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Arabella tip toed into the room and spotted Sirius' bed; the curtains draw tight around it and heard his muffled snores. Reminding herself to look up the anti-snoring charm she headed over towards the bed and sat on the corner as she drew back a curtain. Sirius' head was under the pillow and she could see his hair had come loose in the nigh. She grinned as she looked at him, it was just so perfect. Everything was perfect. Glancing around the room she saw the mirror and caught her reflection. Her dress was wrinkled and her hair a mess. She tapped Sirius on the shoulder, no reply.

"Sirius?" She whispered in a small voice. No reply. "Sirius." Her voice was a bit louder but he still lay asleep. She let her hand travel through his hair and she leaned down to kiss his brow. He stirred and yawned as he rolled over onto his back, opening his eyes slowly while his vision blurred until it adjusted and he saw Arabella leaning over him. "Hi."

"Hi" he replied half asleep he pushed himself up so he leaned on his shoulders and pecked Arabella on the lips, neither caring about morning breath. Suddenly without warning Sirius grabbed Arabella and starting to tickle her, she rolled onto the bed in a fit of giggles.

"Sirius!" She yelped through her giggles, her legs pulling up towards her chest as she rolled in her fit of laughter. "Stop it." Her dress twisted around her and she caught of glance of his face from between her hair, which at this point was draped, around her head. He had a broad smile on and found it hilarious himself. He leaded over her and pecked her on the nose. Arabella saw her chance and rolled him over, pinning him on the bed. A playful look went across her face, her eyebrows raised in humor as she attacked with tickles. Sirius chuckled in good humor before rolling her over and pinning her. A look of joy passed between them. They were young, happy, had great friends, and in love. He kissed her again on the nose and smiled, blowing hair off of her forehead. Arabella's eyelashes batted over and over again; Sirius brushed the rest of the hair out of her eyes, his hand lingering on her cheek. Then they felt their childhood melting away, staring at each other with realization where they were and what they were doing. Sirius paused and without an utterance took in Arabella's eyes in which they carried on a conversation and he slowly removed his hand as if to agree.

"Lets set a date." Sirius said as he sat up, pulling her up with him. "Day after classes end?" He pulled open the draw next to his bed and drew out a pair of sock and pulled them on.

"Sirius?" Arabella said, "Are you nuts?" She hopped off of them bed, her skirt rustling behind her.

"I don't think so. I believe I was classified as a loon why?" He smiled slyly, hiding his fear. Fear that she had changed her mind. His voice became sober and he throat contracted. "Don't you want to marry me?" He looked down at his feet; he couldn't look her in the eyes, not at the moment.

Arabella studied him, taking in the paleness he had turned and the way he rolled his thumb against the palm of his hand. "Look at me Sirius." She felt unsure of herself as if on ice that could crack at any moment. He turned at looked at her, seeing his reflection in her eyes. "Sirius, I love you and I'm marrying you but I would like to have some more time. I want to be able to play the happy bride-to-be for a while, make all my friends jealous. Let's just wait a while." She took his hand and their fingers interlaced. "For me."

Sirius nodded and squeezed her hand in agreement. "Anything for you."

"That's why I love you." She leaned over and kissed his nose. "Now what do you say to breakfast and then we can go onto the grounds or something?"

"Fine with me, just let me put something decent on." He began to rummage through his draws; pulling out jeans and a sweater his mum had given him. He turned and stared at Arabella, once again reminded that she was still in her dress.

"Find something interesting?" Her hands rested on her hips.

"You are going to change, aren't you?" He gestured at her apparel.

"I should, shouldn't I?" Her face twisted a bit and she lifted the hem up a bit to see how worn it now looked. Sirius nodded. "I'll see you in a bit then." She glanced at him, catching the future a bit. Him standing there, picking out his clothes. She had always envisioned her future in some exotic location, wandering in new lands but this was a better adventure. Sirius was an adventure.

Sirius noticed her still standing in the room; a look of curiosity came over him. "Bella?" She snapped out of a trance.

"Oh, right. See you in a few." She turned, already reaching pack for the zipper on her dress as she stumbled out. He smiled, nothing was wrong and everything was right.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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