breeches and pushed them down.

And before she could lose her nerve, she slid seductively down his body to kneel in front of him.

She planned to shock him just a little bit more.

Every intimate moment between them in the last few days had like living in a fantasy. But as Morgana knelt in front of him, he knew that they hadn't even scratched the surface of his wildest fantasies.

His mind couldn't quite process it-Surely she can't mean to….she doesn't know how to…she wouldn't know…-but that didn't stop his body from responding. With her sensual mouth so close, he grew harder and a bead of moisture gathered at the tip.

She gave him a sexy smirk and with a look of rampant curiosity, flicked out her tongue to catch the drop. His knees nearly buckled. It was the most erotic moment of his life.

"You don't have to..Oh, God," he managed to get out as she placed the head of his erection in her mouth. Her lips were incredibly soft and she dragged them down his entire length, taking him fully into her warm mouth. He had to lean against the wardrobe for support as his fingernails dug into his palms, resisting the urge to bury his hands in her hair and thrust into her mouth. She was driving him wild. He couldn't hold back the groans or the shudders of his body.

But worst of all were her moans. It was something that she would do this to him, another that she would enjoy it. But she kept moaning, the vibrations from her mouth adding an extra element to the whole experience.

She had him reeling; his head was thrown back, the muscles of his neck taut, his entire body quivering with ecstasy. He was so close to release. So close to losing control. A few more pulls from her mouth and he'd explode. But he wanted to wait until he was inside her.

Pulling her seductive mouth from him, he pulled her to stand in front of him. A small frown marred her reddened lips, "Did I do something wrong?"

"No. God no. Definitely not. I just want us to experience pleasure together," he said trying to cool his body.

Sweeping her up in his arms, he moved towards the bed and gently laid her down.

"Where in the hell did you learn to do that?" he asked.

"A book in the library. I'm a very voracious reader."

"I can tell."

She settled back on the small bed, an invitation in her sultry eyes. He couldn't seem to get his fill of her. No candles were light in the small room but moonlight poured in from the tiny window and bathed her body in the soft rays of the moon. He'd seen parts of her body before, felt parts too, but never had he seen her totally and completely naked. She was stunning. Lovely. Perfect. Just like he'd imagined.

He moved his body to lie next to her, his arm under her neck. He hands shook as he moved to cup her right breast. Her nipple strained against the palm of his hand as he moved back and forth, tormenting her. She moaned, eyes closing with pleasure. Taking her by surprise, he lightly flicked his tongue against her hardened peak. He repeated the same thing with her other breast. Just soft enough to arouse, not hard enough to satisfy. He began to kiss her breast, careful to avoid contact with her nipple. His tongue traced the edge but never moved past. He knew he was teasing her, but he wanted her begging. Now and later. She'd tormented him enough. Turnabout was fair game, right?

She didn't last much longer, "Please…Merlin…please."

She was breathing hard and her back was arched, trying to get him exactly where she wanted him.

And so he gave it. He closed his mouth around her nipple and sucked at the same time he cupped her below. Her eyes shot open at the dual pleasure of his mouth and his hand.

And she was making the most erotic sounds. A keeling moan and then a sharp gasp as he cupped her a little bit more firmly. It was arousing. Trying to keep his own control, he rubbed against her hip and focused on giving her more pleasure.

He nibbled on her tip, soothing his nips with his tongue. Her hips started to rotate against his hand and he quickly removed it to ply her other nipple with his fingers. She moaned in protest but he replaced his fingers on her breast with his mouth and moved his hand back down to her mound.

Again as her hips rose against his hand, he moved back to stroking her left breast while pleasuring her right with his mouth.

She was panting in anticipation and shuddering with desire. "Please…please," she begged. He knew she was close, but he kept on pushing her to the edge. Finally, his hand slipped down and this time, her inserted his finger. Her back arched off the bed as he began to thrust one, then two fingers into her wetness. Her hips frantically pressed against the heel of his hand and a few moments later, she grew taut. "Oh God…Merlin…Merlin!" she said hoarsely, her body tightening around his fingers.

As she lay back down, a soft sigh slipped from her lips. He brushed his lips against hers and moved on top of her. His body settled between her parted thighs and his hardness brushed against her entrance. So close.

"Are you sure?" he asked one last time through gritted teeth. He wanted to be inside her. Needed to fulfill the connection between them.

Their eyes met and she responded, "I love you." He sucked in a deep breath. It was the first time she had said those words aloud. The first time he had allowed her to say them. Such simple words but so powerful.

He smiled. She did love him. It wasn't just the spring holiday. The words were freely given, freely given to him.

"I love you too. So much, Morgana. You have no ideas how much I love you," he said, his eyes boring into hers, begging her to know how true his words were.

She stroked his neck as her eyes glistened with tears, "Then show me. Show me you love me."

As gently as he could, he eased into her. Warm, delicious heat surrounded the head of his hardness but he kept a slow pace, slipping in inch by inch. When he met resistance, he stopped.

"Yes," she responded, "Go on, please."

And with a swift thrust he was fully embedded in her body. "Are you ok? I can stop.."

"No," she said in a breathy voice, "It's fine. Don't you dare stop." She pulled him down for a searching kiss and moved her hips against his.

They both gasped. It was perfect. Complete. Their bodies seemed to be made for one another. He thrust in long and deep strokes, trying to prolong the pleasure for them both. He was fighting for control. He could hear her throaty moans, her body working in tandem with his.

He wasn't particularly vocal in bed. A few groans, some gasps, several moans; but he couldn't help the sounds that were coming out of his mouth. He whispered words of love, of desire, of passion; words of magic, of connection, of intimacy.

And her name. Over and over again, he said her name like he was a dying man calling on his deity.

And she could easily be his religion. Her back arched, seeking more friction against the sensitive spot. She wrapped her legs around his hips, pressing her hips closer, circling tighter.

He didn't know how much longer he could last. His body burned for release; every tight circle of her hips, every thrust brought him closer and closer to the brink. But he held back until her moans grew louder.

Suddenly her back bowed off the bed, her nails bit into his back. And she screamed his name. "Merlin!" she said, a high-pitched note to her voice. And he let go.

He roared. Her body milked him, drawing pleasure out from every nerve in his body. They strained against each other, their pleasure consuming. Soul binding.

They were breathing hard. He cradled her head up against his shoulder as he pressed soft kisses to her hair and forehead.

Pressing their foreheads together, he was silent. He was speechless. Words failed him. What could he say? What was one to say after the most life-altering moment of their life?

Minutes passed as their breaths mingled and eventually clamed. She was the first to speak.

"Did you mean it?"

He moved his head back to look in her eyes.

"You're still uncertain? After that?" he smiled, but she wasn't smiling back.

It was then he realized how much his past behavior had hurt her. His denial of their love had pained her. While it was for the best, it had wounded her.

He moved to his side, his hands stroking her neck, "I love you. More than I thought I could ever love someone. More than my own life. I promise you will always know the depth of my feelings. I won't hide from you anymore and I don't want you to hide from me either. What we have is special and nothing will ever keep me from you again. Nothing. It won't be easy but we'll make it work. We belong together."

Her eyes glistened with tears of happiness, "I love you. I have to be with you. No matter what."

"No matter what," he said echoing her words.

They kissed, a sweet kiss that sealed the promise of love they'd made in this tiny bed in the back room of the physician's chambers.

When her hands slipped down his stomach, he pulled away, a grin on his face. "I didn't know you were so insatiable, my love."

"Didn't you? I can't imagine how you managed to be so ignorant. I think over the past three days I've made myself known" and they both laughed between passionate kisses.


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