Chapter 11

"Lane! Kent! Stop making out in that elevator and get the hell in my office!" Perry said, standing in the doorway to his office.

Lois blushed, but she took Clark's hand and pulled him towards Perry's office.

Lois and Clark sat through one of Perry's more spectacular rants. Just as they thought it would never end, a man with dark hair wearing an expensive looking suit peaked his head in perry's office, "Uncle Perry, you busy?"

"What does it look like?" Perry asked, "Fine, Clark, Lois, I'd like you to meet my nephew , and our new international department editor, Richard White. He's been running our Paris office for the past five years and when Gerald retired, Richard was brought in to take the position."

Richard smiled, "Don't worry, I'm just the interim International Editor, I have to apply for the position like everyone else. I have to say, that I am such a fan of both you're works."

"Thanks." Lois answered.

"I might just have to poach you guys from the city beat that you're on!" Richard added.

Lois and Clark, after finishing with Perry and Richard, were sent to their office with their new assignment. Perry had decided to have a partner desk installed in Lois's office and have both their names on the door. Clark was smiling when he saw it, but Lois's jaw dropped, "What?"

"A not so subtle hint from Perry about our permanent partnership!" Clark said, and Lois laughed. With that they sat down and got to work on their newest assignment.

That night, after their assignments were done, they went to the market together, and then Clark cooked them dinner, pasta and a green salad. "Who knew that Superman could cook!" Lois commented.

"Clark Kent can cook, thanks to his parents teaching him. When you live on a farm you learn how to do every job, and there's nothing more important than the job of Chef."

Lois laughed, "Ain't that the truth, my Dad used to say that about the military, if you don't have food, you don't have anything!"

Lois looked down at her bare hand, "Clark, I have been doing a lot of thinking for the past week, and I have decided, to accept your proposal."

"What was that?" Clark asked.

"Yes Clark, I will marry you."

Clark sat there, shell shocked, "What made you decide?"

Lois smiled, she took Clark's hand in her own, "I think that I always knew that I was going to marry you, and not just because of the baby. But ever since you got back, I have gotten to know the real Clark Kent. You have two personas, Superman the Hero and Clark Kent the clutz, but you aren't really either of those men are you? But as all three men, you are good, honorable, and share my sense of morality. I love you, every part of you. And I cannot imagine ever living without you."

The next day, Lois took Clark to her pre-natal visit. They were sitting in the doctor's office waiting for the ultrasound technician. Lois looked at Clark, "All quiet on the 'Superman' front?"

"So far." Clark said, He squeezed her shoulders lightly, "Don't worry, there is nowhere in the universe that I'd rather be. Although we should probably take a trip to my, what did you call him, AI Father… Just to make sure that you and the baby are okay, looking at his Kryptonian side."

Lois smiled, "And we could ask him if he has any Kryptonian gadgets that would hide your comings and goings as Superman, especially if we decide on a house."

At that moment they heard a knock on the door, and a women with long dark hair walked in, "How are we doing? You must be Clark. Lois has told me a lot about you. It's good to see you here, why don't we take a look at your child shall we?" She activated the ultrasound machine, "Do we want to know the sex of the baby, or do you want it to be a surprise?"

Lois looked at Clark, "What do you think?"

Clark smiled, "Let's be surprised. I only care if the baby is healthy."

The Ultrasound tech nodded, "Alright, let's take a look at your baby shall we?" Lois and Clark watched the screen as the technician squirted the cold jelly on her stomach and put the wand over the Jelly, and an image appeared.

"There's our baby?"

"Yes it is." The Technician said.

An hour later Lois and Clark were sitting with Lois's OBGYN. "Well, the ultrasound looks fine. Lois has said that she didn't want an Amniocentesis, and she doesn't have any family history that would need us to perform one. So, Clark, what do you know of your family's genetic history?"

Clark smiled, "Nothing really. I was adopted, and I've never met my biological parents because they died when I was a baby."

The doctor nodded, "Okay, well, we can do the Amniocentesis, but with Lois's age and health, I don't think that we need to."

Lois nodded, "Then, no, we don't want the Amniocentesis."

That night after dinner, Clark made sure that Lois was dressed warmly, and then flew them both to the fortress of solitude. "You don't have to coddle me like this! I've been there before with you and I was fine."

"I know, I just don't want you or the baby to get chilled."

"Fine, let's go."

About thirty minutes later they landed in the Fortress at the crystal consol. "Are you okay?" Clark asked, "Do you need me to get so something to sit on?"

"I'm fine." Lois said.

"Okay," Clark said sighing, "Father." He said, activating the AI.

"My son." Jor-El answered.

"Lois is pregnant with my child. Do you have a way of checking the child, and Lois. To make sure that this pregnancy is safe for her, and that the child is healthy."

"There is a way. While there is no record of a half kryptonian, half human child, this database contains medical records for both species and can use both to look for healthy base lines." At that a large crystal tube rose up out of the floor.

"Wait," Clark said, "That's what you used to take away my powers before."

"This Crystal Chamber can take on many functions. I have configured it now to do a complete analysis of this woman and your child. I will compare that data with what is considered normal for pregnant women of both Kryptonian and Human species."

Lois nodded and placed a hand on Clark's arm, "It's okay honey, it will be fine. From what we saw on the ultrasound the baby looks completely normal and healthy."

The voice of Jor-El said, "Please step into the crystal chamber, the scan will only take a minute, and then we will see the analysis."

Lois stepped in the chamber, she didn't feel anything, but the walls of the crystal chamber lit up for about thirty seconds, and then the door opened. Clark was there, with one arm around her waist and the other taking her hand. "Father, how long until we know?"

"Now. Your son is healthy, and it appears as he doesn't have any powers so Lois is safe. Whether he will get powers we will have to wait and see."

"Son?" Lois said stunned, "We're having a boy?"

"Yes you are." Jor-El answered.

Clark couldn't help but smile, "I know that we didn't want to know…"

Lois smiled back, "I know, it's okay."

Jor-El continued, "I compared the normal readings for a Kryptonian and a Human fetus at the same point in gestation. Kryptonian gestation is 10 months, the same as for humans. It looks like your son will develop the same as other human children."

Lois sighed, "Thank god!" She smiled up at Clark, who was smiling back, "I love you."

Clark bent down and kissed Lois, "I love you too."


A/N: I hope this chapter makes up for the long wait. I had a serious case of writer's block!