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Girl of Your Dreams

Chapter One: A Favor for a Friend

Lily Evans was a small girl with long fiery red hair and bright green eyes. Lily had always been well liked (mostly because she was a sucker to help/do others homework), but Lily was never really noticed by anyone except a select few whom she believed didn't even know she was in Gryffindor. And out of anyone in the whole of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry she knew in her heart that the ring leader of the Marauders, James Harold Potter, would be the last one to look her way.

The Marauders were the royalty of Hogwarts with James Potter being the King, with his unruly black hair, chocolate eyes that you could get lost in and a smile that could make you faint. James was not just Hogwarts royalty but also a descendant of Godric Gryffindor himself, quidditch captain, head boy, and an over all gentleman. He was also a gentleman who would hold the door for you and give you his cloak if you shivered. James was known not to date many girls, but when he did date it was a real commitment and he would only date the Princesses of the school, and Lily was, in her mind, a nothing compared to Arabella Fig, Sky McCloud, and Sophia Pearl, all of his past girlfriend. And with the Snowflake Ball coming up in three days trying to get close to any of the Marauders, even Peter Pettigrew, was as about as likely as Serveus Snape falling for a mud blood.

Sirius Black was James' best friend and beater on the qudditch team, with looks to match him, having silky black shoulder length hair and blue eyes with a glint of pure joy. Sirius was the picture of mischief and mayhem but he always seemed to get away with it because of his innocent puppy dog faces and great charm. Sirius, even though he was almost a carbon copy was not as, shall we say monogamous as James. Sirius was known to date a new girl every week but he always let them down kindly and in a humorous manner to lighten the blow.

The brains of the Marauders was none other than Remus Lupin, a slight boy with blond hair and deep gray eyes that looked like a storm. Remus never really dated and no one knew why. He was as desired as the rest of the group and seemed to most that he would make the best boyfriend of the group. The only thing stranger than his dating habits was the fact that every month he would fall ill or disappeared for a few days. Remus also seemed to notice Lily a little because he always was courteous and polite around her. Once she had been taunted by Lucious Malfoy in her 6th year and out of no where Remus had appeared and stunned him, picked up her books and escorted her to class. Lily had the strange suspicion that he had threatened Malfoy because he seemed to back off a little after that.

Lastly (I can't kill him, can I?) was Peter Pettigrew whom, in Lily's opinion looked like a cross between a mouse and a chipmunk with his puffy cheeks and squeaky voice. Peter was nothing alone but mixed with the Marauders he was seen as a diamond in the rough and if James, Sirius, and Remus believed and trusted you, you were considered a prince.

With only three days until the Snowflake Ball and no dates apparent, as always, Lily had resigned that she would rather go to the library to work than go to the ball and sit in the corner by her self. But little did Lily know that she was the affections of none other than the King of Hogwarts, James. Lily had no idea that it had been in fact James whom, after being informed of Lucius's actions, threatened him with not just a curse but public humiliation from a photo or two Sirius had taken whilst under James's invisibility cloak, photos that apparently sang and involved a rubber ducky. Sirius had been mentally traumatized after that experience (James' I'm blind. That emotionally scared me! I'm damaged goods!). James was in love with Lily but knew she was not one to be in the limelight like he was, so it would never work out.

James was going to the Ball with Sky, a blond hair blue eyed girl, as a friend, and Sirius was going with Arabella, they fit each other like gloves. Sirius was obnoxious and Arabella was always there to get him back but under there wacky exteriors everyone knew they were perfect for one another (think Hermione and Ron). Little Peter was taking a hufflepuff by the name of Mel Legester, a brunette with a nose not quit in the middle of her face and sparkly brown eyes. Remus, once again, was dateless.

Now although Lily believed that no boys noticed her there were in fact three that saw her as more than a walking reference book or a friend and those three guys were James Potter, Amos Diggory, and Serveus Snape. When James heard at a quidditch practice that Diggory had somehow gotten the guts to ask Lily out, James panicked. What if he took advantage of her or worse, what if she liked him and Lily walked out of his grasp forever! No way in hell would he allow this to happen!

"Remus!" James yelled as he slid into the dormitory "Remus Lupin where the hell are you?!?" James was panting from running all the way up from pitch, his robes a mess, sweaty pouring down his forehead and his broom (Shooting Star, the best model of the year) still in his hand.

"You were calling O'Lord." Remus replied as he slowly made his was in from the connecting bathroom a towel around his waist and his hair still wet. "What the hell are you doing James, they have showers in the locker room for a reason." He said, taking a glance at the mud caked boy that stood before him.

"Remus can you do me a great big favor? I beg of you." With that James got down on his knees and looked pleadingly up at Remus while mud dripped onto the castle's floor. At that exact moment Sirius bounded up the stairs, looked directly at James upon his knees in front of a towel clad Remus, and said "I don't even want to know what Prongsy here is doing but I do believe, and pray to god, that this may have something to do with that flower he obsesses over and a certain Hufflepuff named Amos Diggory." And he turned on his heels and left to go raid the kitchens.

"Oh, so that's it Prongs." Remus said exasperated.

"She can't go to the ball with him, please Moony, come on." James pleaded. After all that James had done for Remus how could he possibly say no to him.

"What do you want me to do?" And so the plan was born. Remus would ask Lily to the ball at which point James would ask for a dance, sweep Lily off her feet and win her heart, leaving Diggory in the dust. But, as all plans tend to go, nothing went as planed.

********Later that night in the common room

Lily was sitting by the fire with her long hair sort of thrown into a knot at the top of her head, a few loose strand tumbling across her face and her eyes concentration very hard on a piece of parchment and a quill stuck between her teeth, and holding open "Defense Against the Dark Arts, Year Seven" A picture of the most studious girl Hogwarts had ever seen or would see for years until a bushy brunette showed up in Gryffindor. As James, Sirius, and Remus, under the invisibility cloak, sneaked into the common room after visiting Peter in the hospital wing because Snape, following in Malfoy's footsteps since he graduated last year, had found it quit hysterical to slip a little de-bone, usually used in removing fish and chicken bones, into Peters pumpkin juice so now he was being transformed from a ball of shapeless goo into his old chubby self with a bottle of Skel- Grow. The Marauders had left Gryffindor common room at ten, visited Peter until 11, went down to the kitchens and snuck off to the Slytherin dorms to change Malfoy and Snape's hair into a glowing pink before returning to Gryffindor at about twelve thirty. When James saw Lily his heart went into his throat and his eyes got lost as the fire reflected off her. Sirius, seeing this poked James and only with Remus's quick thinking to cover James's mouth did they go unnoticed, but Lily suddenly looked up exactly where they stood. She had been so wrapped up that she had not noticed the portrait open but she did notice Sirius's snickers at James obvious crush. Carefully making their way up to their dormitory Remus was realizing that Lily was very pretty and thinking that the ball might be fun.

"Damn!" Remus swore. Sirius and James quickly turned around. Remus never swore, not even at Snape. Because Remus was a werewolf he tried to be as nice and even tempered as possible because it was against the nature of a wolf and Remus hated himself for what he was.

"Gringotts, we have a problem," Sirius joked "Someone has taken over Remus's body."

"I'm serious guys," Remus started but James and Sirius decided to make a joke of it, with James saying "No he is." And Sirius adding "You're not Sirius, I am, seriously." "No guys, I really am, there's only two days, well really one now, until the ball and I still haven't asked Lily yet." James face fell, what if Amos had beat Remus. He turned quickly to him.

"Go. Now."

"And why, pray tell, am I going down to the common room at," he checked James' alarm clock which was shaped like a snitch and in the morning would fly around and taunt you until you got up, "1 in the morning, uh?"

"Well," Sirius who was finding it quite funny that James, the only one in Hogwarts with a fan club that outnumbered his own, who could have any girl he wanted, was having a problem asking little Lily Evan to go out with him. Sirius, although James hadn't noticed it, Sirius was watching Lily ever since he had heard James having a nightmare and crying out "Run Lily, I'll hold him off." And Sirius knew beyond a doubt that Lily did in fact like James. It was obvious, the way she looked at him and turned before he noticed, he cheeks blush. "You could go down there and pretend that you have homework to do."

"But I already did it all." Remus replied.

"Good, then you can do mine." Sirius replied plopping a pile of books and parchment into Remus' lap. "Go on Romeo, James would really be pissed if you didn't date his dream girl for him,"

"Shut up Sirius." James retorted as he pushed Remus out the door.

Remus stumbled and all of the books fell down the stairs crashing as they went, well thought Remus sarcastically, that's a smooth entrance. I bet she can't resist you now. Lily looked up instantly only to see Remus Lupin, face red, bending down to pick up a pile of book. She decided to be brave.

"Hi Remus, what are you doing up this late?" She ventured

"I could ask you the same thing you know, and I'm doing homework, you?" He said politely

"Same, I just don't understand the whole werewolf and silver thing. Does the silver have to cut him of pierce his heart?"

Remus felt uncomfortable at the subject that was approaching but he knew she had no idea what was making him pale so quickly. "Well, actually it has to pierce to the top and right of his or her heart to kill." He said hoarsely.

"Here?" She asked placing her hand right on that point over his heart. Remus felt a current race through him.

"Y-yes." He replied, their eyes locked and somehow his hand had made its way on top of hers. "Lily, would you come to the dance with me?" He asked in a small nervous voice.

"I'd love to Remus." Lily answered instantly. Remus had only be kind and sweet and she did liked him only she kept seeing James in the back of her mind, but Remus was always there for her and she had just felt that current. She suddenly remembered that her hand was on his chest, a muscular chest she might add and it felt warm, almost right but she quickly slipped it off and used it to push back a few loose threads of her hair. "That would be wonderful…" Remus, throwing caution to the wind, kissed her quickly and then proceeded to run back up to the boys' dormitory. Sirius' books forgotten and Lily sitting on the sofa, hand lingering on her lips which had just received their first kiss, with her eyes dancing happily looking at the flame.

In the corner of the common room, under the invisibility cloak stood James Potter, his heart crushed. Both anger and fear flooded him. What if Lily and Remus fell completely head over heels for each other? He would lose one of his best friends and any chance of dating Lily, ever. He sank onto his knees and sat there the rest of the night looking at Lily while she sang softly as she worked until he fell into an uneasy sleep, darkness surrounding him.

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