Bella -

I shut my eyes tightly trying to ignore the stumbling, heavy and frightening footsteps below me, not even my bright yellow curtains - which reminded me of the sun - or my cheerful painted blue walls could ease the hopeless despair I felt at this moment.

I dreamt of my parents last night, of my once happy, hopeful life filled with bright sunshine.

My name is Bella Swan and two years ago an accident occurred which changed my whole blissful existence into a dark, desperate place. This accident not only claimed the lives of both my parents, but altered my once flawless life into a horrific nightmare.

Charlie and Renee Swan had been absolutely devoted to each other since they were both the mere age of seventeen, two short years later they married and another nine months later I was born.

Charlie was the Chief of police here in Forks and Renee for many years stayed at home and raised me. I was content, loved and saw beauty in almost everything….Until that night!

I distinctly remember the weather, it was raining - it always rains in Forks – but this night it was different, the wind was loudly howling and was accompanied by thunderous growls and bright flashes of light.

I was stood at the kitchen sink, preparing the potatoes for dinner and I remember looking through the window and staring into the sheeting rain and thinking the whole house appeared to be submerged underwater…. A knock then sounded from the front door and thinking both Charlie and Renee had simply forgotten their key – which was a regular occurrence – I rushed to answer it.

I was surprised when I was greeted at the door by Deputy Dwain, but what was even more surprising was that he had tears glistening in his eyes and was wearing a look of tragic sympathy I will never forget.

"Bella" he whispered "there has been a terrible accident…." I vaguely remember my parent's names, then the words tree, car, loss of control….instantly dead...


"Get up and get to school!"

I was roughly brought back to the present with a start by James's fist thumping loudly on my bedroom door, a door I kept locked at all times for my own protection, I just wish a locked door was always enough to prevent James from hurting me.

When I reached to open my door James was stood their evilly leering at me, before his hand reached out to slowly stoke my cheek. It took everything I had not to recoil backwards into my bedroom.

"Victoria is back tonight, so cook something reasonably edible will you?"

I smiled as best I could and nodded my affirmation, just wanting to quickly escape his roughly, coursed hands.

"Good girl" he condescendingly appraised before releasing my face and proceeding in the direction of the bathroom.

I let out a gush of air in relief after he had passed. Victoria's return was a very good thing. Don't get me wrong, I didn't like Victoria any more than James. But when Victoria was present James's violent, physical abuse would cease, of course they would both mentally torment me but that I could more than handle.

It was the physical abuse which was much harder to hide, particularly from my closest and only friend at Forks High School Angela Webber, of course she has easily recognised I am not the person I used to be, but I doubt anyone would be the same after losing both their parents and being left alone in the world with no family to speak of.

I think Angela is just more than pleased to have me back at school with her, we both missed each other when I was moved to the children's home in Seattle, before I was fostered luckily within the town I had grown up in. 'Luckily' most people probably wouldn't refer James and Victoria as lucky but I did because even though they were nothing but brutes who just took me in for the monthly cheque, I didn't have to permanently leave the town my father loved and consequently the town my mother tolerated out of love – not for Forks itself but for my dad.

I smiled to myself thinking about my parents and how this town constantly reminded me of them as I grabbed my school bag and left the house quickly in an effort to avoid James…. 'Today will be another normal bleak cloudy day." I muttered to myself as I set off walking, of course not realising that today was only the beginning and very slowly, sunshine would eventually make its way back into my life.

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