I'm sorry. If you're reading this then I gave in. I was weak and God only knows how truly … sorry I am. I only hope that when you read this, you can find it in your heart to forgive me, I could have been something better and I tried; I fought.

But I lost.

Vengeance may seem like the answer and knowing you, that'll be what you want, but I'm dead now and I strongly doubt murdering someone you love will heal any wounds. My solicitor has with him knowledge of the location of my life story, obviously writing this now I'm not aware of how this is going to end, but you're reading this which means it's probably just as every bit as bad as I imagined. Please read whatever I wrote, the bits I've already completed are accurate; I just want you to understand, to know why I did whatever I did.

I guess in the larger scheme of things that's not really important. Just make sure you don't get yourself killed please, hell's crowded enough without you I'm sure.

And I love you. We had the world's most messed up friendship and it kept me sane through so much. Don't ever forget it because if you do, I'll haunt you. Okay?

Nora Blackwell

World Class Jerk – Recently Deceased