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Prompt: 100 Word Prompt

Character: Robin

1. Aberrant

He needed it. Desperately, it called to him, sang to him, like a siren. It begged him to take it into himself. It promised to renew him, make him smarter, stronger. Invincible.

He needed it.

The black liquid stood innocently in the glass pot. Too many people misinterpreted black to be something bad. It wasn't. They just didn't understand. Its rich scent enticed him to take a step. Then one more and a few more until it was right there.

He knew how to prepare it; he knew what to do to make the brew just perfect. But should he?

Bruce wouldn't be at all pleased if he did. The last time he had it, he'd threaten to have his stomach pumped free of the foul concoction. That wasn't at all a pleasant experience. It might be worth it though. Besides, what Bruce didn't know, wouldn't hurt.

But Batman knew everything. He didn't really think he cared though. Batman didn't understand how important it was. Roy knew. Roy would let him have it. In fact, Roy was the one who'd given him his first taste.

But oh, it had been far too long since he'd last tasted the dark brew, far too long since it had made his entire body sing. The absolute high it brought him was near incomparable to anything else.

He wanted it. He didn't even have to drink it all, he told himself as he poured out a portion for himself. Only a little, was what he thought as he dumped in an oh-so-certain mix that would help give it that extra...pep. He carefully stirred it, careful not to let the spoon clink against his cup.

When it was perfect, stirred down to a beautifully perfect cream, he drank just one sip. As it slid down his throat, warming all the way down to his belly, he licked his lips and cast a careful glance around. And he drank just a little bit more. In little time, his cup was empty. Yet his thirst for it had only increased.

He needed it.

He wanted it.

So he drank.

An hour later, when Robin was literally bouncing off the walls and cackling like a hyena, his teammates found a terribly empty pot of coffee.

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Aberrant: straying from the right way