Been seriously neglecting this, but I had a warning, right? Well, I got a bunch of pairings from you guys, and since I'm lazy I'll start with Gizmo and Melvin, because that seemed fun. So, yup. Little kid stuff that will be extremely short. And how old are Gizmo and Melvin anyways? Melvin has to be somewhere between 7 and 9 right? And Gizmo is probably about 10. So Melvin 9, Gizmo 10, because it's easier this way. Have fun!

Bobby added in the finishing touches and crushed Gizmo's back pack. Realizing that he was defenseless Gizmo decided to just scream at the short blond girl. "You crud eating pinwheel doll!" He yelled. Melvin glared.

"You're a stupid monkey face!"

"Weasel mouth!"

"Lint licker!"

"Diaper face!" Similar insults were traded back and forth between the two.

"You know what?" Asked the girl no more than ten.


"You're short. And bald. Like a baby!" Gizmo blushed.

"Shut up!" He ran away, Melvin following.

"Come back! I have to arrest you!" Melvin tackled the small boy easily, without his equipment he was harmless. The two wrestled as Gizmo tried to get away.

"Get off me you stupid little girl! Go away!"

"No!" She yelled back, successfully pinning his arms to his sides. The two panted heavily for a few minutes. "How old are you anyways? Eight?" She asked innocently.

"Ten! Get off me you-" He was cut off by a glare Melvin had stolen off of Raven.

"You're cute." She grinned and hopped off the boy. Quickly she ran away with the giant teddy bear on her heels. Gizmo stood there for a minute.

"You're ugly!" He yelled out, but she was long gone.

"Raven!" Melvin yelled grinning. Raven looked angry.

"You ran off without asking." She said slightly annoyed. Melvin grinned.

"But I caught Gizmo!" Raven wondered what to say. Something encouraging?

"Whatever. Did you arrest him?" Melvin thought for a second.

"Oopsie. I, um, forgot." Raven sighed. "But he's my boyfriend now!" Raven looked at her questioning.

"Is that so?" Melvin nodded.

"I'll be right back, don't let Teether eat Silky." Melvin nodded seriously.

Gizmo was held against the wall by by black magic. "If you ever come close to Melvin again, I will send you to another dimension. Understood?" Gizmo nodded seriously. "Good. You are not allowed to be Melvin's boyfriend." Raven left as the two other HIVE members entered. They parted for the angry empath.

"Wow," Said Jinx. "You got a girlfriend? How, surprising."

"Girls are stupid!" Gizmo yelled and ran out of the room. Mammoth nodded.

Im going to go back to my other story I'm neglecting, but maybe I'll start another one of these this week if I'm not to lazy. Any other pairings, I'm going to try to get to them! May or may not be as short as this :D But, Just say a pairing and I'll try. May have to rewatch episode since I haven't seen this series in a while.