Impulse and Inertia – Giant Leap for Mankind.

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Chapter 1: Tranquillity.

He still couldn't believe it.

Even though it had been a month since Thaddeus Thawne had moved in with Bart Allen, Max Mercury and Helen Claibourne, the youngest member of the Thawne family (not that he ever considered himself part of that these days) could barely take in his good fortune.

Raking a hand through his ruffled blonde hair, Thad lifted his head from his reading and gazed around his neutral bedroom. Calm and peaceful, this was his rightful sanctuary. But he didn't mind the interruption of his brother (well, clone really) bursting in through his tanned bedroom door and landing clumsily on his comfortable bed, which creaked under the added weight.

"Hey Thad? Youexcitedforschool?"

It was a good job he was a fellow speedster.


Bart recognised the signs of anxiety behind Thad's mask and hard gold eyes. He brushed a stray russet lock from his rounded face impatiently.

"It'll be okay! Max'll look after you! And Carol knows about ya, remember? She's been real nice, hasn't she?"

Inquisitive honey-coloured eyes gleamed with their usual tinge of innocence as Bart waited to hear his sibling's opinion on his best friend…or was she something more? Bart still hadn't decided.

"Yes, she is. I thought she would be more judgemental." Thad responded honestly and Bart remembered her reaction to the news of their recent and difficult adventures.

"Oh Bart! Thank god you're okay now!" Carol hugged him warmly as she fought to keep the tears back. Thad stood warily by the brown couch, uncertain of what she was going to say to him. Bart hugged her back gently.

Truth be told, he deserved whatever angry words and insults the petite girl threw at him.

"I'm glad you're free of President Thawne now, Thad."

She was happy enough to turn around and grin at the startled double across from them. Thad found himself smiling a little bit at that mischievous twinkle in her milk chocolate eyes.

"Yeah. Thanks."

At least she was intelligent enough not to carry on a war.

"Hey Bart, I have a question."

Bart swivelled his unruly head to acknowledge his brother.


"Is Carol…your girlfriend?" He placed the book down on his lap.

The bluntness of Thad's question (although he had never been one to skirt an issue) made Bart flinch and fumble over his words as the impulsive boy (hence the name Impulse) struggled to think of a sensible and structured reply.

"Uh…I-I mean, as a friend sure! I-she-we-uh…she probably wouldn't wanna go that far anyways!" Bart stammered and blushed crimson, confirming his twin's sharp suspicions.

Thad smirked.

"Don't play games with ME, Bart Allen. It is clear that you like her."

Bart inwardly cringed. He hated being in this type of spotlight.

"W-What would make ya think that?"

"Never mind, I'll drop it more out of pity rather than anything else."

"Whatever!" Bart stuck his tongue out childishly and watched Inertia roll his eyes and return to his book.

"Watcha readin'?" The ever-curious boy scooted closer, staring over Thad's thin shoulder.

"Get off!" Thad said irritably as he moved away. He didn't like people hovering over him; he felt insecure.

"Just wanna know what you're reading!" Messy hair almost obscured his vision as Bart shoved his head in front of Thaddeus, reading the title cover out loud, to his chagrin.

"The Second World War and Famous Leaders?"

"Yes..." Thad gritted his teeth and snapped the book shut with a thump.

"What are ya trying ta do? Start a war or something?"

Bart sounded disbelieving and slightly bored already.

"No!" Thad's hackles went up. "Now go away! I'm trying to read!"

He shoved the other teen away from him and snuggled into the corner of his bed, watching Bart wobble and fall off with amusement.

"Jeez, no need to be grumpy and mean." Bart retorted unhappily and Helen poked her silky head around the door frame.

"Are you two fighting?" Disapproval showed on her face as Bart picked himself up off the stone grey carpet and dusted himself off.

"No Helen." they chorused and Helen shook her head.

"Maybe you need to do a few more chores to work off that excess energy."

Bart's horrified face disappeared as a breeze told Thad and Helen that he had fled back to his room for safety. Helen laughed and Thad grinned wryly.

"Sorry Helen. I wonder if he was actually my genetic donor sometimes or if Thawne lied to me about that too."

His face fell and Helen chucked him under the pointed chin after she placed freshly laundered socks on his bed.

"You know that's not the truth."

Her kind cerulean eyes made him feel better."

"Uh huh. I'll…put those away." Thad dropped his gaze to the floor and Helen knew when he was feeling awkward.

"Thank you, honey."

The light oak door clicked shut and the youngest Thawne slid to the carpet beside the radiator and put his lemon head into his hands.

He was SO not looking forward to tomorrow.

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