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Baby Mine

She smiled down at the little bundle, golden eyes looking up at her with unsure curiosity. He was so tiny! She couldn't believe that he'd finally arrived, her little baby. With a contented sigh she leaned back and pulled her swaddled child up to rest him on her shoulder. He let out a little cry before she began to slowly pat his back, rocking him gently.

Tears welled in her eyes as she leaned in, taking in his delicate scent. Her eyes fluttered closed and she took in a slow breath. It was amazing how much a tiny little creature could affect you so much! Her heart had never swelled with emotion more than it did today, the day of her child's birth.

Suddenly he began to cry more forcefully, he was probably very tired from the ordeal he'd been through recently. With a small broken laugh she began to sing a lullaby to him, rocking and patting in time to the music. He stilled, slowly quieting as his ears twitched lightly. His eyes were still wide against her chest as she held him and as she reached the second verse his little lashes fluttered down to close them against the world. Her voice trailed off just as the child fell into a light sleep.

The door across the room opened and she looked up to stare as the proud man entered, closing the door behind him softly. He went over to her, a huge smile beaming across his face as he reached out to cup her face in his right hand in a gentle gesture of affection. She leaned into his large hand, basking in the moment before they both looked down to their sleeping son.

"He's so very small and looks so much like you." The man said, his voice heavy with emotion. She nodded a little, reaching up to play with the little silver locks on his head.

"Perhaps he will take after his father in personality." She said in a teasing tone, despite wishing it to be true.

His eyes shone with a newfound happiness. Yes, perhaps he would. A beautiful young man who looks like his mother but has all the pride and strength of his father – certainly a boy any man would be proud to call his son. "What should we call him?"

They both went silent for a few moments, considering. She finally spoke. "Let's call him… Sesshomaru."

He nodded. That was a good choice. It suited him.