"Are you serious?" shrieked the younger of the two children, playing in the meadow.

The oldest nodded her head eagerly, her auburn locks bouncing around her head. Quite beautiful, she was. "I am," she replied, her head still, a smile on her face, her green eyes pasted onto her younger sister's. "Isn't it amazing?" She sighed happily.

"No! It most certainly isn't! Magic-" she scoffed, "- doesn't exist!"

Lily Evans smiled gently, grabbing her younger sister's hand. "C'mon," she said, her voice gentle. She led Petunina over to a bush of flower blooms. Her voice was filled with excitement, "Just watch!" She picked a random bloom from the bush, holding it in her hands. She stared at it, the smile still resting on her face.

Petunia screamed. "You devil!"

Lily frowned. "No, 'Tunia. It's magic," she replied sadly. She dropped the now bloomed flower onto the ground. Her head hung, she walked away from the spot that made her lose her baby sister. Forever.

"You okay there?"

Lily smiled sadly, nodding her head, "I will be. I'm just worried about her. She...she's not okay with it. I'm not sure if she's jealous or...or if she truly hates me, Sevvy," she sighed, sitting down on the grass.

The boy, Severus Snape, sat down beside her, wrapping a comforting arm around her, pulling her close. "It'll be okay, you'll see, Lily," he said, smiling. "Besides, you've got me, right? That's always good! You'll see! We'll go to Hogwarts, and we'll be the best of friends, yeah? We'll do everything together there- no one'll hate you."

She smiled. "Thanks, Sevvy."