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"You fucking stupid bitch! Are you blind?" The banshee screeched at me before I could even apologise….

A few minutes earlier

I was on my way to History when it happened.

I was rushing, possibly not watching where I was indeed placing my feet, I think they were moving forward – one foot in front of another – but I couldn't be entirely sure…

I was confused, by everything; I had relived the conversation I had, had with Edward this morning over and over in my mind. And now on top of this I was nervous; I was nervous because I had exactly one period left before lunch and my stomach was naturally churning. The Cullen's name was falling off of everybody's lips this morning even Angela's who had squealed and jumped with excitement when I told her of this morning's encounter with Edward Cullen, Edward having been the only Cullen I had in fact met so far.

The emotions stirring inside of me were unusual; I have never experienced even a fraction of the emotions currently coursing through my body before this day. And after what? A conversation with a teenage boy in English. I just couldn't help but feel it was more than that….For the first time in several years I felt hope, happiness even exhilaration. I had never been more aware of my emotions and it was starting to scare me because even though I was undeniably attracted to Edward I would never be enough. A mere few days of living with James taught me I would never be enough for anybody, how….

The sentence that was rolling around in my head was abruptly ended. I wasn't paying attention and I didn't even notice the wall of flesh directly in front of me until I had slammed into the back of it.

That was when the chaos erupted.

It of course had to be Tanya Denali I had slammed into. Tanya was beautiful, tall, blonde and statuesque….but deadly fierce and cruel to the 'freaks' of this world. And there was only one 'freak' at Forks High. Me.

She turned a full 180 degrees, scarping her left foot along the floor. Her breathing elevated and she reminded me of a raging bull, steam blowing from its ringed nose as it charges at a blood red flag.

Her lips curled back before she let out a huge squeal; "You fucking stupid bitch! Are you blind?"

I stared at her for a long moment, gaining the strength to answer her, but she spoke again before I could….

"'Freak!' Are you blind?"

Once again I stared at her incoherently, moments like these always reminded me of James; the anger, the fierce, cold look in his eye, the fear, my fear.

I was scared, I wanted to flee…..And then she raised her hand almost as if to strike me, I flinched back, I knew pain, I knew pain more than anyone in this school and I recoiled from it.

I squeezed my eyes shut; I just wanted to disappear, to be invisible. Tears started to prick behind my eyelids, but I wouldn't cry. Not here not now. I simply stood there motionless, waiting for the inevitable to happen. I heard other students sniggering and the sound upset me even more, I felt a hand clutch the front of my shoulder, a force propelling me backwards, the feeling of slowly falling and then the cold tiled floor as my backside slammed into it.

It took me a few moments until I could force my eyes open, I couldn't quite believe she had just pushed me – with force –Even with my own eyes shut I could sense the other students watching, I could also hear their sniggers echoing through the corridor even louder than before. I almost wished Angela was here because then I wouldn't feel so alone and humiliated, with almost the whole school as a captive audience.

"Perhaps you will watch where you're going from now on freak!"

I finally managed to open my eyes and I really wished I hadn't. Her face - hard and cold, with eyes that pierced through mine – was glaring back at me with pure hatred.

I scrambled to my feet almost falling back to the floor again in my own haste and clumsiness, this of course ensued another round of giggles…. Why was everybody watching me? Why wouldn't they file into their classes and let me compose myself?

"Are you OK" A voice I did not recognise filled my ears; it was strange though, strange because her voice sounded tentative and full of concern.

But before I could even analyse why someone who wasn't Angela would show any signs of concern for me, something else even more shocking than the voice happened; a long, lean, statuesque, beautiful, blonde haired female, even more beautiful than Tanya, even more beautiful than any girl I had ever seen stepped directly in front of me.

The unknown girl blocked my view of Tanya completely and I was 100% sure that something was being said, the unknown girls voice was low and I could not therefore make out what she was saying, I could however pick up on the tone of her voice and it sounded cold and angry.

I was upset, humiliated and now confused…. Who were these people?

I hadn't even noticed that I was crying, but I must have been because the other girl; the girls whose voice was full of concern handed me a tissue and started to rub my back gently.

She was pretty, very pretty, with short black spikey hair and very thin features; almost pixie like features, delicate and childlike. Her bone structure was perfect and angular and it almost hurt my eyes to look at her.

However amongst all her beauty she radiated of kindness. Kindness was of course a very foreign concept to me, but this seemed even more foreign and I could not for the life of me fathom the reasons why.

Today was turning into a whirlwind of bad luck and confusing emotions…My confused thoughts were however interjected when one of the girls spoke;

"I'm Alice Cullen and I think you must be Bella, Bella Swan, you met my brother this morning in English.

She smiled at me as I stood there completely motionless, Edward had spoken about me.

Edward had clearly said so much about me that she seemed to know who I - in crowd full of students – was without even meeting me.

My heart swelled for one short moment and then quickly deflated again as it instantly struck me that Edward could have just mentioned to his sister 'I met the school freak this morning, you will be able to spot her a mile off.'

But surely Edward wouldn't be that cruel, I couldn't believe him to be cruel, he didn't seem to have a nasty bone in his body, and the kindness Alice had just shown me surely didn't point towards that theory either. Did it?

I was so deep in thought that I hadn't even noticed how deathly quiet it was.

I took in my surroundings cautiously and it was then that I realised the school corridor had been thrown into complete silence, there was not one single face that was not looking at the performance in front of them. Of course this in itself was not what struck me as odd, what did however strike me as odd was that they weren't sniggering, giggling or whispering as they usually did when life decided to be cruel and humiliate me. They were silent, just silent….and I wasn't quite sure why.

"What are you are you all staring at?" The beautiful blonde who had faced down Tanya Denai growled fiercely, and in that exact moment everybody ducked their heads and carried on passing through the corridor on their way to lessons.

The blonde girl then turned to face me - I flinched at first, scared of her reaction - but the face that only moments ago had looked fierce and angry now only harboured kindness and compassion; who were these people? And why were they offering me their kindness.

"I'm Rosalie Hale and I am going to be very late for class if I stand here chatting all day. See you at lunch Bella."

And just like that Rosalie Hale sauntered off in the direction of her next class. Leaving both myself and Alice…..I was more than confused at how today was turning out and why the new students at Forks High were being kind to me, treating me as if they had known me for years, as if they were my friend.

It was then that Alice grabbed my arm and tugged me to History, I didn't ask how she knew where my next class was, I don't think I wanted to know… was just one of those days I don't think I will ever understand…

Alice took the desk next to mine when we entered the classroom, smiling at me as she gracefully settled in to her seat. Our teacher was droning on about an assignment he wanted us to complete by the end of next week before he finally decided to let us get on with said assignment.

It was then that I thought about taking the opportunity to ask Alice, how she knew so much about me, I was a little nervous. My communication skills were not exactly A grade, I had never really had much practice. Throughout the entirety of Forks High School no-one but Angela had ever wanted to communicate with me and I therefore had never had much experience casually talking to people my own age…

The little rant that was indeed going through my head was however cut short along with the awkwardness I felt at asking Alice how she knew so much about me as she broached the subject first.

"You must think me and Rosalie are so rude for acting as if we know you, but you must understand Edward has told us so much about you this morning, me especially and I just know that we are going to be great friends. I really do." Her enthusiasm was rather alarming.

I stared at her open-mouthed...What could I say? I didn't know what to say. I was embarrassed but I wasn't quite sure why. And then of course the embarrassment I was feeling started to tinge my cheeks a bright red, I could feel them burning and I didn't know where to look.

Alice laughed – her laugh sounded of wind chimes – 'Edward mentioned your blush, he said he liked it, thought it was adorable and I must say I can see why."

Her statement forced me to blush further…..and I didn't quite know how to retort to her comment.

She laughed again; "I'm making you uncomfortable. Aren't I?"

I went to shake my head, the truth was Alice was making me uncomfortable but I didn't want to do or say anything which may compromise the friendship which seemed to be growing. I had always convinced myself Angela was the only friend I needed but it would be nice to have more than one friend and I couldn't help but really like Alice.

"You don't need to spare my feelings Bella, I am making you uncomfortable. I can tell. I don't mean to, it's just that I'm so excited for Edward. That he seems to have found someone who….."

She abruptly stopped talking and I was unsure as to why, she smiled an impish grin almost as if she thought she had said too much.

If I thought I was confused before I was definitely confused know. What an earth was she about to say? Different scenarios were rolling around in my head and I wasn't even sure that I wanted to know. Today was turning out to be a very odd day and I wasn't quite sure how I felt about it.