Chapter 12

After the great news delivered by Clark's AI Father, they went back to work as normal. They had decided to keep the sex of their child a secret from everyone at work. That night they went to the Kent Farm for dinner, and shared the good news with Clark's dinner. That was Friday night. Saturday morning they had breakfast with Lois's parents to share the news of their official engagement and the sex of the baby and the news of its good health. General Sam Lane was all smiles over the news that he would be the grandfather to a healthy baby boy.

Sunday came and they spent the day doing normal things. They read the newspaper, did the grocery shopping, but that night they decided that they should get to work on getting their dream home, as they only had three months left before the baby was due.

Clark groaned. "You know, all hick jokes aside, living in the middle of nowhere made growing up with powers a whole lot easier to hide."

Lois laughed, "It would be a whole lot easier if we were ridiculously rich. Then we could afford one of those high rise penthouse apartments."

"And that's not going to happen, not on our salaries. Even if we are some of the more well paid reporters at the planet, we're still not even near there."

"What are we looking at?" Lois asked. They had sat down with both of their financial information before they began house hunting.

Clark laid out how much money that they had between the two of them and how much they could afford as a mortgage payment. "But for just a second, forget what we need to protect our family's secret. What do you want in a home for our family? Have you seen anything that you like?"

The next day was Monday. Lois and Clark had lots of work to do after their long weekend, However they spent their lunch hour with Gwen to plan their future house hunting. "I think that a place that needs to be fixed up would be perfect. I am a really good craftsman, Lois is okay, and her father and brother in law has offered to help."

Gwen nodded, "Okay, what style are we looking at, and where would you like me to look?"

Clark looked at Lois, "We definitely want something in the city, in a nice neighborhood near a park, for obvious reasons," He said, caressing Lois's stomach.

And the interview continued, they talked and Gwen took notes. After a half hour, Gwen commented, "I think that looking at foreclosures is our best bet. You will get the best value, and most of them need to be fixed up, and the price will go way down because the bank just wants to get rid of it. I will get a bunch of possibilities together that meet your needs, and we will go see them together. What day would you be available to go house hunting?" She asked.

Lois took out her planner, "Well, we won't be able to do it on a week day with all the time off that I have to take off cause of the baby, can we do it next Saturday?"

Gwen nodded, "Yes, that will work, especially if we're looking at mostly foreclosures, there are no one living in them now. Why don't you both meet me at my office bright and early Saturday and we'll start looking!"

Lois then noticed Clark suddenly change, he must have heard something, "Clark, we're late for our next meeting."

He nodded, "Yes, thank you for your advise Gwen, and we will see you on Saturday. Why don't you send us what you want us to see by Thursday."

Gwen nodded, and Lois and Clark walked out of the cafe and around the corner. Once they were out of sight, Lois looked at Clark, "What did you hear?"

"There's a fire on the third floor of an apartment near the corner of Weston and Amherst, I should go over there…"

"Go, be the hero, save the day…" Lois said kissing Clark. Clark smiled and vanished.

Lois walked out of the alley and called a cab. "Corner of Weston and Amherst."

The cab stopped a half a block away from a five story turn of the century brick building. It looked like an abandoned warehouse. As she pulled herself out of the cab, she saw Superman as he finished extinguishing the fire.

Fifteen minutes later, Lois was interviewing the lead investigator in the Arson unit covering this incident. "Fortunately this building was abandoned. It had been condemned six months ago, and was scheduled to be demolished next month."

"Do you know what started this fire?" Lois asked.

"I won't know until we have concluded our Arson investigation, I'm just happy no one was hurt." With that last part, the man turned and talked behind the police barricade. Unfortunately, Lois couldn't follow, even more so now that she was pregnant and didn't want to expose her child to any unhealthy fumes.

"How are you?" Clark asked from behind her.

Lois turned around and hugged Clark, she whispered in his ear, "Are you okay?"

"Fine, it's just a fire."

"Did anything look, um, unusual?"

"No, it looks like the fire started because squatters started a fire to keep warm, but no one was inside when I arrived." Clark explained.

"Oh, good." Lois said sighing, leaning into Clark's embrace. "Do you have everything that you need?"

Clark nodded, "Yes, let's get back to the office, did you check in with Perry?"

"Yes, while I was in the Cab over here, I let him know that I was covering the fire." With that they walked back to the main road from the torched building and called a cab.

"Were you able to get it?" A man said in a dark corner of a restaurant that people went to because they wanted to remain anonymous.

The other man shook his head, "Lois Lane did not have the amniocentesis. Her blood work came back normal."

"It looks like we have to wait until that brat is born to find out the truth on who the father is."

"What does Luther have planned?"

"I don't know, but I'll tell you this, I wouldn't want to be anywhere near Lane or Kent when Luther is out of prison."