Memories: Like a Dream Recalled


He was called many names. Clark Kent, Kal-El, Superman. He stood in the fortress of solitude and looking at the ship that he had created with the programmable crystals. This ship was going to take him back to Krypton.

He had lost Lois, and he couldn't stay in the office and go back to how they were before... before they almost had it all.

But he couldn't say goodbye. It was just too hard. The closest thing he could do was leave a letter for his mother explaining everything. How Lois had discovered his secret and that Jor-El had said that the only way he could be with Lois was as a human, without his powers, and how that had all backfired. And how he had erased Lois's memories to protect her, and how some scientists thought that they had discovered life on Krypton.

So now he was going to find more like him, because it was killing him to be alone with only the voice of the past to keep him company.